35 Super-Simple Messy Ponytail Hairstyles

Ready to face a new day, pull all of your hair back and up, secure it with a hair band, and head out the door! Really, that’s all it takes to pull off a messy ponytail flawlessly. This in turn helps to explain why this straightforward look is so popular—it’s incredibly simple to pull off. Its versatility is the other factor in its long-lasting fame.

Any face shape, hair type, and length can be accommodated by updating, changing, and customizing a messy ponytail to fit any occasion. Here are our 35 selections for the most creative ways to rock the ponytail that is a favorite look for everyone.

1. Messy and Teased Gray Pony

Whether you use “fake” strands (a weave, for example) or your naturally long hair, it’s amazing how simple it is to achieve this sultry look. Just tease your whole hair, or let it air dry without using a comb. To finish the look, pull it up into a ponytail, secure with an elastic band, and remove a few strands near the hairline.


2. Low Loose Pony with Side Bangs

The one element that distinguishes this low messy ponytail from the others is the way the bangs are incorporated into the style, which is based on a long layered haircut. The model’s face is framed by strands of varying lengths, and her ponytail has been slightly teased for added volume at the back.


3. Poofy Pony with Face-Framing Strands

We adore straightforward concepts, and this one is undoubtedly a hit. On the crown, the ponytail is perched high. Although the model’s hair is not particularly thick, backcombing gives it a lot of bounce. The loose locks at the front of the hair give the entire look a more carefree, effortless vibe.


4. Romantically Messy Ponytail

Get a hairstyle that seems like it belongs in a storybook that is messy but still feminine! Gather everything into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck, twisting the side sections. Wrap the base (or let flyaways fall over it).


5. Fabulous Formal Ponytail

Have a formal event approaching? Elegant ponytail hairstyles are sure to turn heads in any gathering. Curls should be gathered on top of the head and fall down the back, with the sides of the hair kept slicked upward for this full ponytail. The outcomes are like magic ponies.


6. Side-Swept Curly Ponytail

Don’t confine your pony to a narrow, straight path. Go crazy and twist your hair to gather at one nape corner. And don’t try to be flawless! Continue wearing a messy look that adds volume to your appearance.


7. Pumped-Up Messy Ponytail

For a lively look that highlights your natural body, wear your ponytail high on your head. Tease the front section of hair, gather it into a ponytail that rests high on the head, and wrap the back. You can start rolling after you tease and curl the pony!


8. Fancy and Full Side Ponytail

You’ll be ready to slay any red carpet with this look! These ponytail hairstyles truly fit the image of a movie star. From ear to ear, divide the hair into two sections. To create unkempt knots close to the ear, tease and twist the top. To ensure that all of the hair gathers to one side, pin the area directly beneath the knots. Put a headband in the mix if you want to really up your game!


9. Curled-Up Messy Ponytail

A curly ponytail is a timeless hairstyle that any girl ought to own. To achieve a polished bouffant, just curl the ends of your long hair and backcomb the crown area. Just below the top of your head, gather your hair into a ponytail. Tease the ponytail and give it a quick spray of hairspray for an impactful waved look.

Source: @kykhair

10. Textured Ponytail

A bed-head look is the epitome of a trendy hairstyle. Apply a sea salt spray to your hair before styling. This adds some natural texture to your hair and gives it some grip, making it look stylish and carefree!


11. Mohawk Braid and Ponytail

Punk rock hairstyles for ponytails don’t require the use of razors. Leave the hair on the sides loose and create a thick French or Dutch braid down the middle of your head. Just below the crown, stop braiding, and fasten with an elastic band. Bring the remaining hair over to the braided section and tie it all together into a single, finished ponytail. Make sure to tug on the braid to give it a “mohawk-like” appearance and make it fuller at the top.


12. Retro Glam Ponytail

An old-fashioned hairstyle is perfect for adding flair to any outfit. An enormous, rolled-up pompadour up top and a flowing ponytail down back strike the ideal mix of stylish and edgy. Give it a shot!


13. Low-Hanging Ponytail

This year, low ponies are very popular and one of the simplest hairstyles for larger people to try on. A couple of pins and a fast twist will do the trick. To make sure the rolled-up area stays put, mist it with flexible-hold hairspray.


14. Messy Ponytail with a Dutch Braid

Why should the hair world give all the glory to plain French and Dutch braids? Go for a fishtail messy ponytail and a slightly more intricate braided look. You can wear this style on your second or third day of hair!

Source: @missysueblog

15. Braided and Knotted Ponytail

Usually, the braids in ponytail braids end at the pony’s base. We believe it’s crucial to support a statement braid that runs the length of the hairstyle for variety’s sake. All you need to do is completely braid a section of hair to the ends and incorporate it into the ponytail. To prevent the end from unraveling, leave it loose and coat it with hair wax.


16. Princess Ponytail

We adore a royal-worthy hairstyle, and side-swept curly ponies are ideal for it. When rolled to the side, hair with loose curls appears luscious and attractive. Feel free to braid the front loosely for a little extra magic.


17. Pony with Wrap Around Braid For Short Hair

It’s not necessary to have extremely long hair to appreciate braids; they always give your hairstyle a romantic touch. Just take a large chunk of hair at your parting, starting from the front. Beginning with a loose braid, continue working in smaller strands at the hairline. Tie everything into a tiny, wavy ponytail after going all the way to the back.


18. Simple Side Messy Ponytail

Never undervalue the impact of extremely basic ponytails. They appear effortless, cute, and quick. What more could you possibly need in a hurry? This looks particularly lovely with long bangs swept to one side!


19. Lively and Lovely Low Ponytail

Nothing like a low, tousled ponytail to accentuate dimension and color in hair. Any lighter shades will be immediately brought out and made to really stand out by the textured, slightly teased look!

Source: @hairdreams_

20. Mid-Length Wavy Messy Ponytail

To achieve the perfect messy ponytail, don’t feel as though you have to choose between a high and low pony. There is undoubtedly a middle ground, and it’s excellent! Try a ponytail that is wrapped at the base and is mid-length. This is the ideal method to flaunt and control your thick hair at the same time! This adorable and cozy hairstyle is perfect for a stylish workout or for going to work and school.


21. Wrapped-Up Ponytail

Upgrade that low pony by giving it a whimsical twist that looks surprisingly elegant. To style, simply divide the front of the head into two sections and wrap them around a low ponytail that is gathered at the neck.


22. Messy Ponytail with Side Dutch Braid

You can easily and quickly add some oomph and a rockstar edge to your ponytail hairstyle by adding a braid. For a stunning and full ponytail, try fluffing up the hair and applying some texturizing powder to the crown.


23. Twisted and Tousled Ponytail

Who says a ponytail has to be flawless to be attractive? Consider creating a little chaos by tying a French twist knot that cascades into a ponytail and reaches down the neck. To achieve a full and slightly disheveled look, make sure to pull your twisted style gently at different points.


24. Messy Pony for Medium Hair with Bangs

The majority of these messy ponytails call for you to either wear your hair naturally, freshly washed, without using any styling products or brushes, or to tease it a little. Though it implies extensive backcombing, this style is not an exception. You’ll be set to go if your blunt drape bangs are in perfect condition!


25. Half-Up Curly Look

A half-up is exactly what its name implies—half of your hair is pulled up and secured in place. This specific variation has one twisted strand on each side. It also includes the model’s naturally curly mane, which is allowed to cascade freely down her back. We appreciate how the sun-kissed balayage and ombre complement the model’s hippie look.


26. Stylish Low Pony with Bump

This type of ponytail can still be sophisticated enough to wear to prom or any other fancy event, even though it’s messy. Here’s how to look like this model. First, create large, loose curls or waves with the lower portion of your hair using a flat iron. Hold your upper body straight. Tease the frontal area of the hair, then use your preferred hold product to give it a shot. Retie your hair in a ponytail and secure it with a large strand of hair.


27. Low Twisted Pony for Ombre Hair

This style includes straight, untidy ponytail strands, a twisted wrap, and a tiny bump. Make a central parting in your hair first to attain it. Make a low ponytail out of the remaining hair, leaving a large section on one side out. Secure using an elastic. Twist the remaining portion around the pony base to create a unique, twisted detail that is especially gorgeous on ombre hair.


28. Fancy Side Ponytail

Are you wondering how to achieve a messy ponytail that still looks elegant and sophisticated? Put a braid in it and flip your ponytail to the side. For example, this pony is gathered in the shape of a fishtail. It’s a fantastic substitute for intricate half-up styles and updos.


29. Pretty Messy Pony with Braided Section

You may require a tutorial to learn how to make the Dutch braid, also known as the inverted French braid shown here, if you are not an expert braider. If you are already proficient in this technique, just braid a portion of your hair from the hairline all the way down. Next, style your entire hair into a ponytail. For hair that has been dyed a lighter hue or partially bleached, this is a great style.


30. Simple Blonde Pony with a Bouffant

An undercut or darker hair at the nape will look stunningly highlighted in this type of hairstyle. It’s fairly simple to accomplish: backcomb the crown area for a large bouffant and part your bangs in the middle. It should be noted that while the model’s layered haircut can occasionally be challenging to style, this is not the case in this instance. Secure the hair in a low ponytail by tying a strand from the ponytail around its base.


31. Easy High Pony for Curly Hair

The style shown in this photo can be worn loose and messy as a starting point, or it can be worn on its own. All naturally curly hair textures—from loose waves to tighter spirals to afro styles—benefit greatly from it. For a bohemian chic look, gather your hair loosely and leave some flyaways at the hairline. Additionally, remove a more substantial portion of the ponytail. To conceal the elastic, twist and pin it above the base of your ponytail.


32. Braided Mohawk with Tight Cornrows

Would you dare to look unique? Take a cue from the punk and African American cultures by wearing your ponytail messy and complex. The model is wearing a fauxhauk with three cornrows on the sides that are tightly braided. Keep in mind that the braids are wrapped around the pony’s base rather than being a part of it. The hair has been teased up, loosely braided, or flat twisted at the top to create the mo. Additionally, the model’s fiery red hair adds even more funkiness!


33. Curly Pony for Ultra Long Hair

Whether your hair falls naturally to the middle of your back or if you’re wearing a mesh to achieve the princess look is largely inconsequential. What counts is that you can effortlessly pull all of your hair back, leaving two strands at the front, one on each side, to achieve this gorgeous look. These strands should be twisted around the pony base and fastened with pins. Completed!


34. Side Ponytail with Braid

Are you familiar with the fishtail braid? Then, you can effortlessly master this style. For a fishtail braid, bind tightly and tightly. To style the remaining hair, just gather it on one side, secure with an elastic band, and encircle the ponytail’s base with a strand.


35. Curly Blonde Ponytail with Weave

For a dress party or more formal occasion, this is the ideal upgrade. Working with side strands, starting at the ear level, is necessary to achieve the elaborate detail at the back. Take a single strand, twist it, pull it to the other side, and secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on the opposite side. Work your way down to the nape, then use a low ponytail to complete the look. Use a weave if, as is common with this hairstyle, you lack length or thickness.

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