Deva Cut: Best Secrets and Tips for Curly Hair

Curly hair varieties necessitate a different approach to hairstyles. What factors need to be considered, and why are they so hard to make? The majority of people with curly or wavy hair are afraid to attend salons for a fresh haircut (or, more accurately, they are afraid of the outcome of doing so). 

Additionally, they are unable to handle the numerous problems that curly and wavy hair can bring up on their own. However, you can be certain that the Deva cut will greatly assist you in creating a lovely, unique hairstyle and will enhance the beauty of your curls!

What Is a Deva Cut?

Forget what you previously knew about the classic curly cut! For thousands of females, the Deva Cut marks the beginning of a new era. Since its invention more than 20 years ago, this procedure has shown to be quite effective and well-liked by those who have tried it. The Deva Cut is a unique hair cutting technique that works with each person’s individual curl pattern. It is used on curly and wavy hair. Lorraine Massey, the author of Curly Girl and co-owner of Devachan Salon, invented it.

For the simple reason that everyone wears their hair dry rather than wet, the method’s fundamental component is cutting the hair dry and in its natural state. This enables a stylist to mold the required shape by seeing how the various textures fall naturally. We are completely unable to comprehend and see the finished product with a damp haircut. Under the influence of water, the hair gets longer, smoother, and heavier. This might not be as important for people with straight hair, but it can be disastrous for ladies with frizzy hair. 

The springiness of their natural curls is most noticeable when the hair is dry. Layer by layer, curl after curl, the deva cut is completed. Another benefit is that you get to oversee your stylist’s work and take part in the entire shaping process.

Devachan SoHo in New York City and Devachan Upper West Side in New York City are the two primary “parent” Devachan salons that have already established themselves as iconic destinations. 

You realize that your hair is now in the hands of professionals once you enter either. In addition to making your hair look amazing, the stylists in salons that perform Deva cut are all highly skilled and certified, granting them the title of “Deva Curl Specialist” or “Master Curl Stylist.” They will also teach you how to style your hair in its natural texture and maintain silky curls at home.

Best Tips Before and After Getting a Deva Cut

To achieve the greatest outcome, read through these straightforward but crucial pointers before making an appointment at the salon.

  • Co-washing involves shampooing your hair with just the conditioner.
  • To preserve the natural softness and resilience of your curls, carefully dry it without using any style products.
  • Before your visit, avoid wearing braids, buns, or ponytails. Your hair must be defined, untangled, and natural for your stylist to work with it.
  • Please be aware that the Deva cut only looks good on naturally curly hair. This method might not be the ideal choice if you frequently flatiron your curls because it could result in an uneven hairstyle.

How to Take Care of Your Hair After Getting a Devacurl Haircut

It’s critical to ascertain your curl type prior to purchasing certain hair care products. Four distinct natural hair types can be identified using a curl-typing system developed by renowned hair stylist Andre Walker. This system considers volume, consistency, density, and length. Every number designates a distinct curl family:

1 – wavy hair 

2 – curly hair 

3 – kinky hair

Except for the first, which is rather evident, let’s examine the key traits of each form of curl.

Curl Type 1

Straight and curly hairstyles are among the many styling options available to girls with wavy hair. Their hair isn’t overly dry or oily, which is fortunate for them. Despite being more prone to frizz, it is highly lustrous and elastic.

Source: @katelynraye

Curl Type 2

Spiral curls are the defining feature of this type of curl. This kind of curl might have a “s” or “z” pattern, or perhaps a mix of both. Girls with this type of hair are accustomed to dealing with issues including breakage, frizz, tangles, and dryness. Because its surface isn’t as smooth as Type 1 or Type 2, such hair doesn’t reflect shine as well.

Source: @sydnieslittleworld

Curl Type 3

Kinky or coily hair is the most delicate type of hair curl texture, while appearing sturdy and tough. The curls are very dry and brittle, and they could have a zigzag pattern. They need to be kept well hydrated and protected at all times. The most prevalent natural hair type among African-American women is most likely Curl Type 4.

Source: @itsbethanydani

Once you’ve identified your curl type, selecting the appropriate hair care and style products will be simple. Three steps should comprise your washing routine:

  • a purifier
  • A conditioner that hydrates
  • a gel for styling (to scrunch)

After that, if you want to save time, you may either use a specialized hair dryer like the DevaFuser or let your hair air dry. Using natural products free of silicones, parabens, and harsh sulfates is crucial. Oils, vitamins, and natural extracts are beneficial elements to include in your hair care products to keep your curls strong, glossy, and healthy.

Best Deva Cut Hairstyles

After you have a complete understanding of the Devacurl haircut, let’s have a look at the top curly hairstyles. These stunning curly hairstyles will make your jaw drop since they’re just so basic and yet wonderful and absolutely worth trying!

1. Shoulder-Length Deva Cut

Changing your long, flat hair into a chic shoulder-length haircut will offer you a whole new, attractive appearance. Your hair will properly frame your face, the cut will add some volume, and your curls will look more alive and healthy.

Source: @curlyhairdaze

2. Chic Devascarf Hairstyle

Please feel free to experiment with different hair accessories. Take a scarf and tie it around your head in a pineapple or high ponytail. You can gather all of your hair up or leave some curls loose so they fall over your face and give your look a twist. Take note of this tip to prevent damage to your hair during the colder months.

Source: @curlzmatic

3. Deva Cut with Bangs

By having your hairdresser trim a few curls closer to the face, you’ll be able to switch up your hairdo every day, going from one with bangs to one without, simply by sweeping your hair anywhere you choose. You can create a wide variety of unique hairstyles that you’ve always wanted to attempt with bangs. Additionally, if necessary, they can assist balance out the upper and bottom portions of your face and improve its shape.

Source: @kimdollxo

4. To Dye or Not to Dye

We would say, without a doubt, dye! Because in the world of hair styling, what is the final word? hair the color of candy! It’s a daring and fashionable way to show off your uniqueness, add color to any ensemble, and draw attention. In actuality, since the 1970s, girls have been dying strands in every color of the rainbow.These days, hair coloring in vibrant or pastel tones can be done in a variety of ways, continuing the trend of brilliant transformations. And anyone can play around with the colors—redheads, blondes, brunettes, brown-haired people, etc.—anyone who is itching for a change. Nevertheless, you can experiment with temporary items like hair mascaras, chalks, color sprays, and semi- and demi-permanent dyes if you’re not convinced about permanent coloring for your natural hair. Be unique and authentic!

Source: @happyhealthycurlsandkinks

5. Tapered Short Deva Cut

Do you still believe that having short hair is uninteresting and doesn’t allow for creativity? Not really, though. You’ll reconsider after you witness the benefits of the tapered, short Deva cut. This type of hairstyle is suitable for girls and women of all ages, looks incredibly sultry and sassy, and allows you to style the longer hair on top in a variety of ways. To add some new alterations, you can color the entire head or only the top hair. Make locs, a side cut, or a geometric design for a more gritty appearance.


6. Cute Double Buns: Space Buns

The 90s haircut craze is still fashionable and relevant today. Space buns are a lot of fun, really simple to make, and adorable. This is precisely the type of hairstyle that will finish your appearance in just five minutes or so. You can never grow tired of double buns since they come in so many different kinds. Check out this vintage gem!

Source: @janae.shai

7. Deva Cut and Pintura Highlights

Why not add color to your perfectly layered curly cut once you’ve achieved it? The purpose of the pintura highlighting technique was to give the curl texture a more three-dimensional appearance. You can ask for lowlights to add some depth to your hair color, and your stylist will highlight the curls that catch the light the best naturally.

Source: @sojazzaye
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