50 Best Banging Undercut Bob Ideas

A bob haircut with an undercut is incredibly versatile and simple to manage. There are more subdued options, such as a hidden undercut or a bob with an undercut nape, even if some of you could pull off a bold bob haircut with a shaved side with ease.

To view a collection of the greatest methods to style an undercut bob, scroll down. Which of these hairstyles are you brave enough to attempt?

Any bob style that has a buzz cut taper in the back or on the sides is called an undercut bob. Longer stands placed on top might frequently cover the area that has been shaved. Bolder undercut bob variations have a completely buzzed side and may also have a haircut style.

The undercut gained popularity among males in the 1910s–1940s, then again among women in the 1980s, and finally among girls in the past ten years.

1. Asymmetrical Bob with a Shaved Side

If you’re aiming for a more refined take on the undercut, this hairstyle offers the perfect blend of sophistication and edge. Incorporating a shaved side into the classic bob shape adds a touch of spice while ensuring an overall polished and office-appropriate look.

Source: @skareje

2. Layered A-Line Bob with an Undercut

This angled undercut layered bob exudes a shaggy and feathered charm that looks equally stunning whether worn straight or with waves. The deep berry-red highlights not only complement the cut but also add dimension to the hairstyle. Don’t forget to use volume powder or spray to perfect this versatile look.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

3. Fiery Red Curly Undercut Bob

With its bright burnt red hue, this hairstyle is a true showstopper. The shaved side adds an extra element of freedom and rebellion, whether you choose to wear your hair straight or enhance it with textured curls for added flair.

Source: @hairbykatkirchner

4. Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Say goodbye to excess bulkiness with this undercut pixie bob. Shaving the sides eliminates any unnecessary weight, resulting in a haircut that feels lightweight, edgy, and effortlessly glamorous.

Source: @boisebalayagegirl

5. Angled Bob with an Undercut Nape

Enhance your facial features with the classic shape of an undercut stacked bob. The subtle nape undercut adds a touch of femininity and elegance, making it a chic and trendy choice while showcasing your neckline.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

6. Blunt Bob with Hair Tattoo Undercut

Elevate your blunt bob with a creative twist by incorporating an intricate hair tattoo into the undercut. Whether it’s a bold pattern or a delicate design, this addition brings a unique flair to your hairstyle. Paired with juicy red highlights, this look is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Source: @la_miriage

7. Blonde Bob with a Shaved Side

Experience the versatility of the undercut bob with this chic hairstyle. Whether swept to the side to accentuate the shaved area or parted in the middle to conceal it, this look allows for effortless customization to suit your mood and style.

Source: @emilydoesyahair

8. Perfect Precision Undercut Bob With a V-Shave Neckline

Achieve a clean and sharp look with this precision bob haircut featuring seamlessly blended layers and refined outlines. The V-shaped undercut at the neckline adds a distinctive touch, completing the silhouette with elegance. For styling, simply blow dry your hair following its natural fall to achieve a polished finish.

Source: @lavrenova_olya

9. Platinum Bob with a Side Undercut

Inject new life into your bob haircut with a side undercut, perfect for breaking away from the routine. Adding this subtle accent brings a fresh and modern feel to your look, revitalizing your appearance with a touch of novelty.

Source: @amber.gvl

10. Short Bob with Undercut and Sweeping Bangs

Embrace timeless elegance with this angled, mid-length stacked bob. The graduated back, shaved underneath, combined with longer sides, creates volume and dimension, while sweeping bangs add a charming detail to personalize the style.

Source: @katharinefuller

11. Sharp-Edge Ginger Undercut Bob

Transform your short bob with layers and sharp edges for a bold and refined look. By shaving the lower nape area, you achieve a precise outline that enhances your natural neckline, creating a sleek and polished appearance.

Source: @lavrenova_olya

12. Short Stacked Bob with Undercut

Opt for a chin-length stacked bob with an undercut nape to add volume to the crown area. Texturizing paste applied after a blow-out enhances the texture, giving your hair a fuller and more dynamic look.

Source: @zaorzoharisakov

13. Brunette Bob with a Fringe and Undercut

Revamp the classic bob with a fresh and unexpected twist by pairing it with a fringe and an undercut. Ideal for thick, heavy hair, this haircut reduces styling time while maintaining a stylish and modern aesthetic.

Source: @bishops.sanjosedowntown

14. Inverted Bob with Hidden Undercut

Achieve a sleek and streamlined look with this inverted bob featuring a hidden undercut. Shaving the lower nape area reduces volume, resulting in easier and quicker styling without compromising on style.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

15. Undercut Lob Haircut with Highlights

Add a playful touch to your lob haircut with blonde highlights and a shaved side. Whether worn wavy or straight, this hairstyle exudes femininity and charm, with the shaved side adding a hint of edge to the overall look.

Source: @alicia_wunderbar

16. Mint Color Undercut Bob

This mint hairstyle epitomizes the essence of refined style with its neon color and a side undercut. The combination creates a dreamy yet modern look, showcasing the importance of attention to detail in achieving a truly captivating appearance.

Source: @muahbytiinal

17. Chin Length Bob with a Hidden Undercut

Experience the versatility of a hidden undercut, offering the option to switch between two distinct hairstyles effortlessly. A simple change in parting can completely transform your look, allowing you to express both your wild and humble sides with ease.

Source: @bettihawk

18. Stacked Bob with an Undercut

Witness the resurgence of the stacked bob, now infused with a modern twist. The addition of a back or side undercut injects a contemporary edge into this once traditional hairstyle, making it effortlessly chic and feminine.

Source: @tanyusha_younusova

19. Sleek Ginger Undercut Bob with Bangs

Elevate your style with a sleek ginger bob featuring a striking undercut. Achieving this immaculate finish may require regular use of a flat iron, but the combination of vibrant color and crisp lines makes it a trendsetting statement worth the effort.

Source: @ivanaspicer

20. Inverted Bob with Shaved Temples

Embrace a modern interpretation of the classic bob with shaved temples adding a touch of sophistication. Tucking the hair behind your ear showcases the shaved side, while a touch of hair gel ensures a polished finish that exudes elegance.

Source: @apostoldiana

21. Slicked-Back Short Undercut Bob

Even subtle changes can elevate a classic bob into a super trendy style. With a slight adjustment in length and the addition of a nape undercut, this slicked-back look exudes sophistication and modernity, perfect for making a statement.

Source: @edensalonpadova

22. Angled Undercut Bob with Blunt Bangs

Experience the best of both worlds with this elegant yet edgy hairstyle featuring straight angled hair, short fringe, and a V-shaped undercut. The combination creates a bold and dynamic look that’s sure to turn heads.

Source: @gbhdesign

23. Ginger Short Undercut Bob

Unlock the versatility of your hairstyle with this undercut shaggy bob, offering effortless transitions between feminine charm and daring style. Simply sweep your locks to the side to reveal the undercut and switch up your look with ease.

Source: @sabrayna_

24. Stylish Gray Undercut Bob Hairstyle

For women over 50 seeking a modern update, this precisely cut bob with a subtle undercut offers a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. Clean lines and crisp ends complement the gray hair, adding a touch of sass to your style.

Source: @moriconi_hair_fashion_dal1934

25. Edgy Half-Shaved Long Bob

Update your mid-length hair with a hidden undercut featuring a minimalistic design. This understated detail opens up a world of styling options, allowing you to embrace your inner rebel without compromising on sophistication.

Source: @undercut_trends

26. Long Pixie Bob with an Undercut

Brighten up your undercut pixie bob with blonde highlights, adding dimension and visual appeal to your natural locks. This simple yet effective technique breathes new life into your hairstyle, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Source: @pamela_cabelos

27. Undercut Stacked Bob and Glasses

Flatter your face shape and hair type with this undercut bob featuring bangs, perfect for thick or fine hair. The stacked shape and layered cut enhance volume and texture, offering a flattering and versatile hairstyle for every occasion.

Source: @stephthehairartist

28. Jet Black Undercut A-Line Bob

Make a bold statement with a jet black undercut A-line bob that accentuates the contrast between the top and buzzed hair at the nape. Whether you opt for blunt or side-swept bangs, the focus remains on the striking undercut, adding a touch of drama to your look.

Source: @hairssari65

29. Auburn Stacked Bob with Undercut

Embrace your youthful spirit with an undercut A-line bob that elongates the face and adds flair with its vibrant copper hue. The longer front locks complement the stacked shape, creating a dynamic hairstyle that exudes confidence and style.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

30. Shaved Side Wavy Bob

Channel charm and femininity with a shaggy undercut bob enhanced by wavy or curly textures. Despite the obvious undercut, the overall style retains a delicate and soft aesthetic, showcasing the perfect balance between edge and elegance.

Source: @sedatmamur

31. Curly Undercut Pixie Bob Haircut

Infuse your style with a rock-chick vibe by pairing voluminous curls with a high undercut temple. The bold contrast between the shaved side and bouncy spirals, coupled with subtle highlights, creates a striking and edgy look that demands attention.

Source: @sabrayna_

32. Ultra-Short Undercut Bob

Achieve chic sophistication with an ultra-short bob featuring a shaved nape, blending classic and modern elements seamlessly. This micro-length hairstyle offers a cool and effortless option for the woman on the go, requiring minimal styling for maximum impact.

Source: @estilo_go

33. Modern Undercut Pixie Bob

Embrace your boldness and individuality with a stylish undercut pixie bob that exudes confidence and flair. While undercut hairstyles may require courage, the result is undeniably fabulous, offering a modern twist on a timeless classic.

Source: @slhairstudio

34. Eye-Catching Blunt Bixie Undercut

Command attention with an angled bob featuring blunt ends and a bold undercut, elevated by vivid pink highlights. This captivating style makes a bold statement, reflecting your creative personality and fearless approach to fashion.

Source: @giganthair

35. Red Copper Bob with Short Nape Undercut

Inject vibrancy and sass into your look with a red copper bob featuring a short nape undercut. The combination of a striking color and edgy undercut adds a unique dimension to your personal style, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Source: @gina_ladybarber

36. Side Undercut Bob for Fine Hair

Opt for a longer version of the popular undercut pixie bob, with ear-length hair on one side and a short shave on the other. This bold asymmetry adds a creative touch to your style, making a statement while embracing your individuality.

Source: @yourbaddiehairgirl

37. Silver Undercut Bixie with Bangs

Challenge age stereotypes with a shaved bob style that looks stunning on gray hair. This chic and modern haircut rejuvenates your appearance, proving that style knows no age limits.

Source: @zaralvhair

38. Medium Shaggy Bob with a Shaved Side

Strike the perfect balance between everyday versatility and eye-catching style with a medium-length shaggy bob featuring a shaved side. Whether hidden or revealed, the undercut adds an element of intrigue to your look, ensuring you always stand out from the crowd.

Source: @undercut_trends

39. Polished Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut

Have fun with your hairstyle by combining classic elegance with edgy asymmetry. This side-shaved undercut bob offers a surprising twist on a timeless shape, allowing you to express your personality with confidence and flair.

Source: @mayari.hair

40. Half-Shaved Head Ginger Bob

Infuse your golden copper bob with modern flair by incorporating a high undercut for a playful yet elegant look. Whether you prefer subtle highlights or bold colors, this haircut ensures you make a fashionable statement wherever you go.

Source: @pixieruth

41. Undercut Shaggy Bob with Baby Bangs

Transform your straight, short hair into a chic and stylish masterpiece with this undercut shaggy bob. The addition of micro bangs softens the overall look, creating a balance between edgy and feminine.

Source: @pamela.chavezz

42. Dimensional Inverted Undercut Lob

Discover the versatility of an elongated bob paired with a subtle undercut for added flair. This angled bob with short undercut highlights the contrast between long front locks and a shaved nape, resulting in a dynamic and eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

43. Sharp Short Cut with Shaved Nape

Make a bold statement with a sharp-angled micro bob featuring a buzzed nape for a modern and edgy aesthetic. This haircut isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those willing to embrace its boldness, the result is truly unforgettable.

Source: @jasminep_hairstylist

44. Wavy Shaggy Undercut Bob

Enhance your medium-length bob with a shaved undercut for a look that’s both stylish and practical. The deep side part adds dimension to your face, framing your features and creating a flattering shape that’s perfect for any occasion.

Source: @sabrayna_

45. Trendy Ear-Length Undercut Bob

Showcase your modern sensibility with a short bob featuring a clean and shaved undercut. This eye-catching style, paired with mesmerizing pearl blonde color, ensures you make a bold fashion statement wherever you go.

Source: @edensalonpadova

46. Long Shaved Angled Bob

Achieve a flattering look with an A-line haircut tailored to suit your face shape. Whether you opt for longer front locks or above-chin-length bobs, a soft undercut adds a touch of sophistication to your style, enhancing your natural beauty effortlessly.

Source: @frange.parrucchieri

47. Side-Swept Short Bob Undercut

Express your individuality with a versatile undercut bob that complements different face shapes and hair types. Whether worn with a shaved side for a bold aesthetic or with subtle side-swept styling for a more understated look, this hairstyle offers endless possibilities for personalization.

Source: @rohit.popuphair

48. Shaved Undercut Bowl Bob

Add a playful twist to your hairstyle with a short bowl cut featuring a shaved nape for a unique and eye-catching look. This haircut is perfect for those who appreciate volume and fullness, with the undercut adding a touch of playfulness to the overall style.

Source: @vincent_romano_hair

49. Messy Blonde Bob Undercut

Elevate your blonde bob with a touch of edginess by incorporating a tousled undercut style with micro fringe. This playful yet chic hairstyle offers a modern take on a classic look, ensuring you stand out from the crowd with effortless charm.

Source: @mulletbabyy

50. Edgy Sleek Undercut Bob

Make a bold statement with an angled bob featuring a longer front and a shorter back, enhanced by a daring undercut. Whether you have thin or thick hair, this volume-boosting style adds dynamic flair to your look, showcasing your confident and trendsetting personality.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85
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