30 Dazzling Layered Haircuts for Women with Long Thick Hair

Thick locks frequently lack movement and volume, particularly if you like wearing your hair long. If you envision yourself with long, flowing hair, think about adopting layers. This style will not only make you seem stunningly attractive, but it will also give your hair more body and dimension.

In any case, there are lots of examples of thick, long, layered hair below to help you plan your next trip to the salon.

1. Chocolate Brown Long Layered Hair

Embrace a rich chocolate brown shade with long layers for a chic and timeless look. This combination complements dark eyes and olive skin tones, especially when paired with dramatic curtain bangs for added flair.

Source: @hairbymickk

2. Long Layered Haircut with Wispy Bangs

Reduce the weight of thick hair with long feathered layers, creating a lighter and more voluminous appearance. Wispy bangs add a youthful touch to the look, enhancing its overall appeal.

Source: @ryennesnow.hair

3. Long Layered Cut for Wavy Hair

Enhance your thick wavy hair with subtle layers to promote volume and texture. Bold hair color and choppy bangs can elevate your look, making a statement with your beautiful waves.

Source: @ali_theartist

4. Long Layers on Wavy Hair

Natural waves shine with long layers, adding bounce and definition to your hair texture. Opt for a layered cut to enhance the beauty of your waves, giving them more volume and dimension.

Source: @urbanbloomcurls

5. Long Feathered Layers

Add movement to straight thick hair with feathered layers that lift the ends for a dynamic look. These layers provide the necessary movement and volume, ensuring your hair stays lively and vibrant.

Source: @hair.by.gabby.g

6. Side Parted Long Layered Cut

Highlight your thick hair with long layers to enhance volume and dynamism. A deep side parting adds sophistication to the look, making it a versatile and stylish choice.

Source: @roma_micheal_07

7. Long Layers with Honey Blonde Highlights

Soft layers tame thick hair while honey blonde highlights add dimension and interest. This elegant combination accentuates your facial features, creating a refined and polished appearance.

Source: @danabravo.beauty

8. Layered Cut with Face Framing Layers

Subtle layers transform thick straight hair, adding movement and lightness to your locks. Face-framing layers complement your features, requiring minimal maintenance for a stylish look.

Source: @hairwithmaria

9. Blonde Wavy Layers

Long waves paired with shades of blonde create a stunning and hot look. Embrace your wavy texture with long layers, exuding confidence and style.

Source: @seangodard

10. Long Feathered Cut for Thick Hair

Manage excessive thickness with long layers, welcoming volume and movement. A feathered cut adds elegance and lightness to your hair, ensuring a striking and flattering appearance.

Source: @ziquesalonspa

11. Toffee Brown Layers

Combat volume issues with long layers that add dimension and versatility. Long layers allow for various hairstyles, ensuring your thick hair always looks its best.

Source: @lakshmihairstudio

12. Feathery Layers on Long Thick Hair

Remove thickness while retaining length with feathery layers that offer lightness and elegance. This haircut ensures your thick hair stays manageable and stylish.

Source: @beautybylynnceni

13. Super Long Thick Hair with Layers

Add movement and body to long thick locks with subtle layers that enhance your mane’s natural beauty. Long layers offer a distinctive and stylish look for your thick hair.

Source: @aishalhasan_hair

14. Layered Cut with Long Face Framing Bangs

Spice up your look with long curtain bangs that inject youthfulness into your style. Combined with long layers, this hairstyle creates a cute and princess-like appearance.

Source: @hairwles

15. Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Manage thick hair effortlessly with a layered haircut that adds volume and texture. Blonde highlights accentuate your hair’s luscious texture, creating a stunning and eye-catching look.

Source: @labellaboutiquehairsalon

16. Seamless Layers

Maintain long, healthy hair with seamless layers that promote volume and movement. These layers ensure your hair looks well-groomed and classy, enhancing your overall appearance.

Source: @rosemarymonicahair

17. Long Haircut with Face Framing Layers

Balance a round face shape with face-framing layers that slim down the face. Flipped layers add dimension and style to your long hair, ensuring a flattering and chic look.

Source: @ashleyb.hair

18. Long Haircut with Choppy Layers

Create volume and dimension with heavily textured layers that complement your thick hair. Curtain bangs add a youthful touch to your style, ensuring a head-turning appearance.

Source: @jenna_do_my_hair

19. Layered Hair with Caramel Highlights

Manage coarse hair effortlessly with layers that provide volume and texture. Caramel highlights accentuate your hair’s natural beauty, ensuring a stylish and trendy look.

Source: @salonimadandjihad

20. Long Jagged Layers

Transform thick, straight hair with long jagged layers that create a stunning shape. These layers ensure your hair looks fabulous and fashionable, making you feel like royalty.

Source: @oc3anmagic

21. Long Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Enhance your thick hair with long layers for added volume and dynamism. Experiment with bangs to find the perfect combination that complements your style.

Source: @kissmebronze

22. Layered Waves with Long Bangs

Revive flat waves with soft layers that lift your hair and enhance its natural texture. Long bangs complement the waves, ensuring a flattering and stylish look.

Source: @hairbyesly

23. Long Thick Hair with Balayage

Achieve volume and movement with layers that enhance your thick hair’s natural beauty. A long haircut with layers ensures easy styling with a round brush, creating a polished and elegant look.

Source: @samreneehair

24. Wispy Layers on Blonde Hair

Elevate your long blonde hair with wispy layers that transform your haircut. These layers add movement and style to your locks, ensuring a beautiful and fashionable appearance.

Source: @coloredbycarlos

25. Long Layers on Jet Black Hair

Add shape and volume to long dark hair with layers that create a stunning silhouette. These layers ensure your hair looks fabulous and voluminous, making a bold statement.

Source: @beautybykhou

26. Wavy Long Layers

Enhance your thick wavy hair with soft layers that promote volume and dimension. Long layers ensure your waves look lively and vibrant, exuding charm and elegance.

Source: @srinathmuniraj85

27. Seamless Layers with Curtain Bangs

Manage thick, sleek hair with subtle layers that maintain volume without adding extra bulk. Curtain bangs complement the sleek style, ensuring a chic and sophisticated look.

Source: @hairby.hannahmarcia

28. Textured Layers on Long Thick Hair

Maintain a chic and elegant look with textured layers that add volume and movement. These layers ensure your hair looks well-groomed and stylish, enhancing your overall appearance.

Source: @by.erin_hair

29. Strawberry Blonde Long Hair

Accentuate your long blonde hair with layers that enhance volume and texture. The juicy strawberry blonde hue adds vibrancy to your locks, ensuring a stunning and eye-catching look.

Source: @bluntmtl

30. Long Thick Hair with Central Parting

Achieve a flirty and youthful look with long layers that lift your waves and create volume. A central parting adds sophistication to the style, ensuring a versatile and fashionable appearance.

Source: @kateshairstudiophuket
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