20 Jaw-Dropping Partial Balayage Hairstyles

A partial balayage is a freehand coloring technique in which highlights are applied to particular regions of the head, usually the top layer or the area immediately surrounding the face, rather than the entire head. Let’s examine the top illustrations of this trend!

There are numerous justifications for selecting a partial rather than a full balayage. One benefit is that your lovely tresses may sustain less damage because there isn’t as much bleach used. For those who have never colored their hair but want to get that contemporary style, this makes it a wise choice.

Another argument is that while more of your natural hair is visible, fewer highlights can be subtle. You can experiment with vivid and unique hues without having them overtake your hairdo.

1. Subtle and Wavy Partial Balayage Hair

When debating between a full balayage and a partial one, consider the impact you want to achieve. Opting for a partial balayage allows for a subtle yet notable change to your hairstyle, offering versatility and understated elegance.

Source: @richiemiao

2. Brunette with Light Brown Highlights

Enhance dark hair with the beauty of light brown highlights, creating depth and dimension. Partial balayage offers a natural look while minimizing potential damage, providing the perfect balance for a fresh and vibrant appearance.

Source: @chrisweberhair

3. Brown Hair with Soft Hairpainting

Maintain your hair’s health and natural appearance with soft hair painting, ideal for those seeking low-maintenance highlights. Partial highlights ensure effortless maintenance and a sun-kissed look as your hair grows out, creating a beautiful blend of colors.

Source: @a_kool

4. Long Brown Locks with Partial Highlights

Discover the versatility of partial balayage highlights, whether on the top or under layers of your hair. These hidden treasures peek through curls or waves, adding depth and interest to your hairstyle for a delightful surprise.

Source: @anthonyholguin

5. Caramel and Cinnamon Highlights

Infuse warmth and richness into brown hair with caramel and cinnamon accents, creating a captivating mix of colors. Partial balayage emphasizes the contrast between dark roots and lighter strands, enhancing the allure of medium-length hair with a touch of sensuality.

Source: @dawntraceyhair

6. Blonde Balayage on Brown Locks

Elevate your hairstyle with partial blonde balayage highlights, delicately applied to the top layer of your hair. These lighter streaks blend beautifully with beachy waves, adding irresistible body and movement to your mane.

Source: @meaganelise87

7. Bob with Partial Balayage

Transform your everyday bob with partial balayage highlights, perfect for various hair textures, including straight Asian hair. Subtle chocolatey highlights brighten the face and enhance the ends, giving your bob a stylish and modern flair.

Source: @mizzchoi

8. Brown-to-Blonde Low Balayage

Make a statement with high-contrast highlights on dark hair, opting for a semi balayage to minimize damage. Achieve trendy shades while maintaining healthy hair, ensuring a bold and vibrant look without compromising on quality.

Source: @hairbynn

9. Choppy Cut with Mixed Highlights

Revamp your straight hair with a stylish partial balayage, experimenting with platinum and warm brown highlights. Add a two-tiered choppy cut for a dramatic and modern twist, infusing your hairstyle with edgy sophistication.

Source: @hairxjojo

10. Long Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Break the monotony of black hair with partial balayage highlights, adding chestnut brown accents for subtle contrast. Achieve a simple yet striking look that complements your natural hair color while adding depth and dimension.

Source: @ashdoescolor

11. Long Brown Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Enhance your brunette locks with blonde and caramel highlights, effortlessly elevating your long hair with minimalistic styling. Embrace the beauty of simplicity, showcasing the perfect balance between dark and light tones.

Source: @hairbynoora

12. Red-Haired Semi-Balayage

Add dynamism to your red hair with natural-looking blonde highlights, carefully applied for a subtle effect. Create depth by focusing on the top layer of hair, achieving a stunning contrast that complements your vibrant red locks.

Source: @hairbyjustineb

13. Platinum Blonde Balayage Highlights

Lighten your dark blonde tresses with partial balayage highlights, opting for platinum tones to brighten your face. Add layers towards the bottom for enhanced volume and a fuller look, ensuring a radiant and captivating hairstyle.

Source: @kccarhart

14. Brown Cut with Face Framing Streaks

Achieve flattering placement with partial highlights, focusing on framing your face with light shades. Enhance medium brown hues with strategically placed highlights, drawing attention to both your hair and facial features.

Source: @theglosserie

15. Curled Auburn Hair with Highlights

Warm up your auburn hair with partial highlights, creating a multidimensional hairstyle with lighter and darker shades. Use loose barrel curls to enhance texture and volume, adding a touch of glamour to your overall look.

Source: @immortalbelovedsalon

16. Purple on Black Front Highlights

Explore the versatility of partial highlights on black hair, incorporating bold colors like purple for a unique and stylish effect. Embrace the consistency of black hair as a canvas for vibrant hues, ensuring a striking and eye-catching hairstyle.

Source: @hairbyedwin

17. Brown and Caramel Hairstyle

Combine caramel and chocolate highlights for a sweet and stylish look, sprinkling them throughout your brown locks. Partial highlights add dimension and interest, revitalizing your hair with a touch of warmth and richness.

Source: @headrushdesignsbyjulieann

18. Curly Bob with Subtle Balayage

Accentuate short hair with subtle balayage highlights, creating dimension and character in a cute bob. Piecey highlights and layers add texture and movement, ensuring a playful yet sophisticated hairstyle.

Source: @alexkhoeunhair

19. Long Wavy Hairstyle with Partial Highlights

Maintain the health of your locks with deep conditioning treatments, especially with partial highlights. Despite being on darker tresses, deep highlights add depth and dimension without compromising on hair quality.

Source: @thescissorsammurai

20. Loose Waves with Balayaged Top Layers

Create a gradient effect with partial highlights, mimicking the allure of ombre without excessive bleaching. Bleach the top layer for fun color and dimension, completing the look with loose waves for a touch of sensuality and allure.

Source: @jennkhair
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