20 Elegant Vintage Updos That You Should Try!

Vintage updos are ideal for formal occasions or when you simply want to spice up your casual hairstyles. Looking into the past for new ideas will not leave you empty-handed. We have twenty elegant updos for you to try out, all inspired by charming hairstyles from previous decades and historical beauties.

We adore vintage-inspired hairstyles because they exude feminity. They may still be a little sloppy as a modern upgrade to popular styles from the past. Perfect hair-to-hair buns, bouffants, and glorious rolls await you!

1. Reverse Tuck

Imagine you’re Cinderella at the ball, with a handsome prince by your side! Okay, he’s just your boyfriend, and you don’t even have glass slippers, but you look the part. With this updo, you don’t even need a fairy godmother to grant your wishes.

Source: Parlor

2. Elegant Vintage Beehive Updo

When you think of beehives, do you envision a secretary from the 1960s typing away on a typewriter with exceptionally long but well-manicured fingernails? You can achieve similar volume with a bath loofa at home. Interested?

Source: A Beautiful Mess

3. Pin-Up Victory Rolls

This updo is just perfect! If you decide to try this style yourself, make sure to complement the retro vibes in your hair with matching makeup. Swipe on bright red lipstick, carefully create a winged upper lid, and you’ll look like a beauty straight out of a time machine.

Source:  The Freckled Fox

4. Elegant Braided Vintage Updo

If you want something a little more understated, try this style. To do it yourself, divide your hair into three sections. French braid the right side down along your hairline, then repeat on the left. Braid the two braids together, leaving a chunk of hair in the middle, and tuck the braid into a small bun.

Source: The Glamorous Housewife

5. Swirl and Twirl

Don’t be that girl at the prom who wears the same variation of the updo as everyone else. This style allows you to stand out from the crowd on prom night while still maintaining your impeccable sense of style. Make sure to use hairspray to keep your hair from flattening due to all the dancing.

Source: Cut Out + Keep

6. Simple Faux Bob Vintage Updo

Next Halloween, dress as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. This costume allows you to demonstrate your literary knowledge while also dressing like a fashionista from the 1920s. Try this hairstyle to complete your vintage look, and remember to wear an appropriate headband.

Source: November Grey

7. Vintage Ponytail

Never underestimate the power of a ponytail. It may be the most basic style of all time, but there are many ways to spice it up. Consider this lovely style as an example. A retro twist on the classic ponytail results in a chic hairstyle suitable for any occasion.

Source: Ma Nouvelle Mode

8. My Fair Lady Inspired Vintage Updo

Eliza Doolittle, anyone? If you haven’t been feeling particularly feminine or beautiful lately, do what she did and dress to impress (just on your own terms, ladies!). This My Fair Lady-inspired hairdo is the perfect way to shake up your style routine.

Source: Hopeful Honey

9. Pin-Up Swirl Updo

This sleek swirl is simple to recreate from the comfort of your own home. Section off the front middle section of your hair; that’s all you need for the swirl! Curl the ends lightly, then add volume with hairspray and a backcomb. Then, rearrange the hair into a swirl and pin it in place.

Source: PinupDollAshleyMarie

10. Vintage Updo For Natural Hair

Rocking natural hair is always a welcome change from heat styling and obsessing over the perfection of your locks. Next time you skip the blowdry, try this elegant updo before going out. With your hair pulled back, earrings will be even more noticeable, so choose your favorite pair.

Source: MariaAntoinetteTV

11. Gatsby-Inspired Updo

Start taking notes on Daisy Buchanan’s costume. Here’s another hairstyle option if you decide to play Gatsby’s love interest next Halloween. This updo is created with a headband and softly curled hair, and it exudes the flapper-esque vibe required to be Ms. Buchanan.

Source: Twist Me Pretty

12. Back Roll Vintage Updo

All you need to make this stunning back roll at home is a lovely scarf. Begin by tying it over your hair in a circle from the base of your head to just above your hairline. Pin it in place. Finish the look by tucking the hair into the scarf for a picture-perfect roll.

Source:  Tasha

13. Rolled Updo With A Flower

This look is all about finishing your hairstyle with flare. Ladies used to pin flowers into their elaborate updos to give them a more finished appearance. When you decide on a retro style, make sure to experiment with it yourself.

Source: Hair Romance

14. Twisted Vintage Updo On Natural Hair

Another cute updo for black hair. This stunning style is suitable for both outings and a relaxing night in with your boo. In the summer, this is an excellent hairstyle for staying cool and keeping your hair out of your face.

Source: ImShineStruck

15. Rockabilly Roll Hairstyle

Check out this cute hairstyle! The front roll adds character to a simple high ponytail. To achieve this volume, spray pieces of the front section with hairspray and backcomb as desired. There is no such thing as too much volume. When smoothing out the achieved roll, take care not to flatten it!

Source: Vintagious

16. ‘20s Inspired Vintage Updo With Finger Waves

If you’ve ever seen an old black-and-white film, you’ll recognize real finger waves. This style is all about getting your hair set properly. Wet the front pieces you’ll be working with and clip them into the appropriate wavy spots, spritzing with hairspray to hold them in place. With finger curls, you can transform any old updo into a vintage masterpiece.

Source: Two Happy Hearts

17. Flirty ‘50s Updo

Here’s a suggestion for future brides to consider. If you’re having a vintage-themed wedding or simply incorporating classic styles into your special day, try this hairstyle on your maids of honor. Pair it with a retro-inspired dress, preferably one that is above the knee. They’ll look absolutely adorable.

Source: Katy Straw

18. Fancy Rosettes Vintage Updo

So, you have a big night coming up. It could be anything that excites you, such as an art show, a first date, or a recital. The goal is to appear polished and impressive. This vintage hairstyle will definitely do the trick! Apply some cherry red lipstick to finish the look, and you’re ready for anything!

Source: Taming Rapunzel

19. Vintage Roll Hairstyle

Rolls and twists were popular in previous decades, which explains why so many of these styles feature large voluminous swirls of hair. It can be enjoyable to play around in front of the mirror until you get it right, but you won’t always have time for that. This effortless roll is ideal for a low-key vintage hairstyle that won’t take all morning to style.

Source: Violet LeBeaux

20. Crisscross Vintage Updo

This is a fun updo that gives the impression of a complex style when it’s actually two braids and a jumble of hair pinned up into messy perfection. Make sure to find a bow to complete your look! Nothing says’styled and put together’ like a bow.

Source: Evelina Barry
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