15 Most Amazing Bottleneck Bob Ideas to Sport This Season

Bottleneck bobs are surprisingly easy to style and incredibly adaptable, which is why they shot to the top of this season’s list of hair trends. An ideal blend of volume, texture, and face-framing created a winning recipe for the greatest short- to medium-length hairstyle. You can easily customize the bottleneck bob to fit almost any facial shape or hair type.

This is the explanation for the bottleneck bob, in case you were wondering. To put it succinctly, it’s a bob cut with bottleneck bangs, a face-framing style that falls in between full fringe and curtain bangs. It is shaped like the neck of a glass bottle, is cut at an angle, and typically breaks in the middle. That seems to be the origin of its name.

We can’t wait to show you all of the amazing bottleneck bob ideas. Discover below the finest ways to rock this new trend by scrolling down.

Auburn Bottleneck Bob

For those flaunting thick, wavy locks, embrace the allure of a heavily layered bob with deep bottleneck bangs. This style boasts a jawline-length cut, abundant texture, and voluminous crown, resulting in a youthful and stunning appearance. To achieve this look, employ a large barrel brush during blow drying and finish with a curl-enhancing serum for added flair.

Source: @nataliarok

Layered Lob with Bottleneck Bangs

While shoulder-length hair offers versatility, it can sometimes veer into generic territory. Elevate your look with choppy bottleneck bangs, injecting a touch of sophistication and personal flair into your style.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

Shoulder Length Bob with Soft Bangs

Subtle color accents can work wonders for your hairstyle. Opt for a seamlessly blended balayage paired with soft beachy waves in a layered bob for an effortlessly dreamy look.

Source: @yukistylist

Wavy Bottleneck Bob

Seeking to add volume to fine hair? Look no further than this soft, feathered bob with beachy waves. Blow dry your bangs away from your face and utilize a wide barrel wand to recreate the tousled effect. Those blessed with natural curls or waves can let their hair air dry for an even easier styling process.

Source: @nataliarok

Stacked Bottleneck Bob

Elevate your classic stacked bob with the trendy addition of face-framing bangs. Opt for a length that grazes your cheekbones to effortlessly integrate bangs into your hairstyle and determine if they suit your lifestyle.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

French Bob with Bottlenecks

Embrace a modern twist on the French bob with long, flicked-out bottleneck bangs, set to become one of the season’s most sought-after haircuts. Don’t hesitate to grab this style before it becomes mainstream.

Source: @bescene

Curly Bottleneck Bob

For those blessed with natural curls, adding layers at the crown area can shift volume to where it’s most flattering. While advocating for the Curly Girl method, consider straightening your bangs to complement this hairstyle.

Source: @slickback_buttahtoast

Blonde Bottleneck Lob

Inject some femininity and flair into your hairstyle with soft, feathered curtain bangs framing your face. These subtle layers can enhance any shoulder-length hairstyle.

Source: @hairhecker

Sleek Bottleneck Bob

Achieve the iconic bottleneck look by using a straightening iron to add a soft bend to your fringe. Ensure each side of your bangs is directed away from your face, holding the tool perpendicular to the floor for a touch of wave without over-curling.

Source: @yukistylist

Choppy Bob with Bottleneck Bangs

Transform your locks with a chic, layered cut and a slight change in length. Find a skilled hairdresser who can bring your vision to life with precision and style.

Source: @brentdanielbasore

Classic Bob with Curtain Bangs

Draw attention to your eyes with bottleneck bangs, transforming a classic bob into a trendy masterpiece. Whether worn straight or styled with waves, a touch of hairspray can keep fringe bits away from your face.

Source: @justindillaha_hair

Chin Length Bottleneck Bob

Enhance your haircut with complementary face-framing highlights that follow the shape of your bangs and front layers. The added dimension and movement can elevate your overall look.

Source: @accomando

Jaw Length Bottleneck Bob

Choose the perfect length for your bob, opting for a short and blunt cut that exudes freshness and youthfulness. Pair with deep, choppy bangs for a distinctive bottleneck effect.

Source: @jpattonsalon

Textured Bottleneck Bob with Feathery Bangs

Craft a modern bob haircut with seamless layers, soft waves, and bangs skimming the eyebrows. Consider razoring for that desired textured look.

Source: @brianaguilarhair

Collarbone Length Bob with Long Bottleneck Bangs

Versatility meets elegance in this collarbone-length bob with soft layered bangs. With perfectly blended balayage and slight layering, this style suits virtually everyone, offering a versatile and chic appearance.

Source: @hairhecker
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