30 Awesome White Blonde Hair Color Ideas To Try!

You’ve made up your mind to try white blonde hair, then? Let me begin by emphasizing that being a white blonde is not for the timid. To get there safely, you’ll need to commit some cash and spare some time.

Even so, well-executed white blonde hair turns heads and looks fantastic on a lot of people. For advice and inspiration, continue reading if you’re thinking about going completely “Khaleesi” white.

How Do You Get Your Hair White Blonde?

As opposed to what is commonly believed, white blonde hair color is actually bleached until it turns white, or “de-colored.” White blonde hair is the outcome of all the pigment that gives your natural color being removed from the locks. Your hair may get bleach-damaged as a result of the process, so you’ll need to start getting frequent treatments and high-quality shampoo and conditioner.

Also, to maintain the fresh, non-brassy look of white blonde hair, regular maintenance appointments at the salon should be made every month or every two months. You will also need to consider what kind of hair brushes, dryers, curling irons, and hair accessories you might require in order to prevent further damage to your white blonde hair, which is more prone to splitting and breakage.

Does having white blonde hair seem like a dangerous thing to do? Going blonde is, well, always is. You might still be persuaded to put all of your worries aside by looking at the gorgeous white blonde hair color shades in the following pictures.

1. Bombshell White Blonde Waves

Achieving rooted white blonde waves with neutral-icy tones requires a meticulous process. A full head bleach tip-out, shadow root, and icy toner are key components to achieving this stunning look.

Source: @chrisweberhair

2. Show Your Grays

For mature women with white or gray hair, transitioning to white blonde offers a stylish solution to blend out regrowth and embrace an edgy aesthetic. Minimal maintenance is required, with regular use of silver shampoo at home to preserve the vibrant color.

Source: @romeufelipe

3. Beautiful Platinum Blonde Bob

A global white blonde with beige tones exudes elegance and versatility, complementing various skin tones. Positioned between warm and cool hues on the color wheel, this shade offers a universally flattering option for those seeking a chic and sophisticated look.

Source: @stebunovhair

4. White Blonde Hair with Lived-In Roots

Relaxed beach waves showcase natural brown roots and platinum blonde highlights, creating dimensional contrast. Leaving some of the natural hair color between foils allows for longer intervals between salon visits, making this style both stunning and low-maintenance.

Source: @nataliarok

5. Sexy Volume

Soft white blonde hair with pearl tones epitomizes blonde aspirations, especially when styled with voluminous waves. Using a 1.5-inch barrel adds luxurious softness and volume, while heat protectant and dry texture spray enhance root lift for added oomph.

Source: @maggiemh

6. Chic Platinum White Shade

Achieving a chic platinum blonde look involves meticulous tipping out and highlighting, particularly for long thick hair. Extra maintenance is required to preserve hair health and prevent brassiness, emphasizing the importance of using appropriate products.

Source: @bangmyhair

7. Fashionably Stylish

A short cropped style in white blonde epitomizes ultimate fashion chic, perfect for the streets of Paris. Regular color regrowth sessions and trims are essential for upkeep, but the versatility and style options make it a worthwhile choice for the fashion-forward.

Source: @yukistylist

8. Effortlessly Stylish

Stunning white blonde hair with subtle root stretch offers a lived-in aesthetic, ideal for a long bob. Soft beach wave texture adds dimension and flair to this elegant look, showcasing the beauty of white blonde locks.

Source: @hairbykimtran

9. Smudge that Root

Pretty platinum waves with a soft lived-in root allow for extended intervals between salon visits. Dark roots not only blend regrowth but also add depth and volume to the hair, resulting in a thicker appearance.

Source: @hairbyjazzmine

10. Bright Boho Beach Wave

White blonde hair shines beautifully in photographs, especially when styled with waves to showcase depth and dimension. This style is perfect for bridal looks, particularly for beach weddings, exuding a romantic and ethereal charm.

Source: @mattrazook

11. Chic Cropped Curls

A full head bleach and tone create a bold yet stunning effect for natural hair, resulting in a striking white blonde color. This transformation involves meticulous color stripping and dyeing to achieve a pearl tone, adding dimension to cropped curls.

Source: @michellethompsonhair

12. Mesmerizing Icy Blonde Waves

Ashy platinum hair color complements medium wavy locks, offering a trendy and stunning appearance. Suitable for various hair textures, this icy blonde hue adds a touch of allure and sophistication to any look.

Source: @hairbylisamathews

13. Voluminous Blonde Hairstyle for Thin Locks

Platinum blonde requires diligent at-home care routines to maintain its vibrancy, particularly for thin locks. Long curtain bangs add volume and dimension, enhancing the hairstyle’s overall appeal.

Source: @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

14. Choppy Short Cut for Blondes

A pixie cut with side-swept bangs offers a cool hairstyle makeover, accentuated by a bright blonde hue. Choosing the right shade of blonde to complement the skin tone ensures a striking and personalized look.

Source: @arashcuts2

15. Inverted White Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

This sought-after white blonde hue transforms straight hair into a stylish and modern masterpiece. Regular use of purple shampoo helps preserve the icy tone, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and freshness.

Source: @hairbyduhsavannah

16. Icy Tones for Classic Straight Lob

Cool blonde tones make a bold statement, enhancing both fair and tan skin tones. This platinum straight lob exudes sophistication and elegance, perfect for those seeking a contemporary and stylish appearance.

Source: @daisy_goord

17. White Blonde Pixie for Black Women

A white blonde pixie haircut exudes edgy sophistication, particularly when paired with bold accessories. This style makes a striking statement, perfect for standing out at any event or gathering.

Source: @hairbyuno

18. Medium Blonde Shag

Tousled texture and shaggy layers add volume and movement to blonde locks, offering dimension and flair. While versatile for all hair types, radical coloring like white blonde should be approached with caution for damaged hair.

Source: @rachelwstylist

19. Flattering Side-Parted Stacked Bob

Maintaining the longevity of a pearl blonde shade is essential, especially with a short cut like a bob pixie. Styling the locks to the side adds a relaxed and natural look, emphasizing the beauty of white blonde hair.

Source: @ambermcmahen

20. White Blonde Bob Transformation

A stunning blunt platinum blonde bob transforms short hair into a voluminous masterpiece. Face-framing highlights add contrast and dimension, enhancing the overall shape and complexion.

Source: @mac_daddybeauty

21. Blonde Layered Waves and Black Roots

Contrasting dark roots with white blonde hair creates a stylish and unconventional look. Choppy layers and waves add movement and texture to fine locks, offering a chic and contemporary appearance.

Source: @seolahair

22. No Split Ends Allowed!

Maintaining healthy, full-looking white blonde hair requires regular haircuts and split end prevention. Blunt cuts like this help keep white blonde hair looking thick and vibrant.

Source: @haargenau_catwalk

23. Chic White Blonde Shade

White blonde hair looks stunning with waves, offering a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Styling the hair with a slight curl at the ends adds a contemporary touch to this timeless hue.

Source: @hairbylindal

24. Style It Up

Preserving white blonde hair requires minimizing wash frequency to avoid drying out the hair. Experimenting with a deep side part and waves helps camouflage two to three-day-old hair, maintaining a fresh and voluminous style.

Source: @emerson_ferrazoficial

25. The 80’s and 90’s Are Back

Cap streaks make a comeback with this white blonde “frosted” look, achieved through traditional streaking methods. Regular salon visits ensure consistent lightening of new growth, maintaining the bright white blonde color.

Source: @sacaumut

26. High-Contrast Blonde Hair

A striking bleach and tone technique, coupled with blended-out dark roots, create a high-contrast effect. Blending roots extends time between salon visits, while regular toners and purple shampoo upkeep preserve the white blonde hue.

Source: @seolahair

27. Perfect Pearl Princess

Achieve icy white blonde perfection with meticulous maintenance. Monthly toners and bi-monthly highlights ensure the vibrancy of this stunning shade, making it well worth the effort for those seeking a flawless look.

Source: @emerson_ferrazoficial

28. Shag It Up

The modern white blonde shag epitomizes contemporary style and is perfect for growing out a short pixie cut. Styling with a medium-size round brush adds playful flips, enhancing the shaggy bob’s charm and versatility.

Source: @sydniiee

29. Pop of Pearl

Cool skin tones complement cool white blonde shades, with a pearl tone adding shine and dimension to the hair. This style offers a sophisticated and elegant appearance, perfect for those seeking a refined and polished look.

Source: @xcellentbeautysalon

30. Boxy Ash Blonde Bob

Indecisive between ashy and white blonde? Opt for an all-over bleach followed by an ash toner for a chic compromise. This stunning bob transformation exudes modernity and sophistication, perfect for a bold and confident statement.

Source: @nat_doeshair
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