25 Newest Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Straight Hair

Even while straight hair is usually easy to style and requires little upkeep, getting the right amount of volume and movement may be rather difficult. Consequently, it’s critical to find a cut that accentuates the inherent texture of your silky hair and gives it life.

Discover your perfect appearance by looking through this collection of 25 straight hairstyles that are flattering and simple to maintain, as shown by expert stylists.

1. Medium A-Line Haircut with Bangs

Choose a blunt, slightly angled cut instead of layering your hair in the back to keep your style looking fresh. Add wispy bangs to your straight hair to give it more volume and to make you look more put together and attractive.

Source: @studio_mostton

2. Honey Brown Locks with Face Framing

Your straight hair may look flat and dry if you color it incorrectly or too frequently. For this reason, we advise you to stay with naturally layered hairstyles. As Jhony Bayerl does here, color only the existing strands without changing the natural tone to achieve this effect.

Source: @jhony_bayerl

3. Asymmetrical Cut with Peek-a-Bangs

On fine, straight hair, this elegant and stylish asymmetrical lob would look fantastic. The combination of peek-a-boo bangs and icy, nearly glacial blonde highlights makes this look incredibly striking.

Source: @patrizia_dessardo

4. Long Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair

Ask for curtain bangs, dividing them where your hair normally parts, to try this Doğukan Deniz hairdo. This will give your hair a more carefree, casual style that goes well with straight hair types.

Source: @dogukandeniz

5. Middle Part Blunt Cut Bob

Your shoulder-length straight hair will look fuller overall with this style. The crisp cut line gives the impression of larger strands and blends in nicely with the central portion.

Source: @giboazhair

6. Long Straight Hair with Choppy Ends

Straight hair can benefit from layering to give movement and texture, particularly if you choose face-framing front pieces and lengthier rear layers. Additionally, by using this technique, Rute Patrocínio Nascimento was able to highlight her client’s stunning hazel eyes and elongate her facial shape.

Source: @ruteboazhair

7. Dimensional Blonde Haircut

Hiro Ochi’s flawlessly layered blonde bob with shadow roots serves as an example of how to address the issue of short, straight hair lacking body.

Source: @hirohair

8. Vanilla Cream Side-Swept Lob

Dougllas Dias’s classic lob radiates sophistication and ageless elegance. Style your sleek hair to the side for a chic one-eyed look to add some contemporary flair to this hairstyle.

Source: @dougllas

9. Textured Long Pixie

Celebrities frequently choose pixie cuts, and you may follow in their footsteps by embracing this eye-catching pixie cut. Your best features are accentuated and your hair structure is showcased with long, framing bangs.

Source: @studio_mostton

10. Sexy Deep Side Part Bob

Your medium-straight locks can be suddenly transformed and given the volume you’ve always wanted with a perfect blowout. The next time you visit your hairdresser, try this Joah Mendes side-swept hairdo, and relish your amazing new appearance.

Source: @joahhmendes

11. Medium Blunt Cut with Ombre

Long bobs are flattering on many face shapes, but this particular money piece ombre design is especially appealing to ladies with round faces. To balance the roundness of your face, ask your stylist to use a face-framing treatment that covers your cheekbones.

Source: @eunicekimhair

12. Layered Style with Curtain Bangs

Long, soft layers combined with longer bangs that frame your face can give your straight hair some structure. To further emphasize the definition of your layers and achieve this carefree voluminous hairdo, add a little curl to the ends of your hair.

Source: @dogukandeniz

13. Tousled Neck-Length Bob

Your face will appear slimmer with this face-framing disheveled bob, which will also highlight and soften your feminine features. Straightener-created soft bends look fantastic on neck-length hairstyles.

Source: @malloryhickshair

14. Voluminous Haircut for Thick Hair

Straight, thick hair might look overly heavy and bulky, which is why a well-chosen haircut is crucial. Take note of this look, which combines airiness with a trendy shape thanks to the fluffy cut ends and curtain bangs.

Source: @joahhmendes

15. Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

This wolf cut skillfully adds the volume and richness that your straight hair may be lacking because of its natural layering. In addition to enhancing the vibrancy and dimension of this style, icy blonde highlights also go well with your fair skin tone.

Source: @winzerhairsalon_palmsprings

16. Sweet Caramel Brown Bob

On straight hair, blunt cuts look amazing, especially when combined with a chic balayage or ombre coloring style. Even more so if you want to add a fun pop of strawberry or peach blonde hues.

Source: @salome.a_coloriste

17. Short Layered Pixie Cut

Here, Rodrigo Cintra embodies the charm and adaptability of a masterfully rendered pixie. This look is made more fascinating and attractive by the elegant and dramatic addition of lengthened sideburns and softly layered texture.

Source: @rodrigocintra

18. Classy Smooth Bob with Baby Bangs

Stick-straight hair and harsh microbangs together create a stylish and contemporary look that suits people with heart- and oval-shaped faces.

Source: @nevilleromanzammit

19. Alluring Straight Hairstyle

The neat, blunt edges that avoid split ends give this straight honey hair an incredibly healthy appearance. Use a shine spray that your stylist suggests to bring out the golden glow in your hair.

Source: @dougllas

20. Messy Bronde Lob with Blunt Ends

For those who like something a little more rooted, dimensional, and warm for fall or winter, face-framing highlights can be quite helpful. Additionally, they complement a variety of hairstyles.

Source: @hairbylisamathews

21. Straight Locks with Framing Bangs

Straight hair is so simple, especially when it’s paired with the perfect haircut! Choose sleek designs with a center parting and feel free to pair them with blunt or curtain bangs.

Source: @_bylarajade

22. Sleek Hair with Off-Center Part

Straight hair’s natural luster and smoothness are highlighted in this understated yet sophisticated style. Using a round brush to blow dry your hair makes it simple to produce rounded ends.

Source: @patrizia_dessardo

23. Angled Bob for Thick Straight Hair

This lob from Summer Evans Studio may lengthen your face and add volume to your hair by emphasizing your jaw and neck with its angled lines.

Source: @summerevansstudio

24. Blonde Layered Bob for Fine Hair

With minimal style effort, curtain bangs provide fine, straight hair of varying lengths an easily attainable volume lift. To get those sassy curves, a Velcro roller and a round brush will work their magic.

Source: @lilylanecreative_

25. Ear-Length Pixie Bob

Traveling artist and hair stylist Sal Salcedo says, “A good hairstyle is one that captures the person’s vibe & energy.” We recommend trying this sassy yet stylish bixie in warm brown tones for anyone who want to highlight their creative and adventurous side.

Source: @salsalhair
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