30 Fantastic French Braid Ponytails

Although a ponytail with a French braid may bring back memories of elementary school, the contemporary versions are anything but childish. Braided hair is a great option if you want to wear an easy updo but get tired of basic styles quickly. Whether you are a brunette or a blonde with straight or curly hair, we have a hairstyle in our gallery of 30 images below to inspire you and give you ideas for experimenting with your look.

A basic ponytail becomes more interesting with a French braid. Because you can arrange your braids in different sections and change their width, tightness, and texture, creating a unique look that is uniquely yours is simple.

1. Loosely Braided Style

Try a loose French braid that ends at the nape for a day when you want a little extra styling but don’t want to go crazy. Once a pony holder is installed, you can proceed. Any informal or casual setting can benefit from this style. Don’t use any products to keep it carefree.

Source: @american_salon

2. Sculptural Punky Ponytail

Fake a faux hawk for a ponytail that will look like a French braid and make you look like you know how to cry on the guitar. Create tight French braids that will lay flat on either side by sectioning off the top portion of the hair. Next, tease your hair as high as you are comfortable with.

Source: @modernsalon

3. Double French Braid Crown

This look’s lack of structure is ideal. braids that are loose. loose curls. Hair arranged loosely around the holder for the ponytail. The secret is to use practical products beforehand, not hairspray afterwards.

Source: @missysueblog

4. Flowy Side Braid

There’s so much romance in this side French braid. Work with medium sections of hair at the crown and loose tension to achieve the desired look. Bring the braid along one side and down to the nape. To bring everything together, go for a fishtail braid to give it more character and texture. You’re done when you add gentle waves!

Source: @american_salon

5. Unique Braided Up-Do

Who said that your updo must reach the top of your neck? Actually, they don’t. Hairstyles that conceal hair length can be just as appropriate for an event as unique ponytails. The curls are the key to this French braid ponytail; a teased poof looks great for a fresh formal look.

Source: @hairbyanasheh

6. Creative Side Ponytail

There are numerous ways to style the braid into a ponytail trend, but this is one of our favorites. While the larger French braid adds some additional visual interest, the smaller one at the crown produces the headband effect. Continue braiding until you achieve a sophisticated side braid.

Source: @modernsalon

7. French Braid with Bubbles

If you have very long hair, you can give the Valentino-popularized bubble ponytail a new twist. Entire hair from crown to nape should be secured in a French braid. Next, create a rounded shape by pulling at loose strands to form bubbles, and braid a small section at the top to add as decoration.

Source: @hairbysel

8. Charmingly Soft Ponytail

Your hair can gain a lot of body and volume with a French braid into a ponytail style. The best place to start will be with a texturizing or sea salt spray. Next, give your hair a back teasing. While drawing in sections of your part hair, keep the braid low. Your hair will be long and flowing.

Source: @hair_by_zolotaya

9. Triple Braid Style

Pictures like this one immediately grab your attention when you are browsing through inspirational braid photos. It’s a Grecian goddess meets 1970s style. Correct? To achieve this look right now, create a flawless ponytail by teasing the hair behind three distinct sections that you braid all the way down. To win, loosen your waves.

Source: @missysueblog

10. Perfectly Messy Braid Style

One adorable way to showcase highlights and lowlights is with braided ponytails. The messy bun’s new best friend is this style. The braids are not flawless, but they are done well. Wispy long side bangs are maintained. The pony is being lightly teased. We’re assuming that you’re currently experimenting with this.

Source: @laineymariebeauty

11. Diagonally Braided Ponytail

Start with a braid that moves along a diagonal for a unique take on the French braid ponytail. You can braid it in a waterfall pattern or, as in this example, leave the top unattached. Then, create a second, swooping braid that mirrors that angle, and tie both into a single side ponytail.

Source: @braiderina

12. Braided Glam Hairstyle

Giant, unfinished cornrows will let you channel your inner diva. With this style, two-tone or ombre hair looks really great because it highlights the differences. Loose French braids give the top extra height. Wear the ponytail high to maintain the sassy, glamorous look.

Source: @kykhair

13. French Braid with Curls

You should be proud to display your expert braiding abilities. If not, the secret is to take small bites of hair at a time and to be patient. Because pigtail braids allow you to separate the hair even more, the cascading curls have more volume. Take it on!

Source: @lalasupdos

14. Artistically Undone Braid

It’s likely that you haven’t come across a braid ponytail quite like this in all the photos you’ve looked through. You might not realize at first that the incredibly loose sections are actually a deconstructed braid. It is evident from the contrasting small braids that an artist created this.

Source: @hair_by_zolotaya

15. Regal Braided Up-Do

Try a French braid that wraps around a high ponytail from the front for a distinctive and elegant formal look. It’s ideal for a night out because of the volume at the crown and the sleek, flawless styling.

Source: @american_salon

16. Cute and Carefree Ponytail

Braided ponytails are a modern take on the hippie aesthetic, giving you the look of partially straight hair and partially braided hair without having to work too hard. In other words, modern style is what we’re aiming for here, not costume or festival wear. To keep your hair smooth while braiding, use wax or pomade.

Source: @braidsbyallie

17. Fiercely Braided to Perfection

This ponytail with braids is not for the timid. A wonderfully self-assured look can be achieved with tight cornrow-style braids at the temples and a perfectly straight high ponytail. This casual style is perfect for both a fun-filled day and a seductive evening out.

Source: @nk_beautysalon

18. Long Elegant Ponytail

Here, the stunning long locks are on exhibit. The temple braids serve only as a decorative accent to divide the sleek underside of hair from the teased upper section. Wrapping highlights and ombre strands around the pony holder makes them really pop.

Source: @sweethearts_hair

19. Intricate and Adorable French Braid

In order to achieve this style, part your hair in the middle, just like you would for pigtails, and then create waterfall braids, dropping the strands at the top rather than the bottom. The center portion can be hidden by braiding those loose strands together next. Beautiful!

Source: @braiderina

20. Fantastical French Braid

Whoa, amazing skills. I think this ponytail with a French braid is pretty amazing. The center and sides of the waterfall French braids are made first, and then they are connected in the middle. The intricate design is counterbalanced by the fishtail braid below. This one took some work, so put in some practice.

Source: @braided_to_infinity

21. Reverse Braid and Side Ponytail

Putting your braid in back rather than in front of your ponytail is an intriguing twist on the classic style. Don’t hide all of your laborious braiding efforts with a long tail. Turn it to the side for a flirtatious, vibrant look.

Source: @hairbydreeze

22. Messy Double Braid

You need look no further than a side braid with wispy flyaways for a messy touch if you prefer a carefree bohemian look. This is a play on proportions, weaving a smaller, tighter braid into a larger, looser one, as opposed to a traditional French braid. The outcome is an attention-grabbing, well-considered detail.

Source: @stylebylizette

23. Twin Braid Updo

You don’t have to forgo them entirely, even though many French braid ponytail styles call for longer hair. You can achieve full, realistic-looking styles, like the double French braid updo in this picture, with a weave.

Source: @braiding_witch

24. Multicolored Jumbo Braid

For people who remember lovingly playing with My Little Pony dolls and wishing they had one of those vibrant clip-on ponytails, this is ideal. A more sophisticated version achieves a vibrant yet subtle look by highlighting the wavy mane with pink and blonde highlights.

Source: @danielle_anspach_hair

25. Braid and Bun

It’s best to think outside the box when searching for a French braided ponytail that can be worn to a fancy event or prom. You can achieve an unexpected and striking look by adding a twisted bun to the base of your long ponytail.

Source: @lilithmoonlife

26. Blonde Pony with Double Braid

At first glance, this double French braid ponytail appears straightforward, but with closer inspection, you’ll see the subtle details that add so much character. It’s the ideal date night look for a woman who is obsessed with beauty, with the blonde waves, twisted ponytail, and connecting side braids.

Source: @thecombmag

27. Elegant Pony for Events

Formal hairstyles don’t always need to be ostentatious or rigid. An attractive yet approachable style, the high ponytail is ideal for multi-hat-wearing women who attend multiple events on the same evening.

Source: @modernsalon

28. Straight Triple Threat

It’s best to wear your braids with straight hair if you want them to look less romantic and more edgy. Three tiny cornrows, a wraparound ponytail, and polished hair come together in this stylish style to create a no-nonsense appearance.

Source: @american_salon

29. Trendy Two-Tone Braided Pony

It’s best to play around with different colors if you want to keep your everyday look interesting but know you won’t have much time to primp in the morning. The brown and blonde two-tone combination creates a visually striking look for a typical ponytail.

Source: @sun__kissed__blonde

30. Side Braid for Medium Hair

This shoulder-length style is a good choice for a bride who wishes to achieve a full French braid ponytail without using fake hair. Updos are great for weddings. You can achieve an enchanted look for your special day by combining loose curls with an oversized braid.

Source: @modernsalon
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