25 Stacked Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For people who want to embrace their curly hair texture or who enjoy wearing some curly locks, a stacked bob haircut is the ideal choice. This hairstyle seems textured and bouncy with shorter layers concentrated at the back, which amplifies the overall volume.

Choose one of these 25 stacked inverted curly bob ideas to enhance your features and balance the shape of your face while staying up to date with fashion trends.

1. Angled Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

Your natural curls will look even more beautiful with a voluminous layered bob that accentuates their movement and structure. Use a hydrating lotion on your hair before style it to guarantee that it looks healthy and vibrant and creates more eye-catching curls.

Source: @brunodantte

2. Fiery Copper Curly Inverted Bob

It’s simple to understand why this angled bob by Jean Claude El Moughayar, which is seductive and striking, will make you extremely popular. Rich copper color makes your hair shine and pop, while tousled loose curls provide tons of volume and structure.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

3. Blue Black Wavy Layered Lob

All hair types can wear an inverted bob hairstyle, which also offers manageability in terms of styling. A stacked haircut like the one created at Giorgino Hair Design will definitely catch everyone’s eye when paired with curly curls.

Source: @gbhdesign

4. Curly Wedge Bob with Shadow Roots

To recreate Shirley Cerqueira’s haircut, leave your natural roots in place and give your curly hair a stunning caramel brown hue. The outcome is very captivating and has a mystical effect on your appearance as a whole!

Source: @shirleycerqueira_

5. Dimensional Wavy Stacked Bob

This look by Sheridan Holyoak from AVE Salon is a great illustration of how wavy hair texture can make a simple cut look much more interesting! If you want to give your brown hair more dimension and structure, add some modest highlights.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

6. Side-Parted Inverted Curly Haircut

Because Alex Paixão’s curly layered bob resembles a lovely cloud of curls, it gives the haircut a delicate, romantic vibe. Additionally, a side parting balances your cheekbones and softens your jawline.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

7. Voluminous Short Wedge Cut

It should come as no surprise that many people are drawn to the curly bob haircut. It may give a lovely flourish to any look and go well with any ensemble, making it an incredibly adaptable option. Add curling side bangs, like Olivia Davis from Legacy Salons of Arlington did here, for a more fashionable appearance.

Source: @oliviadavis.hair

8. Angled Stacked Bob for Over 50

It’s amazing what an inverted stacked bob can do for your curls! Warm blonde highlights instantly add dimension to short, delicate hair, and curling, textured locks trimmed in layers of varying lengths give it body.

Source: @ladylimerence_beauty

9. Inverted Stacked Bob with Money Pieces

Julie Facer’s stacked bob is a great example of how blonde face-framing highlights can draw attention to your curls and give your look a cool, refreshed air. Accept a disheveled style technique for an appearance that is more carefree and easygoing.

Source: @headrushdesigns

10. Inverted Stacked Bob with Choppy Layers

Evan Joseph demonstrated how to pull off a captivating appearance with short hair with this eye-catching long stacked bob. Consider going with a red balayage for your new hairdo when selecting a hair color; it can give you a highly glossy yet natural look.

Source: @evanjosephcurls

11. Highlighted Stacked Curly Bob

Brandi Sasha’s adorable stacked bob with curls will add a fun and whimsical touch to your overall look. For more brightness and dimension, consider adding subtle blonde highlights to your hairstyle to elevate it.

Source: @brandisasha

12. Silver Curls with Stacked Layers

Bruno Dantte’s haircut is charming and enticing, and it stands out among gray hair styles because of its ideal form, attractive appearance, and versatility. Use a curl-enhancing product to style your gray curls to bring out the color and texture.

Source: @brunodantte

13. Inverted Wavy Bob with Babylights

The Hollywood waves in the long, angled bob look stunning and visibly lengthen the round face. Try face-framing blonde highlights on black hair to further elevate your appearance. This will lighten the natural dark tone and give you a real fashionista vibe.

Source: @hairbynathi

14. Reddish Brown Stacked Bob

This curly hairstyle by Theodora Raptis perfectly demonstrates how layers and balayage highlights can alter curly hair. You may achieve the high-contrast appearance that’s in this year by highlighting the front of your hair with a lighter tone.

Source: @theodoraraptis

15. Short Stacked Bob for Thick Hair

For people with thick, wavy hair, getting a short haircut can be difficult, but with the appropriate hairdo, you can easily obtain a voluminous yet airy look. To add volume in the back of your hair and minimize the bulkiness of your thick strands, go for a stacked curly bob like the one worn by Brandi Sasha.

Source: @brandisasha

16. Rounded Curly Stacked Bob Cut

As Stephanie Belfi from Salon Shandee did, you may combine longer hair with shorter layers to create a beautifully rounded style with a fluffy feel. In addition, your hair will shine with a few strategically placed, delicate highlights.

Source: @rebelsnrazors

17. Blonde Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

Regarding his gorgeous haircut, Jay Rodrigues says, “Casual, modern, and timeless, the long bob for curly and frizzy hair enhances the beauty of our hair even more.” When combined with a warm blonde tone, it gives a stunning, sun-kissed style that will get you tons of praises!

Source: @eujayrodrigues

18. Tousled Wavy Stacked Lob

Professional stylist Julie Facer came up with this incredibly fashionable hairstyle that encourages individuals to try an elegant inverted bob haircut. While auburn highlights improve your overall appearance and offer a hint of shine, soft layers give your hair depth.

Source: @headrushdesigns

19. Permed Stacked Angled Bob

You can easily obtain a trendy, everyday haircut that suits your curls without putting in a lot of effort with an angled, layered bob. Ask your hairstylist for a perm if you want to reproduce this classic Team Monica hairstyle on straight hair.

Source: @monica_parrucchiera_visagista

20. Cute Layered Blonde Bob

If you want to seem natural and have light hair, think about dying your hair a honey blonde color, like Jean Claude El Moughayar did in this photo. This option may give your curly stacked bob more radiance.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

21. Long Inverted Bob with Subtle Waves

The fashionable haircut is particularly appealing to those with naturally straight hair. To preserve the look for the remainder of the day, simply use a curling iron to gently curl the front portion of your hair, then use hairspray to set the curls.

Source: @midnight_carole

22. Inverted Bob for Coily Hair

An inverted bob haircut can work wonders for your hair if you want to elegantly highlight your well-defined curly strands! Your curls will give off a sophisticated, chic atmosphere instead of looking messy, as seen in this Verônica Oliveira haircut.

Source: @vercachos

23. Chic Stacked Bob and Loose Curls

An inverted bob cut with stacked layers is essential if you want to attain defined, springy curls. This stylish yet daring haircut will help you stand out and leave a lasting impression. Keep the image of Marion’s curly bob haircut as a source of inspiration.

Source: @rion_mari

24. Inverted French Bob with Micro Bangs

The master hairstylist behind this style, Felipe Rodrigues, says he was aiming for something that “felt light, calm, respecting the model’s natural texture,” and he certainly succeeded in that endeavor! Felipe says, “I decided to leave the ends to make a contrasting frame with the short bangs. The initial idea was something more like a French Bob.”

Source: @ofelipequecortou

25. Textured Stacked Bob Hairstyle

The way this “graphic loose textured bob w some disconnection” from Fleurs du Mal Hair Salon accentuates your natural facial features is its most alluring characteristic. This style, which looks great on both straight and curly hair types, has a longer front length and a shorter back length.

Source: @meerkatmakebelieve
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