30 Short Feathered Haircuts You’ll Want To Rock

Since their enormous rise to popularity in the 1970s, feathered layers appear to have never gone out of style. They are adored for flattering almost all hair types and creating an airy, voluminous look.

Stay with us if you wish to pair this trend with a short hairstyle. To assist you in making your decision, we’ve compiled the greatest pictures of short feathered haircuts, ranging from sophisticated lobs to edgy pixies.

1. Blonde Feathered Pixie

Discover the enchanting Blonde Feathered Pixie crafted by Italian maestro Vito Satalino, stationed in the sunlit Monopoli. Embrace the allure of the asymmetric parting paired with elongated side-swept bangs, perfectly harmonizing with round face shapes. The feathery layers bestow a mesmerizing volume and dynamism to this exceptional style.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

2. Feathered Lob

Unveil the mesmerizing Feathered Lob by the adept hands of Indian stylist Jagadish, a maestro in taming unruly tresses. Dive into his Instagram for an array of inspiration, including today’s highlight — an ethereal, feathery lob adorned with delicate wispy bangs, exuding undeniable charm.

Source: @jaggi_hairartist

3. Modern Shag

Step into the resurgence of the captivating 70s shag with a modern twist. Merge the allure of a feathery shag with the contemporary curtain bangs trend, ensuring all eyes are irresistibly drawn to you.

Source: @yukistylist

4. Long Feathered Pixie

In the realm of feminine hairstyles, LA-based virtuoso Hiro Ochi reigns supreme. Behold the allure of this feathery pixie, radiating a blend of sensuality and femininity, delivering the ease of short hair without compromising on allure.

Source: @hirohair

5. Classic Pixie Cut

Embrace the timeless elegance of the Classic Pixie Cut, as envisioned by Rodrigo Gimenes. Versatile and sophisticated, this style caters to women of all ages and preferences, offering an effortless boost of volume to your locks.

Source: @rcgimenes

6. Messy and Classy

Indulge in the playful sophistication exuded by a myriad of feathery layers, intertwined with trendy blonde hues. While it demands a few extra moments in front of the mirror each morning, the resulting allure is undoubtedly worth the effort.

Source: @anastasiiia_korzhova

7. Mullet with Baby Bangs

At Nova Arts Salon in LA, Sal Salcedo crafts transformations that delight. Whether seeking romance or boldness, his sultry mullet captivates with sleek bangs and a feathery back, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

Source: @salsalhair

8. Feathered Bob

Bobs remain perennially chic and versatile, elevated to new heights with shaggy, feathery layers for added volume and vivacity.

Source: @tyler_the_hairstylist

9. Graduated Bob with Undercut

Elevate your quest for volume with the graduated bob cut, accentuated by feathered layers for a fuller, more voluminous allure.

Source: @teagancousins.hair

10. Short Feathered Cut

Bask in the elegance and style epitomized by the Short Feathered Cut, adorned with side-swept bangs for a touch of sophistication.

Source: @ittaribeiro

11. Layered Shoulder Length Cut

Nunzio Saviano’s shoulder-length feathered cut epitomizes feminine chic, boasting a simple yet stunning silhouette adorned with a plethora of feathered layers.

Source: @nunzio_nyc1

12. 90s Pixie

Transport yourself to the iconic styles of the 90s with a statement feathered pixie, elevated by vibrant blonde hues for an added dose of allure.

Source: @daniloherbert

13. Short Asymmetrical Bob

Embrace movement and dimension with a feathered asymmetrical bob, a striking choice for those seeking a captivating look.

Source: @vitosatalino_official

14. Layered Pixie

For a contemporary twist on the classic pixie, embrace feathered layers to accentuate your features and exude timeless elegance.

Source: @rcgimenes

15. Feathered Bob with Deep Side Parting

Thin hair finds a savior in the feathered bob, its length and layers injecting volume, while a deep side parting enhances its full-bodied allure.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

16. Messy Bob

Thick, wavy hair finds its match in the wavy bob with feathered layers, offering defined waves and voluminous charm.

Source: @ittaribeiro

17. Sultry Waves

A classic bob adorned with wavy, feathered layers and bangs radiates romance and charm, ideal for those with thin locks.

Source: @teagancousins.hair

18. Textured Lob

Marvel at the masterful layering of the long bob, enriched with textured, feathered layers for a voluminous, captivating appeal.

Source: @jaggi_hairartist

19. Short Bob with Highlights

Rodrigo Gimenes’ creation embodies the essence of short hair allure, offering the convenience of low maintenance coupled with the femininity of longer tresses.

Source: @rcgimenes

20. Shaggy Lob

Inject oomph into your standard lob with shaggy, feathered layers, promising a mesmerizing fusion of volume and texture.

Source: @nevilleromanzammit

21. Brown Bob with Caramel Highlights

Alessandra Nakamura’s short feathered bob radiates elegance and movement, achieved through highlighted feathered layers, ideal for those craving simplicity and sophistication.

Source: @alessandra_nakamura

22. Choppy Bob with Bangs

Brunette allure meets the timeless bob cut, enhanced by feathered layers and side-swept bangs for an irresistibly cute look.

Source: @rodrigocintra

23. Short Pixie

Simplicity meets boldness with the super short pixie, adorned with soft feathered layers for an edgy, romantic flair.

Source: @m.v.h_hair

24. Dirty Blonde Pixie Bob with Highlights

Feathered layers transform thick hair into a light, voluminous delight, further enhanced by strategically placed blonde highlights for depth and dimension.

Source: @alisonallvess

25. Brunette Pixie

Embrace the allure of short hair with a multitude of soft feathered layers, crafting a romantic, messy look.

Source: @alexpaixao.educ

26. Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Joe Profita’s pixie cut embodies elegance and edginess, accentuated by feathered layers to create volume and texture.

Source: @joeprofita

27. Beige Blonde Bob

Discover the transformative power of cut and color with this stunning feathered bob, promising to elevate your features and radiance.

Source: @anastasiiia_korzhova

28. Jet Black Feathered Bob

Tame thick, unruly hair with a short feathered haircut, boasting elaborated layering for stunning volume and movement.

Source: @iamkellydivine

29. Razored Wolf Cut

Daniel Jianing Liu’s razored wolf cut offers a cute yet edgy twist, perfect for those seeking a bold transformation.

Source: @danieljianing

30. Heavily Feathered Mid-Length Cut

Indulge in the lightness and volume offered by feathered layers, accentuating the lower part of the hair with a feathery texture that commands attention.

Source: @alessandra_nakamura
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