Selena Gomez Hairstyles – 20 Best Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Both Selena’s fan base and the quantity of websites that cover her style have been expanding quickly. We definitely want to know what Selena is wearing, how she styled her hair, and which makeup trends she finds inspiring because she is a well-known cutie. We’ll focus on Selena’s most fashionable haircuts and hairstyles in this piece. If you replicate her look, no one will be upset with you because it’s difficult to get an exact replica when copying someone else’s style, but that’s not the point, is it?

Take a cue from Selena Gomez’s most recent hairstyles to obtain fresh ideas on how to highlight your uniqueness!

1. Sleek Low Pony With An Accurate Side Part

Selena looks ready for the new season from head to toe in this photo from the 3rd Annual Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner. She tries on the newest and brightest styles, like the fringe trend in clothing and the low pony with a side part.

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2. Smooth And Silky Side-Parted Tresses

A free-flowing hairdo gives off a glamorous vibe that lets you stand out from the crowd at any major occasion, but a neat low pony seems somewhat formal and reserved. Here is Selena looking stunning and effortlessly put together at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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3. Long Straight Tresses Off The Face

The Ischia Global Film & Music Fest is the kind of place where you want to let loose and enjoy top-notch films and music. Selena’s elegantly effortless yet sensual appearance at last year’s festival is exemplified by her basic, straight haircut and floor-length denim dress with striking slits.


4. Super Voluminous Waves With Ombre

Your thick, long hair becomes incredibly voluminous and may appear bulky when styled in waves. To keep your side locks from falling forward and landing on your face, pin up a few of them in the back. Stay away from trying to obtain an ideal haircut and stick with face-framing locks. Currently, success should appear rather impromptu.

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5. Selena Gomez Hairstyle – Beach Waves

Beach waves are a great summertime hairstyle, especially for long hair, regardless of thickness. You can wear them shiny and added, or sloppy and organic-looking. Due to her wide face, Selena Gomez has lengthy side bangs in this photo.


6. Messy Side Braid

A casual appearance can be effortlessly completed with a fashionable untidy braid. Start your braid low if you have long hair in order to maintain the attractive volume surrounding your face. When your braid is finished, pull gently at it to make it chunkier. Avoid plaiting too tightly. Selena looks adorable with her light brown highlights set against a dark background, which is a beautiful hair color choice for brunettes.


7. Lush Hollywood Curls

When you need to look amazing, chic, polished curls are always a good choice. The A-line asymmetric downdo with opulent curls from mid-shaft to ends is recommended by Selena’s hairdressers. Their delightful caramel tones through the tips, amazing luster, and creamy texture are all things we adore.

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8. Very Light Long Waves And Tawny Brown Highlights

When your thick, healthy hair almost reaches your waist, you may feel inclined to wear it loose. Just as crucial as a good haircut for medium- or short-length hair is one for long hair as well. Long layers over your face will give your hair a fun bounce and movement. You might use subtle highlights that go well with your skin tone to draw attention to them.


9. Low Braided Bun

Selena Gomez looked stunning in a floor-length black gown with a sultry back cut and a sophisticated braided bun when she attended the 2014 American Music Awards. The elaborate knots at the nape of her hair complemented her precise middle part and glossy, well-groomed look. In light of the current popularity of the messy hair trend, the sporadic streaks that protrude from the style should be seen as a stylish modern variation.

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10. Messy Knot At The Nape

Here’s an identical updo with a higher level of disarray. We adore Selena’s carefree knot at the 2014 Ischia Global Film & Music Fest because it has a polished updo in front and a carefree, carefree vibe at the back. The knot is described as “falling apart.”


11. Nice Evening Updo With Adorable Face-Framing Waves

Any hairdo appears to work well on Selena Gomez’s stunning face, but face-framing waves or bangs are especially attractive since they create the illusion of length. This is a gorgeous illustration of a seductive updo for round features.


12. French Twist With A Bouffant And Low Bun

Thick, long hair calls for striking, sophisticated updos, and Selena Gomez is winning us over with her gorgeous new updo concept. The most stunning hairstyles are created when you can successfully combine two distinct looks into one, such a low bun and an upside-down French knot.


13. Shoulder-Length Haircut For Straight Hair With Point Cut Ends

When Selena Gomez was younger, she favored shorter lengths. It’s hard to ruin hair this gorgeous, and her shoulder-length, poker-straight locks with a slenderized end look very great. The “wow” element of this endearing look is Selena’s slanting bangs, which highlight her eyes.

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14. Selena Gomez Haircut – Statement Lob For Thick Hair

While it’s unfortunate to cut waist-length hair, after rocking it for years, you start to yearn for something new. Hair will grow out once more, and a new haircut will allow you to rock some inspiring, invigorating looks that will change the way you view yourself. Because of its face-framing layers, which look great on thick hair, Selena’s lob is unique.


15. Long Blunt Bob With Side Bangs

Since her rise to fame, Selena has likely never donned a shorter length like this one. Her bob, which is blunt and straight, always looks trendy. It can be worn as a stylish straight peek-a-boo every day or changed into a dreamy wavy hairdo for a special occasion or an evening out with friends.


16. Selena Gomez Short Hair With Ombre

If a bob is cut straight and has length below the chin, it can also have a slimming effect. Selena Gomez also experiments with a soft ombre that highlights the warm brown hue of her eyes. It is extremely recommended to use a shine-boosting product to bring out the depth of the hair colors.


17. Medium-Length Edgy Waves

Your flawlessly clean waves need a more contemporary sounding when they have an edgy roughness. For an extra-chic vibe, give your evening and casual haircuts a hint of imperfection. Try experimenting with highlights or ombre in the colors that work best for your skin tone or eye color.


18. A-Line Wavy Hairstyle With Swoopy Bangs

This is yet another illustration of a jumbled wave, yet it’s still not like anything we’ve seen before. For medium-length and longer hair, large, loose waves that are fashioned away from the face always look great. Let your tousled waves contrast beautifully with your swoopy bangs.


19. Updo With Side Curls

Selena always looks lovely in photos. Even without styling, her hair looks fantastic, we bet. She therefore doesn’t require intricate hairstyles to look her best. This polished curl updo on the sides is a great option for a medium-haired bride. It’s easy and lovely.

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20. Swept-Back Medium Waves

Round faces are also accentuated with swept-back hairstyles with some volume at the roots. It’s a wonderful idea to play around with texture during the summer, when everyone aspires to effortless, fast haircuts. Pomades, fluids, and styling creams can provide surprisingly stylish effects. All you have to do is choose the hair products that suit your hair type the best.

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