15 Nifty Medium and Long Red Hairstyles and Haircuts

Long red hair does not suit everyone, but girls who have established their own distinctive style that includes long red locks look fantastic. The flame of long red tresses carries a certain intrigue. We invite you to meet the greatest Hollywood redheads and learn about the latest medium and long red hairstyles and haircuts.

If your natural hair color is red or you dye your locks in reddish tones, pay attention to our top celebs. Without exaggeration, they are all stunningly beautiful!

1. Jessica Chastain’s Long Red Hairstyle

Jessica Chastain exudes femininity and grace with her stunning long red hair. Here, she showcases a beautiful downdo featuring layered copper waves elegantly styled into a side sweep. Achieving this look is simpler than it seems—just use a curling iron to define the layers, and you’re ready to rock this sweet and sophisticated style at home, even without advanced hairstyling skills.

2. Golden Glitter Of Isla Fisher’s Long Red Curls

Isla Fisher’s long red curls radiate with a golden shimmer and a textured, tousled finish. After curling each lock, delicately tousle them to preserve the enchanting pattern and texture. For long hair, teasing the locks at the roots and shaping the curls from mid-shaft to ends will ensure a captivating look.

3. Easy Yet Impressive Red Long Hairstyle From Angie Everhart

Angie Everhart, the American actress and model, shines with her fiery red long locks, captivating attention wherever she goes. With a subtle lift at the roots and casually thrown-back front locks, Angie effortlessly embodies a sexy allure that never fails to captivate her fans’ hearts.

4. Marcia Cross And Her Sleek Mirror-Like Red Tresses

Marcia Cross, known for her role in “Desperate Housewives,” favors sleek and polished hairstyles. Her simple yet sophisticated look, featuring a precise center parting, complements her minimalistic outfit and accessories perfectly. The choice of neutral makeup further enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

5. Sophie Turner’s Hairstyle For Long Red Hair – The Pony We All Like

For those moments when time is short but style is essential, a ponytail comes to the rescue. Sophie Turner’s playful ponytail sits charmingly on her shoulder, proving that perfect sleekness isn’t always necessary. Embrace a bit of messiness for a touch of flair—it’s all the rage in 2024.

6. Long Red Curly Hairstyle Of Molly C. Quinn

Molly C. Quinn effortlessly embodies a lady-like charm with her adorable long red curls. Despite the potential to age, Molly maintains a youthful appearance with her natural-looking curls and a healthy flush, proving that sometimes simplicity is the key to elegance.

7. Bella Thorne’s Ginger Red Long Layered Hairstyle

Achieving an awesome look with long red locks starts with a quality layered haircut. Bella Thorne’s tousled layers exemplify effortless beauty, perfect for casual occasions or special events alike.

8. Naughty Red Curls And Alabaster Skin Of Karen Elson

Karen Elson embraces the contrast between her pale skin and vibrant red curls, making it a signature element of her personal style. With just a touch of styling product, you can enhance your naturally wavy red locks, allowing them to flow freely and effortlessly.

9. Stef Dawson’s Chic Long Red Hairstyles With Bangs

For a versatile hairstyle that transitions seamlessly from day to night, consider a half-up, half-down style. Stef Dawson’s messy interpretation, complete with face-framing streaks and wispy bangs, exudes effortless style suitable for any occasion.

10. Debra Messing And Her Sculptured Red Waves

Debra Messing commands attention with her monumental presence, accentuated by her sculptured waves. The elegant lines of her long red hairstyle enhance her classic features, creating a timeless and captivating look.

11. Medium Length Red Hairstyle With Cropped Horizontal Bangs From Olga Kurylenko

Olga Kurylenko’s bun, adorned with cropped bangs and side locks, offers a cute and practical hairstyle idea for medium to long red hair. Messy buns add a touch of rustic charm, even making appearances on the red carpet.

12. Sondra Currie’s Red Medium Hairstyle – Universally-Flattering Romantic Curls

Sondra Currie defies expectations with her universally flattering medium-length red hair, accentuated by romantic curls. Her copper locks beautifully complement her blue eyes, emanating a passionate energy that is impossible to ignore.

13. Classy Medium Red Haircut With Layered Ends From Amy Adams

Amy Adams emphasizes the density of her stunning red hair with a classy medium-length haircut featuring layered ends. This strategic layering prevents her thick hair from feeling heavy and immovable, allowing her natural red hue to shine brilliantly.

14. Real Romance In Every Stroke From Ahna O’Reilly

Ahna O’Reilly embodies romance, youth, and carefree spirit with her medium-length red hairstyle. Paired with a flirty summer dress, her nonchalant red ponytail adds to the effortlessly gorgeous vibe, proving once again that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

15. Medium Length Red Hairstyle From The Most Renowned Hollywood Redhead

Julianne Moore’s medium-length red hairstyles exude effortless beauty and natural allure. Her loose curls, delicately shaped with a large-barrel curling iron, offer a timeless elegance that never fails to impress.

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