36 Wedge Haircuts for Feminine Short Hair Inspiration

If you enjoy the style of the 1960s, a wedge cut is the appearance for you. Soft bangs, inversions, and stacked layers bring the look up to date. Wedge haircuts are best suited for straight strands, but they can also work with waves and curls. Check out the best wedge haircuts below and discover how attractive they can be!

Wedges are fantastic because of their attractive silhouette, which allows you to have longer fringe towards the face, a voluminous crown, and a clean nape with your short hair. You can choose an elongated wedge, the classic style, or a shorter cut, as well as experiment with layers, textures, and hair colors. Here are a few cute ideas.

1. Elegant Short Cut with Face-Framing Layers

A layered bob remains a timeless choice for those with thin hair. The longer strands at the front elegantly frame the face, drawing attention to its beauty and making this style truly admirable.

Source: @beto_fariaa

2. Sassy Pixie Bob with Cool Blonde Balayage

This chic and sassy short haircut not only requires minimal maintenance but also exudes effortless coolness. By styling your hair to the side and incorporating platinum blonde highlights, you add depth to your strands, giving the illusion of fuller hair.

Source: @ambermcmahen

3. Sleek Wedge Haircut for Thick Hair

Achieve a chic and sophisticated look with this elegant wedge haircut, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. Leave a section of front layers above one ear for a touch of edginess, allowing you to stand out with grace.

Source: @ashtheresehair

4. Bulky Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

The versatility of the pixie bob cut makes it a favorite among fashionistas of all ages. Golden blonde layers blend seamlessly with the brown base, creating an airy and voluminous style ideal for those with thin hair.

Source: @1chair1mirror

5. Long Layered Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Tousled layered hairstyles are a current trend in short haircuts, adding an element of charm and mystery. Incorporating long wispy bangs and a rich red-brown hair color elevates this style, drawing attention to your captivating look.

Source: @kazuyakobayashi

6. Textured Bob with Bangs for Thick Hair

This versatile hairstyle strikes the perfect balance between neatness and allure, suitable for any occasion. Short layers on top help manage the thickness of your hair, while the fringe adds a touch of charm, accentuating your eyes’ beauty.

Source: @monabani_hairstylist

7. Stylish Black and White Haircut

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even your favorite piece of clothing. Embrace the classic appeal of black and white stripes in your hair, adding a unique and exciting pattern to your style.

Source: @saharkarimi1986

8. Wedge Cut with Side Bangs

Choosing the right bangs style can enhance your features, especially for round faces. An asymmetrical wedge cut with a deep side part offers a slimming effect and adds a hint of drama, perfect for a chic and sophisticated look.

Source: @monabani_hairstylist

9. Classic Wedge Haircut for Gray Hair

For those seeking a traditional yet stylish look, the classic wedge haircut is a perfect choice. Best suited for thin, angular faces, this hairstyle adds softness and dimension, enhancing your natural beauty.

Source: @haarstudiowaltraud

10. Bouncy Brown Bob Cut

Achieve voluminous and lively short hair with this simple yet effective trick. Crop your strands close at the nape of the neck to draw attention to the fuller crown, adding instant volume to your style.

Source: @elhamnikooe_haircut

11. Modern Wedge Cut with Highlighted Layers

Break the monotony of a thick wedge haircut with subtle highlights, adding dimension and depth to your style. Natural-looking tones complement the base color, offering texture without overwhelming the look.

Source: @srstudio__

12. Dark Brown Bob with Copper Underlayer

Enhance your hairstyle with a contrasting underlayer, injecting vibrant color into your look. Styling your layers backward adds volume to this cute stacked wedge cut, ensuring a head-turning appearance.

Source: @ateliehairlili

13. Curly Wedge Cut with Highlights

Opt for a sassy and low-maintenance hairstyle with a short wedge cut for naturally curly hair. Incorporating longer curly fringe and subtle blonde highlights adds texture and liveliness to your curls, elevating your overall look.

Source: @lizzhouser

14. Voluminous Layered Wedge Cut

Elegant and flattering, the Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut remains a timeless classic. Warm blonde highlights complement your natural hair color, adding dimension and volume to your style. Blow dry with a round brush for added volume and impact.

Source: @saharkarimi1986

15. Retro Wedge Hairstyle with Dark Roots

Sandy blonde highlights infuse this hairstyle with fullness and intrigue. Lift the roots with a blow dryer and tease them slightly for extra volume, revealing the texture of your highlighted hair for a retro-inspired look.

Source: @platis_cutcolorcare

16. Long Highlighted Pixie Cut

Incorporating long front layers into your pixie cut adds style and sophistication. Paired with blonde highlights, this style exudes volume and movement, enhancing your overall glow and allure.

Source: @tiagojbarreto

17. Posh Wedged Bob Haircut

This unique take on the wedge haircut adds stacked layers and soft sweeping bangs, lending a feminine flair to the style. Perfect for women with long faces, this low-maintenance haircut offers both style and sophistication.

Source: @tracychesterhair

18. Maroon Stacked Bob

Expert layering and strategic angles combine to create a head-turning hairstyle. With a beautiful hue and lovely texture, this stacked bob is guaranteed to make a statement wherever you go.

Source: @hair_location

19. Stacked Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

Make a bold statement with this eye-catching short hairstyle. A subtle nape undercut adds allure to this wedge cut, while curling the longer locks in front softens the look, adding a touch of femininity.

Source: @jmizhair

20. Classic Blonde Wedge Hairstyle

Simple yet elegant, this wedge haircut is a favorite among women over 60. Layers of different lengths create volume and shape, while a beautiful sandy blonde hue adds sophistication to the look.

Source: @goldsworthyshair

21. Layered Wedge Haircut with Highlights

Put your own spin on the classic wedge haircut with golden blonde highlights. Short layers in the back and longer pieces throughout the top offer a versatile and stylish look, perfect for any occasion.

Source: @irynashapranhair

22. Precision Cut Wedge Bob

For those with a fashion-forward sense and confidence, this precision cut wedge bob is a perfect choice. Straight hair easily replicates this sleek style without the need for additional hair products.

Source: @stanleyman001

23. Curly Wedge Haircut

It’s the little details that make an impact, as seen in this curly wedge haircut. Combining small and large curls creates texture that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Source: @rcgimenes

24. Feathered Wedge Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Find balance and style with this must-try haircut. Stacked waves add texture to the back of the wedge cut, while long feathered bangs soften the face, creating a harmonious look.


25. Bulky Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

Looking for a change from simple styles? This stacked wedge haircut adds layers and texture, making fine hair appear thicker and fuller, perfect for those seeking a more dynamic look.

Source: @shearperfectionbyrichard

26. Blunt Dark Wedge Bob

Embrace edgy sophistication with this sleek black hairstyle. Easy to style and maintain, this wedge bob exudes chicness and elegance, perfect for making a statement.

Source: @kthestylistb

27. Modern Wedge Cut for Straight Hair

Versatile and chic, this razored wedge bob suits any occasion. Ideal for longer or narrower faces, this haircut offers versatility and style without compromising on elegance.

Source: @beto_fariaa

28. Vibrant Magenta Short Wedge Cut

Make a bold statement with this edgy wedge hairstyle. Magenta balayage contrasts beautifully with dark hair, creating a unique and eye-catching style that’s sure to stand out.

Source: @slayer_artistry

29. Wedge Haircut with Long Side Swept Bangs

Add volume and dimension to your short hairstyle with long layered bangs and a deep side part. Blonde highlights enhance the overall look, providing a natural-looking body and depth to the hair color.

Source: @salvador_salon

30. Gorgeous Silver Wedge Cut

Embrace the beauty of gray hair with this fashion-forward wedge cut. Paired with an ear-length frame, this hairstyle tightens up the face, creating a stunning and sophisticated look.

Source: @_marisainaz_

31. The New Bob

The bob haircut remains a timeless favorite, embraced by people of all ages. Stand out from the crowd with well-placed highlights and an angled style, adding a touch of individuality to your look.

Source: @alexisbutterflyloft

32. Sandy Shag

Effortless beach waves exude a carefree and desirable vibe. Perfect for the free-spirited individual, this tousled texture adds a touch of sunshine to any look.

Source: @jcarcolor

33. Balayage and Tousled Strands

Create thickness throughout the crown of your head with a stacked inverted cut, ideal for fine hair. Balayage highlights add dimension to the style, ensuring it remains light and airy.

Source: @modernsalon

34. Soft and Sassy

Tailor a short wedge cut to suit your face shape, adding angles and structure with long side-swept bangs and layers. Perfect for oval and round faces, this hairstyle offers both style and sass.

Source: @modernsalon

35. Red Hot

For those craving volume, opt for a more extreme angle in your wedge cut. Shorter layers in the back add bulk, while a bright color throughout the top breaks up the density, creating a vibrant and eye-catching style.

Source: @ciliciarene

36. Go for Gold

Simple yet fashionable, this wedge haircut is easy to maintain and style. Pair with bold brows and eyeliner to ensure your features pop against light hair, adding sophistication to your overall look.

Source: @modernsalon
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