20 Bouncy Bubble Bob Hairstyles To Copy ASAP

Nineties-inspired hairstyles are back in vogue, which is not surprising given the decade’s chic resurgence in both music and fashion. You’re going to love the new take on the classic ’90s bobs worn by celebrities like Christy Turlington and Natalie Portman. This is the bubble bob.

A-list celebrities like Ciara, Zendaya, Elsa Hosk, and Hailey Bieber have already been photographed sporting this cute name, which encapsulates the sultry charm of the hairdo. Prepare to see this stylish crop steal the show!

1. Short and Blunt Bubble Bob

For that sharp yet rounded style, opt for a blunt bob with a subtle graduation at the back. It’s all about achieving that precise baseline with a stacked back for the perfect look.

Source: @orkun_thehairspecialist

2. Copper Bubble Bob with Bangs

Inject warmth and liveliness into your style with a vibrant copper hue. Pair it with rounded locks and piecey bangs for a youthful and charming appearance.

Source: @maisonluh

3. Chocolate Brown Elongated Bob

Discover the magic of an elongated bubble bob to accentuate your facial features. Finding the ideal length is key, and a bob that falls between the shoulders and chin can work wonders for your style and personality.

Source: @nextsalon1992

4. Gray Bob for Older Women

Embrace timeless elegance with a bubble bob, particularly flattering for older women with gray hair. Its playful bounce and sophistication add vibrancy and charm at any age.

Source: @angelo.baiunco

5. Chin-Length Rounded Bob with Bangs

Achieve a polished rounded look with a chin-length bob and bangs. Using a round brush while blow-drying helps create gentle curls at the ends, resulting in a refined appearance.

Source: @pinkdagger

6. Bubble Bob with Highlights and Lowlights

Elevate your bob with highlights and lowlights using the airtouch technique for a natural and blended hair color. It’s a chic way to add dimension and depth to your style.

Source: @dnchair

7. Blonde Bob with Face-Framing Bangs

Craft soft face-framing bangs to enhance the length of your bob, striking a balance between playful bounce and sophistication. It’s a flattering frame that adds a touch of elegance to your look.

Source: @atomichouseofhair

8. Side-Swept Bubble Bob

Infuse flair into your bob with rounded layers swept to the side. This adds movement and personality, maintaining flexibility while drawing attention to one side.

Source: @jobosco

9. Sleek Cut with Lived in Balayage

Transition effortlessly between sleek and stylish or fuller and rounder with a simple change of your styling technique. Whether glossy or chic, a bob offers versatility for any occasion.

Source: @andrepierrehair

10. Statement Blonde Bubble

Opt for a lightweight, creamy blonde bubble bob for timeless elegance. Achieve a smooth blow dry with subtle curves for a sophisticated yet playful look.

Source: @mirall_hair

11. Short Bob with Layered Bangs

Pair a charming chin-length bob with curtain bangs for a tailored and chic appearance. These bangs enhance the bob’s shape, beautifully framing your features.

Source: @andijune.hair

12. Swooshy Dirty Blonde Bob

Enhance your natural hair texture with minimal heat styling, achieving a swooshy look that exudes effortless charm. Pair it with a clear complexion and understated makeup for added impact.

Source: @salt_andwaves

13. Bubble Bob with Curtain Bangs

Add softness and romance to your bob with delicate curtain bangs. They strike a graceful balance, complementing the bob’s playful vibe with a touch of elegance.

Source: @plushlocks_thesalon

14. Long Bob with Middle Part

Opt for a versatile middle part bob that flatters various face shapes, adding symmetry and softness to your look. It’s a timeless choice that suits many.

Source: @mohamad_hairart

15. Full-of-Volume Bob with Choppy Bangs

Boost your bob’s volume with Velcro rollers for a fabulous finish without excessive heat styling. It’s a great way to add texture and dimension to your style.

Source: @maggiemh

16. Long Tousled Bubble Bob

Embrace a relaxed, tousled effect for your bob, adding charm with wispy bangs and piecey layers. It’s a laid-back yet stylish option for everyday wear.

Source: @rachelwstylist

17. Bubble Pixie Bob

Opt for a chic and airy pixie bob that sits just below your ears, offering a fresh and carefree look. It’s a compact style that exudes elegance and ease.

Source: @julianaegoncalves

18. Bubble Bob with Blunt Baseline

Accentuate your bob’s rounded shape with a blunt baseline, adding a polished edge for sophistication. It’s a trendy yet refined hairstyle that makes a statement.

Source: @heranoosh_haircut

19. Bob with Feathered Side Bangs

Soft and feathered side bangs complement a variety of face shapes, adding a touch of chic style to your bob. They help soften angles and frame your features beautifully.

Source: @tahereh.agheb.beauty

20. Long Bob with Blended Bangs

Achieve a relaxed and casual vibe with a long bob featuring blended bangs. These airy layers frame the face, adding to the voluminous finish of the cut for effortless style.

Source: @salt_andwaves
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