23 Smashing Pixie Bob Haircuts

The pixie bob haircut is a trendy and versatile style that combines the elements of a bob and a pixie cut. It features shorter graduated hair at the back and longer strands on the top and around the front. This haircut is suitable for both fine and thick hair and can be adjusted to flatter any face shape. Whether you want to refresh your current haircut or explore the world of short hair for the first time, we invite you to discover a wide range of pixie bob haircuts in this collection.

If you’re looking to add more layers or create a rounded shape to your short bob, or if you’re considering growing out your pixie cut for a face-framing look, the pixie bob style offers a stylish and versatile way to transition between short and long hair. Explore the best variations of pixie bob haircuts to find your next perfect hairstyle.

1. Stacked Pixie Bob Cut

This layered pixie bob with a short, graduated nape is a fantastic choice for hot summer days. Its chic and feminine appearance, combined with plenty of texture and soft, swooping bangs, makes it both stylish and easy to style and maintain. With its versatile look, this hairstyle is suitable for various occasions and can effortlessly complement any outfit.

Source: @celiofariaoficial

2. Silver Blonde Defined Pixie Bob Cut

The sleek and voluminous pixie hairstyle is an excellent choice for individuals who seek a sophisticated and polished look. To achieve this style, begin by applying mousse to your hair and using a round brush to blow-dry it forward. For added definition, incorporate texturizing paste. This method will create a chic and refined appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Source: @henniegebhardt

3. Long Pixie Bob Haircut

The pixie bob hairstyle is effortlessly chic, featuring textured layers, side swept bangs, and a short graduated back. It sets a remarkable standard for this trend. Surprisingly, you don’t need much effort to style this look. It is low-maintenance and guarantees a polished appearance.

Source: @brianacisneros

4. Choppy Pixie Cut with Silver Highlights

We highly admire the texture and style of this remarkably trendy pixie cut, accentuated by distinct chunky lilac and silver highlights. To effortlessly recreate this tousled appearance, we suggest using texturizing paste for added charm and flair.

Source: @lcs.hairdesign

5. Inverted Pixie Bob

Blonde hair offers an incredible opportunity to accentuate the shape and texture of a short haircut. Take, for example, this stunning silver classic bob. It boasts a stylishly short, stacked back, complemented by gracefully long layered sides. Such a hairstyle not only adds depth and dimension but also exudes sophistication and elegance.

Source: @headrushdesigns

6. Razored Chin Length Pixie Bob Hairstyle

The bob pixie cut is expertly crafted, showcasing both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Its feathered edges and asymmetric undercut provide a distinctive and personalized touch, elevating the overall look. With its precise attention to detail and stylish design, this cut is perfect for those seeking a bold and modern hairstyle that leaves a lasting impression.

Source: @shannonrha

7. Long Pixie Bob with a Modern Twist

The modern take on the short bob cut from the ’90s is highly praised. It is especially suitable for individuals with an elongated face shape. The cheekbone-grazing length of this hairstyle impeccably divides the face, resulting in a visually wider and rounder appearance. This trendy haircut is perfect for those seeking a stylish and flattering look that stands the test of time.

Source: @hirohair

8. Angled Pixie Bob with Face Framing Bangs

For those who appreciate edgy haircuts, the classic pixie bob with layered bangs is an excellent choice. While it is not a low maintenance style, the effort required to upkeep it is truly worthwhile. The layered bangs add dimension and style to this chic haircut, making it a standout option for those seeking a bold and fashionable look.

Source: @katierosehair

9. Rose Gold Choppy Pixie Bob

For individuals with fine hair who struggle to achieve volume, a highly recommended option is a just-above-the-chin-length haircut. This particular style is long enough to avoid a bare look, while providing an edgy touch that gives the illusion of fuller hair, even for those with thin hair.

Source: @jacobhkhan

10. Pixie Bob Haircut with Choppy Layers

The pixie and bob hybrid is a highly versatile haircut option that offers the perfect style for those who enjoy experimenting with different looks daily. This haircut features the ability to frame your face for a sleek bob appearance, while also allowing you to tuck the sides behind your ears for a chic pixie look. With this haircut, you can effortlessly switch between these two distinct styles, providing endless possibilities for your everyday look. Choosing this hybrid haircut ensures that you’ll always have a fashionable and trendy hairstyle that suits your preferences and adds a touch of versatility to your overall style.

Source: @andy_doesyourhair

11. Short Pixie Bob with Side Bangs

For a chic and adorable look, consider the cute side-swept blonde pixie bob haircut. This hairstyle is perfect for those with naturally fine hair. To add volume, apply volumizing spray on damp hair and use a large barrel brush while blow-drying. Achieve a stylish and elegant appearance with this fashionable hairstyle.

Source: @emerson_ferrazoficial

12. Shaggy Pixie Bob with Purple and Silver Highlights

A heavily textured pixie bob cut can effectively reduce the excessive bulk of heavy and thick hair, making it an excellent choice. Moreover, the combination of metallic purple and silver highlights not only adds depth but also enhances the overall dimension of this style.

Source: @alexisscissorhands__

13. Curly Pixie Bob

It has been a common misconception for many years that curly hair is not suited for shorter styles. However, short pixie cuts can be just as flattering for waves and curls as they are for straight hair. Take a look at this lovely short pixie bob, which exemplifies this versatility. With its carefully crafted shape and texture, this hairstyle is perfect for bringing out the natural beauty and charm of curly hair. Embracing a shorter length can provide a fresh and modern look, while still allowing for easy maintenance and styling options. Whether you have naturally curly or wavy hair, a short pixie cut can be a fantastic choice to enhance your features and showcase your personal style.

Source: @andy_doesyourhair

14. Graduated Pixie Bob Cut

The stacked pixie bob, with a strong Y2K aesthetic, offers an excellent shape that effectively manages thick hair. To achieve a sleek and polished finish, it is recommended to utilize a flat iron along with a small amount of smoothing cream. This combination of tools and products will help create the desired look while maintaining the overall style and texture.

Source: @yp_hair

15. Short Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

If you desire to highlight your long neck and cheekbones, we highly recommend considering pixie bob hairstyles. These hairstyles feature a short and tapered back, complemented by contrasting long side bangs. They offer a stylish and trendy look that accentuates your facial features. Give them a try and enhance your overall appearance effortlessly.

Source: @thastylist18

16. Long Pixie Bob

The pixie bob hairstyle is both simple and effective, making it suitable for any face shape and hair type. With long sides and a short graduated back, this haircut is easy to style on a day-to-day basis. To maintain its fresh look, it is recommended to schedule salon appointments every 6 weeks. This versatile haircut provides a stylish and low-maintenance option for those seeking a trendy yet convenient look.

Source: @tatianaberke

17. Pixie Bob with a Middle Part

During the transition from a short hairstyle to longer hair, it’s unnecessary for your hair to look unattractive. This adorable long pixie haircut serves as evidence that with the right approach, the intermediate stage can be made effortless and stylish. It demonstrates that the process of growing out your hair does not have to be problematic or challenging.

Source: @anhcotran

18. Smokey Lavender Tapered Pixie Bob Haircut

For a rebellious vibe, opt for a vibrant pastel color that complements a chic and classy cut. This combination will give you a stylish and put-together look. To achieve a natural finish and add volume, try blow-drying your hair with your head upside down.

Source: @other.haircraft

19. Long Choppy Pixie

This jawline-length haircut features long layers and feathery ends, creating ample volume and body even for those with fine hair. It can be worn down for a relaxed look or pulled behind the ears for a sleeker and more polished appearance. Consider trying this versatile and stylish hairstyle for a refreshed and trendy look.

Source: @yukistylist

20. French Bob with Curtain Bangs

Short hairstyles can be a great way to express your unique personal style and achieve a polished look. For example, consider the cute French pixie bob, with short bangs breaking up in the middle. This particular hairstyle adds a refined touch and completes the overall aesthetic. Incorporating short hairstyles into your repertoire can allow for endless possibilities in terms of versatility and creativity. Whether you prefer a chic and minimalist approach or a bold and daring statement, short hairstyles offer a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

Source: @madisonvillohair

21. Sharp and Dark Bob Pixie

Precision cuts are highly regarded for their immaculate lines and perfect shape, making them an incredible choice. This sharp pixie bob is a hairstyle that many dream of because it offers a sophisticated and stylish look that exudes confidence and elegance. With its precise angles and clean edges, this haircut is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Source: @ruteboazhair

22. Flowy Blonde Pixie Bob with Dark Roots

The sassy blowout with flowy side swept bangs provides a stunning hairstyle that captures attention. It showcases razored layers that are beautifully accentuated by highlights. The cool ash blonde color gains depth from the naturally dark roots, enhancing its low maintenance appeal. With its exceptional style and attention to detail, this blowout is sure to inspire hair envy.

Source: @oliviadavis.hair

23. Angled Short Stacked Bob

If you desire a low-maintenance hairstyle with the classic charm of pixie cuts, consider incorporating longer layers that delicately frame the face. This specific haircut, which features a short neck-length cut, not only offers the ease of maintenance but also provides the illusion of a longer and slimmer neck. We recommend showcasing this style to your stylist.

Source: @silia_hairandmakeup
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