Get Busy: 40 Sporty Hairstyles for Workout

One of the many factors you have to consider when deciding to stick with an exercise program is how you want to wear your hair, especially if you’re a woman. You want a hairstyle that is fashionable, effective, and won’t get in the way of your exercise. From the hideous half ponytails or buns of the past, sporty hairstyles have evolved into looks that are appropriate for occasions outside of the gym.

The styling techniques used in the following athletic hairstyles—braids, twists, buns, and ponytails—are all adaptable enough to withstand even the most intense exercise regimens. Perhaps these adorable, simple (as well as more intricate) hairstyles will serve as some inspiration for your next workout look. Ladies, now get to work and start styling!

1. Long Ponytail with Multiple Braids

Finding a hairstyle that keeps all of your hair in place without causing it to fall out can be difficult if you have long hair. The numerous braids that make up this ponytail are still worth trying, even though they’re not as quick or easy as some of the other gym hairstyles.


2. Twisted Fauxhawk and Low Pony

Long hair was made for this trendy workout hairstyle that is edgy, modern, and sure to turn heads. Your hair should be divided into three parts. Use the side sections as a backdrop for your fauxhawk twist and twist the central one.


3. Sleek Dutch Braids into Small Buns

This is yet another fantastic gym hairstyle. First, make two side dutch braids that are similar. Two snug pigtails are formed by tying an elastic band around each end of the braid. The perfect athletic hairstyle, especially for hair that is second day!


4. Braided Bun

Although a bun is a timeless hairstyle for women, this updated version also falls under the sporty hairstyles category. This look, which consists of two side braids arranged into a ponytail before being formed into a bun, is sure to spark conversation.

Source: @yiyayellow

5. Upside Down Braids with High Chignon

Medium-length hair will look fantastic in this hairstyle. Tie your hair up in a high ponytail after completing two upside-down braids. After that, poof it and tie it into a full chignon. It’s also feasible to poof and fix long bangs on the crown if you wear them.


6. Two Braids and “Y” Fishtail

Who declared that one French braid could ever be worn? This workout hairstyle works well for running, competing, or any other kind of physical activity you can think of. This area actually has four braids: two larger ones that run parallel along the sides of the back, and two that start at the top of the head and join together.


7. Athletic Fishtail Plaits

Sporty girls must have low pigtails, and this braided variation is reminiscent of the ’90s. The next time you go for a run, leave the bottom half of your hair loose for a more laid-back look, regardless of whether you decide to style it like French plaits, waterfall braids, or just double twist the sections.

Source: @missysueblog

8. Messy Topknot

Many girls prefer a messy topknot or other sports hairstyle because it’s so practical. Here’s what to do when in doubt, whether you’re heading to or from the gym, running errands, or just hanging out with friends.

Source: @twistmepretty

9. Four Strand Braid

This is a pretty cute way to look feminine at the gym and get hair out of your face. 3D braids have an elaborate, athletic appearance. You’re ready to break records when you add some shine spray to finish off the hairstyle. View more images and our 4-strand braid tutorial.

Source: @braidsbyjordan

10. Workout Bandana Bun

The greatest sporty hairstyles for short hair are those incorporating bandanas and hair scarves, and they’re really trendy right now! Choose one and style your hair into a messy bun or ponytail to elevate your workout attire while adding a vibrant pop of color. It’s an enjoyable way to spend little time and gain extra fashion points.

Source: @kayleymelissa

11. Gym Space Buns

Not sure which workout style to try out next? Space buns are a fantastic option. They keep your hair off your back, free of frizz and gym sweat, and they’re trendy and young!

Source: @n.starck

12. Sporty Fishtail Mohawk

Here’s an alternative hairstyle to try out if you haven’t tried the hawk braid yet. Separate your hair into three sections. Cornrow the sides and fishtail the middle section to get this look. And voilà!

Source: @game_of_braids

13. Dutch Updo

For sporty girls who want to look feminine while doing lower impact exercises like yoga and aerobics, dutch braids are the ideal hairstyle. The ‘do has a hint of an athletic touch, even though they feel ethereal most of the time.

Source: @tressesbytress

14. Swirl Hairdo

Sports braids don’t have to be uninteresting or conventional! This hairstyle has so much going on. Try adding fishtails and swirled French braids to a side pony, the traditional sporty girl look.

Source: @sadiejcre8s

15. Crown Braid with Low Buns

Depending on the height of the buns and the way the updo is finished, two sporty braids that lead into buns can produce a range of effects. For example, this low style is less girly and sweet and more hipster and edgy. For every type of personality, there are options!

Source: @kellymccormickhair

16. Gym Cornrows

Sporty braids are a fantastic hairstyle for the gym! It is simpler to create larger cornrows than thin braids. The exposed roots make them even more athletic, so don’t worry about it.

Source: @hairbyjaxx

17. Two Twists and Bun Updo

With this sports braids updo, hair length is not a concern. If your hair is long enough to form any kind of bun at the bottom and you don’t have too many layers, you can wear pancaked braids or twists.

Source: @heatherchapmanhair

18. Running Pony with Headband

This kind of disheveled ponytail won’t let you run with it. DIY with your own hair if you’re not into working out headbands! High ponytails look much better when paired with a thin, braided headband. Hair that is long enough to wrap around your head is required for this style.

Source: @braidstudio

19. Thick Boho Braid

This kind of hairstyle is bohemian and sporty. Pancaking is an amazing method for thick braids! Multi-toned hair makes the hairstyle details pop.

Source: @kellymccormickhair

20. Hidden Braid

This unique style is something you don’t see very often! Even without specific hair styling knowledge, you can easily recreate the cute and sporty hidden plait hairstyle. You can conquer this task as long as you can precisely section and French braid hair.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

21. Cornrows

African hairstyles known as cornrows have been popular since approximately 500 BC. They are exquisite for all hair types, lengths, and textures, but they do require deft hands. In updos, cornrows also look stunning!

Source: @kiakhameleon

22. Athletic Double Braids

Fishtails and dutch braids come together in the center to create a style that is easygoing yet sophisticated. To further personalize your pigtails, you can mix and match different braid styles like French, rope, waterfall, and five-strand braids.

Source: @game_of_braids

23. Edgy Updo

The polished, well-groomed updo showcases a sporty, edgy hairstyle perfect for the gym and sporting events. Use a twist or Mohawk braid to add height to the top of your head, and roll your hair back at the nape of your neck. Leave a few strands uncovered for a delicate finish.

Source: @goldplaited_

24. Mid-Length Athletic Pigtails

What looks more like a classic grunge look than two pigtails? This is a cute way to wear that length to the gym, since lob haircuts have been very in right now! For a throwback to the 00s, part your hair in the middle and braid each side.

Source: @hair_by_pelerossi

25. Braids on Braids Updo

This will look great at a competition for gymnastics! Here’s how to solve the puzzle: a hawk braid runs down the middle of the head and curves to the right to complete the circle of the crown, while a half-crown Dutch braid runs along the left side of the head. There is no denying that hair chalk adds interest.

Source: @goldplaited_

26. Messy Low Bun

A textured low bun is most likely the ideal hairstyle for sports if you’re not into high ponytails or braids. Nothing will stop you from posing a threat to opponents once you accomplish this and get the hair off your back and out of your way.

Source: @theprettyparlour

27. Flat Braid

Sporty hairstyles don’t have to be drab or out of style, as this adorable workout hairstyle demonstrates. Although they may appear fairly complex, the flat braid technique used here can be made simpler by creating a standard half pony without the extra braid components mentioned above.


28. Long Ponytail with Wrap Around Braid

One of the most adorable athletic hairstyles for long hair, this one is sure to turn heads and leave people in awe. A pony with a braided tassel appears far more intriguing than one without one. Additionally, it prevents the pony’s lengthy strands from tangling while you run or work out.


29. Messy Twisted Updo

This picture demonstrates how intricate and distinctive sporty hairstyles for girls can be. You can rock an almost any workout routine with your hair looking presentable and edgy thanks to this untidy, twisted updo.


30. Braid and Swirl Bun

Sometimes when you work out, you want easy hairstyles like this adorable braided swirl bun that you can wear after your workout. The hair is styled into a bun with an intriguing swirl pattern after being put into a loose French braid.


31. Low Twisted Ponytail

Certain hairstyles are appropriate for almost any occasion and are always in style. Among them is a ponytail. This low, twisted ponytail is stylish and a great way to keep your hair out of your face while working out. It’s perfect for long hair and easy to create.


32. Messy Bun with Headband

For those who are too busy to spend much time on their hair before working out, fuss-free sporty hairstyles like this one might be a good option. An adorable headband that completes and accentuates this carefree messy bun will go well with a number of athletic ensembles.


33. Neat and Slick Cornrows

One of the simplest and most traditional hairstyles for exercising is a cornrow. Cornrows are one of the most well-liked sports hairstyles and look good on hair of any length, even short hair.


34. Middle Ponytail with Braided Side

This middle ponytail with a braided side is the epitome of a modern gym hairstyle—it’s incredibly fashionable and adorable. A tousled ponytail and a loose braid look great together for an exercise and other occasions.

Source: @kellgrace

35. Mini Buns

The best way to describe this easy workout hair idea is girly and super cute. All you need to do to make it is pull your hair up into ponytails on either side of your head, then shape them into two little, tiny buns. The outcome is a refined and attractive appearance.


36. Fishtail Braid Ponytail

This long, fishtail ponytail is a great alternative to the typical gymnastics hairstyles and works well for both jogging and competitions. Just pull your hair up into a ponytail in the middle, and then braid it into a fishtail.


37. French Braid Updo

Why not add some flair to the traditional French braid and take it off your neck for your workout? This French braid updo is ideal for that purpose. Simply French braid your hair and tuck it under to conceal the tail to replicate the look.


38. Twisted Side Ponytails

These easy, twisted side ponytails are timeless, gym-appropriate, and guaranteed to transport you back to your early years. On each side of your head, pull your hair up into two high ponytails. Twist each ponytail loosely until the ends are secure, then fasten them with elastic bands.


39. Quick Sporty Updo

Isn’t it boring to work out at the same hairstyle every time? This easy hairstyle will add some variety to your exercise routine. Create a low ponytail after braiding a side braid, but don’t completely remove the strands; instead, leave them in place as a low loop. Prepare to soar to new heights by encircling the elastic with those loose ends!


40. Low Bun with Thick Braids

Thick braids placed well can really lift an otherwise simple hairdo. Three adorable braids that feed into this low bun give it a little lift. This hairstyle’s carefree, untidy vibe adds even more personality.

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