30 Best Long Curly Hairstyles to Try Right Now

Romanticism will always be an attractive trend since it promotes a gentle, feminine image with broad appeal. Long curly hairstyles are appealing to many people and can work with a variety of hair kinds and hues. Whether you choose a casual or formal look, this outfit will undoubtedly wow.

Here are some beautiful hairstyles for your wonderful curls to inspire your new long hairstyle!

1. Bouncy Layers for Dark Curly Hair

Achieve volume without weight by opting for layers. Embrace your natural ringlets with added length to create dimension.

Source: @nubiarezo

2. Cute Layered Spirals and Bangs

Layers can transform curly hair into a ravishing look. Consider adding caramel highlights for added dimension.

Source: @hirohair

3. Side-Parted Curly Hairstyle

Switch up your look by changing your part. A deep side part can give your curls a light and airy appearance, especially with subtle highlighting.

Source: @hirohair

4. Chic Blonde Curly Style

Maintain layers to prevent excessive bulkiness. Revive dark brown ringlets with platinum blonde highlights for added interest.

Source: @slayejae

5. Natural Curls with a Fringe

Long hairstyles suit any face shape, but adding curly bangs can balance a long face and highlight your features.

Source: @giboazhair

6. Pulled Over Layered Curly Hair

Achieve volume by pulling your hair over one shoulder and teasing the roots for added body.

Source: @rodrigocintra

7. Soft Curls for Mid-Length Cut

Create effortless beachy waves with a curling iron and hairspray for a flattering, long-lasting style.

Source: @yukistylist

8. Textured Shag for Long Curly Hair

Define your curls with moisturizing products for a shiny finish and a cute, natural look.

Source: @kiyotaka_tsutsumi

9. Natural Spiral Curls

Let your natural curls shine with a full curly Rezo cut hairstyle. Add blonde highlights to brighten your brunette base and enhance the beauty of your long layers, particularly flattering for round face shapes.

Source: @ nubiarezo

10. Shag Cut for Curly Hair

This shaggy cut with a fringe complements women with long face shapes. The layered cut adds movement and is easy to maintain.

Source: @modestspotcarrillo

11. Bold and Sexy Blonde Curls

Revive your curls with a layered hairstyle while maintaining length. Add more blonde to reveal hair texture, and opt for side-swept bangs for a sexier, sassier look.

Source: @rodrigues_ricardo

12. Crown Braid for Cute Curly Haircuts

Curly hair can elevate any style, including simple ones. Enhance a braided headband with delicate golden hair clips for a sophisticated yet charming look.

Source: @hair.by.theresa

13. Beautiful Bouncy Curls for Long Hair

Create classic curls effortlessly by “plopping” your curls for texture and bounce, showcasing your long, curly locks.

Source: @lcs.hairdesign

14. Long Curls for Layered Cut

Layered haircuts add movement to long curly hair. Opt for a razor cut for added volume and softer waves.

Source: @joannatruminohair

15. Curly Hair with Ombre Coloring

Break up coiled curls with highlights or ombre for a weightless appearance. This style suits any hair length.

Source: @nicolasbeautystudio

16. Nice and Natural Coily Hair

Natural spiral curls pair well with cuts of any length, especially with medium styles. Let your hairstylist style your curly bob a bit to the side, or do side-swept bangs to draw attention to your voluminous crown.

Source: @nataliarok

17. Messy Updo for Thick Hair

Long curly hairstyles are stunning when worn out and loose, but they also make equally beautiful updos. This classic style is for a woman who wants to emphasize the natural texture of her hair. Use a hair tie and bobby pins to create this curly loose bun on your own.

Source: @denisehairbridal

18. Pimped Up Natural Curls with Floral Clip

Pull your locks back into an easy half-up style and secure them with a hair tie or a beautiful floral hair clip. Use a curling iron to create more defined curls and give your ‘do a prettier look.

Source: @mel_beyoutyartist

19. Loose Curls with Deep Side Parting

Shake things up by styling your curls to the side instead of making a regular middle part. This voluminous curly hairstyle with a deep side part and beachy waves will surely turn heads!

Source: @taylored.beauty

20. Dark Curls with Wet Hair Look

Messy curls are a trend for all times! To achieve these frizz-free, defined curls, you simply need to apply a light-hold gel to your soaking wet locks and then use a cotton towel to get rid of the excess water.

Source: @barbergirl559

21. Charming Curly Updo for Brunettes

Keep natural curls healthy by skipping blow dryers and hot tools in favor of an updo. Creative hairstyles for long curly hair can include delicate flowers, a messy bun, and face-framing tendrils. Looks incredible!

Source: @aimeeleahair

22. Natural Curl Updo with High Bun

Sometimes you need to give your loose long curly hairstyles a break and create this elegant updo. A high messy bun is a quite simple style, yet the face-framing locks and curly texture make this look more stylish and catchier.

Source: @thelovelyhairclass

23. Stunning Curly Hairstyle for Brides

If you are stuck trying to find a beautiful look for your next big event, check out this gorgeous hairdo for inspiration. This braided style with delicate gold details won’t be distracting; plus, it is a great alternative to an updo if you want to keep your tresses long.

Source: @emilyraebridalhair

24. Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle

A loose curly updo is suitable for a weekend outing or after work dinner because it is pulled together without being too stuffy. Besides, it is a great option for a first date or a special occasion. Use this curly hairstyle idea to create a tender and elegant wedding hairdo out of your messy curly locks.

Source: @isabellajanehairmakeup

25. Curly Layered Haircut for Redheads

This golden copper hue will perfectly complement your long curly hair and give an extra dimension to your mane. Break the rules and cut yourself some curly bangs which looks great when blending with longer layers.

Source: @rodrigues_ricardo

26. Slicked-Back Fluffy Ponytail

A low ponytail can look super cute on girls with naturally curly hair. Plus, it is suitable for any occasion. To create this particular hairdo, pull your ponytail down to the nape of your neck, smooth the hair on top using a light hold gel, and fluff your curls.

Source: @rachelmagdelena_beauty

27. Super Long Wavy Hair

This extra long curly hairstyle looks voluminous, despite it being made on thin hair. How is that possible? The trick is to create layering by means of face-framing curly bangs and longer layers. Use dry texturizing spray and definition mist when styling curls to deliver more texture and dimension.

Source: @skipdoeshair

28. Romantic Naturally Curly Hair

Hair accessories always make hairdos more charming and eye-catching, especially if this is something unique just like this beautiful floral headband. You can borrow this hairstyle idea for your wedding or any other special occasion.

Source: @sbhm_stylists

29. Neat and Elegant Style for Prom

Curls are the perfect complement to any celebration look because they won’t fall flat after hours of dinner and dancing. In this case, the tighter the better because they will last longer; if tight springy curls are too casual for you, collect your hair in a bun and leave a few locks to frame face accurately.

Source: @madebymelisha

30. Long Copper Curly Hairstyle

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance curly style for long hair, you better pay attention to these catchy copper curls. Redheads always draw much attention, so it will be easier for you to make a great first impression if you appear at the party being worn these gorgeous loose curls.

Source: @thecurlactivist
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