40 Ideas of Micro Braids and Invisible Braids Hairstyles

While some girls only occasionally wear microbraids, other women use them frequently. Regardless of how you choose to approach the look, these looks are very inspiring. Try different updos and half-up styles, rock your mini plaits hanging loosely, or use invisible braids as an opportunity to achieve full, voluminous curls.

Their ability to be managed is their main advantage. The layered looks, side-swept hairstyles, buns, ponytails, and top knots that you love are becoming more and more visually striking and manageable!

1. Layered Micro Box Braids

Little box braids take on a whole new meaning thanks to this stunning style. They take on a delightful appearance of feathers turned inside out thanks to a playful flare of several layers that gravitate toward one another. You will be caressing and flipping your hair all day long thanks to the elegant final look.

Source: @sc.braids

2. Curly and Messy Braids

Some women don’t mind that their microbraids are fairly visible; others prefer them to be invisible. This adorable style effortlessly swoops small braids and disheveled curls to one side for a totally stylish look!

Source: @ibraidisew

3. Wet and Wavy Braids

Curls look stunning when styled in the current wet look. Braiding a few inches away from the roots has the advantage of allowing the hair to lay flat on top. Ask your braider to begin the transition four inches away from the roots if you want curls but aren’t into the extremely voluminous look.

Source: @firstladyhairbraiding

4. Braids with Curls

This romantic hairstyle effortlessly switches from braids to curls, creating the impression of a cute, curly head of hair. This is what you will like if you need a modest yet elegant hairstyle that highlights your features and personality.

Source: @luscioushairbraiding

5. Mini Braids Bob

The majority of microbraid hairstyles feature long locks, but short hairstyles can be just as stunning (and twice as sassy). We adore the asymmetrical edge and the deep side part of this micro bob version.

Source: @sc.braids

6. Braids with Loose Curls

There are tons of microbraid styles available that let you play around with different hair textures. To allow the extensions to flow freely in gentle waves, these plaits are braided less than halfway down.

Source: @luscioushairbraiding

7. Golden Blonde Tiny Braids

Blonde hair color is and will always be a fantastic option for small braids. The warm-toned skin tone contrasts beautifully with the notice-me golden hue. If you want to enjoy some variety in textures that look amazing in updos, ask your braider to leave the extensions undone for the last few inches.

Source: @microbraidsbyrobinandmiya

8. Side-Parted Micro Twists

A side part is the most effective way to style twists ever. It’s a carefree, trendy, and youthful downdo. Though it’s not required, you can definitely get more inventive with your microtwists! For the win, flaunt your delicate, feminine makeup and some gaudy earrings.

Source: @the_braid_lounge

9. Long Micro Box Braids

Micro braids have a lot of natural movement because, well, they’re so tiny. When you want to add visual interest to straight hair, you can effortlessly create different types of braids, twists, and loose waves with braids this small. However, as we can see, it’s already stunning.

Source: @shanareyn

10. Tiny Twists with Caramel Highlights

Yes, I guess so! This appearance is spot on. To remove the hair from the face, the adorable little Senegalese twists are pinned up asymmetrically. Request a balayage effect from your stylist rather than a few single, highly-colored strands.

Source: @rrainygrant

11. Micro Twist Ponytail

Similar to hair, but polished, manageable, and the right length and color, are micro twists. Because your natural hair isn’t exposed to heat or chemicals, styling them is a breeze. When you walk, enjoy your extra-long twists flowing gently across your back in a high ponytail, or feel like a queen and throw them over your shoulders.

Source: @tupo1

12. Side Swept Twists with Beads

The fact that microbraids look elegant whether worn in a formal or informal setting is one of their best features. But if you’re looking to amp up the spiciness even further, think about adding some tiny, dazzling embellishments for extra bling.

Source: @saythelees

13. Tree Braids

These invisible braids can give perfectly flowing hair a very natural appearance. Prepare to receive a ton of compliments when you add layers, subtle curls or beach waves, highlights that bring out the highlights in your skin tone!

Source: @afrikstylebraid

14. Super Tiny Braids

Always desired a lob that looked flawless? Much of the upkeep needed for non-braided hairstyles, such as drying, ironing, and curling the ends in, can be skipped by the wearer of this style.

Source: @braidsbytasha

15. Cleopatra Braids

You can achieve an almost translucent effect by incorporating a pop of gold into your microbraids. Additionally, you can achieve a stylish ombre or balayage look by concentrating the metallic color toward the bottom of your hair.

Source: @noismhairculture

16. Tiny Braids in Crop

One of the best things about micro braiding is how versatile it can be; short, cropped cuts are just one of the many styles it can take. Playing with color in a safe way is another benefit!

Source: @braidsbytasha

17. Tree Braids with Side Undercut

Short hair can still look stylish with this look. The newest thing in hairstyles nowadays is combining long and short sections together in a single look. Use tree braids to get the desired color for your long hair.

Source: @toninatural

18. High Half Up Bun

There are many different ways to style microbraids. A popular hairstyle at the moment that adds drama and height is the half-bun look, which has been made popular by celebrities like the Kardashians. Add some black and blonde strands for even more movement.

Source: @beingzeejames

19. Individual Braids with Curly Ends

Curls at the roots and ends provide a versatile texture and a striking appearance. Consider the right length and incorporate subtle highlights. Making your hair dreams come true is a lot of fun!

Source: @stellabraiding

20. Sleek and Long Braids

A classic style is always a good choice when it comes to small braids: it’s long, sleek, and definitely sexy. The only difference between long microbraids and regular straightened hair is that you won’t have to waste time combing or using heat tools to style it.

Source: @nappstar_nyc

21. Short Stacked Bob Microbraids

Shorter layered microbraid hairstyles can also look amazing. The braids’ texture gives them additional movement, and that “swish, swish” quality can be very alluring. Here, the nape is undercut and the braids are a little chunkier.

Source: @stellabraiding

22. Side Design Braids

Braids that are asymmetrical are a foolproof way to make an impression. But it’s even more stylish when those braids form an elaborate, captivating design on half of your head! Take the risk only if you’re ready to rock this look all the time because it’s a bold and striking style.

Source: @steph_odia

23. Side-Parted Braided Bob

Don’t be scared to experiment with color when braiding. One color overlaid on top of another can create drama and depth. Additionally, don’t be afraid to sport braids on a seductive side part. See how it appears. Beautiful!

Source: @scbraid_university

24. Black Twists with Golden Highlights

While all microbraid hairstyles are technically the same, some twists and braids can have a slightly thicker texture than others. This enhances the resemblance to your actual texture. Adding a dash of gold, or any other accent color, can accentuate your eyes or enhance your complexion.

Source: @victoriehairpage

25. Zebra Twists

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color when creating braided looks. This design is reminiscent of sensual zebra stripes. And what’s the best aspect? Your hair will sway and sway as you walk or move in any other way, combining the colors to create a breathtakingly beautiful effect.

Source: @scbraid_university

26. Braids into Ringlets

You could achieve the desired look with Freetress hair in curly braids: long, textured waves that can be pulled up into a ponytail or worn loose and carefree.

Source: @braidsbydari

27. Highlighted Braids with Undone Ends

Braids with undone ends are a popular option for people who prefer to mix styles and have manageable hair. We adore the uneven blending of the braided and unbraided hair, which creates an unnatural yet realistic appearance.

Source: @machine_hands

28. Funky Sock Bun

You can wear your hair up or down with tiny braids. However, any color duality you may have becomes much more noticeable and edgy when you’re worn out. This orange and black bun is playful and slightly fantastical!

Source: @braidsbyrobinandmiya

29. Undershave and Micro Braids

Inherently stylish, braids take on an entirely new level of edge when you pair them with a sleek, shaven design. Why not combine undercuts and tiny braids?

Source: @machine_hands

30. Crochet Micro into Waves

In terms of sew-in hairstyles, crochet microbraids can give you the hair you’ve always wanted right away. Make it feminine and funky or natural-looking. It all comes down to how you are feeling right now and what makes you feel at ease.

Source: @madametima

31. African Red Twists

When you look at photos of popular braid styles, try to identify the exact aspects of each look that you find appealing. Is the hue the reason? What kind of braid is it? or the styling after the braid? This style could really be everything! The twisted pompadour and African red color go so well together with the micro twists.

Source: @jane_braid

32. Twists with Curls

A cute substitute for thin braids are tiny, kinky twists. It’s possible that you won’t twist until the ends are sealed. In the loose, shoulder-length style, the half twists and half curls look just as stunning as they would in a short, curly ponytail.

Source: @the_braid_lounge

33. Straight Mini Braids with Ombre

Getting braids with extensions is a fantastic way to experiment with different colors without harming your natural hair. Since you’re going for attached strands, you might as well incorporate some amazing colors! This cool-toned brown to blonde color is really attractive and edgy. An adorable top knot tied half-up is the ideal accent.

Source: @noismbraids

34. Long Twists with Highlights

The little Senegalese twists with highlights are adorable. One of the best combinations is a soft brown base color with a highlight that is caramel or gold in color. In the world of microbraids, these twists styled into a full, loose ponytail are dominating. It’s an easy style that never fails to look amazing!

Source: @nina_african_braids

35. Red and Brown Braided Hair

If you would like to experiment with different color schemes for your extensions (without going too bright or garish), pick two hues that are in the same family, like chocolate and pinkish brown. These colors work so well together to highlight the skin.

Source: @pureestrogen

36. Cornrow Ombre Ponytail

Although the final result of this braided hairstyle is a simple long ponytail, it is anything but plain. The hair is kept out of the face while still having enough length to create a more feminine style—it’s the best of both worlds. Adding a warm brown shade to this hairstyle adds even more special touches.

Source: @narahairbraiding

37. Curly Crochet Braids

These invisible crochet braids conceal the installation area almost entirely, showcasing only flawless curls. The ideal way to convey a fiery personality is with red hair highlighted with blonde highlights.

Source: @afrikstylebraid

38. Natural Protective Bun Style

You don’t need to use extensions to create tiny braids or twists with naturally grown, medium-length hair. Simply pull your hair back into two high ponytails, then braid as many small strands of hair as you like, tying them into two adorable buns. You really should try this 90s-inspired look, girls.

Source: @inikscott

39. Straight Blonde Tree Braids

These braids of invisible trees are amazing! The balayage style is modern thanks to the blend of blonde and black hair. Because the attachment area is only an inch or so from the roots, the hairstyle appears very natural and maintains its lovely parting even in light wind.

Source: @tonibavidcenter

40. Crochet Mohawk Twists

For a stylish Mohawk updo, these Senegalese twists have been affixed to the cornrows down the middle of the head. When you want to slightly change the look, you can braid the twists into a fishtail or a simple braid.

Source: @just_roshunda
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