35 Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for a Bold Makeover

Hello, all you fashion connoisseurs! Few options are as stylish and powerful in the world of hair makeovers as the short stacked bob. With their dynamic appeal, these hairstyles exemplify elegance, featuring everything from flawless layers to edgy angles. 

This collection is your ultimate resource for trendsetting brilliance and contemporary elegance, with 35 amazing and new ideas just waiting to excite you.

1. Blonde Stacked Bob with Wispy Layers

Embrace wispy layers to elevate your short stacked bob with charisma and movement. These layers add texture and volume, infusing an airy lightness to your look for an irresistibly carefree allure.

Source: @headrushdesigns

2. Sleek Short Stacked Bob

Achieve star-worthy sleekness with your short stacked bob. Utilize a flat iron after blow-drying to create a smooth, polished finish. Enhance with a touch of shine serum for a confident look ready to conquer the day.

Source: @styled_by_carolynn

3. Super Short Stacked Bob

Effortlessly exude chicness with an undercut stacked bob. Apply a dab of texturizing product to create a touchable, edgy look, focusing on the tips for added flair.

Source: @alisonallvess

4. Short Stacked Bob with a Tuck

Master the art of the tuck with your short stacked bob. Sweep one side behind your ear and secure with a bobby pin for a simple yet charming twist to your fabulous look.

Source: @rodrigocintra

5. Short Stacked Bob with Nape Undercut

Elevate your short stacked bob with a bold nape undercut for a peekaboo detail that’s both edgy and elegant. Let this unexpected touch add character and unique flair to your style.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

6. Stacked Pixie Bob with Blunt Edges

Transform your stacked pixie bob with blunt edges, radiating confidence and structure. The crisp geometric lines add sophistication while maintaining an irresistible edginess.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

7. Stacked Bob with Lightweight Layers

Opt for lightweight layers to create a dynamic, textured look with your stacked bob. Skillfully blend shorter strands on top with longer ones underneath for breezy elegance.

Source: @midnight_carole

8. Messy Short Stacked Bob

Embrace the messy vibe with a tousled short stacked bob. Run your fingers through your hair after styling, scrunching gently for an effortlessly chic look enhanced with texturizing product.

Source: @romeufelipe

9. Short Bob with Full Side Bangs

Frame your face with flair by incorporating full bangs into your stacked pixie bob. Add blonde highlights for an edgy yet classic look that exudes drama and sophistication.

Source: @haircolorkilla

10. Voluminous Rounded Bob

Achieve gravity-defying hair with a voluminous rounded bob. Blow-dry with a round brush, teasing gently at the crown and finishing with volumizing spray for fabulous volume.

Source: @joahhmendes

11. Angled Stacked Bob

Add drama and movement with an angled stacked bob, featuring shorter layers in the back gradually lengthening towards the front. Opt for this dynamic choice to instantly elevate your look.

Source: @northwestsalon

12. Stacked Bob with Blonde Balayage

Infuse your short stacked bob with dimension using blonde balayage. Let sun-kissed hues dance through the layers, spotlighting texture and depth for radiant charm.

Source: @kerrymacstylist

13. Salt and Pepper Stacked Bob

Embrace your natural beauty with a salt-and-pepper stacked bob. Let silver tones shine or enhance them purposefully, blending gray on dark tresses for a uniquely charming look.

Source: @alessandra_nakamura

14. Short and Angled Undercut Bob

Boost volume and edginess with a slight undercut in your short stacked bob. Create contrast between the shorter nape and longer layers for a dynamic, textured look.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

15. Stacked Bob with Temple Undercut

Embrace bold elegance with a stacked bob featuring a temple undercut. Let thick curls hide or frame the undercut, adding movement and texture for irresistible dynamism.

Source: @aoki_hair

16. Short Stacked Feathered Bob

Style your stacked bob for straight hair with ease. Blow-dry with a round brush for volume at the crown, gently curving the ends under for a glossy finish.

Source: @alessandra_nakamura

17. Short Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

Add softness and dimension with side bangs framing your face. Incorporate this playful twist to transform your look into a flirty masterpiece.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

18. Stacked Bob with Side Part

Create balance and elongate features with a side part bob, perfect for round faces. This simple tweak complements your fabulous features for a flattering effect.

Source: @romeufelipe

19. Auburn Short Stacked Bob

Amplify your style game with vibrant hues in auburn. Let daring colors play up the angles of your bob, adding drama and flair for a bold statement.

Source: @hair_by_marlo

20. Short Stacked Bob for Wavy Hair

Enhance your luscious waves with styling tips for a fabulous stacked bob. Embrace a curl-enhancing product for effortless tousled waves, perfect for a breezy look.

Source: @gbhdesign

21. Textured Stacked Bob in Golden Auburn

Achieve a casual chic vibe with a textured stack in golden auburn. Apply texturizing spray to enhance natural texture, creating a beautiful, effortless look.

Source: @hairbycorrine_

22. Icy Blonde Short Stacked Bob

Elevate your short stacked bob with an icy blonde hue for sophistication and edge. Let cool-toned shades play up angles and layers for a chic, modern look.

Source: @headrushdesigns

23. Stacked Butterfly Bob with Curtain Bangs

Experience style magic with curtain bangs and a stacked bob. Frame your face elegantly with bangs that seamlessly blend with layers, adding a touch of vintage glam to your look.

Source: @victorkeyrouz

24. Layered Angled Bob Haircut

Enhance your stacked bob with layers for movement and texture. Blend lengths seamlessly for a dynamic look that elevates your style effortlessly.

Source: @keena360

25. Crisp Stacked Bob for Black Hair

Embrace elegance with a crisp stacked bob for black hair. Defined angles and glossy black hues add depth, creating a confident look that embraces chicness.

Source: @teagancousins.hair

26. Blonde Stacked Bob with Wispy Bangs

Boost volume with wispy bangs for thin hair in a stacked bob. Blow-dry with a round brush and add texturizing spray for instant fullness and playful energy.

Source: @diogo.migli

27. Glossy Short Stacked Bob

Achieve sleek, glossy glam with your stacked bob. Smooth flyaways with hair serum for a mirror-like shine that radiates elegance and sophistication.

Source: @styled_by_carolynn

28. Stacked Bixie Cut

Explore the versatility of a stacked pixie bob for a chic and trendy look. Seamlessly blend color for a stylish choice between short and bob cuts.

Source: @joiewallacehair

29. Short Stacked Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

Play with dimension by adding highlights and lowlights to your short stacked bob. Create depth and contrast for a multi-dimensional look that shines.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

30. Modern Short Stacked Bob

Embrace the modern charm of a short stacked bob. Whether sleek or tousled, this style effortlessly blends timeless elegance with a fresh, edgy vibe.

Source: @hirohair

31. Short Stacked Swing Bob

Infuse movement into your stacked bob with a short stacked swing bob. Blow-dry with a round brush to curve the ends outward, adding a touch of texturizing spray for playful movement.

Source: @hairbyleah.a

32. Blonde Stacked Bob with Highlights

Radiate with a blonde stacked bob featuring highlights for added dimension. Embrace multi-dimensional charm with carefully placed highlights, enhancing your bob’s allure.

Source: @ashesrgray

33. Micro Bob for Straight Hair

Elevate your straight hair with a micro bob featuring golden nuances and contrasts. Let warm tones play in the light, adding depth and vibrancy to your sleek style.

Source: @rom.concept

34. Angled Bob for Wavy Hair

Tame your waves with finesse in an angled stacked bob. Apply frizz-reducing serum before styling and use a diffuser while blow-drying to enhance your natural texture for a flawless finish.

Source: @kerrymacstylist

35. Graduated Stacked Cut

Opt for a graduated stacked cut to boost volume and movement, regardless of your hair type. These layered cuts work like magic, blessing you with fabulous volume and style.

Source: @alisonallvess
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