20 Best Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

For several seasons now, ladies of all ages have found that feathered bangs are the ideal complement to a feather hairstyle. You may be shocked to learn about the variety of bangs available if you have recently made the decision to chop one. You can determine which fringe best suits your face shape and hairstyle by using this comprehensive guide, which features the top 20 styles for feathered bangs!

Having feathery bangs is a terrific technique to look amazing with minimal styling time. They invigorate the overall image rather than drawing undue attention, unlike thick, complete fringes.

Feathery bangs look fantastic with a variety of haircut styles; they go particularly well with the current fads like pixie cuts, layered shoulder-length hairstyles, and cheeky short bobs.

If you’re still unsure about whether you should get feather cut bangs, don’t worry—there are plenty of bangs styling ideas that let you create a new appearance every time. You can, for instance, gel back your bangs, braid them, pin them up, or blow dry them for a fun look.

1. Feathered Bangs with a Textured Bob

For women with long faces, elongated, oblique bangs like these feathered ones are ideal, softening the image and visually widening the face. The beveled feathered front bangs with lightened ends add a delicate touch, making this hairstyle a flattering choice.

Source: @romeufelipe

2. Classy Feathered Bangs

Timelessly stylish and low-maintenance, this feathered bangs style is particularly flattering for middle-aged women. The feather cut bangs open up the forehead while subtly concealing wrinkles, especially when paired with a blunt bob, framing the face beautifully for a correct oval shape.

Source: @aalamsalon

3. Side-Swept Feathered Bangs

The timeless lob hairstyle with bangs complements almost any girl. To achieve a cohesive look, opt for bangs that blend seamlessly with your hairstyle. If you have a natural middle parting, consider matching it with bangs parted in the middle for a harmonious appearance.

Source: @hirohair

4. Feathery Bangs with a Shaggy Pixie

Graduated bangs, like these feathery ones, enhance cascading and layered hairstyles, such as bob cuts, particularly well-suited for naturally wavy or curly hair. The style offers great versatility and adds texture to the overall look.

Source: @classiclois_hairstylist

5. Anime-Inspired Hairstyle with Feathered Bangs

Straight or asymmetrical feather cut bangs can accompany creative and extravagant haircuts effortlessly. Unpretentious in care and styling, these bangs can be accentuated with a touch of modeling gel and black hair for a spectacular, slightly anime-inspired look.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

6. Long Feathered Bangs with Inverted Bob

Exuding glamor, this extravagant haircut features volume on top and a short back, complemented by see-through feathered bangs. The added volume on the sides of the bangs helps conceal cheeks and signs of aging, enhancing the overall appearance.

Source: @ingrid.alcjay

7. Short Layered Bob with Feathered Bangs

Long bangs, particularly ragged and casually styled ones, are easy to manage and perfect for adding volume, especially for thin hair. This hairstyle is a must-try for those seeking additional volume, offering trendy, casual bangs that are effortless to style.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

8. Long Curtain Feathered Bangs

Feathering is an excellent technique for cutting long layered hairstyles with bangs. Long curtain bangs create additional volume and beautifully frame the face, particularly flattering for those with round faces. This subtle change adds style and interest without the commitment of blunt bangs.

Source: @salsalhair

9. Asymmetrical Parting Feathered Fringe

Asymmetry in a bob hairstyle is a favorite among fashionistas, adding volume and texture to the hair while drawing attention to facial features. Asymmetrical parting and side-swept feathered bangs enhance volume and texture, emphasizing eyes and lips.

Source: @alisonallvess

10. Asymmetrical Copper Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs offer versatility, allowing for unique looks with common haircuts. Long feather cut bangs swept to one side complement short hair on the back elegantly, while subtle highlights add texture and volume to the overall hairstyle.

Source: @lauren_g.hair

11. Cool Shag with Feathered Bangs

Proper styling of a shag hairstyle accentuates the layered structure of the bangs. With the help of styling tools, the bangs can be naturally styled or slightly edgy to add volume to the hair, creating a trendy appearance.

Source: @rachelwstylist

12. Dynamic Layered Feathered Bangs

An asymmetrically layered pixie haircut always looks fresh and original, suitable for any hair type. These feathered side-swept bangs add volume without covering the forehead, creating a voluminous and elegant look.

Source: @cabelosfhabioribeiro

13. Oblique Feathered Bangs and a Pixie Cut

Straight or oblique, feathered bangs complement any pixie cut, smoothing sharp proportions and angles while adding a daring and sexy hint. This combination is trendy and versatile, offering a stylish option for short hair.

Source: @andy_doesyourhair

14. Elongated Feathered Bangs with Edgy Mob

A mullet lob with layered feathered bangs adds a slightly grungy look while adding weightlessness to thick strands. Gradually cut strands create balance, along with asymmetrical feathered bangs, offering a stylish and modern appearance.

Source: @fabrihairdesigner

15. Choppy Shag with Short Feathered Bangs

Short choppy feathered bangs spice up a cropped, layered, short shag hairstyle, diverting attention from a wide forehead. The shaggy cut, reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, adds a trendy touch, especially with a slightly messy, natural look.

Source: @davidwbullen

16. Elegant Feathered Undercut Pixie

The pixie undercut with feathered bangs offers a chic and sexy hairstyle, suitable for various occasions. Highlighted bangs with a dark undercut emphasize the hairstyle’s shape and beauty, providing a sophisticated look.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

17. One Side Bangs with Feather Effect

Long bangs styled with a flipped-over parting add volume to the style, while feathered ends blend naturally with the rest of the hair. This cool and voluminous look enhances the overall appearance effortlessly.

Source: @studioalessandranunes

18. Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs with Short Hair

This “boyish” pixie cut with short strands on the crown and elongated wispy bangs paradoxically adds femininity and sexuality to the image. The cut rejuvenates and refreshes the face, suitable for both young girls and women in their 50s.

Source: @vera_stile.kg

19. Long Feather Cut Bangs with Flipped Ends

Feathered strands frame the face beautifully and blend seamlessly into the entire hair length, adding a refreshing touch to the overall look. The gradual lengthening of the bangs on the sides helps rejuvenate the appearance subtly.

Source: @nat_doeshair

20. Feathered Bangs with Bright Highlights

Versatile and flattering for all complexions, feathered side bangs suit various face shapes. Oblique bangs are particularly effective for hiding imperfections and correcting facial disproportions, such as heavy eyebrows or a low forehead.

Source: @hairtamedbytika
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