40 Different Types of Braids with Inspirational Samples

The world of diverse braid styles has something unique in store for everyone, regardless of experience level.

Because of its simplicity, the tried-and-true three-strand braid is a timeless favorite. However, the world of braided looks doesn’t end there! Consider braids like the Dutch, French, crown, and waterfall styles, to mention a few.

Stunning African braids offer countless options for gorgeous Afro-textured hair. They protect those gorgeous curls while also making a statement about fashion. Braids, whether they are Fulani tribal braids or knotless, are the best way to express your individuality while taking good care of your natural hair.

Every hair type, aesthetic, and occasion can be complemented by a braided look that ranges from effortlessly bohemian to sleek and sophisticated.

1. French Braid

One of the most fashionable and adaptable braiding styles is the classic French braid, which comes right after the basic three-strand braid. By carefully removing a few strands to frame your face, you can achieve a soft, romantic vibe or go for a polished, businesslike look.

Source: @roralovestrand

2. Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is essentially a French braid with a twist! You weave the hair underneath the other strands rather than over them. What you receive is a braid that stands out from your scalp and gives braided hair a little extra flair!

Source: @sabrinadijkman

3. Fishtail Braid

A fashionable take on classic braids are fishtail braids. Rather than having three strands, they are made up of two sections of hair that are carefully woven together to resemble a fishtail, hence the name. The fishtail braid reigns supreme as one of the most beautiful and intricate hairstyles for formal events.

Source: @melaninhairstyles

4. Crown Braid

Seeking that royal finishing touch for your prom ensemble? Now for the crown braid, a stylish option that has a royal feel to it. It thrives on a little grit and texture, so it’s a lifesaver on those days when your hair isn’t looking so fresh. You could even add some flair by combining different braids!

Source: @theupdogirl

5. Box Braids

Box braids are made in different sizes using a three-strand braiding technique. They usually start with sturdy knots at the roots, and the partings are square or triangular in shape. Do you want to add some flair? Consider wearing hair jewelry or adding some color!

Source: @trancascaroline

6. Cornrows

Women with textured or curly hair types benefit greatly from the protective style of cornrow braids. Although they are usually braided from front to back, you can give this traditional style a new twist by angling the braids diagonally, center-parted, or even in zigzag patterns.


7. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a fashionable braid style that originated with the Fulani people of West Africa. For a touch of culture, they frequently have a central section with side cornrows or braids that are embellished with beads, shells, or other decorative elements.

Source: @braids_n_makeup

8. Rope Braid

Two sections of hair are twisted around each other in opposite directions to create a rope braid, also called a twist braid. This gives your hairstyle a sophisticated, rope-like appearance that’s easy to achieve and refined.

Source: @jadefarmiloemua

9. 3D Braid

A three-dimensional braid can be thought of as an advanced form of braiding. It creates a multi-dimensional look that is sure to draw attention by weaving in multiple layers or by employing unique techniques.

Source: @toniandguy_winchester

10. Pigtail Braids

The key to pigtail braids is having fun! This look is perfect for reliving carefree childhood days, but it can also be easily dressed up for a more sophisticated look by adding some flexible-hold gel.

Source: @sara_hairstylista

11. Boxer Braids

Two sleek Dutch braids that are tightly woven from the top of your head to the nape of your neck make up the fashionable and sporty boxer braid. They’re ideal for adding a cool, edgy vibe to your everyday look or keeping your hair neatly out of your face while working out.

Source: @criouloshair

12. Side Braid

Your hair’s best friend when you want to give your appearance a little extra charm is a side braid. It’s just a simple braid that hangs over one shoulder, giving off a carefree yet fashionable vibe that works well for both special occasions and informal get-togethers.

Source: @brite.beauty

13. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk braids are the height of stylish edge! This striking style features a single braid that extends from the forehead to the back, with the sides shaved, tightly pulled up, or braided for an edgy, rebellious vibe.

Source: @houstontxbraider

14. Lemonade Braids

Inspired by Beyoncé’s iconic look from her “Lemonade” album, lemonade braids have become extremely popular worldwide. These tidy cornrow braids that are swept to the side pay tribute to African and African-American traditions. Use beads and colorful extensions to add your unique touch.

Source: @shirtrancas

15. Micro Braids

Consider them the miniature version of box braids! They are made on a smaller scale, but with the same three-strand technique. Even though micro braids are tiny, installing them takes a very long time. Thus, if you intend to rock this braid style, get ready to spend a lot of time in the chair. But the payoff is well worth the effort!

Source: @hairbywn

16. Thick Braids

Not only do thick Afro braids make a stylish fashion statement, but they also make excellent protective styles. They give you a gorgeous, low-maintenance look while protecting your natural hair from damage and encouraging natural hair growth. Win-win!

Source: @neyhairs_

17. Stitch Braids

Consider stitch braids to be the cornrow family’s fine artists! These braids are distinguished by their precisely stitched rows of hair that run parallel to one another, giving them a polished and sleek appearance.

Source: @themaysway

18. Crochet Braids

The crochet braiding technique, also known as latch hook braiding, is going to work its magic on your hair; it’s like taking a short cut to gorgeous, long braids! The name “crochet braid” comes from the fact that hair extensions are added to cornrows using a crochet hook. You can also choose from a variety of pre-made braid styles or locs, which will save you a ton of salon time.

Source: @aline_selfesteem

19. Bob Braids

Hairstyles for bobs with braids are so refreshing. They’re an excellent option for women whose hair is Afro-textured because they provide protection and low maintenance, all while enhancing your appearance with style.

Source: @brabodastrancas

20. Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid begins with a twist, much like a traditional French braid. Consider letting some strands fall like a lovely waterfall rather than incorporating them all to create an entrancing cascading effect.

Source: @saloneminence

21. Milkmaid Braids

Your go-to hairstyle for something adorable and romantic is a milkmaid braid! Two side braids—typically French or Dutch braids—that cross over the top of your head and come together at the crown comprise this braided hairstyle. Braids made from milk are ideal for summer gatherings!

Source: @styledby.sophie

22. Upside-Down Braid

Conventional braids are upended by an inverted braid! It creates a chic, inverted look by working upward from the nape of your neck. Whether you use a French or Dutch braid, this technique gives your hairstyle a little something extra.

Source: @arte.novia

23. Lace Braid

With a twist, the lace braid is similar to its carefree cousin, the Dutch braid. Here, the braid is asymmetrical due to the addition of sections to only one side. For those whose layers or front bangs are growing out, lace braids are the preferred option.

Source: @thebeachwaver

24. Infinity Braid

One of the most exquisite and complicated braid styles is the infinity braid, which forms a figure-eight pattern that resembles the infinite symbol. This elaborate pattern is a great way to give a prom or gala night ensemble a hint of refinement.

Source: @sandimonzon

25. Braided Bun

Buns and braided hairstyles are a match made in heaven! Cornrows, box braids, and Senegalese twists are great options for African-American women who want to make a statement with their buns. These braids provide a chic and useful protective style that can be elegantly wrapped into a bun.

Source: @hairbydamia

26. Braided Ponytail

Consider feed-in braids for extra length and impact in your braided ponytail for a striking appearance. You can style these braids into a high or low ponytail to up your hair game with a touch of sophistication.

Source: @dubydarie_

27. Braided Headband

Have thick, luscious hair? To keep your hair out of your face while allowing it to flow freely, try a braided headband. For a vacation feel that is effortlessly carefree, pair it with waves from the beach.

Source: @hairbymarinalima

28. Tree Braids

Making small cornrows close to your hairline while keeping the remainder of your hair loose, pulled back in a ponytail, or styled up is known as a tree braid. They’re a great way to enjoy braids and show off your natural curls because they’re lightweight and durable.

Source: @trishhaircare_

29. Fishbone Braid

A captivating variation on braided hairstyles are fishbone braids, also referred to as herringbone or fishtail braids. They are made by interlacing small braids into a central braid from both sides, creating a complex design that has a fishtail-like appearance.

Source: @lushlukz_beautysalon

30. Feed in Braids

The key to perfect, naturally-looking braided hairstyles is feed-in braiding. As the braid develops, hair extensions are progressively added to give the appearance of seamless, thick hair. They’re ideal for keeping your natural hair intact and giving you a full, put together look.

Source: @_hairbyskyee

31. Bubble Braid

In a bubble braid, tiny, clear elastics are used to create a row of uniformly spaced “bubbles” along a ponytail or braid. It’s a trendy, fun style that gives your hair more volume.

Source: @elieraadelia

32. Viking Braid

Channeling your inner warrior is the essence of a Viking braid! Thick, chunky braids embellished with bubbles, twists, and both inverted and non-inverted braids define this tough and daring style. These braids, which are often influenced by Viking mythology, radiate confidence and strength.

Source: @api.hair.makeup

33. Pull-Through Braid

Hair sections are secured with tiny elastics to form a pull-through braid, which is achieved by pulling the sections apart to create a woven effect. This braid will go well with your festival attire and keep your hair looking put together. It has a bohemian or Coachella vibe.

Source: @roralovestrand

34. Accent Braid Hairstyle

Accent braids give simple outfits a charming touch. A simple yet eye-catching method to dress up your brunch with friends, add some fun to music festivals, or even add a formal event or wedding some elegant flair.

Source: @goldplaited_

35. Bohemian Braid

A carefree masterpiece is a bohemian braid! Boho braids, which frequently have loose, textured braids with entwined elements like flowers or ribbons, perfectly capture the spirit of the free-spirited Bohemian lifestyle. It all comes down to accepting creativity and the beauty of nature.

Source: @tazhairco

36. Halo Braid

Consider a halo braid if you have an elegant, heavenly aesthetic! It’s a crown-shaped, circular braid that encircles your head and is frequently made using the French or Dutch braiding techniques. This dreamy look is ideal for weddings, special events, or incorporating a little royal charm into your regular ensemble.

Source: @svitlana.mutsa

37. Mermaid Braid

We have a mermaid braid for everyone who enjoys dreamy braid hairstyles with a beach vibe! The mystique of mermaid hair is mirrored in this loose, textured braid, which is usually created by combining regular and fishtail braiding. It’s the ideal option for achieving a carefree, whimsical style with a dash of charm inspired by the ocean.

Source: @laurasnyderhair

38. 4-Strand Braid

A four-strand braid resembles a hair puzzle! Four strands must be woven together to create a more complex braid than the typical three. It’s an excellent option if you want to give your hairstyle more dimension and texture.

Source: @soraya_bloemendal

39. 5-Strand Braid

A five-strand braid elevates the art of hair weaving! Five strands are skillfully woven together to create an incredibly intricate and striking braid. It looks great as an elegant side braid, a traditional Dutch braid, or a way to liven up loose hair.

Source: @vwitikai

40. Ladder Braid

Another stylish variation on traditional braiding methods is the ladder braid! It is made by braiding two strands together and adding tiny sections of hair to them along the way. This gives your hair a chic, ladder-like pattern that’s ideal for a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Source: @tvb_hairdressing
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