40 Elegant Side Ponytails That You Will Love

The side ponytail hairstyle is one of the most common ways to wear long hair. Fair enough, this hairstyle is adorable and incredibly easy. Furthermore, you can effortlessly modify your everyday office-approved “do” with some texture and accessories to make a side ponytail suitable for a night out.

One thing we can all learn from the John Hughes films is that we are not all Molly Ringwald. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t use our own twists and tricks to resemble the hairstyles from her heyday. Here are some totally new and perfectly updated modern takes on the side ponytail in case you want to look like a princess from the 1980s.

1. Fancy Side Ponytail

While it takes a little longer and requires more work than other versions, the result is well worth the extra effort. This elegant hairstyle, appropriate for a prom or wedding, can be achieved with approximately one hour of curling and twisting.

Source: @prismstudiodesign

2. Bubble Ponytail

For women with natural hair that is either straight or curly, a bubble ponytail is a great option. Unusual and suitable for both smart and casual ensembles, a bubble ponytail hairstyle is incredibly simple to achieve. Simply space out four to six bands evenly along the length of your ponytail, then gently tug each section to form “bubbles.”

Source: @saintsuzzywigs

3. Messy French Braid Side Ponytail

For the braided crown and side ponytail, dutch braids are frequently a clear choice. However, don’t undervalue the influence of traditional French braids. This looks really romantic with waves and a few loose strands framing the face. Therefore, give a French braid a try on your next pony and see if you don’t end up liking it!

Source: @laura.braids

4. Wavy Ponytail with Flowers

Choosing to accessorize your side ponytail with hair accessories is a fun way to add some feminine flair to your appearance. We adore this adorable wavy look with a vibrant flower at the base.

Source: @bylauracarita

5. Flip Twist Ponytail

Despite appearances to the contrary, this low ponytail is not difficult to style. Two sections of hair must be twisted and secured with a band. The tiny tail should then be flipped up and around the band. Then, gather all of the hair into a ponytail directly beneath a section that has been flipped. Lastly, pin the hair tie after wrapping a little section of hair around it. And voilà!

Source: @nicoletomeohairandmakeup

6. Low Braided Ponytail

Style and elegance are the main features of this low ponytail with a side braid. The finishing touch that gives it a very romantic appearance is a thin hair ribbon. Save this concept for important events.

Source: @laurascheffers_hairstylist.mu

7. Wrapped High Ponytail

Are you looking for an elegant way to display your box braids? Consider wearing a side ponytail that is wrapped at the base and piled high atop your head for a night out. It seems adorable, isn’t it?

Source: @curlz2locz

8. Low Side Ponytail Hairstyle for Shorter Hair

It’s not necessary to have long hair to wear ponytails. For this kind of elegant side ponytail updo, shoulder-length hair works well. Certain pinned twists are like magic, turning an ordinary ponytail into a stunning evening look.

Source: @jlstylesandblowdrybar

9. Messy Side Pony

Currently, unkempt, messy looks are highly in. The messy bun came first, followed by the messy waves on the beach, and now the messy pony takes center stage. If you have long, wavy hair, try this incredibly romantic hairstyle.

Source: @shear.beauty_bybethanne

10. Side Ponytail for Special Occasions

The versatility of side ponytails is something we will always be talking about. They complement all face shapes and hair types and can be dressed up or down. A side ponytail can be dressed up for a wedding with defined curls and a chic brooch.

Source: @asyouwishhairstyles

11. Hot Wavy Side Ponytail

The fact that you can create almost any variation of a ponytail you like—in this case, the side ponytail—is what makes it so much fun and unique. One shoulder displaying a wavy ponytail is a timeless, modest, and universally appealing style.

Source: @sabrinadijkman

12. Blonde Braided and Twisted Ponytail

Never let your ponytail do the twisting; that’s when you should be relaxed and untwisted. This twisted ponytail is perfect for weekend activities or adding some flare to a more subdued ensemble.

Source: @karschruder

13. Elegant Side Ponytail Updo

It’s amazing how a loose side ponytail can instantly give your outfit a festive feel. To achieve this incredibly sophisticated updo, simply add lustrous curls, sophisticated twists, and loose face-framing strands.

Source: @loveisinthehair_byliz

14. Rock-Diva Side Ponytail

For women looking for a slightly more daring take on the side ponytail, check out this hairstyle. The messy ponytail completes this edgy look with a sharp contrast, and the stunning diagonal French braid with a chain accent adds that bold, hard rock vibe.

Source: @sandrabierens_bridal

15. Curly Ponytail with Braided Side

We just love the way perfectly soft curls can change an everyday side ponytail. With a side braid and a glittery brooch, you can accessorize your hair to create a really lovely look. Indeed, don’t be afraid to use extensions to achieve that amazing look and to add extra fullness.

Source: @idohairbykmay

16. High Side Ponytail for Natural Hair

Although ponytails are great for controlling long hair, natural hair owners particularly like the side ponytail. Fair enough, since you won’t have to worry about adding extra curl or depth to textured hair, it naturally makes a great ponytail.

Source: @superiorponytails

17. Fishtail Braid Low Ponytail

You can achieve a lovely side ponytail updo even if your hair is not very long. Another example of how a ponytail can look great on any type of hair and in a variety of lengths is this gorgeous bridesmaid hairstyle with fishtail braids and loose curls.

Source: @styles_bylmiracle

18. Office-Approved Braid Side Ponytail

Consider adorning your office-approved side ponytail with a diagonal Dutch braid if you must maintain formality but still want to look unique. For a completely flawless appearance, tuck the elastic under a hair strand.

Source: @kpow_beauty

19. Cool High Ponytail

Bring your gorgeous little box braids together into a high ponytail to achieve this amazing party hairstyle. Then, for an edgier appearance, wrap more braidlocs around the base.

Source: @ameishabritneyx

20. Romantic Side Ponytail

Hairstyles with side ponytails can look very glamorous. Save this picture and show it to your hair stylist the next time you want to look absolutely stunning for a wedding.

Source: @hairsprayandbobbypins

21. Cascading Braided Pony

Go medieval with your hairstyle by matching gorgeous, luscious curls to a braided side pony. Just tie an elastic band around ¾ of the length of your hair to secure the braid just behind your ear. For an incredibly romantic “do,” let the ponytail and the remaining loose hair fall down the side of your neck.

Source: @hairandmakeupbysteph

22. Loosey Goosey Ponytail

There are moments when you just have to let go of your ponytail! Your hair should hang loosely and fall onto your shoulder after you’ve braided it low, untidy, and loosely along the nape. Bobby pin the braid behind your ear.

Source: @hairandmakeupbysteph

23. Tangled and Twisted Ponytail

Untidy hair looks fantastic! Put unkempt curls in a soft side ponytail to demonstrate your dominance. Your hair looks polished and elegant and becomes immediately manageable as a result.

Source: @theconfessionsofahairstylist

24. Intricate And Messy Ponytail

The outcome can be surprisingly cool when you style your side ponytail using styling methods from both complicated and messy hairstyles. Look at this pony with its half-up tails. The untidy appearance is enhanced by the long, disproportionate strands of hair that escape along the back and side. But what really leaves a lasting impression is the intricate fishtail braid that is thrown to one side.

Source: @lusciousloxau

25. Twisted And Pinned Blonde Ponytail

This side version of the ponytail is an excellent example of the kind of ponytail that requires more skill and dedication than others. This intricate and dramatic style uses everything from teasing, twisting, and pinning to curling and back-combing, and it’s well worth the styling time needed to pull it off.

Source: @sunkissedandmadeup

26. Twisted Front Curly Side Ponytail

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with putting some hair extensions in to create the look you’ve always wanted. In order to achieve the desired length and volume for the gorgeous ponytail with soft waves and a twisted front, this side ponytail creation uses extensions.

Source: @hudsonhair_co

27. Criss-Cross Side Pony

Give your standard side ponytail a change of pace by incorporating some crisscross movement. To reach the base of the neck, just overlap sections of hair and pin them together (so the bobby pins are hidden). You’re ready to go once you tie the pony!

Source: @jenniekaybeauty

28. Perfectly Imperfect Side Pony

When in doubt, opt for a traditional and dependable option. When you’re pressed for time or your hair just won’t behave, a simple low-side ponytail is the perfect solution. It only takes a minute or two to achieve this polished look.

Source: @everydaypursuits

29. Braided Crown Pony

One excellent way to showcase your highlights and hair color is with a braid and ponytail. The plaited design elegantly highlights the depth in your hair. Put your recently colored hair up in a side ponytail braided style, and get ready for some compliments!

Source: @asmstyling

30. Fancy Updo with a Side Pony

Not only are side ponies great for casual wear! Stack three topsy-tail ponies on top of one another along the side of your head to get a little more complicated. Curl the tips of the ponytail after securing the bottom with an elastic band. And voilà! You’re now prepared for any formal gathering.

Source: @reneemarieacademy

31. Beautifully Braided Ponytail

There are certain side ponytail hairstyles fit for a princess—a Disney princess, that is. Try a gorgeous braided hairstyle that reaches down your shoulder and wraps around the back of your head, channeling your inner Elsa from Disney’s Frozen.

Source: @modernsalon

32. Romantic Ponytail

Make a romantic statement with your hair! A feminine twisted side pony is a fantastic go-to updo that’s ideal for a formal event or wedding. Add some hair accessories to show off your look, like a bejeweled comb or flower clips, for extra style points.

Source: @modernsalon

33. Pony and Dutch Braid Combo

Ponytails and braids go together like peanut butter and jelly these days. Maintain the enchanting alliance with a full, thick Dutch braid that ends in a curled ponytail and wraps around the side of the head. Make sure to pull on the braid to give it a messier, fuller appearance!

Source: @anniesforgetmeknots

34. Pumped-Up Side Pony

Wear your side ponytail high to add some oomph to it. Using a backcomb, create a bouffant crown. Secure the hair just to the side of the crown by pulling it up. Pin the two broad front sections of your hair under the ponytail, leaving them loose. A sleek and voluminous updo that offers a distinctive twist on the traditional high pony is the end result.

Source: @ulyana.aster

35. Topsy-Tail Low Pony

Try a vintage hairstyle to transport yourself back to your early years. Toss it to the side and give the traditional topsy-tail pony a try. Even though it’s old, this is still a great song!

Source: @modernsalon

36. Pretty Plaited Pony

Get a super stylish and effortless side ponytail! Your hair only needs to be tied to the side and wrapped at the base. Next, remove a section from inside your ponytail and loosely braid it. Give the braid a quick spray of hairspray and let it hang loose.

Source: @modernsalon

37. Wavy Side Ponytail with a Crown Braid

One of the best styling tricks out there is the element of surprise, which allows your hairstyle to look straightforward from one perspective while providing a surprise from another. This flirty hairstyle accomplishes that by showcasing a braided half crown on one side and a sleek, slightly waved end on the other.

Source: @pilotbeauty

38. Sleek Ladylike Ponytail

Because ponytails are so flirtatious and feminine, it looks great when worn with an outfit that contrasts with it. Choosing modest ponytails that are appropriate for the workplace can be challenging, though. Even so, there are a few that are so perfect for the job that you won’t have time to second-guess whether to style them or not on a hectic morning. This ladylike side pony is perfect for transitioning from the office to cocktails with your coworkers; it’s simple, sleek, and chic.

Source: @karen_alternativehair

39. Faux Hawk Ponytail

Make a stylish faux hawk with your side pony to add a little rock ‘n’ roll flair. Create a mohawk-like Dutch braid by styling it down the center of the head and pulling at its sections. All you need now are some backup vocalists and a guitar!

Source: @styledbymontana

40. Wavy Free-Flowing Messy Ponytail

One of the best things about a great hairstyle is that it’s easy to achieve, aside from having hair that makes you look like you just stepped out of the salon. Simple yet fashionable hairstyles are essential for the average woman who lacks the time or skill to accomplish elaborate hairstyles, even though beautifully sculpted and coiffed hair looks amazing. This carefree blond ponytail is made to look feminine with its twisted sides and backcombed hair, which is simple to accomplish.

Source: @modernsalon
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