45 Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair with a Wow Effect

If you have thick hair, you may find it challenging to discover the perfect hairstyle that helps reduce bulk, eases maintenance, and enhances your overall look. Pixie haircuts for thick hair can provide a stylish solution to these concerns. By incorporating an undercut or shaved sides, you can effectively diminish bulk, while layers and texture can add interest and movement to your locks. To explore and find inspiration for the best pixie hairstyles for thick hair, we have curated a list of 40 stunning options.

A pixie haircut is a simple yet powerful way to sharpen and illuminate your appearance. Short hair draws attention to your face, allowing you to accentuate specific features based on your preferences. For those with delicate facial features and big eyes, an extra short pixie style can be particularly flattering. Similarly, if you have some extra pounds, opting for a pixie with a tapered silhouette and elongated bangs can complement your facial structure. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a collection of the finest examples in pictures, showcasing a range of flattering styles for you to choose from.

1. Pixie with Long Crisp Layers and Nape Undercut

When it comes to achieving a less “puffy” or “spiky” appearance for your pixie hairstyle, thinner and longer layers are key. Consider opting for hair that reaches the ears all the way around and features a dramatic undercut at the nape of the neck for an intriguing contrast. It’s important to keep the undercut short without going for a complete buzzed look. By following these guidelines, you can enhance the overall structure and allure of your pixie haircut.

Source: @androgynyprodigy

2. Choppy Dark Brown Pixie

The individual in this photograph appears to be wearing blue suede shoes, suggesting a readiness to engage in social activities. The stylist has skillfully transformed the naturally unkempt texture of the dark hair into a trendy hairstyle. A helpful tip is to combine this hairstyle with biker-chic ensembles, as exemplified in the image above. This combination creates a remarkable and fashionable look.

Source: @fiidnt

3. Long Choppy Uneven Pixie Cut

The choppy cut is characterized by its longest length at the front, gradually tapering towards the back. This hairstyle offers a seamless transition from longer hair to a pixie cut, thanks to its face-framing length that creates an almost bob-like appearance. At the nape, the hair is cut short, completing the overall look. This meticulously crafted haircut showcases a blend of elegance and modernity, making it a popular choice for those seeking a striking and stylish transformation.

Source: @rosemarymonicahair

4. Mussed Up Layered Pixie with Highlighted Bangs

To achieve a messy, cool-girl texture, consider different haircuts that can complement your specific hair type. For example, a crop can beautifully accentuate straight hair, while a pixie cut can enhance the charm of thick, curly hair. When it comes to styling, opt for a messy finish that highlights the dynamic nature of your hair, as it is an essential characteristic of modern haircuts of any length. By embracing this approach, you can effortlessly exude a fashionable and contemporary look.

Source: @askforjamie

5. Adorable Long Tousled Brunette Pixie

If you are apprehensive about a flat-looking pixie cut, there are strategies to style a longer pixie while still maintaining volume. One technique is to apply a root booster or volume enhancer to the roots before blow-drying your hair. Additionally, flipping your head over during the drying process can further enhance volume. Once you have finished styling, simply shake your hair out and you’ll be ready to go.

Source: @walkerswerkshop

6. Extra Long Blonde Pixie with Tapered Nape

When it comes to women’s hair, which varies in textures, finding a complimentary cut is key to achieving a “good hair day” with minimal styling on a daily basis. In the case of pixie cuts for thick coarse hair, a longer side-parted style tends to feel the most natural and flattering, effectively addressing stubborn strands.

Source: @megahairmaniac

7. Feathered Pixie with Nape Undercut

The best pixie cuts for thick hair showcase uneven feathered layers placed over a stylish nape undercut. This technique not only enhances texture but also adds eye-catching lightness and movement to otherwise plain short hair. Incorporating this trendy hairstyle can transform your look and elevate your personal style to new heights. So, why settle for simple and boring when you can effortlessly embrace a bold and fashionable pixie cut that complements your thick hair?

Source: @coloristsochi

8. Elongated Pixie with Long Layers

Pixie cuts for thick hair have become much easier to style, especially when they are complemented with long layers. This low-maintenance cut not only helps to restore body and texture but also provides a dimensional look. To enhance the overall style, consider adding a few subtle highlights around the crown. With these additions, you can confidently rock a trendy and effortless pixie cut that works perfectly for thick hair.

Source: @hairbyelena

9. Long Messy Blonde Balayage Pixie

When it comes to personalizing your pixie cut, experimenting with different colors can make a significant difference. Utilizing hair painting or balayage techniques, a skilled stylist can incorporate tones that will beautifully complement your roots as your pixie cut grows out. For instance, an ashy blonde color with dark roots can exude a cool and edgy rocker-chic vibe, which perfectly complements the overall shape of your hairstyle.

Source: @priss_duarte

10. Modern Dark Blonde Layered Pixie

For individuals with thick hair, a short pixie haircut can be an excellent choice. Consider incorporating highlights of a lighter shade, such as a warm ash blonde hue, to add depth and dimension. Additionally, adding wispy layers can help soften your look and introduce more movement to your locks, resulting in a stylish and versatile hairstyle.

Source: @yuya__hair

11. Feminine Undercut Pixie for Curly Hair

The pixie cut for thick curly hair exudes a sense of femininity and softness, enhanced by its delicate curls. It can be further elevated with an all-over color or the addition of subtle highlights, allowing for endless possibilities and ensuring a timeless style that will never disappoint.

Source: @denyvir

12. Long Disheveled Pixie with Blonde Balayage

This long pixie cut for thick hair is absolutely captivating and might just inspire you to go for a bold chop. The subtle piece-y waves on top add a soft and feminine touch, while the bright blonde highlights over a dark base bring a touch of star quality, reminiscent of a movie star.

Source: @hallolieblingsmensch

13. Shaggy Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

To achieve the ultimate texture and dimension, consider opting for a messy pixie haircut with a slight curl. For small, defined curls, you can use either a straightener or a curling iron. By embracing this style, you will exude an epitome of elegance and fashion-forwardness.

Source: @id_studio_

14. Voluminous Pixie with Angled Sides

To enhance the style of pixie haircuts for thick hair, incorporating angles can be an excellent choice. By doing so, a flattering geometric shape can be achieved, effectively lifting up the face. It is recommended to consult with your stylist and request for a neat angled look by keeping the edge blunt. This approach will contribute to a polished appearance that suits your individual preferences.

Source: @arsentovmasyan_

15. Choppy Silver Pixie

For those with straight hair, the cropped choppy pixie is a fantastic choice. This style is especially great for those with thick, coarse hair as it manages locks in a sophisticated manner. To achieve a face-framing effect and to balance your face shape, consider letting the bangs graze your eyebrows and allow the sideburns to cover your ears. This elegant and versatile hairstyle is sure to enhance your overall look and make a lasting impression.

Source: @jaywesleyolson

16. Messy Pixie Bob with Piece-y Layers

Modern pixie haircuts for thick hair often blend the elements of a classic pixie and a short bob. They exhibit a bob-like appearance from the front, a combination of bob and pixie from the side view, and a tapered pixie style from the back, resulting in a seamless fusion. This versatile haircut is specifically designed to suit individuals with thick hair, making it a popular choice for those looking for a contemporary yet low-maintenance hairstyle.

Source: @jacksy

17. Feathered Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

The combination of gray and purple is a stunning choice. Consider trying out a super cute layered cut for a bold look. For a soft and girly pixie, you can blow dry or flat iron your hair. This hairstyle is sure to make you the envy of your friends.

Source: @emilyandersonstyling

18. Boyish Tapered Pixie Cut

If you’re searching for a short hairstyle, consider a boyish tapered cut. This ultra-edgy, low-maintenance pixie style features pompadour bangs. To enhance texture, you can also sweep crown pieces forward. This stylish haircut offers a sleek and modern look that requires minimal upkeep.

Source: @leighdoeshair

19. Long Razored Teased Pixie

For those who prefer a more edgy appearance, razored layers can provide an extra element of style to a simple haircut. To achieve a fashion-forward look, it’s important to maintain sleek and neat face-framing layers. Additionally, consider using a teasing comb to add volume to the shorter strands at the back, giving your hairstyle more dimension and flair.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

20. Classy Brunette Pixie with Back-Swept Layers

One of the most elegant options for short pixie cuts for thick hair is a layered style with longer layers that can be swept back and seamlessly blend with a clean and tapered nape of the neck. To add more volume and lift to the top, consider requesting an undercut from your stylist. Additionally, you can opt for a V-cut nape and sideburns instead of the more conventional styles. These modifications can further enhance the overall look and appeal of the haircut.

Source: @nataliakop

21. Neat Boyish Cut with Long Angled Bangs

Long angled bangs add a chic touch to straight hair, making it perfect for various occasions. For a cute date night look, sweep the bangs to the side and leave them loose or pin them back. This hairstyle not only showcases a statement necklace or earrings but also offers a neat yet edgy vibe that is sure to turn heads.

Source: @masterskaya.krasoti

22. Tapered Pixie with Side Undercuts

Ashlee Simpson’s pixie days are reminiscent of a bygone era. With a tapered pixie that features side undercuts, this hairstyle is a rare sight to behold. The layered pieces that elegantly drape over the undercuts perfectly complement the overall cut. This unique hairstyle is undoubtedly a modern take on the classic pixie, exuding a distinct charm that is sure to turn heads.

Source: @demetriusschool

23. Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

The tapered pixie with a feathered crown is an excellent choice for those who desire a short hairstyle without sacrificing volume. This versatile style maintains its body, making it perfect for women with thick hair and round faces. Additionally, this hairstyle effortlessly elongates the face shape, enhancing your overall appearance. To keep this look fresh throughout the day, simply run your fingers through your hair for a quick refresh. With its combination of style and convenience, the tapered pixie with a feathered crown offers a timeless and elegant look for any occasion.

Source: @gulevich.vladimir

24. Thick, Sleek and Short

For a more sophisticated pixie cut, consider creating a sleek and elegant side-parted style. This versatile look complements various occasions and ensembles, exuding elegance and class. Achieve a timeless and sophisticated appearance with this refined haircut choice.

Source: @modernsalon

25. Tapered Pixie with Angled Sideburns

The angled sideburns on this tapered pixie haircut introduce a cool and stylish detail, while the layered locks throughout add dynamism and contribute to a fashionable and healthy look for your hair. If you prefer a subtle and sophisticated color, consider highlighting a dark base with auburn babylights. On the other hand, if you desire a lighter color, golden highlights would be a great choice to enhance your hair. With these options, you can choose the perfect style and color that suits your preferences and enhances your overall look.

Source: @plavalaaleshika

26. Messy Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair

The pixie cut for thick wavy hair is a versatile hairstyle suitable for women of all ages. To achieve voluminous waves in your messy pixie, apply mousse or hairspray to fluff up the hair. This low-maintenance look is perfect for those who prefer easy-to-style haircuts that still exude style and elegance.

Source: @plavalaaleshika

27. Long Razored Pixie with Feathered Crown

The long pixie cut with highlights offers a perfect balance between femininity and boldness. It is particularly suitable for women with thick hair and round faces, as it helps elongate and slenderize the face in a flattering manner. This hairstyle has gained popularity due to its versatile nature and ability to convey a confident and stylish appearance. Moreover, the contrasting highlights add depth and dimension to the overall look, enhancing its visual appeal.

Source: @shorthairbyshawni

28. Blonde Pixie Bob with Feathered Layers

The long pixie cut for thick hair with back-swept layers is a stylish way to incorporate all-over bangs. To prevent any helmet-head situations, it is important to style the long layers in a feathered and fanned out manner. This technique helps to maintain a balanced and well-groomed appearance.

Source: @amaralsilvio

29. Bronde Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

One effective method for enhancing the appearance of pixie haircuts for thick hair is by adding highlights. The bronde balayage color gives this particular pixie haircut a refreshing summer vibe. The versatility of the pixie bob hairstyle is worth noting, as it allows you to grow it out into a bob until your next salon visit or crop it back into a shorter pixie if you choose to do so, providing you with flexibility and endless styling options.

Source: @cabelosfhabioribeiro

30. Brilliant Pixie Makeover for Long Hair

The feathered pixie is often considered one of the most feminine cuts among all short hairstyles. It beautifully frames the face, giving a softer and more elegant appearance. Not only is this haircut easy to style and maintain, but it also provides versatility for various looks. Its sleek and textured layers add dimension to the hair, creating a chic and modern aesthetic. Whether you prefer a bold or subtle look, the feathered pixie can be tailored to suit individual preferences and complement diverse facial features. Additionally, this hairstyle is suitable for different hair types, adding to its appeal.

Source: @studio_mostton

31. Tapered Textured Black Pixie

For individuals with thick coarse hair, a tapered textured pixie hairstyle provides a sophisticated solution for managing locks. By keeping layers near the face long, you have the flexibility to pull them back, whether for a date night or when you’re giving it your all at the gym. This versatile style offers both elegance and practicality, ensuring that you always look your best, no matter the occasion.

Source: @emilyandersonstyling

32. Finely Chopped Caramel Pixie

Thick hair requires proper shaping in order to enhance its appearance in various short hairstyles, whether they are straight, wavy, or curly. One effective approach is to create a tapered silhouette and incorporate numerous choppy layers. This technique helps to achieve the desired shape for a pixie cut tailored to thick, wavy hair. Moreover, this style can be equally flattering when worn straight with a root lift. It is worth noting that this particular cut isn’t excessively short, providing flexibility to experiment with different textures and colors should you desire a change in the future.

Source: @iwearblackallday

33. Short Blonde Pixie

When dying short hair a light color, it can appear wispier than its actual texture. For a trendy and edgy style, consider opting for an androgynous look like this one. This hairstyle has a retro, swinging 60s vibe with darker roots that add a touch of contemporary ombre style. This combination creates a perfect mix that is both fashionable and versatile.

Source: @modernsalon

34. Short Feathered Tapered Cut

The best pixie cuts for thick hair are designed to complement your unique texture, working harmoniously with it rather than against it. One effective method to achieve this is by incorporating feathered layers, which have the ability to reduce bulkiness and create a lighter and more manageable style. This ultimately results in a perfect pixie cut that not only looks fabulous but also feels incredibly satisfying when running your fingers through it.

Source: @shorthairbyshawni

35. Choppy Thick Hair

A key tip for achieving a pixie cut for thick hair is to remove excess bulk by incorporating choppy layers. This step becomes even more crucial when dealing with highly textured locks. Utilizing a razored cutting tool will effectively thin out the layers, resulting in a natural and effortlessly stylish appearance. It is worth noting that blunt and unblended layers do not complement this short cut’s overall look and feel. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a more refined and layered approach for optimum results.

Source: @khimandi

36. Pixie With A Tendency To A Curl

Having curly hair can present styling challenges. However, when opting for a short haircut like Audrey Tautou’s, you can leverage your unique texture to your advantage. It is important to consider the appropriate length and hair thickness to achieve the desired outcome. While this may require extra effort, the end result is undoubtedly rewarding.

Source: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

37. Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

The feathering technique, when applied exclusively at the crown, adds volume and height to the hair. Complementing this, a tapered finish at the nape of the neck ensures a polished appearance. Additionally, layers can offer depth similar to that of highlights, resulting in a more photogenic hairstyle. By employing a combination of these techniques, you can enhance the overall aesthetic of your hair.

Source: @iwearblackallday

38. Layered Strawberry Blonde Pixie

The classic cropped pixie is widely recognized as one of the most professional and stylish pixie cuts. It features neatly trimmed strands that frame the face, which also serve as side-swept bangs. Additionally, the nape of the neck is meticulously clipped and kept clean, creating a polished and refined look.

Source: @courtneyxcentrichair

39. Angled Pixie

Kellie Pickler also sports an elongated pixie haircut, which differs notably from the one presented by Anne Hathaway. Kellie’s cut features angled sideburns and point-cut ends, giving it an edgier appearance that requires some additional definition during styling. Overall, Kellie’s pixie cut is characterized by its unique angles and defined ends, offering a distinct and stylish look.

Source: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

40. Trending Pixie Bob with Highlights

If you find yourself torn between a timeless bob hairstyle and a daring pixie cut, why not consider the marvelous combination of the two with a fancy bixie hairdo? Achieve this stylish look by using a round brush to create dimension for your straight hair. Elevate your overall appearance and experiment with this unique fusion of styles for a bold and distinctive statement.

Source: @pamela_cabelos

41. Classic Pixie with Long Side Bangs

This textured pixie with jagged layers and side bangs can help your thick hair feel lighter and more carefree. This haircut’s adaptability allows you to pair it with any outfit and still rock your style!

Source: @saharkarimi1986

42. Short Fluffy Blonde Cut

A little length in front of the ears combined with a fluffy, feathered crown creates a playful, edgy look that the platinum hue enhances even further. To keep this look elevated all day, use your fingers to randomly rub a matte texturizing paste across the top of the head, spiking it up and slicking it down the sides.

Source: @amybuckingham_hairslayer

43. Playful Blonde Pixie Haircut

Razored choppy layers, vivid strawberry blonde highlights, and chaotic style create a fashionable, youthful look that everyone will like. A pixie haircut will enhance your appearance and draw attention to your stunning eyes, while also allowing you to show your personality.

Source: @jessi_cosmicrevival

44. Short-to-Medium Choppy Blonde Cut

The more choppy the layers, the more impactful your cut will be. These medium layers, which are not quite bob-length but rather long pixie-length, look great with the dirty blonde tint, creating a cool, carefree, and slightly stylishly disheveled look.

Source: @himnhair

45. Tousled Pixie with Long Crown Layers

With a nape undercut, the lengthy V-cut layers absolutely shine. When you have a short style this chic and edgy, you can use a basic solid color or your natural hue to highlight the cut and texture while keeping the color subtle.

Source: @patrick.trant
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