30 TWA Hairstyles That Are Totally Fabulous

When most people think of natural hair, they envision magnificently full, untamed, and robust afros. 

However, wearing an afro can result in a relatively short route. Enter TWA hairstyles (Teeny Weeny Afro if you want to be technical). Tight and curly hairstyles are really popular these days.

What Is TWA Hair?

TWA is a short natural haircut with a maximum length of two inches. It’s the style you wear after a big chop, which is commonly caused by heat damage or while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. 

TWA should not be dull or embarrassing. In fact, it can be quite adorable, clever, and flattering. Please don’t assume you can’t do much with hair this short. We have some great ideas for you in store!

Simple TWA Hairstyle Ideas

When considering a big haircut, your main fear is undoubtedly “Well, I don’t know how to style TWA((” We tell you that it’s not that tough, and anyone can succeed with the following simple styles.

  • Curl Definition for 4C Hair. Wash your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner, then finish with coconut oil. If your hair is dry when you start styling it, spritz it with water. Massage Eco Style Gel into your hair. Work in sections, saturating each with gel before delicately brushing from the ends inward. Air dry or blow dry your hair with a hair dryer set to low heat.
  • Finger Coils with Brush for 4A and 4B Hair. Use any curl booster, lotion, or gel that is suited for your hair. Apply to newly washed, conditioned, and sealed hair (with your preferred oil). Brush your hair in circular motions, section by section, until the coils start to define.
  • Simply wash and go. Wash your hair, then use a leave-in conditioning treatment and rub it into your curls. Create a few of curls by twisting the hair with your fingers. Make a short side portion with a comb if desired. Pin the hair down on both sides of the portion.
  • Sleeked back half way up. Apply BB Foam Moisturizing Wrapping Lotion to the front of your hair, then smooth it back with a boar bristle brush. Pin to hold the curls in place. To achieve the ultimate sleekness, work on your edges using a tooth brush.
  • Long top, sleek sides. Try a TWA spin on the popular unisex long top, short sides look. Brush the top up and smooth the sides down with gel to create the stylish contrast of lengths and textures.

Best TWA Hairstyles

You can experiment with the boldest colors and textures – an extremely short afro will withstand any daring experiment with respect. Check out the 20 most inspirational photographs of ladies wearing short TWA hairstyles!

1. Icy Blonde Hair

Give your TWA haircut an icy edge by dyeing it a bright white blonde. It’s just as eye-catching and fashionable as a honey or buttery tint. Haven’t you ever wondered if blondes had more fun?


2. TWA with Etched Nape

If society attempts to persuade you that short hair is only for guys, use cute and feminine temple and nape patterns to prove them wrong. Such well-executed designs will demonstrate your impeccable taste and will undoubtedly turn heads.


3. Funky Temple Fade

Try a unique flat top with a shaved angle on the side to define a side part. Grow the top long and keep it cut flat and squared off. This adds dimension to naturally curly curls and looks fantastic!


4. Neat Natural Coils

Keep it simple and embrace entirely natural TWA hairstyles! Embrace tight, uncolored, ultra-curled ringlets that hug the shape of your head and highlight your natural features and bone structure.


5. Soft Blonde Afro

TWAs don’t have to be very tiny! Allow your curls to grow out a little if desired. Prepare to be surprised as you color them buttery yellow. The golden curls will frame your face beautifully and highlight your natural features!


6. White Blonde Buzz Cut

Embrace your inner Amber Rose with a shaved and chiseled afro. Nothing is hotter than a woman who can pull off a nearly-bald look. And don’t worry, your hair is still intact! Keep the top a little longer and let that mane show!


7. TWA with Ombre-ed Quiff

Here’s another excellent suggestion for short women’s hair. The slightly longer front-zone makes the cut appear less short, and the rapid change in colors reminds you that even with TWA, you must keep up with the latest dye treatments. One clean shaven line will serve as the ‘cherry on top’ of your ‘do.


8. Natural Auburn Curls

It’s no secret that your natural hair color works best for you. However, if you want to brighten your appearance, use a soft warm shade that will highlight the tones of your skin and eyes. Auburn, copper, or cherry bronze would be excellent!


9. Bronzed Afro Cut

Lighten your natural, dark curls by using honey or bronze as a base color or highlights. The end result is a hairdo that is full of energy and dimension while still seeming natural. Make a side part for added playfulness and femininity, and complement your cut with some large earrings. Now your appearance will be quite appealing!


10. Short Golden Brown Hair

Golden brown TWA hairstyles look great. The best part? When it grows out, you’ll have a wonderful, natural ombre effect that is quite trendy right now! The sidewalk will be your runway!


11. Side Shaved Design

Adding a shaved design to your teeny weeny afro is an excellent method to showcase your cut and personality. Whether you choose a straight line, swirl, or elaborate pattern, these designs look great on twas because of their clear visibility and complement your facial characteristics.

Source: @starlinerz

12. Tight Natural Curls

TWA haircuts let you to embrace your natural hair. To better define the texture, set tight curls with your preferred hair oil or gel. A straight cut like this one is simple yet provides a stunning effect!

Source: @rizzouh

13. Bright Red Faux Hawk

Afros are always in trend, and they are quite handy because they take little styling effort. These cuts also reduce shrinking and reveal your genuine hair length!

Source: @deecarrington

14. Honey Blonde TWA

Change your hair color when getting a TWA for a complete transformation! A blonde wig is a current option for warming up complexions; try it if you’ve always wanted to explore with blonde hair.

Source: @shaddah_elyse

15. Female TWA Fade

This hairstyle has it all: a female fade, a geometric hairline, and a shaved design. Women with fades are edgy and fierce, and the cut complements black women’s hair structure perfectly. Find a good barber and try out this gorgeous hairstyle.

Source: @starlinerz

16. Short Defined Curls

How amazing is this TWA? Achieve this wet look by using water-based styling products and setting your edges flat in a swirling pattern. Take it to the next level by highlighting your face features with minimum makeup.

Source: @queenteshna

17. Purple Tapered Twa

TWAs with type 4 kinky-coily hair are stunning. This is how a taper cut might look with a teeny weenie afro. Make your dramatic cut even more striking by adding a vivid color.

Source: @rimmysparkles

18. Buzz Cut Love

Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. There are several twa hairstyles, many of which are buzz cuts or barely noticeable bald cuts. If you dare to try this type of afro, it will highlight your facial features and be an interesting color.

Source: @shayglam00

19. Smokey Coiled Afro

Type 3 hair can be coiled in TWAs. This intriguing smokey tint is visually appealing, yet it is more illusive than a brilliant hue. Pro tip: For a more modern look, let your sideburns curl a little longer with this straight haircut.

Source: @salonchristol

20. Super Short Bald Twa

Many black models choose to become bald because it is fashionable and attractive. By sporting a bald TWA, you can embrace your natural beauty while standing out from the crowd. Bonus points for changing the color!

Source: @haircolorkilla

21. Pixie Teenie Weenie Afro

For girls with narrower foreheads, keep some height at the top of your TWA natural hairstyle. Complete with faded sides and a short cut in the rear, with the longest length around the crown.

Source: @loopsalon

22. Twa with Side Part

Add a side portion to your TWA! For the longest wear duration, part your newly washed hair with a comb and set it with a firm hold gel. Section off the remaining hair with clips on both sides of the part, then blow-dry with a straight nozzle attachment.

Source: @gemishaun

23. Extra Short Shaved Cut

Add dimension to your very short TWA with a shaved swirl pattern. Not only does it seem chiseled and fresh, but it also allows you to add more edgy elements into your collection.

Source: @rastaboycutz

24. Bald Lady Fade

Basic TWA hair is not dull; you don’t need bells and whistles to make an impression. An almost bald head ‘do is quite attractive and clean.

Source: @hairbykatiek

25. Classic Twa Haircut

Classic and sassy TWAs are the gateway to the short afro community. Dress up your TWA with shaved lines or designs, but if you want to highlight your lovely face, keep the frills to a minimum.

Source: @its_jennj

26. Kinky Afro

TWAs provide the opportunity to truly grow out natural hair. This kinky afro is an example of a wash-and-go style that requires minimal maintenance. Type 4 ladies, here’s some suggestions for reducing hair regimens while growing out your hair!

Source: @aboutiquesalon

27. Bright Pink Mini Coils

Want to know how to style a fresh afro? Tie curls all over your head for a trendy and fresh look! Tying, a popular hairstyle for black women with TWA styles, allows you to wash your hair less frequently while protecting your natural curls.

Source: @rimmysparkles

28. Tapered Natural Cut

A trimmed teenie weenie afro looks great long after you leave the salon. Longer hair on top visually elongates the face and is ideal for women who enjoy wearing fauxhawks.

Source: @nickeewagner

29. Short Natural Curls

Natural short curls are playful and easygoing, giving off a careless, woke-up-like-this beauty vibe. Plus, twas don’t have to be really teeny weenie! We welcome your hair texture, whatever it is!

Source: @embracenaturalbeauty_

30. Geometric Buzzed TWA

TWA natural hair works great with geometric designs. To highlight your outstanding bone structure, choose a precisely buzzed cut with a firm part to turn attention and inspire hair envy wherever you go!

Source: @authentically.b
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