20 Ideas How to Spice Up Your Half Bun

For more than two years, the half-up bun has been a hit on red carpets and in the streets due to its youthful appeal and universally flattering cut. It’s also incredibly simple to execute. You can give yourself a DIY facelift by bringing attention to your facial features by pulling back the top of your hair part!

A traditional half bun is always a good choice and is quickly becoming a staple hairstyle. It can elevate a casual, minimalist dress to a fashionable level and dress down a more formal ensemble. Occasionally, though, it’s enjoyable to come up with fresh approaches to a daily routine. Here are 20 different ways to accessorize your bun updos.

1. French Braids with Middle Part

Make a central section, then create two symmetrical French braids on either side. Keep the look more laid-back by having them lead into a higher, less-perfect topknot. To create a texture contrast, wear the remaining hair straight.

Source: @missysueblog

2. Double Fishtail Braids

Who says half-baked goods aren’t sophisticated? Lots of intrigue can be created by using several fishtail plaits! Take half of your hair back, braid it into a fishtail, and then gather it into a bun. Create two more fishtails underneath after that. And voilà!

Source: @braidsbyjordan

3. Voluminous Bun

A voluminous bun is an example of how to make the look more put together and sophisticated if a messy, undone bun isn’t your thing. Pro tip: Girls with smaller foreheads will benefit from taller updos.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

4. Half Bun with Side Braid

For women with long hair, a side braid half bun looks more put together and is a great way to hide longer bangs or shorter layers. A beautiful touch is to wear hair in large, loose waves.

Source: @braids_in_action

5. Twisted Low Bun

Choose twists to make your bun look better. Just the areas that frame your face should be used. You can achieve a goddess half bun (which can also be worn with bedhead hair) by loosely twisting each side!

Source: @twistmepretty

6. Center Dutch High Bun

Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch? Ariana said it best. When worn with medium or long hair down, the center Dutch remix, which combines sugar and spice, is edgy but sweet. Even with just five minutes for styling, your outfit of the day will appear to have taken much more time.

Source: @hairspirationbykylee

7. Messy and Loose Knot

The messy bun is a hairstyle that is iconic. It looks great on the Olsen twins and other stylish women, and it can’t go wrong. You can adjust the degree of looseness to suit your own preferences.

Source: @erinelizabethh

8. Curled Tousled Style

To create tousled waves, use a curling wand to add texture to your half bun. Whether you like your bun high or low, a large, voluminous half-updo looks great on untidy hair and adds a ton of drama!

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

9. Straight Waterfall

Although waterfall braids look like they take a lot of time and technical expertise, they actually use the same technique as a standard French braid. If your hair isn’t naturally straight, use a flat iron to showcase the lacy braid with a loopy knot.

Source: @n.starck

10. Pulled Back Flower Bun with Beach Waves

Beach waves go well with half up knots because of their effortless style. Accept your hair texture, whatever it may be! Pull back the crown section and allow the front strands to frame the face. Braid hair before putting it in a flower bun, if desired.

11. Neat Cornrow Bun

By adding some cornrows to your half-down, half-bun hairstyle, you can up the badass factor! They can be used for shoulder- or medium-length hair and have been very popular lately.

Source: @game_of_braids

12. Messy Bun with a Braid

Loosely braid your hair on the sides, starting a little behind your forehead, so that the braids rest on unbraided hair. Form a sloppy bun by bringing the ends of the braids together. Whether you’re attending an outdoor wedding or just having lunch on the patio with your friends, this hairstyle works for every occasion.

Source: @christinagunnell

13. Huge Dutch Braids and a Knot

This is a unique “do” that you don’t see very often. Fanning out your braids and gently tugging on them after they are secured are the keys to creating large braids. Put the remaining hair in a half pony bun to finish.

Source: @taylor_lamb_hair

14. Tight Braid Underneath

Add some detail underneath the bun to change it up from the typical half-up, half-down buns that have details on the sides or in front. Make sure the plait is tight and don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

Source: @hairbyjaxx

15. Half Up Long Bob

On lob length hair, a half-up hairstyle looks fantastic! Take this girl’s advice and use bobby pins to hold loose strands of hair down if you don’t have enough length to wear it in a bun.

Source: @jamiedanahairstylist

16. High Messy Half Up Bun

When girls simply want the hair off their backs, they are known for their controversial topknots. Instead, opt for the loopy half topknot, which is much more fashionable and still lifts hair up and away from the face. Take a cue from this stunning woman.

Source: @sadiejcre8s

17. Half Up Flower Bun

Try a flowery version of your half ponytail bun to up your style game. It’s not only a more original half-do, but it also receives extra credit for more styling time! Add a fishtail beneath the flower to make it even more amazing.

Source: @taylor_lamb_hair

18. Sleek Top Knot

We always like to provide our refined, understated ladies with options. Slicker and more appropriate for business settings, the neat topknot version is a great idea for working women who value their morning time. Use hairspray to set for the best long-lasting hold.

Source: @sarahpotempa

19. Ghana Braids with Curly Bun

African American girls who are naturally curly, this is your bun! Make Ghanaian braids by pulling back the front portion of your black hair. Compare the lively curls piled on top of tight plaits with their sharp edges.

Source: @katahlia_blue

20. Short Braided Half Up

Many of us get our seasonal chop haircuts when the weather warms. However, even if you do, you are still welcome to join the half bun crew! A partial updo looks fantastic on shorter hair, especially when paired with a Dutch braid that forms the base of your topknot.

Source: @hairbyelena
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