35 Perfectly Imperfect Messy Hairstyles for All Lengths

Untamed tousled hairstyles are always so incredibly alluring and carefree that it’s impossible to resist their overwhelming allure. Whether it’s a fun loose curl, a boyish pixie with protruding feathers, or an updo style, there’s something incredibly sexy and unrestricted about tousled hair. Any length and type of hair, whether straight or curly, thick and flexible or fine and wispy, looks great in a messy style. 

With messy hair, you can achieve so many amazing and adaptable looks with the correct technique. Allow some to be ostentatious and fashionable, while keeping others more subdued and romantic. Here are 35 hairstyles for short, medium-length, and long hair that will make you the envy of your friends.

If your hair is short, a little wax or light pomade can easily tame a cute mess. After using the product on damp hair, blow dry it, pulling different sections of the hair in different directions. For a more pronounced appearance, add a tiny bit more wax to the ends.

For longer hair, you can try a variety of messy updos and downdos, such as messy buns, knots, fishtails, half-up, half-down messy ‘dos, French twists, and more, in addition to loose, messy curls and chaotic straight tresses. Here are some adorable suggestions to adopt.

1. Short and Layered

Naturally, short, untidy hairstyles are also very attractive. The current trend of layered cuts is so popular that many of them are actually designed to look messy. Shoulder-length layered hair will look feminine on women without requiring a lot of upkeep.


2. Formal Messy Hair

There are formal styles for women that look amazing in prom or wedding day photos, even though many messy styles are meant for casual wear. The addition of flowers or a hair ornament can further formalize messy buns.


3. Youthful Updo

A side chignon with lots of loose strands is a quick and simple updo that is frequently seen on young ladies. This wrapped, pulled-back style will really highlight the gorgeous colors in your highlighted hair.


4. Messy French Twist for Ombre Hair

This glamorous favorite, updated as a messy updo, is a classic chignon that is as traditional as formal events themselves. This hairstyle is suitable for all girls with long hair, regardless of whether they want to French twist their hair or just finger comb it and fasten it with a clip.

Source: @lee4you

5. Triple Knot

Maintain gorgeous hair with a seductive updo that is technically more of a lazy hairstyle. Though it may appear complex, the true beauty of this triple knotted updo lies in its lack of perfection. While some hairs continue to be misaligned, others are slightly crooked. Still, the outcome is magnificent.


6. Messy Hair with a Side Braid

Try a hairstyle that rocks a feminine front braid if you’re in a rush and need a quick style that will have you out the door in less than ten minutes while still looking amazing. Just plait the front section of hair and gather the remaining hair into a side bun.


7. Cute, Knotted and Messy

For good reason, messy buns are a mainstay in any girl’s hair repertoire. Try an extra carefree low chignon with a few loose hair strands for a messy look.

Source: @hairdreams_

8. Criss-Crossed Messy Hair

Elevate your updo game by creating a stunning formal shape by layering your unkempt, textured hair. This hairstyle effortlessly elevates any ensemble. Shoulder-length hair, which can be challenging to style at times, looks great in an updo.

Source: @dawnbradleyhair

9. Twisted, Wavy and Messy

Elevate your romantic look by executing a half-updo featuring beautiful and intricate twists and turns. Before twisting two sections of hair from opposite sides of the head and joining them in the back, make sure your hair is curled into beach waves.


10. Messy Blue and Purple Plait

Turn your gorgeous mermaid-like hair color into multiple full, tousled topsy-tails to flaunt it. Your hair will appear vivid and full.


11. Messy Mohawk Look

You don’t have to run to the hairdresser to get your hair shaved down the sides just because the stylish faux-hawk look is so popular right now. Try one of the many messy hairstyles with plaits. To give your hair some edge, try a Dutch braid down the center this time, followed by a tiny fishtail directly next to it.


12. Tousled, Messy Hair

Perfect curly hair is not a must. Actually, when you mess up waves for medium hair, they look best when they’re a little undone and textured. Using a big curling wand, curl your hair to accomplish this! Simply turn your curly hair upside down and style as necessary.


13. Cotton Candy Messy Braids

You need to flaunt your newly colored hair if it’s in a magical shade like pink or blue! Braids are the best way to display your pastel-colored hair. To gauge size, try on two untidy pigtail plaits.


14. Braided Messy Pony

This hairstyle may be the cutest of all the adorable messy ones because it is literally braided from top to bottom! Simply begin at the nape and French braid the back of the head until you reach the crown, at which point you should release the braid into a high ponytail. Using an elastic band, secure the ponytail after braiding it into a fishtail. To make the ponytail messier and fuller, tug on it.

Source: @jbraidsandbows

15. Long and Messy Half Bun

Have you ignored your alarm? Use that bedhead look to your advantage by wearing your hair in a half-bun. Additionally, don’t stress over perfecting this hairstyle. Better yet, make it messier!

Source: @hairby_chrissy

16. Topsy-Turvy Messy Hair

Do you remember your childhood topsy-tail hairstyle? Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to bring back the magic by tying your long, luscious hair into a topsy-turvy ponytail that genuinely lets everything hang out.

Source: @hairdreams_

17. Tangled Messy ‘Do

Giving the term “silver fox” a new meaning! Twisted and knotted hairstyles that are metallic in nature look amazing. Simply take your lengthy hair and tie multiple knots to create a flowing style!


18. Messy Wrapped Low Pony

Can’t manage your hair in a way? Consider twisting it into a low ponytail. Avoid letting the hair go through completely the third time you wrap the elastic around your hair. After that, take a strand of hair and wrap it around the ponytail’s base. Straight hair looks especially stylish in this style.

Source: @headstudio

19. Plaited and Bunned Messy Hair

Never has the untidy aesthetic looked hotter or messier! Apart from a stylish, fashionable half bun, a haphazardly arranged braid is the ideal method to showcase your stunning, bohemian waves.


20. Multi-Braided Messy Hair

It’s time to relax and go for both if you can’t decide between messy hairstyles with big, full accent braids and smaller ones! Anything goes with messy hairstyles, so stack a small Dutch braid around the back of the head on top of a thick shoelace braid. You can now proceed by adding a side bun to finish it off!

Source: @thegypsybazaar

21. Messy Braided Updo

Who says an untidy appearance can’t be stylish? A formal, messy updo with two wraparound braids and a few loose, curly locks is a good option.


22. Bobbed and Messy Hair

Medium-length bobs with tousled, layered hair are very stylish but require little upkeep. All you need to get started is a small amount of texturizing powder or spray.


23. Chin-Length Messy Bob

There’s nothing cuter than short, unkempt hairstyles! Try a messy, adorable, chin-length bob, taking a cue from your favorite celebrities. Just use a straightener to curl your hair, being careful not to touch the ends, and then use your fingers to fluff it up and break up the curls.


24. Ponytail with a Twist

The ideal texture for a contemporary casual ponytail is messy hair. With a twisted piece secured with a hairpin to hide the hair elastic, this one looks a little more put together. You can achieve an even more fun look if you highlight or layer your hair.


25. Messy Low Chignon

Messy hair at its best is a side bun that is low and undone. This style is as timeless as they come and looks fantastic with both a sophisticated pant suit and a formal gown.


26. Side Fishtail

Worn well, messy hairstyles are enjoyable to wear and require very little work. This casual fishtail braid is made even more lovely by being styled to the side and faded out of a top twist.


27. Braids and Twists Combined

Combination hair elements are the pinnacle of cute and messy styles. A messy low ponytail and twists are combined with a French braid for this style. Is there one major fashion benefit for long-haired women? having endless options for styling hair, but occasionally not having to commit to a single look at a time.


28. Long Haired Loveliness

If you already have long hair, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to look stunning. The pinnacle of carefree hairstyles is this sultry hairstyle. A half-up bun takes messy hair and turns it into something beautiful. Messy buns are always in style and suit a wide range of hair types.


29. Curly and Messy Ponytail

When styling your hair quickly, choose easy to achieve looks and commit them to memory. Too many of us overlook the beauty that comes from sloppy straightness and messy waves, even though there are days when you will need to style your hair.


30. Fauxhawk Ponytail

We’ve all mastered the ponytail by adulthood. However, if you’re looking for a messy ponytail that’s truly impressive, consider this idea, which features volume and twists. For a change, try this Mohawk-inspired style on for size if you have long hair.


31. Simple and Tasteful

Even though it won’t look good on all hair types, long hair looks really lovely in a brushed-back messy bun. Create a loose, low knot, covering the knot’s base with a few extra strands from your hair’s top layer. To secure your knot, bring those strands to the center and pin them there to cover the elastic. If a few strands come loose, that’s okay—that’s the whole purpose of having messy hair.


32. Formal Style

Choppy layers in this low-key, formal updo help to frame the face. It really doesn’t take much work to add a little glitz to hair with an embellishment like the pearl headband in the picture.


33. Imperfect Low Bun

It appears as though your young daughter made this bun. The ideal messy hairstyles are adaptable, and this one is perfect for both formal and informal settings.


34. Spiky yet Feminine

If your hair is shorter, you can wear this style as a long, layered bob brushed back; if your hair is longer, you can wear it as a low, loose updo. Both two-toned hair and the chunky fishtail that is clumsily tucked into the side look fantastic in this style.


35. Thin Hair Beauty

Messy hairstyles can often be defeated by fine, straight hair. Actually, it frequently produces a naturally messy look—just not in the ways you’ll find appealing. Try securing your thin hair in this updo inspired by a French braid that still allows for flyaways down the sides and back.

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