22 Inspiring Straight Back Cornrows Ideas

Prepare to be amazed by our carefully chosen selection of 22 gorgeous straight back cornrows designs! We have everything you need to flaunt a gorgeous braided hairdo. We’ve compiled a range of eye-catching braided looks that will have you drawing attention, from traditional to modern. Come with me as we delve into the realm of straight back cornrows!

1. Sweetheart Cornrow Braids

We are completely enamored with the charming nuance of positioning a heart at the temple directly over the ear. The charming heart shape has a flattering impression when viewed from the side, which makes it the perfect pattern to combine weave and crisscross cornrow braid styles with braids to the rear.

Source: @braidsjunkie

2. Cornrow Braids into High Ponytail

In addition to adding extra style to your appearance, this gorgeous braided hairstyle works its magic to make you appear younger, slimmer, and taller. And what do you know? With this hairstyle, you may wrap the ponytail with a couple of your braids, elevating it to a whole new level of stylish. Say goodbye to elastic bands.

Source: @thomees.beauty.world

3. Sleek Cornrow Braids with Fun Details

These stylish cornrows styles will easily elevate your look. Combine crisscrossed details with this elegant yet straightforward cornrows hairstyle, and don’t forget to comb your baby hair for an added sense of sophistication.

Source: @tropixbraids

4. Criss Cross Braids

This cornrow look is a simple yet eye-catching combination. The beautiful design is created by the smooth transition from the elaborate crisscrossed cornrows to a succession of delicate braids. The total appearance exudes a really charming and feminine vibe, exhibiting the ideal harmony of style and charm.

Source: @braidsby__nia

5. Color-Packed Straight Back Cornrows

Admire these slender braids with their flawlessly uniform breadth and spacing. This is about as timeless as it gets! Even though it might not be the most daring hairstyle adventure, the vibrant feed in the back braids are what really make a statement.

Source: @tshanibraids

6. Millipedes Cornrows

Introducing the grandest braid extravaganza! Numerous little braids winding across your head give your four cornrow braids in the rear an intriguing twist. Prepare to draw attention to its detailed yet whimsical design. Take on one of the most distinctive cornrows looks by embracing the millipede vibes!

Source: @infinity_beautylounge

7. Blonde Feed-In Braids

With its two box braids that subtly frame the face and feed in braids to the back that smoothly transition into gorgeous straight tresses, this hairstyle combines the best of both worlds. Are you prepared to give your outfit some stunning luster? Whenever you choose blond feed-in braids, your style will come to life!

Source: @abai_braids

8. Half Cornrows Half Curls

This charming combination of curls and cornrow braids produces a very elegant style. The Euphoric Effect from Atlanta says, “You can get it long or short, beads or no beads, curly, wavy or straight hair.” This adaptable haircut will look great on both professional and informal occasions.

Source: @euphoricstylez

9. Medium Fulani Braids with a Touch of Purple

This stylish style adds a contemporary touch to traditional Fulani braids. Purple highlights provide a fun and vivid flash of color that is sure to turn heads. Prepare to look amazing with this striking hairstyle!

Source: @_sweethairstyles_

10. Stitch Freestyle Braids to the Back

This incredible method combines the accuracy of thread braids with freestyle inventiveness. What was the outcome? A captivating and distinctive haircut that will make you feel like a trailblazer. These awesome braids will make you seem amazing!

Source: @_trish_thestylist

11. Six Cornrows to the Back

A great example of hairstyling creativity are reverse braids that go well with the classic six cornrows back look. Calling them “invisible braids,” Karen Bourgade of Le Robert, Martinique, dares to braid hair in opposing directions to create a dramatic impression.

Source: @karenbourgade

12. Four Cornrows Style with Synthetic Curls

Take a fresh approach to feed-in braids by attempting this ingenious method that creates the appearance of long cornrow braid styles. Rather, let the curls flow freely after utilizing your natural hair to create fundamental braids at the back that are seamlessly merged with synthetic braiding hair.

Source: @laviniatrancista

13. Knotless Freestyle Fulani Braids

These braids create a quirky and unique design by fusing the elegance of traditional Fulani braids with the knotless technique. A dash of artistic flair is added by the freestyle element, which makes for distinctive and customized designs.

Source: @beautiful.kalopsia.tt

14. Twisted Cornrow Braids

Add some twist to your look with twisted braids! This alluring hairdo blends the extra dimension and texture of twists with the accuracy and sleekness of cornrow braids. The end effect is a distinctive, striking, fashionable, and adaptable appearance.

Source: @melissa_nerovique

15. Stitch Braids with Two Low Buns

This fashionable hairstyle combines the adaptability of low buns with the accuracy and sleekness of stitch braids. The end effect is a stylish and classy appearance that works well for any setting. For a playful twist, wrap the braids into two low pigtails or low braided buns to elevate the look.

Source: @tropixbraids

16. Straight Back Cornrows into a Ponytail

For a stunning combination of sophistication and striking fashion, pull your cornrows into a ponytail worn at the top of your head. A slimming effect is immediately produced by adding two thin braids to frame the face.

Source: @tasha_worldofstyles

17. Freestyle Cornrow Braids with Baby Hair

Cornrow braid designs are the ideal way for all of you fans of baby hair to proudly display your hair. Grab your best edge control gel and work your magic to create gorgeous designs that sculpt the face.

Source: @braidsby__nia

18. Short Straight Back Cornrows with Beads

This gorgeous hairdo blends the delicate elegance of clear beads with the sleekness of straight back cornrows. These transparent pearls will easily take your hairdo to a whole new level of glitz, whether you’re striving for a more formal or informal look.

Source: @tshanibraids

19. Evenly Spaced Straight Back Cornrows

Simple straight braids to the back have a timeless charm that should not be overlooked, despite the temptation to get sucked into intricate cornrow designs. Cornrows are easy to style to suit your own preferences because of their simplicity and versatility.

Source: @tressesofsoleil

20. Medium and Skinny Braid Combo

How well-balanced both style and size are! This stunning hairdo creates a really dramatic and eye-catching look by combining medium-sized cornrow braid types with a delicate skinny braid. The mix of various braid sizes gives your hair dimension and texture while producing a distinctive visual impact.

Source: @nounoursbeautylounge

21. Center Parted Cornrows with Beads

With a well-defined central portion that is sure to draw attention, make a statement! Sectioned horizontally instead of vertically, bead-decked cornrows will elevate your look to a whole new level. We assure you that the outcome is breathtaking, including flawless symmetry that will make you feel amazing.

Source: @key_stylz

22. Skinny Freestyle Tribal Braids

Vibrant colors and embellishments are not necessary for exquisite patterns in cornrow styles to stand out. By itself, this captivating zigzagging braiding speaks words; its elaborate pattern makes a strong statement.

Source: @euphoricstylez
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