20 Playful Ways to Wear Yarn Dreads

You may have just discovered the fresh approach you’ve been searching for to update your appearance. Your dreams about hair can have an answer in gorgeous, colorful yarn dreads. The fact that you may experiment with numerous colors and styles without damaging your natural hair is what makes this fad so incredibly brilliant. Now go ahead and enjoy a little fun!

How to Do Yarn Locs

Have you considered giving this hairstyle a try yet? You are definitely in for a treat if that is the case. Yarn dreads are just what they sound like—faux dreadlocks made with vibrant yarn. They are also occasionally referred to as “knitted” dreadlocks. You can now do a lot to your hair without worrying about hurting or changing it too much thanks to this trend. So where do you even begin?

You will need scissors, 100% acrylic yarn, and a little perseverance to make your first yarn dreads. This is the comprehensive guide:

  • Determine how long you want your dreads to be, double it, and then cut the yarn into several dozen equal parts.
  • Put two to five strands of yarn in one hand and the equal amount in the other (the more strands, the thicker the loc).
  • Connect them in a “T-shape,” which is similar to a chain.
  • Before applying dreads, hydrate your hair because it’s a protective hairdo.
  • Insert the middle of the T-shaped yarn under a strand of your hair, which you may choose to twist if you’d like.
  • Braid three strands in a regular manner beginning at the roots.
  • It makes no difference if you braid all the way through or stop halfway.
  • Gather three to four strands of yarn and encircle the braid. Continue wrapping until the strand’s end is reached.
  • Once you get to the finish, tie a knot and braid the remaining hair two or three times.
  • Using scissors, trim off any extra pieces, then burn the tip of each loc.

Advantages of Yarn Dreads

Do you need more justifications for making yarn dreads? They always look exciting, to start. You have the option of selecting a single yarn hue or combining multiple colors in an inventive way. Dreadlocks with yarn are one of the best protective looks. Compared to most extensions, they are less expensive, lighter, easier to DIY at home, and require less maintenance. It is possible to wash, condition, and moisturize yarn dreads.

Cons of Yarn Dreads

Yarn dreads don’t normally cause many issues for women. Everything works OK except that they can gather lint, are heavy when wet, and take a long time to dry. And that’s it!

1. Forehead Braid with Beads

After the yarn is in your hair, all you need to do is style your locs to fit your unique look. The face is impressively framed by this forehead braid. Additionally, the side ponytail drapes over your shoulder, giving your ensemble a fun element.

Source: @kersti.pitre

2. Half Up Dreads Bun

How about using yarn to create faux locs in dark brown or black, for a more realistic-looking look? Perfect for both business and play, they’re sure to draw attention. To finish, leave half of the hair hanging down while you twist the locs up into a high bun.

Source: @ohaiadeola

3. Bright Genie Locs

Are you looking to spice up your look? Without a doubt, pastel genie locs are the way to go. The braids look stylish and modern when worn on one side. Additionally, the gold clips go well with the hairstyle and look stunning when paired with other metallic pieces like necklaces and earrings.

Source: @slamridd

4. High Ponytail with Undercut

This has to be the most edgy inspirational photo we have of locs. If you want to wear your locs updos, gathering them into a ponytail can make them quite thick and cumbersome. For a more intriguing and manageable mane, try a sharp undercut with shaved designs.

Source: @krishtun

5. Half Up Top Knot

Here’s evidence that there are numerous gorgeous ways to wear yarn hair. Thick, deep red locs are a timeless fashion trend that will never go out of style. After dividing the hair in half, style the top into a stylish high half-up bun.

Source: @naturalbeauty0214

6. Colorful Mohawk Ponytail

The mohawk, which was popularized by 90s punk rock, is a style that will never go out of style. Make sure you’re at ease with bright colors if you want to carry off the look. It will only look good in the brightest tones!

Source: @deidrenichole

7. Golden Jumbo Locs

Don’t be scared to experiment with thicker braids; it can yield significant benefits. Every day, Jumbo Dreads in golden blonde appear amazing and ready for the beach. Take note of the adorable band details as well.

Source: @polished_braids

8. Thick Green Dreads

A casual half-updo might accentuate chunky yarn faux locs. The best option is to tie up a quick and simple dreads bun on top of the head and let the remaining braids hang loose. The two-tone look is hip and vintage.

Source: @keeblack_

9. Colorful Boho Braids

Now, no one stated that you had to use extensions in the same drab shade of gray. Never forget that you can be really creative with this kind of hairdo. A bold, daring color combination of sleek locs will make a big impression. Bohemian style at its finest.

Source: @miccheckk12

10. Vibrant Mohawk with Shaved Sides

You may quickly achieve a dynamic statement style with a neat side shave haircut. If you combine it with some vivid neon pink dye yarn dreads, you might have a winning combination. The braids can be worn backwards or swept to one side.

Source: @idlelocs

11. Halo Yarn Dreads

A halo-like hairstyle is mirrored by whipping the braids over the top and pinning them up. Many individuals believe that wearing yarn locs down is all you do. Why not give it a shot and give the classic a new spin?

Source: @keeblack_

12. Jumbo Bun with Twist Braids

These twisted braids and thick dreadlocks elevate the hippie look to an entirely new level, deviating greatly from natural hair. You can play about with thickness, color, and pattern. These days, yarn locs crochet braids are becoming more and more well-liked.

Source: @tealtresses

13. Surfer Twist Braids

A full-on bun can occasionally seem a little too formal. Instead, why not attempt something in the middle? In straightforward downdos, thicker braids with highlights and beads appear effortlessly elegant. Secure it with pins after encircling the remaining locs with a side section!

Source: @polished_braids

14. Heavy Yarn Wraps

Not all yarn dreads are slender and elegant. Instead, they could appear remarkably different. These wraps are long, layered, and have a medium thickness. The shade of khaki exudes a very gritty vibe. Perfect for ladies who are younger and more daring.

Source: @natalyneri

15. Dread Weave

Of course, this hairstyle’s potential for protection is a major factor in its popularity among African-American women. Letting your hair grow while sporting a fun haircut with locs or dreadlocks you really like is one of the easiest things you can do to promote hair development.

Source: @braids_andhair

16. Easy Top Knot

For your locs, how much yarn will you need? Depending on how long you would like them to last. Typically, one or two packets of yarn will be plenty to finish your head, which is fantastic if you’re trying to save money. In addition to being simple and versatile, yarn loc styles are really stylish. Take this enormous bun, for example.

Source: @shaybuttaelbarbette

17. Gray Yarn Locs Bob

Why make an effort to halt time? Even in traditional gray locs, aging women can look amazing. Yarn dreadlocks don’t have to be lengthy; they can be low-maintenance, layered, and take the shape of a bob.

Source: @firstladyhairbraiding

18. Yarn Dreads Extensions

Wool will cause your natural hair to dry out, so choose acrylic yarn instead when choosing yarn for your dreads extensions. While one-length medium-to-long dreads are a terrific option, you may also experiment with short locs or layered, colorful dreads.

Source: @shaybuttaelbarbette

19. Really Wild Locs

Are you prepared to experiment a bit with yarn locs hairstyles? This is a look that is reminiscent of animal prints that you have probably seen before. Even when you wear two-tone thick yarn wraps freely hanging without any additional embellishment, they still seem dimensional and sophisticated.

Source: @youngmedusas_

20. Bold Fake Dreadlocks

For good reason, younger women are more likely to favor faux dreadlocks than actual ones. Here, you can incorporate as many colors and patterns as you like. The yarn locs look more carefree and relaxed when swept to the side.

Source: @tealtresses
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