16 Bewitching Long Brown Hairstyles and Haircuts

Long brown hair is one of the most popular color options for ladies nowadays. It’s no surprise that many celebrities experiment with a wide variety of brown hair colors. They experiment with different haircuts to highlight their brown hair. So, if you’re looking for fresh brown hair color and styling ideas, take inspiration from the world’s most stunning brunettes!

1. Deep Dark Brown Hair

Adriana Lima opts for a dark brown hue to accentuate her tanned skin and bright blue eyes. This color not only adds thickness to her hair but also enhances its brilliance. To maintain the freshness and saturation of your dyed hair, use special care products.

2. Layered Hair with Golden Copper Balayage Highlights

Megan Fox enhances her long dark brown hair with golden copper highlights, adding volume and thickness to her layered locks. Before duplicating this look, consider whether it suits your personal style. Note that light vertical highlights around your face can visually widen it.

3. Asymmetric Hairstyle for Light Brown Hair

Get Jessica Alba’s chic asymmetric downdo with a curling iron. Make a side parting, curl your locks with a large-barrel curling iron, and let them settle in soft waves. Fix the result with hairspray for a casual yet stylish look.

4. Laconic Knot for Rosewood Locks

Miranda Kerr sports a laconic top knot to accentuate her beautiful face shape and draw attention to her graceful neckline. This hairstyle adds a touch of fashion to long brown hair.

5. Dreamy Curly Braid for Mahogany Brown Locks

Eva Longoria’s messy side braid adds romance and informality to her look, complementing the rich tone of her mahogany brown hair. Curl your locks before braiding to achieve a chunky voluminous braid.

6. Classy Wavy Hairstyle

Marion Cotillard demonstrates an elegant and discreet brown hairstyle, swept to the right side with a gorgeous “Hollywood wave.” This smooth hairstyle with a retro touch is perfect for a romantic dinner or special occasion.

7. Provocative Downdo for Amber Brown Locks

J Lo slicks her locks back with gel for a sexy wet hair effect, ideal for a night club. This simple hairstyle solution adds instant allure to long brown hair.

8. Neat Girly Hairstyle

Gather your top locks into a high pony and fix them with a cute ribbon for a sweet and charming look. This hairstyle evokes positive emotions and characterizes you as a cute, modest girl.

9. Elegant Pony for Straight Chestnut Hair

Selena Gomez completes her strict black look with a cute sleek ponytail, achieved by straightening wavy hair with flat irons. This sleek pony adds a touch of elegance to long brown hair.

10. Pony with a Bouffant

Create a messy ponytail with a punk twist by backcombing the crown locks for added volume. Smooth out the bouffant and fix it with bobby pins before making a high ponytail and setting it with hairspray.

11. Polished Brown Curls with Ombre

Curl your locks to reveal the work of your colorist and maximize the effect of highlights like Salma Hayek’s. Apply mousse to washed hair, blow dry, and style with a curling iron for gorgeous celebrity curls.

12. One Level Haircut with Bangs

This popular haircut for long brown hair serves as the perfect base for braided hairstyles. Consider a creative hair color solution like ombre to avoid ordinariness and enhance the simplicity of the cut.

13. Light Brown Layered Hair

Refresh your look with light layers along your face, upgrading your long straight haircut and elongating your neck. Adjust the layer placement based on your face shape for a flattering effect.

14. Layered Medium Brown Haircut

Layered haircuts are loved by celebrities for their added volume and movement. Consider layering for straight or curly hair to enhance its texture and feel.

15. Romantic Layered Haircut with Bangs

Haircuts for wavy hair maintain shape longer and provide a natural look with smooth curls. Correct a prominent forehead with bangs to complement this romantic layered haircut.

16. Sharp Layered Haircut

Combat heavy, lifeless hair with a sharp layered haircut, removing bulk and adding bounce to thick brown locks. Opt for significant length variation between the shortest and longest locks for an enjoyable bounce.

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