30 Short Wolf Cuts You’ll Want To Copy

The short wolf haircut has been a popular trend inspired by shags and mullets for the past year. It features textured, choppy, or shaggy layers that are easy to style and suit both straight and wavy hair. 

If you’re looking for a stylish short wolf cut, you can explore 30 different variations to find the perfect one that enhances your unique style and meets your preferences. Take your time to discover the diverse options available and choose the one that suits you best.

1. Short Fluffy Wolf Cut Hair

When it comes to adding texture and volume to short strands, layering can be a game-changer. However, it is noteworthy that layering might slightly diminish the overall body of thick hair. Nonetheless, the voluminous wolf haircut flawlessly exemplifies this cutting technique. Designed by the talented Beto Izeppi, this hairstyle offers a clever solution for those seeking a fuller look, all while embracing a stylish and contemporary aesthetic.

Source: @betoizeppi

2. Stylish Textured Wolf Cut

The wolf cut for short hair has gained popularity as a trendy choice among individuals. It features textured layers that create an edgy and effortless hairstyle. To emphasize the choppy ends and enhance the overall hair texture, it is advisable to style it with a texturizing hair spray. This hairstyle is perfect for those seeking a modern and fashionable look.

Source: @cookie.thehairslayer

3. Short Shaggy Wolf Cut Transformation

A classic wolf cut is characterized by shorter layers on the top that create volume around the crown. The hair in the back tapers toward the bottom, maintaining consistency even in cropped variants of the cut, like this short wolf shag by Joe Charlton. This hairstyle has gained popularity for its unique combination of edginess and versatility, making it a favorite choice among individuals looking for a trendy and low-maintenance look.

Source: @joecharltonhair

4. Neck-Length Layered Wolf Cut

The edgy and textured look is a modern and dynamic hairstyle that showcases how strategic cutting and styling techniques can transform a simple cut into a bold and trendy statement. It works well for both short straight hair and natural curls. You may consider trying this haircut, which has the advantage of being able to grow out indefinitely.

Source: @__k_vu__

5. Short Feathered Wolf Haircut

The messy short wolf cut, known for its texture and movement, has gained popularity among numerous music industry stars, including Miley Cyrus. To achieve this captivating style, one can request a haircut featuring an elongated nape disconnected from a well-cropped top, complemented with short bangs. This trendy hairstyle promises to make a bold and stylish statement.

Source: @diegomarcsant

6. Short Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

The soft layers in this meticulously crafted hairstyle are expertly designed to gracefully infuse straight hair with texture, effortlessly creating a voluminous and dynamic look. As a result, this exquisitely styled haircut delivers a fashionable and textured appearance that artfully enhances the innate characteristics of straight hair, showcasing its natural beauty in a captivating manner.

Source: @hairbysaeko

7. Dark Brown Wolf Haircut

If you are fascinated by the notion of incorporating bangs, volume, and layers into your hairstyle, we highly recommend considering this fabulous haircut. It is expertly crafted at Population Salon and is especially suitable for individuals with square and diamond face shapes. This face-framing feathered fringe not only harmonizes with these specific face shapes but also beautifully complements the features, providing a truly stunning appearance.

Source: @populationsalon

8. Neck-Length Wolf Cut with Elongated Bangs

The combination of long curtain bangs and shaggy layers creates a stylish and textured look that embraces the beauty of straight hair. This soft wolf cut is particularly transformative for those with thin hair types, providing volume and dimension. It’s a trendy hairstyle that adds an edgy touch while maintaining a sense of elegance and sophistication. Consider trying this versatile and fashion-forward haircut to achieve a contemporary and chic appearance.

Source: @stasya_boiko_hair

9. Short Shag for Thick Wavy Hair

Hiro Ochi, the talented stylist behind this stunning hairdo, perfectly combines a shaggy wolf cut with short, wavy hair for an absolutely fantastic look. This fabulous hairstyle features short layers that beautifully enhance your natural curl texture and create a lighter, more voluminous appearance. With this expertly crafted haircut, your thick locks will appear less bulky, resulting in an airy and lightweight effect that is sure to turn heads.

Source: @hirohair

10. Wispy Wolf Cut for Blondes

The careful blending of tousled texture and strategic framing technique contributes to a flattering and harmonious overall look. Moreover, incorporating both height and length can create a balanced facial contour, complementing your unique features and enhancing your appearance. This combination not only adds depth and dimension but also enhances your natural beauty, giving you a sophisticated and polished look.

Source: @tornsberg_hairstyle

11. Modern Mullet Pixie for Round Face

The reinvention of the pixie cut incorporates softer layers, face-hugging curves, and a longer nape, resulting in a flattering natural grow-out. This particular haircut showcases how volume and layers can be skillfully adjusted to enhance specific facial features and proportions, ultimately creating a customized and flattering look that complements the individual’s unique style and personality.

Source: @witchscissors

12. Heavily Layered Wolf Cut

The tousled hairstyle demonstrated here beautifully frames the face along the temples, elegantly highlighting the cheekbones. This wolf cut is particularly flattering for women who have a high forehead, as the inclusion of thick, layered bangs assists in harmonizing the face shape and achieving a balanced appearance. The added volume and texture provided by the layers further enhances the overall style, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Source: @anti.dote_studio

13. Blonde Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

The wolf cut is a hairstyle known for its inherent choppiness which can add texture and movement to straight hair. This trendy and effortless look can be achieved by complementing it with an elongated fringe and framing layers, which create a stunning frame for your beautiful facial features. Incorporating these elements into your overall style will enhance your appearance and make a bold fashion statement.

Source: @hirohair

14. Pixie Mullet with Feathered Bangs

By selecting choppy bangs and strategic layering, particularly along the perimeter, you can effectively minimize the appearance of thinness and achieve a fuller, more voluminous look. Additionally, this stylish and flattering haircut not only allows you to make a statement but also helps you stand out with confidence wherever you go.

Source: @amythehaircutter

15. Modern Brunette Pixie for Oval Face

Curtain bangs are widely recognized for their exceptional versatility. When seamlessly integrated into a short pixie mullet, they bring an added layer of contemporary flair to the overall hairstyle. It’s worth considering that this particular haircut has the ability to flatter various face shapes and hair textures, making it a splendid choice for those aiming to enhance their style.

Source: @hirohair

16. Short Wolfcut with Wispy Layers

The wispy finish in this hairstyle adds a touch of playfulness, effortlessly flipping out the ends of the layered hair. Created by Tiffany Raelene, the expert layering technique not only imparts volume but also adds movement, resulting in an overall stunning look. This hairstyle is perfect for those seeking a fun and playful yet chic appearance.

Source: @cest_tiffany

17. Pixie Wolf Cut for Thick Hair

Short wolf haircuts are a popular choice with heavily layered strands that are tapered towards the ends. This captivating style continues to be a trend year after year, offering a truly eye-catching look. For a softer touch, consider asking your stylist to incorporate shorter bangs, which will not only accentuate your eyes and eyebrows, but also enhance the edgy nature of this cut.

Source: @russdoeshair

18. Long Hair to Short Wolf Haircut

The short wolf-inspired haircut with curtain bangs, created by Jennifer Ball, is an excellent illustration of a hairstyle that has the ability to instantly enhance hair volume. Moreover, this particular cut is effortless to style by blow-drying the strands using a round brush and then applying a volumizing hair spray. This hairstyle has gained popularity due to its versatility, making it suitable for various occasions and hair types, whether straight, wavy, or curly. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that this haircut is known for its modern and trendy look, allowing individuals to express their personal style with confidence. Overall, this hairstyle is an ideal choice for those seeking a voluminous and fashionable appearance.

Source: @craphairclub

19. Stunning Curly Shullet for Short Hair

The style created by Yuki is an excellent option for individuals who admire low-maintenance yet fashionable haircuts that effectively enhance and celebrate the distinct characteristics of curly hair. This specific wolf cut is particularly suitable for women with a round or oval face shape, offering a flattering and stylish look that effortlessly highlights their beauty.

Source: @yukistylist

20. Curly Wolf Cut for Fine Hair

The wolf cut hairstyle, created by Stasya Boiko, offers a bold and modern look that can be customized to suit individual preferences. It is especially suitable for those with short and wavy hair strands, as it beautifully enhances the overall aesthetic. This versatile haircut demonstrates how a simple styling technique can make a significant impact on your appearance, elevating your style to a whole new level.

Source: @stasya_boiko_hair

21. Short Razor Cut Hair

The design created by Andy Judd for this trendy wolf cut showcases a meticulously crafted arrangement that seamlessly blends the bangs with the layers, resulting in a softer and more flowing transition. The addition of an icy blonde hue further enhances the charm and face-enhancing effect, leaving a lasting impression.

Source: @andy_doesyourhair

22. Trendy Mullet Hairstyle for Short Hair

Fernandú Cruz expertly demonstrates the versatility of the wolf cut with a stylish and attractive haircut. This trendy hairstyle delivers voluminous results around the perimeter while maintaining an open, flattering face shape. The perfect balance between volume and openness showcases the adaptability of this style, making it suitable for a wide range of preferences and face shapes.

Source: @fernanducruz

23. Pearl Blonde Pixie Wolf Cut

The captivating hairstyle, expertly crafted by Ferdi Akturk, is a stunning combination of a long pixie and a short wolf cut. It is the perfect choice for individuals looking to embrace their shorter locks while avoiding dramatic changes in length. The shorter top strands seamlessly blend with longer layers, resulting in a trendy and polished style that exudes elegance and sophistication. This fashionable look is sure to make a lasting impression and leave you feeling confident and stylish.

Source: @ferdinand_hairdesign

24. Sassy Brunette Wolf Mullet

The wolf cut is a versatile hairstyle that allows for flexibility in achieving a chic and modern look. If you’re seeking a textured and tousled appearance, this choppy haircut is the perfect choice. The razor-cut layers require minimal effort after applying a texturizer, making it a practical and low-maintenance option for those on the go. With its effortless style and easy upkeep, the wolf cut is a popular choice among individuals looking for a trendy and manageable hairstyle.

Source: @pinkdagger

25. Platinum Wolf Style with Razor Cut Layers

The combination of razor-cutting techniques and platinum blonde tones in hairstyling not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also provides a stylish and low-maintenance option for individuals who appreciate an easygoing yet trendy look. With this approach, you can effortlessly achieve a chic and fashionable appearance that requires minimal upkeep.

Source: @skorbdoeshair

26. Textured Pixie Cut with Baby Bangs

The pixie wolf style is a trendy choice that adds a touch of flair to your look while enhancing your facial features, particularly your eyes. By incorporating thick micro bangs into your cut, you can create a more voluminous and impressive appearance. This hairstyle is not only fashionable but also versatile, allowing for various styling options to suit your personal style and preferences.

Source: @__k_vu__

27. Dimensional Shaggy Wolf Cut

The shaggy wolf cut consists of several key elements that can be adapted to create a bob-length style. To achieve volume, shorter layers are added on top, while longer layers in the back create dimension. For an added touch of playfulness, sunflower blonde highlights can be incorporated into the hairstyle. This versatile haircut is sure to enhance your overall look.

Source: @pinkdagger

28. Short Curly Wolf Cut

Those with naturally curly hair can easily embrace the trendy wolf cut created by Ramirez Edwin. This hairstyle amplifies the shagginess of curly hair with minimal styling required. It features longer temples and voluminous bangs, resulting in a chic and carefree appearance that is runway-worthy. This hairstyle is especially suited for individuals who desire an effortlessly stylish and modern look.

Source: @hairbyedwin

29. Short Feathered Wolf Cut Hair

The wolf cut is a haircut that offers versatility and styling options by leaving longer pieces on the sides. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can tuck the strands behind your ears for a sleek and polished appearance or let them hang loose for a more relaxed and casual vibe. This haircut provides the opportunity to experiment with various styles and create a customized look that suits your preferences.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

30. Baby Mullet for Thin Hair Types

This adaptation of the popular wolf haircut exemplifies the remarkable versatility of this style. By carefully modifying the length and incorporating layers, you can effortlessly achieve a wide range of aesthetics. The varying lengths and well-executed layering techniques create a multitude of captivating looks, making this hairstyle an excellent choice for those seeking a fashionable and modern appearance.

Source: @miamihairmel
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