30 Textured Pixie Cuts for Stylish Transformation

A textured pixie cut is a chic and adaptable short hairstyle that works well with many different facial types and lifestyles. Thick hair can be thinned out for a lighter and more manageable look, while fine hair can have volume and dimension added with the proper texture and layers in a pixie cut.

Look through these images of the 30 most stylish textured pixie hairstyles before your next salon appointment, and mark your favorites.

1. Bold Messy Pixie with Undercut

Embrace a bold and textured look with a messy pixie cut complemented by an undercut. This hairstyle adds volume and dimension, especially for those with fine or thin hair. Elevate the style with a splash of pastel lavender or pearl blonde color for an extra touch of sophistication.

Source: @joeltorresstyle

2. Razored Pixie with Choppy Baby Bangs

Discover the allure of short, layered hairstyles with a razored pixie featuring choppy baby bangs. Ideal for thick-haired individuals, this haircut offers fascinating texture and movement. To prevent bulkiness, consider incorporating additional texturizing techniques for a sleek and stylish finish.

Source: @sis_ada_hair

3. Long Messy Pixie with Side Bangs

Indulge in the versatility of a choppy pixie cut, suitable for straight, wavy, or curly hair types. This dynamic hairstyle allows for easy customization, whether you prefer a casual or polished appearance. Perfect for making a bold statement with your hair.

Source: @lucaspiex

4. Stunning Shaggy Pixie Makeover

Revamp your look with a stunning shaggy pixie haircut that exudes modernity and edge. Ideal for those seeking a bold and daring style, this haircut offers chic texture and movement. Enhance the choppy layers with a pomade for defined and stylish locks.

Source: @brianhickman1

5. Long Pixie with Textured Spikes

Explore the versatility of punk-inspired hairstyles with a long pixie adorned with textured spikes. While this look may not suit all occasions, it’s perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with their hair. Embrace your wild side and enjoy the stylish change.

Source: @shmoakin_hair

6. Soft Piecey Pixie Style with Curtain Bangs

Achieve effortless charm with a soft piecey pixie style featuring curtain bangs. The layering technique adds movement and texture while removing bulkiness, especially at the crown. Enhance the depth with a rich brown hue for a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

Source: @teryn.tucker.hair

7. Charming Brown Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

Embrace elegance and rebellion with a long textured pixie style adorned with layers and thick side bangs. This captivating hairstyle offers dimension and mystery, perfect for those seeking a bold and versatile look.

Source: @rodrigocintra

8. Sleek Black Pixie with Texture

Effortlessly chic and feminine, a sleek black pixie haircut offers low-maintenance style with a touch of sophistication. By incorporating shorter and longer layers, you can achieve a beautifully textured effect that accentuates your features.

Source: @thastylist18

9. Textured Blonde Pixie with Wispy Layers

Add volume and dimension to thinner locks with a textured blonde pixie haircut featuring wispy layers. Ideal for creating the illusion of fuller hair, this stylish haircut offers versatility and sophistication.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

10. Cute Feathered Pixie with Bangs

Evoke elegance and sophistication with a modern feathered pixie cut inspired by Audrey Hepburn. Incorporate messy texture and wispy bangs for a chic and trendy look that exudes charm.

Source: @yuya__hair

11. Stylish Razored Cut

Elevate your look with a short, textured pixie cut designed for black women. This beautiful hairstyle frames the face and highlights your best features, offering a stylish and flattering appearance.

Source: @helensofierce

12. Short Haircut with Disconnected Layers

Add volume and texture to short hair with disconnected layers and a darker hair color for a cool and textured look. Consider incorporating longer bangs to balance a high forehead.

Source: @rcgimenes

13. Chic Side-Swept Pixie Bob

Navigate thick hair with ease by opting for a side-swept pixie bob that offers volume and texture. Maintain the shape and style with regular trims and hot tools for versatile styling options.

Source: @pamela_cabelos

14. Stacked Pixie for Women Over 50

Transform your look with an undercut pixie that adds edge and modernity to thick locks. Enhance texture and volume with a strong hold texturizing spray for effortless style and sophistication.

Source: @beto_fariaa

15. Neat Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Enhance your natural texture with a layered pixie cut suitable for long, medium, or short hair. Achieve a versatile and easy-to-maintain hairstyle perfect for modern women on the go.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

16. Textured Pixie with a Clipped Undercut

Opt for a sassy textured pixie cut that adds volume and movement to fine to medium hair density. Spice up the look with shaved sides for added boldness and flair.

Source: @hairpin_me_down85

17. Textured Platinum Blonde Pixie

Achieve body and depth with textured layers and bangs, complemented by a pale blonde hue for a stunning effect. Consider white blonde dye for a striking yet sophisticated look.

Source: @hairsamurai

18. Long Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

Create a festive and voluminous hairstyle with longer layers styled to the side for an elongating effect. Add soft wavy texture for a feminine touch that’s perfect for any occasion.

Source: @thatguyreno

19. Modern Pixie Cut for Salt and Pepper Hair

Embrace a modern pixie haircut with short side bangs and textured layers for easy maintenance and a youthful appearance. Accentuate your face shape with a flattering hairstyle perfect for older women.

Source: @hairstylinvibes

20. Caramel Brown Textured Pixie

Add texture and volume to your hair with a choppy pixie haircut complemented by caramel highlights for sophistication and style. Elevate your look with a trendy and eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: @salonchristol

21. Stacked Pixie Bob in Rich Copper Tone

Opt for a bright and catchy hairstyle with a voluminous pixie bob in a gorgeous copper hair color. Make a statement with your hair by choosing a bold and vibrant style.

Source: @hair.by.timberleejayde

22. Flattering Pixie Bob Transformation

Enjoy the versatility of a feminine pixie cut with a long piecey fringe that offers multiple styling options. Experiment with side-swept, middle-parted, or pushed-back bangs for a personalized look.

Source: @studio_mostton

23. Short Buttery Blonde Pixie

Embrace the beauty of a short platinum blonde pixie cut with a buttery hue for a stunning and sophisticated appearance. Maintain the style with regular upkeep for a fresh and polished look.

Source: @mariehairstyle

24. Gorgeous Pixie with Long Textured Bangs

Achieve balance and depth with a long, textured pixie featuring side bangs that frame the face. Add playfulness with a blonde hue and dark roots for a chic and eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: @diegomarcsant

25. Edgy Spiky Pixie Haircut

Explore the versatility of uneven, choppy layers styled in various ways for a bold and low-maintenance hairstyle. Use molding paste for control and texture, creating sleek or tousled spikes for a stylish finish.

Source: @lucaspiex

26. Messy Textured Pixie for Thin Hair

Accentuate thin hair with a layered pixie cut that adds volume and movement to the strands. Collaborate with a professional stylist to find the perfect pixie style that complements your face shape and hair type.

Source: @yuya__hair

27. Chestnut Pixie for Naturally Curly Hair

Rock a pixie cut with confidence, regardless of your hair texture. Enhance your natural curls with the right product for a cute and catchy hairstyle that showcases your unique personality.

Source: @thastylist18

28. Bright Ginger Pixie with Sleek Side Bangs

Infuse vibrancy into your look with a bright ginger pixie cut featuring sleek side bangs for added style and flair. Experiment with bold hair colors to create a striking and eye-catching effect.

Source: @kikashairground

29. Daring Pixie with a Disconnected Undercut

Make a bold statement with a pixie cut, mocha highlights, and a disconnected undercut for a captivating and edgy look. Embrace heavily layered pixie styles for thick hair to achieve a stylish and modern appearance.

Source: @teryn.tucker.hair

30. Classic Pixie Cut for a Round Face Shape

Opt for longer layers and bangs on your pixie cut to enhance versatility and styling options. Experiment with slicked-back or textured styles for a classic yet personalized look that flatters your round face shape.

Source: @alchemyorlando
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