40 Cute Tapered Natural Hairstyles for Afro Hair

Tapered natural hair is ideal for women who prefer a short style with versatility. Long parts throughout the crown allow you to design a look that reflects your fashion taste and lifestyle requirements. With the proper equipment and products, everything is possible.

The following tapered designs provide comfortable lengths and beautiful silhouettes, as well as stylish hair color options. Give tapering a try; it will make your natural hairdo look more current and stylish.

1. Carefree Natural Spirals

One of the most important things to know with unprocessed hair is to sometimes simply leave it alone. Loading it with products or attempting to shape it into various shapes can result in a dismal appearance. Instead, apply a small amount of molding pomade to your hair and focus on enhancing your facial features using goods such as fake lashes and highlighters.


2. Tapered Rainbow Hairdo

Channel sunshine and good luck with this rainbow-inspired natural hair tapered cut. Because your hair is so short, avoid cramming too many colors into it. Stick with one or two complementing colors, such as caramel and burgundy.

Source: @salonpk

3. Side Bang for Natural Curls

For a nostalgic yet adorable style, try the late Prince’s Purple Reign hairdo with a big side bang and tapered nape. The traditional haircut is updated with an intricate septum piercing and hefty hoops.


4. Tapered Straw Set

Natural hair can take on any texture you like as long as you know what tools to utilize. Surprisingly, you may already have the thing you need for incredibly tight and thin curls in short styles—straws! When setting damp hair, use a drinking utensil to achieve an attractive effect.


5. Natural Hair with Curves

It might be difficult to bring softness to a square or angular face unless you use loose layers and waves. Mimic the wavy pattern of delicate curls by having your hairline bent to frame the face and draw the eye to the widest part of the cheek.


6. Short Natural Burgundy Hairstyle

Black ladies spend a lot of money on hair relaxers and weaves; why waste money when you can look just as good with a twist on your own hair? Tapered natural hair is not only attractive, but also simple to manage – something that all African American women can appreciate. To add some life to your hair, color it a delicate burgundy.

Source: @ciliciarene

7. A Bright Statement

Tapered haircuts do not have to be understated; in fact, one of the benefits of having short hair is the freedom to experiment with colorful and statement-making colors. It’s inexpensive to dye and maintain. On your next salon visit, think outside the box with a brilliant orange, calm turquoise, or expressive hot pink.

Source: @salonchristol

8. Red Tipped Twist Out

If you want to try a taper haircut but don’t want to go overboard, you can rock this current twist out style. Curly-haired girls look stunning with only the tips of their hair dyed. Cut your hair into a short taper to maximize the coils in your curls, then apply temporary or permanent dye in the color of your choice.

Source: @lisavirgo

9. Full Tapered Style

While many tapered haircuts require shearing the sides of the head, this is not always the case. A tapered cut can provide that closely trimmed distinctive look while keeping curls reasonably voluminous. Simply inform your hairdresser you want to take it gently on the sides.

Source: @mrskj5

10. Natural Cut with Bangs

Want to soften your face while still having some styling options with short hair? Try a tapered haircut with long bangs and a crown section. Allow curly front parts to graze the forehead for a softer, more feminine look with short hair.

Source: @deecarrington

11. Natural Hair Statement Style

Take a walk on the wild side with some tiger orange locks and a tapered twa. This “teeny weeny afro” allows hair to flow freely while avoiding the damage caused by regular styling; simply wake up, wash, and go!

Source: @n_baduism

12. Thick and Straight Tapered Hair

Perhaps your hair isn’t naturally curly, and you love the look of relaxed tresses. You can continue to experiment with tapered natural hairstyles. Try a Mohawk with chopped sides and tapering length towards the nape of the neck. Brush the top layer of hair straight back and apply an all-day holding spray.

Source: @sorayahstyles

13. Ombre Taper

We frequently believe that short hair limits our hair styling options. To add some interest to your curly black hair, try an ombre hair color. Purple, blue, green, and red are some color combinations that work nicely.

Source: @shaddah_elyse

14. Cropped Cut for Natural Hair

There are numerous beautiful hairstyle options for women who like to wear their hair short. Tapered afros are stylish and easy to manage. Keep your natural curl and just brighten it up with a modern cut that still appears feminine.

Source: @scissorhappychante

15. Mountain of Curls

Your tapered natural hair is a stunning show piece. Not only does it show the world that you have a great sense of style, but it also appears quite unique. When paired with natural curls, no two tapers are exactly alike.

Source: @vanitybydanit

16. Blonde Tapered Corkscrew Curls

If your curls are tight and little, try this adorable cut that will make your mornings easier and keep your fashion sense on point. To add life to dull and drab hair, color it a lively honey blonde.

Source: @salonpk

17. Tapered Hair with Colored Coils

Want to try a short tapered style without sacrificing personal expression? Check out this haircut for folks with corkscrew curls. Upgrade your coils with a deep color like as burgundy, dark purple, or caramel brown.

Source: @deecarrington

18. Natural Descending Taper Style

A tapered natural haircut can be as short as long as you like. For this look, pair longer fluffy curls on top with shorter twisted coils on the sides and back. What is the end result? A lovely girlie style that reduces in length and texture.

Source: @loopsalon

19. Faded Sides

Enhance your tapered look with a side fade that is perfectly lined up at the temples. This is the epitome of wash-and-go style, with a little afro on top and cut, barely-there sides.

Source: @starlinerz

20. Natural Curls of Gold

Afro hairstyles are surely not limited to the plain black. In fact, almost any color looks great on black hair, giving you unlimited options. Try a golden blonde to give your curls a beautiful gloss.

Source: @haircolorkilla

21. Tapered Color Block

Instead than dyeing the entire head, focus on one or two trademark regions. A vividly colored accent can be worn at the nape of the neck, to the side, or even in bangs. When it comes to tapered afro styles, there are no restrictions; it’s all about personal style and taste.

Source: @shaddah_elyse

22. Long Loose Curls

The long hair taper is currently quite fashionable with both men and women. It provides you lots of strands to curl and set in whatever position you think is most attractive. Large curls free of sticky, crunchy styling products are an excellent choice.

Source: @360_hairstudio

23. Teeny Tiny Ringlets

If you want to try an afro with a tapered look, use an accent color and teeny tiny ringlets that are easy to manage and pleasant to wear. If your hair isn’t naturally this tightly curled, you can get it styled that way during your next salon visit.

Source: @rimmysparkles

24. Natural Wave

A wavy afro taper has a more modest appearance but is still quite fashionable. This cut, like many tapered hairstyles, appears smart and professional, making it appropriate for a variety of settings, including the office and the club.

Source: @sorayahstyles

25. Leaving It Long and Natural

Mother Nature has given you one of the best styles, with a little help. Allow your hair to grow in its natural texture and direction, then trim the sides and back. Add some accent color and you’ve got a breezy, laid-back look for natural hair.

Source: @haircolorkilla

26. Tapered Twist-Out

Twist-outs are the best tool for natural hair. Simply wash, condition, and twist your hair in parts, allowing it to dry at night. For shorter pieces, spin them around your pointer finger to form coils.


27. Red Hot Natural Hair

A delightful dash of color can elevate your tapered natural hair to new heights. Red is ideal since you can brighten your face with the same color lipstick. To minimize distractions, keep the remainder of your attire neutral.


28. Tapered Shaved Designs

Shaved designs in black hairstyles are not new; guys have been obtaining unusual haircuts at barbershops for decades. Ladies have now adopted the trend and given it a feminine twist, as seen with the flower petals displayed above.


29. Soft Tapered Ombre

Just because you have a tapered natural haircut does not imply that you must sacrifice length. You can create a variety of styles by shaving only a tiny bit and leaving the rest of your hair chin length or longer. Blow dry and part down the middle to create a bob, or pull it up for a flirtatious fun appearance.


30. Tapered Shape Up

If you have a round face and want to wear your hair in a short afro, this is the way to go. Shaving a tapered edge around your hairline, also known as a’shape-up,’ creates sharp angles and structure for curved cheeks.


31. Golden Natural Curls

Curly hair looks best when it isn’t weighted down by too many hair products. To clarify spirals, ask your hairdresser for delicate highlights to give your hairstyle dimension and structure.


32. Wide Tapered Mohawk

When selecting tapered natural hairstyles, the key thing to consider is facial form. If you have a wide or round face, a thin Mohawk style will make your face appear larger. Correct this by matching the width of your hairdo to the high points of your cheekbones.


33. Tapered Flat-Top

Thick, coarse hair can be difficult to highlight, especially when it is short. Instead of using small pieces of color throughout, create an ombre appearance by coloring only the top of the cut. A few shaved lines will also provide visual appeal.


34. Pixie Cut for Natural Hair

Flexi-rods are one of the best hair tools for African-American ladies with natural hair because they generate beautiful spirals without the use of heat. Wrap sections of wet hair at night for bouncy curls the next morning.


35. Bold Bordeaux Tapered Style

It might be difficult to choose a color that stands out on short tapered natural hair while still looking sophisticated. Mixing brown and red results in a vivid and rich deep wine tone.


36. Extra Short Tapered Cut

Many mature ladies have little time or inclination to cope with long hair. A tapered style is ideal for a low-maintenance lady who still wants to appear beautiful and put together. Simply apply a lovely shade of lipstick and you’re good to go.


37. Short and Sweet Natural Hair

Allow your innate beauty to come through with a haircut that eliminates distractions. Soft trimmed curls and sleek baby hair highlight prominent brows and stunning eyes. Furthermore, this simple appearance is the definition of a wash and go hairdo.


38. Tapered Cut for Glasses

Tapered hairstyles typically have longer crowns and shorter sides and backs. However, you can also go for a somewhat spiky look at the front with an even length all around.


39. Golden Brown Tapered Cut

It’s astonishing how simple it is to change natural tapered hair with an etched line. The design makes the hairdo appear modern and stylish. Plus, if you become tired of it, just let your hair grow out.


40. Edgy Tapered Two-Tone Cut

Tapered haircuts for natural hair may not always follow the principle of less being more. If you have an outgoing personality, you deserve a hairstyle that reflects it. Bright blonde highlights and a complex pattern are all you need to differentiate your tapered hairstyle from the crowd.

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