50 Different Versions of Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly bobs may appear similar at first glance, but in reality, there are numerous ways to experiment with finishes, textures, curl size, and highlights, resulting in a unique and distinctive bob hairstyle.

For everyday wear, messy curly bobs with a bedhead effect are suitable, while neater and more elegant curls are well-suited for professional settings, such as the office, where a sophisticated appearance is desired.

Regardless of whether you have chunky curl clumps, thin spiral curls, or natural coily hair, achieving a stylish curly bob that enhances your hair’s shape and highlights your best facial features is certainly possible. Below, we have compiled a selection of bob hairstyles to cater to any individual preference and taste.

1. Messy Blonde Balayage Bob

A short curly bob naturally lends itself to a messier style, which can be quite appealing. You can enhance the look by tousling your coils with a small amount of mousse. This will provide your hair with plenty of volume and give it an effortlessly cool finish. It’s a laid-back and versatile look that you can effortlessly pull off any day of the week.

Source: @heather_hall_curlwhisperer

2. Naturally Spunky Spirals

To accentuate the allure of your chin-length cut, embrace glossy black curls as the centerpiece. Enhance their definition through strategic layering and a touch of mousse. However, exercise caution to not overly manipulate your naturally curly hair, as it may disrupt its natural pattern. Instead, allow your curls to showcase their inherent beauty and style effortlessly.


3. Medium Curly Scrunched Hairstyle

A highly effective way to manage and enhance the look of naturally curly hair is through the application of a layered, scrunched hairstyle. This technique works wonders in taming and controlling even the most unruly curls. For an added touch of style and elegance, consider incorporating copper-toned curly bangs and tendrils that gracefully cascade over the ears. This not only frames the face and neck area, but also adds a soft and flattering touch.

Source: @dayglowbimbo

4. Curly Chocolate Bob with Caramel Highlights

A curly bob can be very charming, but an A-line cut gives it just enough edge to elevate your style and make it appear more fashion-forward and less cutesy. Additionally, a blend of highlights will dial up the cool factor even more, resulting in a fresh and trendy hairdo that will enhance your overall appearance.

Source: @gem.hair

5. Perm Bob with Tousled Curls

Individuals with naturally straight hair can also enjoy having curls by getting a perm. It is important to keep the hair moisturized by using hair lotions or nourishing oils, such as coconut oil. In order to combat hair dehydration and frizz, it is recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Following these steps is key to achieving and maintaining well-defined coils.

Source: @faithincurls

6. Curly Messy Bob with Elongated Pieces

To achieve optimal results with the short, curly bob hairstyle, it is advisable to allow a few extra-long tendrils to cascade all the way down to the collarbone. Additionally, the remaining curls should be arranged in a dense manner, effectively framing the face and neck. This technique enhances the overall appearance and emphasizes the natural features of the individual wearing the hairstyle.

Source: @flaviasantoscachos

7. Ravishing Red Bob

To achieve an edgy look with your spiraled locks, consider opting for an angular, chin-length cut. It is recommended to keep the layers long, with slightly longer ones towards the front. In the case of brunettes seeking a color update, a rich mahogany or burgundy hue can be a great choice to enhance their appearance and make a bold statement.


8. Side-Parted Asymmetrical Curly Bob

Every curly bob is unique, and you can enhance the look of your asymmetrical bob by combing over the longer side. This technique will create a fun and flirty peek-a-boo effect that adds an extra touch of charm and style to your hairstyle.

Source: @alizaquefez

9. Shaggy Curly Bronde Bob

To achieve a fuller and more voluminous hairstyle, consider tousling your curly long bob. This versatile and flattering look is suitable for everyone. Adding blonde highlights over chestnut brown hair can enhance the overall appearance of the haircut, creating a radiant and shiny texture that gives your hair a healthy and glowing look.

Source: @hairbymelb

10. Rounded Copper Brown Perm Bob Hairstyle

For individuals with textured hair that has the ability to hold a curl, one effective method is to set it using medium-sized rollers. This technique will result in natural-looking curls that appear innate. Additionally, the inclusion of delicate copper highlights aids in accentuating the curly loops, while also enhancing the overall voluminous effect.

Source: @ravenrowsalon

11. Curly Messy Brunette Bob with Golden Highlights

Natural curls are ideally suited for hairstyles that beautifully showcase the lustrous shine and texture of bouncy locks. Moreover, an exquisite touch of metallic highlights can elevate the overall style, adding depth, dimension, and a touch of sophistication to the look. With this careful combination of elements, the hairstyle exudes elegance and finesse, making it a stunning choice for any occasion.

Source: @loveforcurls_and_more

12. Lovely Curled Bob Hairstyle

Curls are a versatile and timeless hairstyle that exudes femininity. This sweet and polished style is perfect for special events, while also being effortlessly chic for everyday wear. With its short length, it completes the charming package, adding a touch of elegance to any look. The effortless tousle adds a playful and relaxed vibe, making it suitable for various occasions.

Source: @strandappeal

13. Dark Curly Bob with Blonde Highlights

To enhance the look of your curly hair bob, consider adding high-contrast highlights. This bold and stylish choice creates a striking difference between the blonde highlights and dark brown roots. By embracing this contrast, you can ensure that your big, beautiful curls don’t get lost in the volume of your wild, textured hairstyle. The addition of these highlights adds dimension and character to your overall look, making it even more eye-catching and fashionable.

Source: @flaviasantoscachos

14. Luxurious Angled Curly Bob

The angled curly bob features a unique triangular wedge shape that stylishly frames the face, while also enriching the crown section with touchable curls. This design effortlessly adds height and dimension to the overall hairstyle, making it a versatile and chic choice for any occasion.

Source: @paulodfmachado

15. Curly Rounded Caramel Brown Bob

The naturally curly bob hairstyle exhibits its unique charm as the twists and turns take on a life of their own. Despite its appearance, these gorgeous golden locks still retain their length, allowing for versatile styling options such as pulling them back into a trendy ponytail or an elegant updo. This effortless hairstyle offers a delightful balance between sophistication and playfulness, making it an excellent choice for those looking to showcase their individuality with a touch of glamor.

Source: @meghanbebeehair

16. Short Stacked Bob for Curly Hair

A short stacked haircut is an excellent choice for those with full-bodied curls seeking balance. Curly bob hairstyles are naturally eye-catching due to their voluminous nature. The layering at the back of the haircut guarantees that it will be well-received. Additionally, this perfectly flattering cut will leave you feeling confident and satisfied with your appearance.

Source: @littlehair22

17. Voluminous Curly Brunette Lob

The combover lob with an indistinct side part is a stylish and feminine hairstyle that beautifully accentuates the cheekbones and chin. This haircut is particularly suited for thick and coarse hair, as the angular cut strategically reduces volume where desired, creating a more toned-down appearance. With its combination of elegance and sophistication, it is a versatile choice for those seeking a stunning and fashion-forward look.

Source: @salsalhair

18. Well-Shaped Chin-Length Curly Bob

The soft copper highlights elegantly accentuate each and every curl of the curly hair bob, beautifully framing the cheekbones and eyes in a truly dramatic manner. This trendy short style exudes youthfulness, adding a girly, cute and friendly vibe, while also being incredibly easy to style and maintain.

Source: @mahrithemaven

19. Classy Nape-Length Bob for Thick Curly Hair

The short straight-across cut is an excellent choice for those seeking a flattering shape for their hair, especially if it tends to appear unruly. To enhance the overall look with more shine and volume, consider opting for a solid light brown or copper color. This will effectively showcase the beauty of your curls, leaving you with a stunning and stylish hairstyle.

Source: @briasalvadorfrench

20. Gorgeous Rounded Bob with Glazed Curls

For optimal appearance, it is advisable to ensure the well-being of your naturally curly bob cuts. Healthy tresses exhibit a remarkable shine that is directly proportional to their overall health. Since curly hair tends to lack hydration, it becomes imperative to nourish those coils using a generous amount of hair lotion. By doing so, you can effectively reduce frizz and enhance the definition of your curls.

Source: @curlhairandwellness

21. Angled Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

Balayage hair coloring technique can beautifully enhance both curly bobs and straight locks. It is renowned for its ability to add depth and dimension to hairstyles. In particular, when combined with the texture of big curls, it creates a truly multidimensional and stylish coif.

Source: @victorial_stylist

22. Curly Inverted Bob Style

To achieve a wispy finish for your curly cut, it is recommended to have your stylist utilize the razor technique. This technique will help to thin out your hair, creating an intentionally messy style that perfectly combines casual and chic vibes. Adding more details and enhancing the structure of your cut will result in an ideal marriage of effortless elegance.

Source: @ashleypagestylist

23. Spunky Scarlett Bob

Curly red hair is often associated with the character Annie from the musical, but this chic and short hairstyle is far from theatrical. With rich crimson curls, it is an incredibly flattering option, particularly for individuals with warm, olive skin tones. The vibrant color adds depth and dimension, enhancing the overall look. Additionally, the short length provides a trendy and manageable style.


24. Choppy Bob for Wavy Hair

Certainly! You can definitely sport a stylish curly bob with bangs. This look works particularly well if you have loose curls, as the bangs will naturally blend in without flaring out. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that this hairstyle can also be achieved with straight hair. To maintain those beautiful feminine spirals, consider wrapping the rest of your hair in rollers at night. This simple step will ensure your curls stay intact and flawless throughout the day.

Source: @mefiu

25. Wavy Brunette Bob with Subtle Highlights

The long bob hairstyle is beautifully accentuated with subtle chocolate highlights that add definition to the waves and angles. The sophisticated and down-to-earth look is maintained by the chocolate brown base color. These carefully chosen elements work together to create a stunning and stylish appearance.

Source: @loveallcurls

26. Brown Curly Bob with Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold is not limited to jewelry; it is also a charming complement to brown hair. The pinkish tones create a striking contrast against a dark base, enhancing the beauty of your curls. Incorporating rose gold into your hair can give you a fresh, youthful, and stylish look that is both eye-catching and trendy.

Source: @urbanbloomhair

27. Cute Bob with Messy Glossy Curls

If you appreciate your natural hair color, consider adding intrigue with an inverted curly bob cut. The angled front enhances visual interest to a higher degree. Moreover, with the abundant texture and volume of your curls, minimal effort is required to leave a lasting stylish impression.

Source: @victorial_stylist

28. Short Inverted Curly Brown Bob

The inverted bob haircut is a great option for managing super thick and curly locks. With longer side pieces and short bangs, this style exudes a flirtatiously tomboyish vibe. The rich chocolate brown color beautifully accentuates each swirly curl, making it a stunning choice for showcasing your unique style and personality.

Source: @tarutka

29. Asymmetrical Curly Brown Bob

For those with moderately textured curly hair, an asymmetrical bob can be a hassle-free and stylish choice. This haircut features extra-long, side-swept bangs that add a classic peek-a-boo effect by partially covering one eye. Additionally, the tousled top provides a voluminous look in the desired area, enhancing overall styling versatility.

Source: @ellenkyhair

30. Jaw-Length Curly Brown Bob with Caramel Highlights

The classy curly bob with bangs is a wonderful choice when you want your curls to appear neatly trimmed at the bottom yet messy through the length. It can give your hair a stylish and effortless look. To achieve this style, scrunch them up with some mousse, allowing the curls to take the lead and showcase their natural texture. The addition of caramel highlights adds a beautiful boost of color, providing a finishing touch that enhances the overall look.

Source: @girl_with_the_curl_

31. Inverted Messy Curly Bob

To optimize the appearance of your long and loose ebony curls, consider getting a stylish angled bob haircut. This haircut falls gracefully to the collar bone in the front and elevates higher in the stacked back section for added dimension. Additionally, the combover styling at the top adds extra height, enhancing the overall look and making it more visually appealing.

Source: @gingerfarnham

32. Disheveled Wavy Light Brown Bob

For a flattering shape to your loose waves, consider selecting a stacked inverted bob cut. Additionally, choose a soft color that enhances the final look’s feminine appeal.

Source: @fringesalonsouthphilly

33. Inverted Wavy Bronde Bob

Curly bob hairstyles have always been known to look amazing, especially when the tendrils are updated with balayage coloring. This strategically placed coloring helps to enhance the depth and volume of the curl, making each curl shimmer and shine with the beautiful bronde balayage. The result is a stunning and eye-catching hairstyle that brings out the natural beauty of your curls.

Source: @mycurlystylist

34. Short Stacked Bob with Voluminous Curls

A professional way to style naturally curly hair is by opting for a short, stacked bob haircut. This chic hairstyle features abundant loops and volume on top and in the back, showcasing the beauty of each curl. To further enhance the texture and shine, consider incorporating rust-toned highlights that gracefully flow through the curls. This technique will not only provide vibrancy but also create a stylish and sophisticated look.

Source: @denyvir

35. Short Walnut Brown Curly Bob with Glossy Finish

For a stunning and low-maintenance look, consider a short and simple choppy brown bob that beautifully highlights your natural curls. This versatile hairstyle is easy to style and maintain, allowing you to wake up to fabulous locks. To refresh your curls, simply spritz with water and apply a bit of mousse. With this effortless and stylish ‘do, you’ll be ready to take on the day with confidence and flair.

Source: @hairphilosophypa_

36. Tousled Angled Curly Bob Hairstyle

A sleek, short curly bob with a striking solid black color is an excellent choice to showcase the intricate pattern and beauty of your curls. This haircut is skillfully crafted to enhance your overall look, as its structured shape perfectly complements the natural texture of your hair. By opting for this chic style, you’ll effortlessly exude confidence and embrace the uniqueness of your curls.

Source: @cosmocoolie

37. Dark Brown Bob with Messy Scrunched Curls

When it comes to distinguishing between a short curly bob and a messy short curly bob, the key lies in the natural and effortless vibe of the latter. The intentionally disheveled nature of this curly hairstyle accentuates the wearer’s natural waves, as they choose to tousle it in a way that enhances its overall appearance.

Source: @maygovintage

38. Short Side-Parted Wavy Brunette Bob

With a cropped voluminous bob, your jawline and long neck will truly stand out. For a modern and edgy look, consider tucking a few curly locks behind one ear. This snazzy style adds a touch of sophistication and trendiness to your overall appearance.

Source: @salsalhair

39. Short Flared Bob for Wavy Hair

The chin-length curly bob with bangs is a versatile hairstyle that exudes a subtly bohemian and artistic vibe. This modern style effortlessly combines elements from the glamorous looks of the 1920s, the chic styles of the 1960s, and the edgy trends of the 1980s. It features loose wavy curls that can be easily transformed by blow-drying them straight, making it perfect for both everyday wear and those extra-special occasions that call for a sophisticated touch.

Source: @cuttlefishhair

40. Layered Curly Chocolate Brown Bob

Chin-length bobs are highly preferred by low-maintenance individuals seeking a modern hairstyle. This classic cut, when paired with loose waves, adds texture and a contemporary touch. Despite being a solid chocolate hue, subtle layers create depth and dimension, enhancing the overall appeal of the bob hairstyle.

Source: @curllovemiriam

41. Jaw-Length Scrunched Bob for Curly Hair

Individuals with naturally curly hair understand the challenges involved in managing their lively locks. One convenient option is a super short chin-length hairstyle. To achieve this style, simply scrunch up the ends using a light-hold product after showering. By incorporating this technique into your routine, you can achieve a more controlled and polished look for your curly hair.

Source: @hawkinsandclover

42. Rounded Curly Caramel Brown Bob

Warm coppery tones beautifully complement a rounded curly cut, creating a striking combination that oozes elegance. This sophisticated look is defined by its simplicity, showcasing a solid color and textured style. It demonstrates the timeless principle that less is often more, proving that understated beauty can make a powerful statement.

Source: @lexsmittyhair

43. Wavy Messy Brunette Bob

The curly long bob hairstyle is often favored by those seeking a cool and effortlessly chic look. Achieve loose waves by gently brushing your curls with a wide-tooth comb. Embrace any frizz and messiness as they contribute to the overall charm of this style. These elements accentuate the elegant nonchalance that is often associated with fashionable individuals.

Source: @carlyjulehair

44. Jaw-Length Side-Parted Curly Bob

If you have thin and wavy hair that tends to lie flat, one option to consider is cutting it into a short curly bob with bangs. You can achieve more volume by parting it on the side and adding height to the roots through teasing. Additionally, scrunching the curls using a light hold product can help enhance the texture. Furthermore, the dark coffee-brown color provides a beautiful contrast to pale skin tones, thereby enhancing the overall appearance.

Source: @sydrumstyles_

45. Vintage Curled Hairstyle for Medium Length

For those seeking to exude exquisite Old Hollywood glamor, look no further than the timeless elegance of curls. Opt for voluminous curls, as their grandeur and cascading spirals command attention and add a touch of drama to any occasion. Whether you’re attending a special event or a glamorous soirée, these stunning curls are sure to dazzle. To maintain a mesmerizing sheen, be sure to incorporate a light hair oil into your hair care routine. With this simple addition, your curls will radiate with brilliance and leave a lasting impression.

Source: @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio

46. Tri-Color Curly Bob Hairstyle

When it comes to hair, don’t let shorter locks limit your options for creativity. Consider experimenting with various colors to infuse your bob with a unique sense of personality. By incorporating a warm blend of natural hues, you can achieve a bold look that exudes confidence without being too overpowering. Embrace the versatility of your shorter hair and have fun exploring different color combinations to express your individuality.

Source: @curllovemiriam

47. Choppy Combover Bob for Curly Hair

If you have loose curls, then you’ll find that messy curly bob hairstyles can be a fantastic choice for showcasing your natural texture. The combination of choppy locks and combover bangs not only frames your cheekbones and eyes but also draws attention to your neck and jawline, highlighting those features beautifully. Moreover, the blunt and chin-length ends add an edgy appeal to the overall look, making it a stylish and trendy option for those seeking a change in their hairstyle.

Source: @silva.hairdresser

48. Perfectly Angled Curly Bob

If you’re searching for a hairstyle that exudes boldness, consider a crisp angled bob. To further enhance your look, you can opt for a mix of blonde, caramel, and brown highlights. This combination of colors, along with elegant curls, creates a visually captivating and whimsical hairstyle that can be likened to a piece of art.

Source: @victorial_stylist

49. Modern Marilyn Bob with Curls

A platinum blonde curly bob is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable hairstyles in the hair industry. This iconic look exudes an air of Old Hollywood glam, showcasing timeless elegance that never goes out of style. However, it is imperative to approach the maintenance of light and bright locks with utmost care and attention. To ensure your color remains vibrant, be sure to select color-enhancing shampoos and hair care products that are specifically formulated for your hair type. Taking these measures will help preserve the stunning allure of your platinum blonde curly bob for as long as possible.


50. Shoulder-Grazing Curly Bob

When the time comes to trim your long, wavy hair, you will need to make a decision regarding the ideal curly bob hairstyle that suits you best. Take this opportunity to flaunt your beautiful curls by letting them bounce in a shoulder-length bob, showcasing their full glory and elegance.

Source: @utopia_salon_nj_
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