40 Short Shag Hairstyles That You Simply Can’t Miss

Contemporary short hairstyles have gained popularity due to their embrace of a shaggy look. This style exudes a modern and stylish vibe while also providing a youthful appearance suitable for any occasion. Whether your hair is straight or curly, these versatile short shag hairstyles are effortless to style and maintain, making them the epitome of trendy short haircuts that are highly sought after.

Professional stylists claim that short shag haircuts may be the best bet for several reasons. Shags are all about choppy ends, layering, and adding a ton of texture. By incorporating these elements, the stylist can add volume where needed and create dimension if the hair looks too flat. Let’s delve into some ideas and explore the endless possibilities of short shag hairstyles.

1. Balayaged Choppy Bob

Mature women can effortlessly exude a timeless elegance when they sport a chic choppy bob cut. This versatile hairstyle creates the illusion of length while maintaining a contemporary and edgy appeal. The hair is cut straight at the nape of the neck, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look. With its seamless blend of classic and modern elements, the choppy bob is a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle option.

Source: @stevenpapageorgesalon

2. Waves of Color

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then a shag cut would be a great choice for you. This trendy hairstyle features a cute and stylish silhouette that can be further enhanced with subtle highlights. These highlights not only lighten up your locks but also accentuate the layers, adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Consider giving this versatile and fashionable cut a try for a fresh and trendy look.

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3. Platinum Short Shag

If you had blonde hair as a child but it has darkened over time, you might be curious to explore whether blondes truly have more fun. If so, you may consider trying out platinum blonde hair, which can be a delightful choice, especially when paired with a shorter haircut. One of the benefits of this style is that it tends to be easier to maintain, making it a convenient option for those looking for a stylish yet manageable look.

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4. Short Shag Bob

The bob haircut seamlessly complements the shag look. If you desire a short shag style, opt for a rounded bob cut as it enhances volume for thin hair, while providing effortless manageability for all hair types.

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5. Golden-Bronde Bob with Piecey Layers

The shaggy bob hairstyle is characterized by a rounded silhouette, clean lines, and a slightly tousled appearance. It offers a sense of depth and sophistication with its light gold and brown tones in the bronde balayage. This particular hairstyle is an excellent choice, especially for women with extra thick and coarse hair. Its versatility allows for various styling options, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Source: @hairbyjoannaolson

6. Curls of Tinsel

Curly hair is undeniably charming, and shaggy hairstyles add an adorable touch. For a strikingly unique look, consider coloring your hair with black hues accompanied by subtle silver undertones, giving it a tinsel shine that can be flaunted throughout the year. This chic hair transformation is sure to make heads turn with envy and admiration.

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7. Short Shag Blunt Cut

When you visit the salon next time, consider getting a pixie cut. Make sure to leave enough length for a shaggy appearance. The cut stands out from other short shag haircuts with its unique features, such as the blunt, straight-across line of the nape and angled sideburns. These details contribute to a distinctive and stylish look.

Source: @jessegaines

8. Short Chocolate Bob with Feathered Layers

For a stylish and sophisticated look, enhance your short shag by teasing the crown section to add height and create a subtle poof. The feathery bangs and layered side pieces gracefully curve towards the cheekbones, framing the face in a classy and dramatic fashion. This upscale hairdo is perfect for elegant women who want to flaunt their style and make a statement.

Source: @maygovintage

9. Tapered Shaggy Chocolate Brown Bob

The tapered bob hairstyle exudes an intriguing blend of tomboyish charm and feminine elegance. It features layered and tousled top pieces along with longish bangs. The side pieces gracefully drape over the ears, beautifully framing the neck and jawline. To accentuate your captivating eyes, sweep the bangs to one side, allowing everyone to appreciate their beauty.

Source: @cindyhstyles

10. Bronde Bob Shag with Short Back

The back view of this shaggy, inverted bob hairstyle is just as impressive as its front. This ultra-modern and courageous style is perfect for confident women who want to make a statement. The color palette ranges from rich chocolate brown to beautiful whitish blonde, creating a striking and eye-catching look. With its unique design and versatile appeal, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Source: @hair_art_sam

11. A Bold Statement

To achieve a fresh and distinctive look, consider updating your very short haircut with a bold hue, such as this vibrant shade of burgundy. This style allows for longer hair on top while keeping the sides cropped, resulting in a versatile look suitable for a variety of face shapes. When you’re ready to explore a fun and unique appearance, this option can be a great choice.

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12. Disconnected Shaggy Brunette Bob

The modern shaggy bobs are an eclectic high-fashion and urban option that can make your hair the topic of conversation. This hairstyle features a solid, deep dark-brown color that beautifully highlights the cut. The straggly, razor-cut ends elegantly frame the face, creating a perfectly imperfect look that is sure to turn heads. With its unique structure and added details, this hairstyle is a great choice for those who want to make a bold statement.

Source: @styled_by_carolynn

13. Razored Honey-Blonde Bob

The inverted bob is a versatile hairstyle that works well for all hair types. Its shattered, angled shape and choppy V-cut layers create a sensational look, adding volume and dimension even to the thickest hair. Additionally, if you have thin or fine hair, the inverted bob can still be a flattering choice. To keep the hairstyle light and airy, consider incorporating a heavy dose of honey-blonde highlights. This will add a touch of brightness and further enhance the overall appeal of the style.

Source: @volarsalon

14. Blonde Bob with Shaggy Crown Layers

The piece-y, layered bob is a versatile short shag haircut that complements most women’s features. Its charm extends to both tall and petite individuals, offering a sophisticated and elegant appearance for the former and a statelier and more confident look for the latter. Completing this statement hairstyle are forward-brushed bangs, adding a touch of refinement.

Source: @malissashairart

15. Stacked with Style

To achieve a flirty and stylish look, consider incorporating wavy texture into short shag hairstyles. This technique effortlessly adds movement and weightlessness while maintaining fullness and thickness. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of versatility and style options.

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16. Long Curly Pixie with Subtle Highlights

One of our highly recommended short shag haircuts for women is a trendy, “long” wavy pixie style. This particular haircut is characterized by its slightly longer length, which allows the natural curls to fully flourish. From every perspective, there is something intriguing to admire: stunning and vibrant copper-blonde highlights, exceptionally long sideburns, and elegantly flipped bangs that gracefully sweep over the eye, adding a touch of allure to the overall look.

Source: @aloveshair

17. Feminine Wavy Golden Blonde Bob

The inverted wavy bob with a side part is a versatile and convenient hairstyle for those with curly hair. This hairstyle effortlessly achieves a purposely messy look that is always in style. Each individual lock serves a purpose, whether it’s to delicately drape the neck, elegantly frame the face, or add volume and height to the crown section.

Source: @christymillardhairstylist

18. Short Shaggy Brunette Bob

For those seeking a low-maintenance haircut suitable for thick hair, consider opting for a stylish short, choppy bob. This particular bob features a gentle taper towards the nape and slightly longer front pieces that beautifully frame the jawline. Additionally, the hairstyle is enhanced with side-swept bangs, which add a touch of asymmetry and contribute to the overall appeal of the style.

Source: @lcinstyle

19. Short Sliced Inverted Bob

Short shag hairstyles are highly sought after by women of all ages due to their versatility, modernity, and feminine appeal. A prime illustration of this trendy cut is the sliced inverted bob, which beautifully highlights the shoulder line and adds a flattering lift to the face. Its alluring qualities make it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their style and exude confidence.

Source: @maygovintage

20. Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

Short shag haircuts are versatile and suitable for both professional and edgy, alternative women. This trendy hairstyle features unevenly cropped bangs and allows for experimentation with fun hair colors. The beauty of having uneven bangs is the freedom to cut and style them in various ways. The possibilities are endless, making it a super cool hipster hairstyle.

Source: @katiezimbalisalon

21. Chin-Length Chocolate Bob Shag

If you are looking to grow out your short length hair, it is important to choose a suitable style that can smoothly facilitate the transition. One option that works exceptionally well is a chin-level bob with jagged and uneven edges, as it effectively conceals the awkwardness of the transitional stage. To enhance the overall appeal, consider adding some natural waves and a tousled effect, which can contribute to a youthful appearance.

Source: @mrjubbs

22. Crazy Curls

The bedhead hairstyle has gained popularity due to its ability to capture the effortlessly flawless look described by Beyonce as “I woke up like this.”  Adding accessories such as sunglasses and a scarf can elevate the short style, making it suitable for various settings beyond the bedroom. This chic and versatile look allows for a stylish and fashionable appearance while maintaining a relaxed and natural vibe.

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23. Textured Curly Bob Cut

Individuals with curly hair can also opt for a bob cut, which can be complemented by the texture of the hair. This type of haircut offers the advantage of requiring less styling and reduced use of heat tools on a daily basis. To achieve a desired look, it is recommended to have shaggy layers cut gradually, as they not only frame the face but also provide a softening effect on the complexion.

Source: @salsalhair

24. Razored Two-Layer Bob for Thick Hair

When you opt for a youthful, two-layer, razored bob, you’ll never perceive yourself as an older woman. This hairstyle enhances your thick crown of healthy, luscious hair, maximizing its fullness and volume, and giving you an amazing look. Achieving this style is as simple as a quick blow dry and a shake of the head, getting you ready to go in no time.

Source: @jz.hairco

25. Short Warm Blonde Shag

Shaggy hairstyles offer a versatile range of aesthetics, depending on how they are styled. For instance, a short warm blonde shag, cut in an a-line shape with wispy longer strands in the front and layered around the crown, can be effortlessly tousled for a chic bedhead appearance. Alternatively, it can be straightened for a sleek, polished look. This hairstyle provides both flexibility and sophistication, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking different looks.

Source: @chrisjones_hair

26. Short Shag with Purple Highlights

To add a cool and trendy touch to shaggy hair, consider incorporating highlights in a vibrant color. For dark brunette bases, purple is an excellent choice as it creates a subtle contrast without being too overpowering or dramatic. This addition of color can infuse a sense of funk and rock’n’roll into your hairstyle, giving it a unique and stylish look.

Source: @styled_by_carolynn

27. Short Textured Hair with Balayage

For individuals who prefer a less voluminous look, the shag hairstyle is an excellent option to consider. Unlike stacked bobs, shags feature short textured hair, which maintains a uniform length throughout. By incorporating shorter layers, one can achieve the desired ragged appearance. As a pro tip, highlighting the layers with blonde balayage adds extra definition and dimension to the overall style.

Source: @kaleyweakleyhair

28. Sunset-inspired Pixie Bob with Nape Undercut

The bouffant pixie bob hairstyle is guaranteed to grab attention and leave people talking (in a positive way, of course). This stunning pinkish-brown palette seamlessly blends different hues, resulting in a color that flatters any skin tone. With its unique undercut in the back and below-the-jaw side pieces, this short shag style is undoubtedly a winning look.

Source: @brittany.loves.hair

29. Jaw-Length Shaggy Walnut Brown Bob

When looking to achieve a face-lifting effect with short shag cuts, opting for a bob hairstyle that aligns with the jawline is a smart choice. The walnut-brown color further enhances the uniquely feminine silhouette. Additionally, incorporating a super-deep side part adds to the overall allure and charm of this hairstyle.

Source: @madisonvillohair

30. Piece-y Golden Bob with Silver Highlights

A combination of blonde and silver hues, styled in a piece-y texture, can beautifully frame the face. The inclusion of swoopy peek-a-boo bangs that extend past the chin and gently graze the cheek contributes to a feminine allure. This versatile hairstyle requires minimal effort, as it can be effortlessly tousled using just your fingertips. With its easy manageability and chic appeal, this hairstyle serves as a go-to option for those seeking a fashionable yet low-maintenance look.

Source: @braxtonthomashair

31. Silver-White Shaggy Hair

For individuals seeking to revitalize a shag haircut, incorporating a silver-platinum color can add a touch of freshness. The untamed nature of the cut is tempered by the ice-cold hue, resulting in a captivating visual effect. This unique style is perfect for those who desire to make a statement and stand out amongst their peers.

Source: @styled_by_carolynn

32. Dark Pixie with Cinnamon Streaks

Having well-layered hair can greatly enhance the pixie hairstyle, especially when the layers are cut short enough to create volume at the crown. This technique imparts a youthful, fresh look to the style. Consider adding streaks of varying lengths in a delectable shade like cinnamon, which can act as a stunning accent color for individuals with dark brown hair. By incorporating these elements, you can take your pixie haircut to the next level, elevating its overall appeal and sophistication.

Source: @salonesteem

33. Dusty Lavender Short Shag

Shag hair styles can be perfectly complemented by dusty shades, such as lavender. This unconventional cut harmonizes well with subdued shades, creating an interesting contrast. For added volume at the crown, consider teasing your roots, and to exude a punk vibe, straighten the front of your hair. These tips will help you achieve a unique and fashionable look.

Source: @emilyandersonstyling

34. Short Highlighted Shaggy Hair

When it comes to shag haircuts for working women in professional environments, there are numerous options to consider. One such option is short highlighted hair, which exudes a clean and put-together look while also showcasing your style and staying up-to-date with the latest trends. By opting for this hairstyle, you can make a strong impression and project a professional image effortlessly.

Source: @jackiedifonzo

35. Long Razored Shag Cut with Balayage

If you prefer a distinctive hairstyle with a super short length at the nape, long length in the crown and bangs, you’ll absolutely adore this long, razored pixie. It features stunning bright blonde balayage highlights that add a touch of elegance. To add a hint of femininity to your short cut, you can experiment with various fancy headbands. This hairstyle is a beautiful choice for those seeking a unique and fashionable look.

Source: @misahara5

36. Two-Tone Feathered Pixie

For anyone looking to experiment with one of the most popular short shag haircuts for women, a great option is to keep the longish sides neatly tucked behind the ears. This creates a sleek and polished look. To add some boldness and dimension, consider adding spiky height at the top. It’s also worth mentioning that a chocolate brown base with light blonde balayage layers can help achieve a balanced and trendy appearance.

Source: @theblendsalon

37. Jaw-Length Shaggy Bob

Short shag hairstyles that are jaw-length are perfect for the girly girl with a hipster-chic style. These hairstyles are refined with glamorous angled pieces that graze the cheeks and gracefully swept bangs. On a cut like this, it’s best to minimize layers for a bob with feminine suppleness. Homogeneity in the hairstyle adds an asset to its overall appeal and style.

Source: @timm.morrison

38. Bob with Contrasting Highlights

Elevate the allure of your bob with stunning contrasting highlights in a captivating violet-silver shade. This show-stopping hairstyle exudes both elegance and sass, making a statement whether styled sleek and straight or playfully tousled. Enhance your look and embrace the seductive side of this shag-inspired haircut, adding a touch of glamor and intrigue to your overall appearance.

Source: @cutyourhair

39. Short Haircut with Sass

Short shag haircuts are currently highly popular, with a strong resurgence from their original heyday in the 1990s. This hairstyle is especially suited for women with thin or flat hair, as a shag cut adds volume, bounce, and breathes new life into your locks, enhancing their overall appearance and texture. Furthermore, this style offers versatility and can be customized to suit different face shapes and personal preferences, ensuring a stunning and individualized look.

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40. Choppy Bob with Blonde Ends

To achieve a whimsical and airy feel, consider styling shag hairstyles with wispy ends. This textured hairdo can be created by getting a cut with razored layers all around the head. Afterwards, rough dry the hair while using a texturizing spray for added texture. In order to maintain this look, it is recommended to keep the hairstyle freshly trimmed.

Source: @buddywporter
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