20 Gorgeous Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

For all of the fortunate women who have been bestowed with lengthy, thick hair, you are aware that this blessing may occasionally feel unjustly like a curse. Being blessed with thick hair comes with a lot of responsibilities as well. The locks, let’s face it, demand more of everything. More time, more patience, and more product. But your money and labor are well spent because the outcome is so stunning that your friends with fine hair will be envious.

There are various sizes, forms, and textures of thick hair. There is often a natural curve or wave that can be countered by length since gravity and weight work in your favor. Additionally, longer hair balances volume and allows for the addition of extra layers without giving your face a lion’s mane. For some amazing cut and style alternatives to flaunt those hairworthy for an advertisement, go no further.

1. Middle Part with Beachy Waves

See if every example you find online when you search for “mermaid” doesn’t feature this style with stunningly wavy lengths. Who doesn’t, in all honesty, secretly wish they were mermaids? While the loose curl provides an easy, sun-dried finish, the part down the middle and airy layers work wonders to extend a fuller face.

Source: @stephengarrison

2. Elegant Loose Bun

Simple haircuts for long, thick hair have numerous advantages, one of which being the ease of volumizing updos! With a little back-combing, bobby pins, and hairspray, you can create a sophisticated yet approachable bun that works for any type of event.

Source: @tonyastylist

3. Curly Layered Cut

Although curly layers aren’t the best for short, thick hair, they’re a great option for a longer cut! The layers’ extra volume is counterbalanced by length, giving you a stunning, proportionate look.

Source: @styledbylizsustaita

4. Choppy Tousled Layers

Desire something edgier yet still want to preserve your long hair? Request a dramatic chop to your hair and a delicate balayage to accentuate the aggressive, jagged layers.

Source: @jamiekeikohair

5. Sleek Curled Dimensional Style

Hairstyles for long, thick hair can definitely achieve sleekness, but they will take more effort. Utilize a round brush or flat paddle to dry your hair in small parts after using shampoo and conditioner with a shine element. To counteract any rough patches, maintain a firm grip and dry with the grain. Additionally, you should apply some shine serum from your hair’s tips to the area around your temples.

Source: @the_blondologist

6. Straight Hair with Curled Ends

A little flipped-out curl at the ends will give your straight style a lovely touch. After a straight blowout, solely apply a medium curling iron on the tips. A minimum of two tiers of layers will effectively showcase the additional work.

Source: @thescissorsammurai

7. Luxurious Layers with Long Bangs

There is greater movement with more layers. You also have lots of area for all that movement because you have a lot of hair! A long bang that may be swept to the side frames your face and provides a foundation for your shortest layer. Consider chin-length.

Source: @marcioalves_hairstylist

8. Long Cut with Bangs

Complete bangs that span the forehead are quite stylish and work well with a variety of long hairstyles for thick hair. Wear these bangs with some major waves for a gorgeous look.

Source: @jesstheebesttcolor

9. Low Messy Bun

Thick-haired women understand that sometimes you just need it out of the way. For a laid-back date night or during the warmer months, a sloppy bun is a terrific option. Try the sock bun technique and then encircle the base with a section of hair from the bottom.

Source: @alexkhoeunhair

10. Low-Maintenance Tapered Layers

Consider whether you would enjoy spending hours in front of the mirror every morning before committing to a new cut or style. Not given priority? For a layered effect, try a modest front-to-back taper. Whether you choose to let it air dry or blow dry it, this cut provides texture.

Source: @brendakamt

11. Loose Curled Style

You’ll want to add some curl to your style if you’re drawn to long, thick hairstyles that showcase extra length—think close to the waist. The curls will prevent you from seeming heavy with your magnificent mane.

Source: @chelscaruso

12. Feathered Layers

Hair that has been finely textured at the ends is referred to as feathering. With this cutting style, the layers merge more subtly and add interest without causing the hair’s total length to become unnaturally long.

Source: @maxwellmathson

13. Sophisticated Mahogany Layers

On long, thick hair, collarbone-length face-framing layers look stunning. A browout and an identical red-brown tint that catches the light just so can heighten the attraction.

Source: @patrizia_dessardo

14. Voluptuous Curls

By default, long, thick hairstyles tend to be quite voluminous. Style with a deep part for more oomph on top to harness your inner diva and step it up. Huge curls should be added from the chin to the ends.

Source: @hairbystevie

15. Loose and Wavy

Even though big curls are a terrific go-to, a subtle look can occasionally draw just as much attention. Using a round brush and blow drying, you may create soft waves. Alternatively, you can wrap little sections of hair around a flat iron and then brush through them.

Source: @hairxjojo

16. Funky Messy Bun

Many women with thick hair may take for granted the ability to pull off a sloppy bun. Those with thinner hair will find it more difficult to achieve this style; those with naturally fuller hair will find it easier. Depending on your mood, you can choose to reveal or conceal a playful element like a shaved pattern at the nape of your neck.

Source: @theodoraraptis

17. Polished Style with Long Swoopy Layers

As long as the hair is healthy and properly cared for, thick, long hair can look stunning in straight haircuts. Regular cuts are necessary to prevent split ends and stringiness. Curving hair ends into rounded shapes accentuates the layers and results in a polished, sophisticated look.

Source: @thescissorsammurai

18. Layered Cut with Multiple Lengths

It’s crucial to keep your hair from becoming boring when you want to equal Rapunzel in length. Have your stylist cut your hair in multiple layers starting at the shoulder and ending with a flipped curl.

Source: @manuellobo

19. Natural Wave Style

Some of the most stylish looks develop by following your hair’s natural tendencies. Follow your natural wave if you have one! Going with the flow reduces the likelihood of fighting a losing battle, even if it does require some product and style to get it precisely how you want it.

Source: @venalove

20. Long and Flowy Style

Blow dry using a round brush to maintain a straight appearance of your style but allow for some movement and body. It will produce gorgeous, long, flowing waves. This is among the most traditional long hairstyles that suit thick hair.

Source: @che.r.mariano
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