30 Elegant Stacked Haircuts

The stacked haircut is an excellent choice to revamp your entire appearance effortlessly. It is a stylish and trendy haircut that works well for both short and medium-length hair, gracefully grazing the collarbone.

When opting for a quality stacked cut, it is crucial to pay special attention to the back section. Since it serves as the focal point of this style, precise cutting is of utmost importance. To envision a stacked hairstyle, imagine a bob that is subtly layered and rounded at the back, often slightly angled towards the front.

To provide you with further inspiration, the following pictures display a wide range of adorable stacked cuts suited for various hair types. Whether you’re considering trying out this haircut or seeking some inspiration, these images are sure to fulfill that purpose.

1. Stacked Nape-Length Bob with Elongation

The angled bob hairstyle can create a powerful visual impact and add height to the crown by varying the length and slant. It is particularly effective in elongating a round face shape. Additionally, this style can soften a square face shape when the front pieces gently curl under.

Source: @elishabdoinghair

2. Sleek Stack

The major benefit of a stacked bob haircut is its rounded silhouette, which looks effortlessly stylish, particularly when paired with straight hair. This haircut is expertly angled to perfection and enhanced with soft layers that create a beautiful and versatile look suitable for anyone, regardless of their hair type or face shape. With its sleek appearance and customizable options, this cut is sure to elevate your overall style and leave you feeling confident and chic.

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3. Stacked and Angled Two-Tone Bob

The stacked bob with a subtly tapered nape is a versatile and timeless hairstyle suitable for women of all ages. This haircut not only showcases the impressive thickness of the hair but also adds a touch of interest with its two-tone color. Its structured and layered look brings depth and movement to the overall style while maintaining a professional and polished appearance.

Source: @ro.hsiqueira

4. Short Textured Stacked Bob

Please find attached the visual representations of the side and back views of this short stacked bob hairstyle. By carefully considering the precise cut and incorporating subtle balayage, a rounder shape is achieved, giving the illusion of thicker hair. Moreover, the feathered, side-swept bangs help in maintaining a balance with the voluminous crown and back.

Source: @filippova_stilist_barnaul

5. Short Two-Tier Bob Cut

The rounded two-tier bob is an excellent hairstyle for those with thick hair. It features feathered layers that add texture and volume, while the stacked back provides additional height and fullness. To enhance its femininity and sophistication, a beautiful golden-blonde color is chosen. This color not only complements the hairstyle but also adds a healthy and radiant glow to your skin.

Source: @beautybyrumors

6. Messy Edgy Pastel Purple Bob

This is not your ordinary stacked, layered bob hairstyle. It exudes a sense of boldness and confidence! The chin-length peek-a-boo bangs gracefully frame the face, perfectly complementing this ultra-edgy hairstyle that features an abundance of teased and spiky layers. With its unique structure and distinctive elements, this hairstyle is sure to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go.

Source: @headrushdesigns

7. Pixie Bob with V-Cut Nape

A high stacked bob with chic side-swept bangs can beautifully revitalize your tired hair. Not only does the V-cut nape section showcase your elegant neck and shoulders, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to flaunt your “hidden” tattoo, adding a touch of intrigue and personal flair to your style. Embrace this trendy hairstyle to elevate your overall look and make a bold statement.


8. Sleek Feathered Jaw-Length Bob

For individuals with fine hair that struggles to hold a curl, smooth and sleek tresses are highly recommended. The addition of peek-a-boo bangs beautifully frames the face, while the deep side part adds an edgy, urban touch to this jaw-length cut. Moreover, the vibrant and rich dark auburn hair color further enhances the overall look and style.

Source: @alter_ego_studio_salon

9. Short Stacked Brunette Bob

If you have thick hair and are seeking a stylish shorter length, a short, stacked bob can be an excellent choice. This hairstyle not only keeps your hair looking neat and well-styled, but it also adds an element of sporty casualness to your overall appearance. The poofy crown section of this cute chocolate brown bob adds height and the rounded shape, which is angled towards the chin, draws attention to your graceful neck. Overall, the short, stacked bob is a versatile and trendy option that complements thick hair beautifully.

Source: @headrushdesigns

10. White Choppy Pixie Bob

The unique silver-white color and the arrangement of choppy pieces add a touch of futuristic style to the stacked bob hairstyle. This avant-garde look is perfect for a fashion-forward girl who wants to make a statement. On the other hand, if you prefer a more natural and down-to-earth appearance, you can try this cut in your natural hair color to achieve a subtle yet trendy look that suits your personal style.

Source: @microbladed_bykara

11. Short Caramel Inverted Bob

The angled shape of the inverted bob hairstyle is an excellent choice for those with straight hair, regardless of its thickness. This particular cut features elongated front pieces, which bring a sophisticated and polished appearance. In addition, the use of copper tones and smooth textures contributes to a healthy and shiny look of the hair, making it even more appealing and stylish.

Source: @youarebecoming

12. Very Short Stacked Bob with Layers

Presenting a glamorous hairstyle, we introduce the dimensional pixie bob. This stunning look features short, thick hair expertly cut into an extra-short stacked bob, adorned with plentiful wavy layers. To enhance your short hair, the bronde palette is incorporated, imbuing depth and opulence.

Source: @nicolehickshair

13. Sharp Angled Stack

The stacked haircut is a versatile hairstyle that incorporates striking layers in the back, paired with a clean-cut nape and longer, angled front. This style is particularly popular among women seeking a blend of bob aesthetics and the low-maintenance ease of a pixie cut. One of its key benefits is the convenience of a wash-and-go routine, ideal for busy mornings. With this hairstyle, you can bid farewell to the constant search for lost hair ties.

Source: @rachelringwood

14. Inverted Bob with Finely Chopped Back

The inverted bob with delicate and refined layers is an exquisite hairstyle that beautifully compliments a subtle golden blonde balayage. If you have lighter-colored hair, consider discussing with your stylist the option of using clay-based bleach instead of powder. This alternative offers a less damaging lightening effect, allowing you to intensify and enhance your brightness in a gentler manner. Overall, this combination of stunning elements brings a sophisticated and glamorous touch to your overall look.

Source: @hair_by_sweett

15. One-Length Bob with Stacked Nape

This luxurious stacked bob hairstyle leaves a lasting impression. With its smooth and sleek texture, and a full stacked effect in the nape area, it beautifully showcases the enviable thickness of the hair. The stunning cinnamon brown balayage color not only adds depth but also enhances the overall volume, giving a more voluminous and multidimensional look.

Source: @brittany_doeshair

16. Wavy Layered Caramel Balayage Bob

When opting for a stacked layered bob cut, achieving curls can be challenging. Due to the limited length, it is crucial to ensure that the curling iron is not placed too close to the root. For natural-looking, tousled waves, consider using a one-inch curling wand and wrapping the hair only once or twice before gently shaking them out. This technique will help you achieve a stylish and effortless look effortlessly.

Source: @hairbyfrenchie

17. Short Curly Blonde Balayage Bob

An alternative to a pixie haircut is a very short asymmetrical bob. This bob style provides more flexibility with the option of extending the fringe to graze the chin. In contrast, a boyish cut is limited in its versatility. It’s important to note that while a pixie cut requires regular trims, longer lengths of the bob style demand more attention and maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Source: @bambiidoeshair

18. Stacked Brunette with Caramel Balayage

This angled bob hairstyle showcases a stunning body with its numerous stacked layers. Achieving such impressive fullness requires the use of hairspray with a strong hold. Additionally, piecey caramel highlights contribute to increased volume, creating a delightful reflective effect that beautifully enhances the overall appearance.

Source: @giannamonai

19. Cropped Wavy Dark Bob with Highlights

The hairstyle features tousled curly locks and random elongated front pieces, which work together harmoniously to create a stylish shattered stacked shape. This look effortlessly combines elegance and effortlessness. Notably, the shaggy cut adds height and texture, providing a whimsical touch. Additionally, the unpredictable highlights further enhance the overall appeal and dynamic nature of this trendy style.

Source: @felipehenriquehair

20. Shattered Plum Red Bob

Investing in a high-quality hair color can come with a considerable price tag. Therefore, it is crucial to be cautious about the products you choose to purchase, not only for the sake of your hair health but also for the sake of your wallet. When selecting your haircare routine, it is advisable to opt for sulfate-free shampoos, as using regular shampoos can lead to the appearance of dull and lifeless locks.

Source: @hair.bybev

21. Neat Bronde Bob with Stacked Layers

For those who favor neat and polished hairstyles, there is a stylish idea to consider: the inverted bob. This hairstyle features smooth lines and stacked layers, resulting in a streamlined silhouette. It is particularly suitable for individuals with straight hair that tends to appear dull. With the right cut and color, this hairstyle guarantees anything but boredom.

Source: @hairbyaamandaaxoxo

22. Voluminous Feathered Bob for Straight Hair

To revitalize your flat and lifeless shoulder-length hair, consider opting for a neck-length stacked bob haircut. This stylish choice can provide you with a lifting effect, add a touch of brightness to your complexion through chic metallic highlights, and help you achieve a refreshed look. With this haircut, the hair that has been weighing you down will become a source of rejuvenation and style.

Source: @musestylist_tori

23. Jaw-Length Razored Bronde Bob

The jagged side part of this jaw-length stacked bob hairstyle is specifically designed to complement and enhance thin hair. The asymmetrical layers, complete with feathery razored ends, result in a more voluminous and textured silhouette. Additionally, the bronde balayage technique, along with its extra-light highlights in the front, offers an exceptionally flattering look for individuals with fair complexions.

Source: @jocelyn.mcclellan

24. Pretty Rounded Ash Blonde Bob

A cropped, stacked haircut with a dramatic angle can provide additional height and body for the crown area. This style is particularly beneficial for those with rounder faces, as it elongates and balances out their features. To achieve the desired effect and longevity, it is recommended to use a high-quality blow out technique, root lifting product, and a strong hold hair spray. By implementing these suggestions, you can enhance the overall appearance and make the style last longer.

Source: @headrushdesigns

25. Tousled Inverted Bronde Bob

The bob crop is an excellent hairstyle option for those who are tired of their current length and find their hair difficult to style. To prevent split ends and maintain healthy hair, it is recommended to incorporate a deep conditioning treatment into your weekly routine, ideally one to two times per week. In addition to this, for everyday care, make use of a leave-in conditioner and apply a small amount of nourishing oil such as argan, hemp, or coconut oil. These practices will help to improve the overall condition and appearance of your hair in the long run.

Source: @styled_by_carolynn

26. Chic Bob with Swoopy Layers

The A-line bob is a versatile hairstyle that features multiple stacked layers elegantly swept towards the nape. This timeless look exudes sophistication and a sense of movement, thanks to its rounded shape that beautifully complements naturally thick hair. For an added touch of glamour, consider subtle copper highlights, which will impart a radiant sheen and make your hair truly shine when illuminated by sunlight.

Source: @oohlalahairaz

27. Inverted Bob with Added Crown Layers

The hairstyle features a captivating blend of auburn and blonde tones, drawing attention to its long, stacked bob cut. With airy layers at the crown, this medium-length, straight hairstyle is parted on the side, gracefully touching the shoulders. Its alluring appeal makes it a head-turning choice that is sure to impress.

Source: @colormesunny_11

28. Two-Tone Short Shaggy Haircut

This haircut is a perfect blend of a half pixie and a stacked bob, featuring a stunning crown and a feathered finish. If you adore voluminous hairstyles, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this one. The majority of the hair is a beautiful shade of blonde, creating a striking contrast with the dark chocolate brown nape.

Source: Source

29. Short White Bob for Fine Hair

For women with naturally fine hair, a super-short bob with stacked layers in the back can be highly beneficial. The longer pieces in the front gracefully frame the face, adding soft and feminine angles. To enhance this effect, consider a sophisticated hair color such as delicate silver. This shade can beautifully complement the overall look, adding an elegant touch to the hairstyle.

Source: @vash_master_novosibirsk

30. Short Pearl Blonde Razored Bob

The stacked bob hairstyle with bangs exudes a captivating and alluring vibe. Achieve a flawlessly sleek look by straightening your hair, or embrace your natural waves for added volume and lift. The shimmering pearl-blonde color, combined with razor-edged ends and textured layers, effortlessly infuses a youthful and edgy aura into this haircut.

Source: @shmoakin_hair
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