15 Sassy Hairstyles Featuring Mandy Moore Short Hair

Mandy Moore is bold when it comes to trying out new hairstyles. She has surprised her fans with nearly every possible length, style, and hair color. She understands how to look feminine and passionate, gorgeous and classy, brave and daring. Mandy Moore’s magical transformations are made possible by her various hairstyles. Mandy’s short hair gives her a rash, youthful, mischievous appearance. I’ve compiled a list of Mandy Moore’s top 15 short hairstyles and am sharing them with you here.

In short haircuts, Mandy Moore uses layering to add volume to her fine hair. She prefers straight side swept bangs and messed-up styles, occasionally with a wet sexy look. The looks in which she styles her spiky side flicks outward are undoubtedly the sharpest. She also benefits from side tresses, which caress her cheeks and soften her severe jawline. Loose curls in short-to-medium bob haircuts also look great on her facial shape, disguising its width.

Mandy enjoys experimenting with her hair color, coloring it in a variety of tints ranging from light straw-colored blonds to rich chocolates and dark browns. Personally, I believe Mandy looks great in frigid colors, whereas warmer colors make her appear boring. Anyway, you’ll have the opportunity to check it out for yourself.

1. Short Messy Look

This uncomplicated short haircut features a zigzag parting and a slightly disheveled finish, which is currently quite popular. The addition of golden highlights adds a lively touch to the overall appearance.


2. Short Jagged Flirty

Razor-cut fine layers at the sides and back give this haircut a playful edge, especially when styled with a wet, flirty finish. Thin side bangs complement the playful vibe of this look perfectly.


3. Short Casual Mussy

Despite Mandy’s preference for longer styles, this short pixie cut offers a refreshing change, showcasing a more daring side of her personality with its bob-like appearance.


4. Elegant Curly Formal

A chin-length bob with woven layers and asymmetrical bangs softens Mandy’s facial features, radiating elegance and charm.


5. Short Graded Universal

Careful layering throughout the hair creates the illusion of thicker hair, while a touch of teasing at the roots and a deep medium-brown hue with subtle highlights complete this confident and sexy style.


6. Short Straight Casual

For those curious about Mandy’s graded haircut in its natural state, this casual wash-and-go look offers a glimpse. A quick blow-dry and some slight curvature with a round brush can enhance the style.


7. Wavy Romantic Formal

Loose, sleek curls, side-swept bangs, and a silky texture create a simple yet elegant hairstyle perfect for shoulder-length hair and formal occasions.


8. Short-To-Medium Layered Casual

Presenting a universal graded haircut with layers starting from the mid-ear, elongating Mandy’s face with long bangs and softening her jawline with gently curled tresses.


9. Sassy Messy Wet Look

Mandy embraces a cheeky vibe with wet, messy tresses and pointed ends, showcasing the versatility of her short haircut with bold and sassy finishes.


10. Layered Sensual Casual

A graded chin-length bob with layered texture exudes sensuality, particularly when tousled for added flair, as Mandy demonstrates effortlessly.


11. Sleek Graded Formal

Mandy’s short graded hairstyle, featuring layered texture and side-swept bangs, offers a sleek and elegant option suitable for formal occasions.


12. Sassy Feathery Casual

Layered feathers styled outward with subtle highlights create an optimistic and stylish look, showcasing Mandy’s playful side.


13. Short Casual Wet Look

For a sexy appearance, Mandy sleekens her feathers with gel, creating a tousled finish that settles naturally. Asymmetrically styled bangs add to the casual charm of this look.


14. Short Vibrant Chic

Rich chocolate hues and cheeky, randomly placed tresses with a wet finish draw attention to Mandy’s radiant smile and playful demeanor.


15. Straight Slicked Back Casual

Mandy exudes casual elegance with straight, slicked-back hair, side-parted and brightened with warm highlights, showcasing chic simplicity.

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