40 Fabulous Funky Ways to Pull Off Faux Locs

Fake locs are versatile, playful, and generally amazing, and they can be worn by almost anyone – which is why fake is so fantastic. Dreads have a long, deep history, and the culture surrounding them is magnificent. Fake locs allow almost anyone to experiment with dreadlocks and braids of various shapes, textures, lengths, and hues.

There are so many options – you could wear your hair differently every day for a year – but you should start with these sizzling looks and see where they take you – they’re an excellent introduction to the world of fake dreadlocks.

1. Dreads with a Curl

This is undoubtedly one of our favorite loc hairstyles. The curls at the ends of the dreadlock braids are stunning, perfectly formed spirals! Does anyone else have hair envy?


2. Side Swept Locs with Beads

You may dress up your synthetic dreadlocks with a variety of adornments and accessories. You can go all out or keep it subtle, like in this case. Although this stunning girl has only a few golden beads in her dreadlocks, they are strategically placed to highlight her beauty.


3. Burgundy Half Up Half Down Style

Colorful faux dreadlocks draw attention not only to your hair, but also to how you arrange it. This is an absolutely gorgeous color, halfway between cherry red and magenta. The entire outfit is the epitome of #HairGoals.


4. Dreadlock Braids with Side Undercut

Get creative and expressive with your loc extensions! The undercut and long dreads look great together, and this cut and style exudes confidence and originality.


5. Casual Crochet Dreads

Loc styles are as diverse as they get. A casual side-swept ‘do is an excellent day-to-day choice. It’s simple to apply and yields effortlessly elegant results. It also works for any length of hair.


6. Half Up Topknot with Beads

A half-up topknot is a stunning way to style your colorful locs. The high bun creates a pleasing elevation above your forehead while allowing the remainder of your bright red hair to cascade down your back. A few scattered golden beads to embellish are the perfect finishing touch.

Source: @kersti.pitre

7. Curly Yarn Locs Bun

What about hair that makes a statement! There are so many amazing updos you can try with faux locs, such as collecting them into a huge bun. Make sure to smooth and shape your baby hairs properly to highlight the best features of the style.

Source: @laydandslayd

8. Side Part Locs with Beads

With such well-done hair, it’s sometimes preferable to let it wild and free. Cut back on hairstyling time and let your locs speak for themselves.

Source: @anthonycuts

9. Locs with Turquoise Highlights

Have fun by introducing some bright colors, such as turquoise, here and there. This is a very low-maintenance style, and your hair will always seem polished.

Source: @hairbeenatural

10. Big S Curls

Faux loc hairstyles, including as bouncy crochet curls, are ideal for the summer because they are lightweight! This flirtatious option is ideal for long hair looks with your hair down, but you can easily toss it up into a quick updo when it’s too hot.

Source: @iam.nubian

11. Long Straight Layered Locs

One of the most popular ways to style locs is to keep them straight and long. Beads and other decorations are not always necessary; keep it basic. The side half exudes ferocity.

Source: @parispaige300

12. Locs with Curly Tips

How beautiful are these crochet babies? These locs offer the best of both worlds: the drama of long straight hair and the tenderness of their curled tips! This combo also provides a lot of styling options.

Source: @idlelocs

13. Goddess Locs

Let your inner goddess shine! If you wish to grow out your natural hair, getting faux locks put is a preventative strategy to prevent damage and promote development.

Source: @celebutonhair

14. Locs with Grey Highlights

If your style is more hipster and vintage-inspired, pair your outfits with a shaved side and grey locs. Bold colors are not the only method to attract attention. The grey color trend is here to stay and will undoubtedly elevate your style.

Source: @hair.by.fabiola

15. Brightly Colored Locs

Highlights aren’t your thing, but you still want your hair to be a vibrant color? Dark blue complements many skin tones. Keep in mind that if your color is really out there, you may want to wear your locs in a more simple style.

Source: @idlelocs

16. Caramel Faux Dreadlocks

Try a caramel color this season. Warm blonde fake locs are very appealing and versatile. Golden beads match the hue wonderfully and will look great with all of your attractive summer outfits!

Source: @jackiedoesmyhair

17. Multicolor Yarn Locs

Why choose just one color for your new yarn locs when you may have several? A form of balayage for individual locs; select three or four tones that flatter your skin and showcase your originality! Pro tip: Apply the lightest tone around your face to brighten your complexion.

Source: @cjhbrand

18. Thick, Loose Dreadlocks

Installing long, lush synthetic dreadlocks creates the appearance of thick, voluminous hair while remaining lightweight and minimal care. This style looks very good when you dye the locs the same color as your skin tone!

Source: @queen.jazznicole

19. Bold Burgundy Locs with Beads

Cherry red is also an excellent color for crochet locs. This rich and dramatic tone looks well with faux locs styles and will undoubtedly make you the focus of attention.

Source: @keeblack_

20. Medium Length Crochet Locs

If you don’t like to keep your hair too long but still want to have some crochet locs, a medium-length style is just as stunning! Enhance the hairstyle with embellishments such as thin ribbons, beads, or elastics.

Source: @iam.nubian

21. Crochet Locs with Shaved Sides

If your personal style is more edgy, consider a rocker-chic hairdo instead of an ethereal one. The visual contrast between the shaved sides and this Mohawk-inspired coiffure created with extensions is modern and stunning.

Source: @melforddivashair

22. Wavy Crochet Locs

A pop of color brightens up your hair, whether you have long or short faux locs. To really make your eyes stand out, choose a tint that complements your eye color.

Source: @hairbeenatural

23. Braid and Pony for Locs

There are countless hairstyles and updos to pick from! A fake braid that feeds into a high ponytail is quite appealing and will keep hair away from your face and back in warmer weather.

Source: @haircrazed_03

24. Locs with a Curl

One word: queen. These locs are definitely a hair goal. Lifting your extensions over the forehead and sweeping them over your shoulders is a magnificent method to show off your facial characteristics. This hair looks amazing with minimal, natural makeup.

Source: @exotic_brii

25. Updo with Beads

If you’re not sure how to show off your faux dreadlocks at formal or semi-formal gatherings, let this bun-and-pony updo inspire you! Leave some hair out of a rolled bun for a more unique look, add some bling, and you’re done.

Source: @melforddivashair

26. Yarn Locs in Blue and Green

Interweaving multiple hues is simple with yarn or crochet dreads, and you can use as many colors as you want. Dark blue and bottle-green tones combine with dark, sleek black locs to create a gorgeous mermaid-inspired appearance.


27. Chunky Pastel Pink Locks

Have you ever seen a more beautiful pastel pink shade? This purplish tone is very lovely! Experiment with vibrant tones that compliment your eye color, skin tone, and even your natural hair color, and you’ll always be stunned!


28. Long Locs with Braided Headband

We love everything about this look. The dreadlocks are long and lush, the highlight is stunning, and the braid is everything. You could even make it a full braided headband!


29. Purple Yarn Locs with Side Undershaves

It’s easy to understand why and how yarn locs got their name, right? These locs are designed to resemble thick, tightly twisted yarn, resulting in an eye-catching, unique appearance. They might be thick, thin, long, short, vividly colored, or natural-looking. It’s entirely up to you.


30. Fake Ombre Dreads

Granted, this is an extreme example of ombre, but it demonstrates all of the potential artificial locs have. Dread extensions allow you to show off a wide range of intriguing color combinations, from meticulously faded color swatches to simple dip-dyes.


31. Platinum Half Updo with Bun

One of the best things about faux dreadlocks for women is the diversity of colors available. You can alter your hair color almost anytime you choose, allowing you to explore with tints and styles you never imagined. Want to have platinum blonde hair like this stunning woman? Grab your extensions!


32. Big Bun with Etched Sides

You may easily construct updos to add variety to your locs hairstyles. Long dreadlocks allow for complete buns, twists, chignons, and ponytails. The vibrant colors wonderfully enhance the dreadlocks’ gentle brown tone.


33. Maroon Side-Swept Dreadlocks

With so many intricate faux locs available, the simplest designs can be the most attractive. A simple side part works wonders with waist-length dreadlocks. Even short locs look great swept to the side and allowed to hang loose.


34. Neat Raven Black Hairstyle

Wear your faux locs loose, long, and lush. Let them cascade and tumble anywhere you choose. I have to admit, sweeping over the shoulder like this is stunning. Simple, beautiful, and timeless…


35. Pastel Blue Thin Locs

Even if you can’t pull off your own freeform locs, extensions made of kanekalon, Marley hair, or yarn can be really helpful. The color and texture of the braids give them an almost mystical quality.


36. Bulky Messy Bun

Piling your lush dreadlocks high on your head is an easy method to get a regal look. Thick loc styles like this one work nicely with updos, but they also look great when left long and free.


37. Regal Updo for Dreads

Is there anything better than a complicated-looking haircut that’s actually very simple? You can effortlessly style your dreadlocks into a bun or similar updo. The end result appears to be a time-consuming style, yet you can look this fantastic in seconds.


38. Colored Dreads with Shaved Side

One approach to flaunt artificial locs is to treat them like accessories. Take a look at everything going on here, including the textures and colors. The dreadlocks with highlights and beads, some curls showing through, and one side undercut are a hot mix!


39. Radiant Red Hairstyle

Experimenting with different tints and colors is just one of the enjoyable features of wearing artificial dreadlocks. The main hue is vibrant and eye-catching, while the orange dreadlocks serve as subtle, complementing pops of color.


40. Modern Style for Gray Hair

However, you are not required to choose a bright, eye-catching hue. These steel gray dreadlocks look beautiful. Because gray is a popular color, something like this is appropriate for ladies of all ages, young and elderly.

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