12 Curtain Bangs on Curly Hair You’ll Want to Recreate

Curtain bangs are an excellent method to add interest to your hairstyle if you’re ready for a change but aren’t ready to give up length. You can have everything! You can choose to have them cut long or short, heavy or sparse, and with a few face-framing curls that draw attention to your best features. In curly hair, it is typical for the front hairline to grow naturally shorter than the perimeter. Bangs conceal thinning and breakage of hair and assist blend infant hair.

All set to drop a mean curtain? See these 12 inventive ways to style curly curtain bangs to get ideas for your upcoming salon visit.

1. Curtain Bangs on Long Curls

This long hair gets structure and intrigue from the middle part and curtain bangs. You can opt to wear your curls forward or off your face by cutting off a small portion of them. For additional volume, use pin-curl clips at the root during air drying.

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2. Short Curly Bob with Curtain Bangs

She combines her naturally occurring baby hair with the rest of her hairstyle in a short, tapered curly bob with curtain bangs. On wash day, use mild, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to maintain moisture levels.

Source: @curlsbysarahdee_

3. Curtain Bangs on Thick Curls

Wearing high density curls the same length as your perimeter might make them feel heavy. Curtain bangs provide a more attractive contour and open up the face. When wet styling, you can help resistant curl patterns go in the direction you want them to by finger coiling a few curls around your hairline.

Source: @curlssbyv

4. Curtain Bangs with Side Part

Through the addition of bangs, reshaping, and some length removal, her appearance was entirely altered, highlighting her eyes. Diffuse hair in all directions (upside down, side to side, even looking up) for a voluminous, airy effect. Accept a little frizz as well!

Source: @curlsbysarahdee_

5. Curtain Bang Shag

Highlights and a fantastic curly shag haircut really bring texture to life. To add volume, soften definition, and swell the hair, rake your gel throughout the wet curls and then apply a foam on top. Use a diffuser to dry.

Source: @thehouseofcurls

6. Baby Curtain Bangs

Any hair length can benefit from curly curtain bangs, even short hair. When this woman says that she chopped curtain bangs, she couldn’t be more correct. Her face is well framed by her extremely curly hair and baby bangs. Try using style lotion on extremely wet hair before adding gel. The gel prolongs the life of your wash and go, while the styling cream adds hydration.

Source: @curlsbysarahdee_

7. Lived In Curtain Bangs

Frizz is a buddy of ours! Fine curls are given volume by purposeful and even frizz. Turn your head over and shake it out from the root by making little circular motions with your fingertips never leaving your scalp. For a balanced volume, part your hair in the middle.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

8. Balayage Curtain Bangs

Your distinct curl pattern is showcased with tone-on-tone balayage. In addition to adding dimension, darker roots also, bonus!, hide regrowth. Before coloring your delicate locks, do your homework on hairstylists. A skilled hairdresser will know how to give textured hair dimension and balance.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

9. Wavy Bangs on Long Shag

This amazing shag’s root area has a ton of movement and complexity thanks to short inside layers with curled bangs. To get a fuller, softer look, gently scrunch out the crunch from your stylers as you diffuse your hair once it is 75% dry.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

10. Super Curly Bangs

A smooth shape is produced by tightly coiled curls stacking on top of one another. This accentuated fringe exudes elegance and adds versatility and fun to a short haircut. Use hair oil or serum to separate curls once they’re dry if you want fullness. Maintain larger, more defined curl clusters for a sleeker appearance.

Source: @cutitkinky

11. Full Bang on Short Curls

As a short haircut grows out, it can be enjoyable to embrace various lengths. Here, the back and sides were trimmed somewhat shorter, resulting in a fairly large bang region. Using a microfiber towel, scrunch damp hair after styling it to eliminate extra moisture and expedite drying time.

Source: @curlsbysarahdee_

12. Curly Curtain Bang Updo

To soften an updo, pin your hair up in a bun or pineapple and allow the shorter bits to fall out. Use a spray bottle to moisten your hair, then finger coil, curl by curl, using just enough style cream, foam, or gel to provide some slide. This will rejuvenate your curls in between wash days. For optimal definition, let curls air dry or hover distribute without disturbing them.

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