5 Guides to Style Any Type of Bangs Like a Pro

Have you always wanted to have bangs but never had the courage because you lack the skill to style your hair? Have you ever had a fringe but thought it was never quite nice enough?

We made this guide on styling different types of bangs with you in mind. To learn everything you need to know about getting a polished look for your bangs in less than ten minutes, continue reading.

How To Style Any Type Of Bangs Properly?

1. How to Style Straight Bangs

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The most popular approach to style hairstyles with bangs has been to wear them straight, regardless of whether they are thick or feathery. This is how to get the desired lay for your bangs.

Use a paddle brush to begin drying your fringe by moving it from side to side and then tracing your movement with a hairdryer. Continue until your bangs are around 70% dry. Afterwards, blow dry your hair straight forwards using a round brush. To avoid making your fringe appear excessively poofy, avoid lifting it up and curling it. You can also include any flimsy side pieces surrounding your face in the drying pattern. To lock in the shape of your hair and give even more shine, blast your hair with chilly air after your blow dry.

Do you still find it to be too choppy? To get that polished appearance, simply run a straightening iron through your bangs rapidly. For a feathery effect, use a texturizing cream or some serum.

2. How to Style Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs can work nicely with every face shape because of their carefully chosen length and finish. By following these guidelines, you can get the ideal side bang style, regardless of whether your fringe reaches your cheeks or reaches your eyes.

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With a broad barrel brush, blow dry all of your hair to the other side of where you want it to sit at the end. This will give your fringe a loose bend with lots of movement and volume.

A fresh beginning will find the process simpler if they use a hairdryer brush, which is a hairdryer with an integrated brush. Ultimately, apply a small amount of hairspray to keep the fringe away from your face, but avoid going overboard as your bangs should still have some natural movement.

3. How to Style Curtain Bangs

The fundamental idea behind curtain bangs is to give your hair lots of body and fullness while flinging the ends to the sides.

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To get the perfect amount of volume, start by dampening your hair and applying mousse or volumizing spray. Using a round brush, blow dry your bangs forwards for a few seconds, then reverse the direction and repeat the process backwards. Make sure to pull the roots at a 90-degree angle from the scalp while applying moderate strain. To ensure the shape stays in place, give it a final blow with cool air.

Applying dry shampoo as soon as you’re done blow drying your hair will drastically improve the way your curtain bangs look. Lastly, use a finishing spray to prevent your hair from falling into your face.

Do you intend to turn down the heat? Try wearing your bangs without using heat by letting your hair air dry until it’s just barely damp, then using a larger diameter Velcro roller (you may use it backwards or forwards). Keep it in and use the previously listed products when applying makeup.

4. How to Style Curly Bangs

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These days, curly bangs are really popular, and we adore this style. Styling curly fringe is the easiest thing in the world for girls who are naturally curly or who have a perm.

To manage frizz and accentuate natural texture, separate your fringe from the rest of your hair and massage a small quantity of a curl-enhancing serum into your hair. Next, all you have to do is wait for your bangs to naturally dry. And just like that, you’re set to kill the curly fringe fad.

5. How to Style Short Bangs

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That baby bangs explosion is something we just can’t get enough of, but how should they be styled?

For a sleek finish, blow-drying is recommended for blunt-cut bangs, but air-drying feathered micro fringe is acceptable. To blow dry your fringe, get a boar bristle round brush with the lowest possible diameter. A micro flat iron could also be helpful for shaping your bangs.

For a smooth and polished finish, use a tiny amount of smoothing serum. Would you desire a more carefree look with your bangs? Run some texturizing paste through your fringe with your fingers; it will fall precisely where you want it to.

How to Train Your Bangs

Although managing cowlicks and abnormal hair growth patterns can be difficult, it is possible if you know the proper method. After brushing your hair flat to one side with a fine-tooth brush, use a medium-heat hair dryer. After doing this multiple times, repeat the same action in the other way. This will help you get the fringe you want and tame that cowlick.

How to Make Bangs Look Good

In order to conclude this essay, we have compiled a list of general tips that work well for any kind of bangs: 

  • As soon as you get out of the shower, make sure to style your bangs because shorter hair dries out very quickly and becomes more difficult to maintain the drier it gets.
  • Apply a heat-resistant spray.
  • Use medium heat: When your hairdryer isn’t too hot or doesn’t blow too fiercely, it will be easier to shape your bangs.
  • Keep your bangs natural and carefree rather than stiff and lifeless. Don’t overdo it.
  • Apply a little quantity of the product (remember those papery fringes we all wore as teenagers?)
  • Finally, unless you’re ready for the baby bangs trend—the ones your hairstylist gives you after repairing your do-it-yourself job—never attempt to trim your own bangs.

Spend some time practicing how to style your bangs. Styling your fringe won’t take more than five minutes once you get the hang of it, even if it may seem laborious at first.

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