20 Elegant Fulani Braids for Women of All Ages

You’re probably old enough to know at least who singer-songwriter Alicia Keys is, even if you’ve never heard of actress Bo Derek. These stunning celebrities share not only their stateliness, beauty, and success but also their common bond: they are both renowned for their traditional Fulani braids.

So, are you curious about where this hairstyle came from? First of all, it’s connected to the Fula, an African ethnic group that inhabits a large portion of the continent’s eastern and western regions. Typically, fulani braids are styled in distinctive ways that start with tightly plaited, thin-to-medium-length braids near the head and gradually taper into hair extensions of all lengths. They can also be referred to as “bead braids” or “Bo braids.”

If you wish to rock a traditional Fulani hairstyle, here are 20 of our favorite braided looks to think about.

1. Wrapped Ponytail with In-Front-Of-the-Ear Braids

The ideal look is for strategically placed bronze hair cuffs close to the cheekbones. Pair them with extra-long golden blonde extensions that protrude from the wrapped ponytail and symmetrical, curved head braids. It seems as though your hair is expressing: “Observe me! Here I am!”

Source: @fancy_claws

2. Nubian Princess Fulani Braid Pullback

It’s one of the most traditional braid styles you can wear, with a single braid down the middle of the part line and a few hair cuffs scattered throughout the pattern. For the self-assured woman who is just starting to experiment with Fulani hairstyles, it’s the ideal “conservative” option.

Source: @sunreey

3. Super-Long Dark Braids with Cuffs

If you’re an expert at Fulani braids, you won’t think twice about making a thick, luxurious head of braids. Your mansion of hair cuffs interwoven with wine-colored extensions will make you look like a formidable woman. The hairstyle can be accentuated perfectly with a single dropped jewel at the forehead.

Source: @aggie_hair

4. Cornrows with Artistic Beaded Twisted Bun

It’s an artistic creation rather than just a hairstyle! Beads of various sizes and shapes are thoughtfully positioned in the bun and adorn the ends of each braid, creating a stunning collection of angled braids that have been backswept and gathered together in a loose, twisted bun that cascades gracefully down the back in a vertical “waterfall.”

Source: @chikodix

5. Two-Toned Fulani Braids in a Top Bun

Sometimes when you’re running around running errands, you just can’t have your braids loose. When that occurs, simply tuck them into a twisted updo and move on. Based on the majority of Fulani hairstyles, the top-knot bun is a great option for the sophisticated corporate woman and is simple to make. The striking shade of copper ensures that the braided bun will be distinguished from the others.

Source: @kersti.pitre

6. Extra-Long Blue Rainbow Braids

This Fulani braid style is striking due to its bold, beautiful, and 50 “Shades of Blue” aspect. Keep your outfit and accessories neutral to allow the braids to shine on their own. There are oversized blue-glass beads and extra-long rainbow blue extensions.

Source: @_sweeta_neisha_

7. Classic Fulani Braids with Loose Cascading Plaits

If you want a professional Fulani hairstyle, all you need is a cascade of medium-width braids that are soft, uncomplicated, and neat. Because the extensions are uniformly loose and have a light golden brown color, they go well with any color business suit or casual outfit.

Source: @hairbykey___

8. Youthful Fulani Crown with Horizontal Braids

After doing Fulani braid styles for what seems like an eternity, you’re probably hoping for a total switch-up in your regimen. It has a lovely and refined touch thanks to the exquisite plaiting in the top part of the head. You’ll feel like a new woman after taking a unique turn and breaking from the norm!

Source: @larabelle_makeover

9. Shoulder-Length Loose Curls with Beaded Mini-Fulani Braids

Is it not possible for you to envision Oprah Winfrey sporting such an opulent Fulani hairstyle? If a woman has the right facial features, she can pull off this sophisticated showstopper like a charm. It showcases your fearless and brave side while being exotic and feminine.

Source: @sincerelyoghosa

10. Ponytail Wrapped in Copper Wire and Beads

There’s nothing more gorgeous than a Fulani braid ponytail with large beads and copper wire. The upswept braids are delicate and stylish, gathered toward the crown and embellished with wire swirls. The thick beads with Japanese calligraphy printed on them add the finishing touch.

Source: @maya_giftedhands_

11. Artistic Fulani Braid Crown with Shell Adornments

Go no further if you want total strangers to stop you in the street and inquire about your Fulani-inspired braids. The braid crown’s geometric design is very eye-catching, and the extra-long golden extensions that have been tapped with tiny seashells will give you a year-round beach vibe.

Source: @hairbykey___

12. Simple Center-Part Fulani Braids with a Forehead Bead

You’ve just discovered the ideal Fulani hairstyle if you’re looking for something basic and traditional. Try a head full of exquisite braids that are backswept and a delicate braid in the middle that is finished with a single jewel bead. Unexpectedly, two backwards braids spanning the ears provide a pop of surprise!

Source: @e._k.a.h.l.e.r

13. Cleopatra-Style Natural Braids with Beads

If you decide to go shoulder-length Fulani bob, you’ll be “walking like an Egyptian.” Elegant, feminine, and replete with elaborate details—only a self-assured woman such as you could pull it off. These heavily beaded braids elegantly frame the face, in contrast to most other Fulani braid hairstyles that fall straight down the sides.

Source: @cdubbraidz

14. Side Top-Knot Ponytail with Copper Wire Wraps

The wrap-around top-knot ponytail is sassy and playful, giving the wearer a wonderful blend of casual frivolity and upscale sophistication. The hairstyle differs significantly from other beaded Fulani braids due to its clean lines. The entire jeweled effect is finished by wrapping copper wire around multiple braids.

Source: @crownedbyketa

15. Minimalistic Fulani Braids with Geometric Crown

The Geometric Crown is a wonderful take on the traditional Fulani hairstyle, featuring squared-off braids. There’s no better option for an office or a conservative work environment than something simple and direct. Three gold-tone hair cuffs provide the ideal amount of refinement.

Source: @mammastouch

16. Top-Knot Ponytail with Pink Extensions

As the song puts it: “Girls want to have fun!”And wearing these waist-length pink hair extensions woven into a traditional Fulani wrapped ponytail will be more fun than you can handle. Here, the color is the main attraction—beads or other embellishments are not necessary. It’s a glamorous hairstyle that’s playful and fun that you just have to flaunt.

Source: @tamika_braidbarbie

17. Geometric Tribal Fulani Pattern with Curly Wisps

You could argue that the braids inspired by Fulani are so striking because of the incredibly tiny, curly wisps that adorn the forehead. We refer to it as “The Whole Package,” where femininity and geometry converge with art. Give your admirers a big smile and display your Fulani crown with a deep bow or curtsy.

Source: @prettyy.braids

18. Swooped-Up Playful Ponytail with Cuffs and Beads

An adorable ponytail is a fantastic choice for girls and teens who are active. The Fulani ponytail is simple to manage and keeps its shape whether you’re playing your favorite sport or just spending an afternoon with friends. Beads and dispersed hair cuffs are optional, particularly if you want the braids to be airy and comfortable.

Source: @thequeenofkrump

19. Top-Knot Bun with Cascade of Thin Braids

The top-knot bun with a cascade of braids is a signature hairstyle that highlights your elegant neck line and gives you the best of both worlds. For a special friend, all you need is a classic half-updo with jet-black extensions that fall to your waist for a romantic dinner and drinks.

Source: @crownedbyketa

20. Classic Fulani Braids with Massive Ivory Beads

Adding a hint of subtle color to your Fulani braids is one of the most traditional ways to wear them. The incredibly long braids are weaved all the way through with the copper red extensions. And if that weren’t enough, the sepia tone is lowered to a level that goes with everything in your closet thanks to the vivid ivory-colored “tusk” beads.

Source: @londonsbeautii
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