20 Long Hairstyles You Will Want to Rock Immediately!

Long hairstyles are pleasant to wear, partially because there are so many more alternatives when your hair is longer than shoulder length. There are numerous hairdo options available, whether you want to experiment with playful twists and braids or keep it basic and classy.

We’ve weeded out everything boring and selected just cute and imaginative hairstyles that you won’t see on every other female in the street. You’ll be able to effortlessly create classy looks for casual wear or a big event using the majority of the following updos, downdos, and half-up styles.

1. Long Hair Twist and Wrap

For those blessed with long, sleek locks, this hairstyle offers an elegant twist to traditional updos. Start by brushing your hair straight back, then create four twists at the back of your head. Secure them with hairpins if necessary, then gather the twists into a half ponytail using an elastic. To add a finishing touch, take a strand of hair from underneath, wrap it around the elastic, and pin it in place for a seamless look.


2. Half Braided Crown

Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, this versatile hairstyle suits all hair types. You can opt for a classic braid or experiment with more intricate styles like a looped fishtail that wraps around the head above the ears on both sides.

Source: @hairby_chrissy

3. Long Hair Bump Braid

Elevate your hair with volume by incorporating a romantic braid crown around a bouffant. This style combines braids, curls, and straight sections for a truly regal look reminiscent of a princess.


4. Multicolored Long Hairstyle

Long hair allows for creativity with both style and color. This particular style blends the beauty of blonde, black, and brown hues into one stunning look. By sectioning off the hair and plaiting it into tight braids, the remaining length can be twisted into a ponytail, offering a casual yet fashionable appearance.


5. Long Hair Pretty in Pastels

For those with platinum blonde locks, pastel hair pigments like baby pink and mermaid blue can add a subtle yet alluring touch. These soft accents of color bring a modern and playful vibe without overwhelming, making them suitable for various settings, including the office.


6. Long Braid of Color

Embrace your bohemian spirit with a thick, creative braid adorned with bright colors and ombre highlights. This long, messy braid offers a unique style statement that’s both playful and chic.


7. Long Bubble Braid

Drawing inspiration from sci-fi and fantasy trends, the long bubble braid creates a mesmerizing effect by wrapping sections of hair to form puffs cascading down the back. This whimsical style adds a touch of enchantment to any look.


8. Punky Pink Long Hair

Bright and vibrant hues like pink are making a comeback, offering a lively expression of individuality. This easy braided half updo allows long-haired individuals to channel their inner rebel with style and flair.


9. Creative Long Hairstyle

Combine unconventional braids with a standard ponytail for a creative twist suitable for any occasion, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out on the town.


10. Candy Shop Long Hairstyle

Step away from traditional hair colors and opt for bold hues like hot pink or electric purple to make a statement. Playful and eye-catching, this chunky inside-out French braid adds a fun element to long hair.


11. Accent Braids for Long Hair

When in need of a quick hairstyle without a hairband, subtle accent braids can help keep strands out of your face. Whether it’s one, two, or several braids, this versatile style can be secured underneath the hair with bobby pins for a polished finish.


12. Long Hair in a Purple Dream

For those enamored with purple, embrace a striking lavender hue accented with blue and platinum strands for dimension and allure. This pastel purple hairstyle offers a truly original and captivating look.


13. Side Braid Long Hairstyle

Effortlessly chic and versatile, a side French braid is a simple yet elegant option suitable for both daytime and evening occasions. It keeps long locks tamed while exuding timeless charm.


14. Long Sweeping Beauty

Enhance the femininity of long locks with soft, flowing waves that exude effortless beauty. This romantic hairstyle features a big loose braid in the middle section, creating a dreamy look perfect for any occasion.


15. Long Edgy Braids

Channel your rebellious spirit with braided back coifs that add an edgy flair to your side-parted mane. This no-nonsense hairstyle is ageless and helps conceal imperfections while showcasing your individual style.


16. Romantically Classic Long Hair

Classic styles like the Greek goddess-inspired look offer timeless elegance without the need for layers. This side braid half updo is both easy to achieve and beautiful, making it perfect for various occasions.


17. Long Thick Braid Style

Experiment with a chunky, loose braid that defies convention by forgoing traditional pins and elastics. The addition of balayage hair color enhances the allure of this stunning hairstyle.


18. Embellishments for Long Hair

Elevate curly mermaid hair with romantic embellishments like starfish, seashells, or flowers for a whimsical summer look. These cute additions enhance the natural beauty of long locks for any occasion.


19. Curly Natural Long Hairstyle

Celebrate the bold and sexy allure of natural curls, which require minimal styling to shine. Whether it’s caramel blonde or another shade, natural hair is always in vogue and effortlessly chic.


20. Long Functional Side Braids

For a cute and practical option, braid diagonal mini plaits in the front portion of your hair and secure them with hairpins at the back. This style tames unruly layers and flyaways while adding a touch of charm to your look.

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