25 Octopus Haircut Ideas to Help You Make a Statement

An octopus cut is the perfect choice if you’re sick of your current hairstyle and want something new. The octopus haircut is distinctive and adaptable, and it’s been very popular this season for good reason.

Anyhow, what exactly is an octopus haircut? Our consulting hairstylist, Shonda Broadus, says, “The layering makes the cut.” The intended appearance of the crown is full, layered, and robust. The hair becomes thinner and longer toward the ends, with less volume in the middle.

There is an octopus haircut out there that is ideal for every woman because this layered look can be tailored to fit a range of hair types and lengths. Take some inspiration for your next salon visit by looking through our compilation.

1. Accentuated Bangs

Elevate your look with an octopus haircut that offers limitless versatility. By combining various hair lengths, shades, and textures, you can achieve a truly unique style. For a minimalist yet impactful statement, consider accentuating your bangs with a contrasting color, such as baby chocolate brown strands against a blonde base.


2. Octopus Cut with a Pastel Pink Touch

Make a bold statement with long tendrils cascading down the sides of your head in an octopus cut. This daring hairstyle allows you to showcase your wild side while adding volume to thin hair with messy top layers. Opt for pastel pink highlights to create a head-turning effect that exudes confidence and style.


3. Octopus Cut with Longer Top Layers

Embrace a classic look with a sleek and long top layer in your octopus cut, extending just around the chin length. Allow your lower strands to embrace texture and movement for a dynamic silhouette. A centered part complements longer top layers, ensuring a polished and elegant appearance.


4. Short Blonde Octopus Cut

Balance out your facial features with a strong mullet-shaped octopus cut, ideal for round faces and prominent foreheads. Short top layers and collarbone-length “tentacles” elongate round faces, while thick, choppy bangs provide coverage for high foreheads. Experiment with platinum blonde tones and black roots for added edge and style.


5. Octopus Cut with Wispy Curtain Bangs

Infuse a classic octopus cut with modern flair by incorporating wispy curtain bangs that seamlessly blend with the top layer. Opt for a deep dark brown shade to add elegance and sophistication to your hairstyle, complementing the overall look with a chic and stylish vibe.


6. Long Octopus Cut

Experience a transformative change with an octopus cut that maintains your long tresses while adding volume and dynamism through layering. This versatile hairstyle allows you to preserve length while achieving a fresh new look, perfect for those craving a major style update.


7. Hot Blonde Octopus Cut

Inject new life into your mid-length blonde hair with a hot blonde octopus cut, enhancing volume and definition. Consider adding choppy bangs for an irresistibly cute and playful touch, elevating your hairstyle with youthful charm and vibrancy.


8. Octopus Cut for Curly Hair

Enhance your natural curls with the layered texture of an octopus cut, resulting in bouncier and more defined curls. Add vivid highlights throughout to elevate your curly octopus cut, creating a remarkable and eye-catching hairstyle that celebrates your natural beauty.


9. Octopus Cut with Swoopy Layers

Opt for elegance with a longer octopus haircut featuring swoopy layers and curtain bangs. This dazzling hairstyle complements dark hair and warm skin tones, exuding sophistication and grace with every movement.


10. Wispy Octopus Haircut

Embrace a youthful vibe with wispy layers and curtain bangs in your octopus cut, perfect for thin hair seeking a recognizable style. This playful hairstyle adds a touch of youthfulness to your overall look, enhancing your natural charm and charisma.


11. Blonde Octopus with See-Through Bangs

Highlight your naturally wavy hair texture with an octopus haircut that brings out defined waves and adds volume. Embrace blonde hair color for a feminine and romantic look, effortlessly combining with the layered cut for a captivating style.


12. Octopus Cut for an Elongated Face Shape

Achieve balance and harmony with a trendy octopus cut tailored for an elongated face shape. Thinner “tentacles” and thick bangs provide coverage for your forehead, creating a flattering and stylish silhouette that complements your facial features.


13. Brunette Octopus Cut

Showcase your silky, thick hair with an octopus cut that accentuates your beautiful texture. Keep the top layer longer to highlight your hair’s natural beauty, while heavily textured lower layers create a stunning silhouette full of movement and depth.


14. Play of Color

Stand out from the crowd with a unique octopus cut featuring three distinctive layers and contrasting peek-a-boo color. This eye-catching hairstyle adds a playful twist to your look, showcasing your bold and adventurous spirit.


15. Dirty Blonde Layered Cut

Express your vibrant personality with a messy octopus cut that exudes charm and character. Long curtain bangs, wild waves, and daring dirty blonde hues create a statement-making hairstyle that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.


16. Long Octopus Cut with Micro Bangs

Make a bold statement with a long octopus cut complemented by pastel green ombre and choppy micro bangs. Embrace the irresistible cutie effect, showcasing your unique style and individuality with confidence.


17. Piece-y Layers

Achieve effortless style with a wash-and-go octopus cut featuring piece-y layers. This low-maintenance hairstyle delivers a daring yet sophisticated look, perfect for those seeking a high-school-drama-queen vibe without the fuss.


18. Full Bangs and Red Highlights

Add charm and allure to your collarbone-length cut with full bangs and bright red highlights. Elevate your look with bold pops of color that frame your face, creating a captivating and dynamic hairstyle that commands attention.


19. Long Octopus Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Embrace fun and flirty vibes with an octopus haircut that exudes a punk rock edge. Showcase your natural hair texture while enjoying a versatile and stylish hairstyle that complements your personality and attitude.


20. Messy Octopus Cut

Make a statement with voluminous, messy layers in an octopus cut that embodies effortless glamour. Multiple shaggy layers create outstanding volume, perfect for those seeking a bold and dynamic hairstyle that commands attention.


21. Octopus Cut for Heart Shaped Faces

Balance out your heart-shaped face with a mid-length octopus cut featuring curtain bangs. Achieve a flattering and stylish look that complements your facial structure, exuding confidence and elegance with every movement.


22. Multiple Soft Layers

Opt for soft and elegant layers that beautifully frame your face in an octopus cut. Enhance your look with a glossy finish, adding shine spray for a polished and sophisticated hairstyle that exudes timeless charm.


23. Jet Black Octopus Cut

Transform thick hair with an edgy octopus cut that reduces thickness while adding volume and movement. Embrace the signature octopus shape with textured layers, achieving a lighter and more dynamic look.


24. Shoulder Length Octopus Cut

Enjoy a low-maintenance hairstyle with an octopus cut that showcases thick but manageable hair. Elaborate layering creates a captivating silhouette, effortlessly styling your top layers for a chic and effortless look.


25. Chin Length Layers and Short Wispy Bangs

Elevate your luscious locks with an octopus cut that adds volume and youthfulness to your appearance. Achieve gorgeous volume with layered cuts and short wispy bangs, creating a flattering and dynamic hairstyle that commands attention.

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