20 Medium Natural Hairstyles For Bright And Stylish Ladies

These days, more and more African American women are discovering the unique attractiveness of natural black hair and the styling possibilities it affords. Fortunately, some superstars adhere to this idea and look gorgeous. 

Some notable examples include Solange, Yaya Da Costa, Lupita Nyong’o, and Esperanza Spalding, among others. They are eager to share with you their new beautiful natural styles for inspiration. Here are 20 of the most recent medium-length natural hairdo ideas. These are elegant and simple to make yourself.

1. Soft And Fluffy Like Cotton Candy

Esperanza Spalding embraces the allure of natural hair with a preference for medium-length kinks, finding their femininity and tidiness charming, especially when styled with care. Her hairstyle, mirroring the delicate fabric flower adorning her strapless dress, exemplifies the epitome of harmonious aesthetics.

2. Tiny Distinct Spirals

Brandy Norwood, known for her versatile hairstyles, dedicates meticulous effort to achieve impeccable ringlets when embracing her natural hair. These meticulously trimmed curls form a captivating rounded shape, perfectly suited for mid-length natural hairstyles.

3. Medium Natural Hairstyle With Wispy Curls

Sophie Okonedo demonstrates the elegance of a medium natural ‘fro cascading gently around the ears, accentuating her neckline without the need for elaborate updos. Opting for a manageable length ensures the health, resilience, and captivating texture of natural curls, as exemplified by her delicate wispy coils.

4. Curly Smoothie

Kelis exudes freshness and originality with her short ringlets, juxtaposing shorter sides and a nape with elongated locks atop, resulting in a contemporary and polished look that effortlessly blends trendy flair with natural charm.

5. Perm-Like Layered Waves

Before opting for relaxed hair, Jennifer Hudson flaunted charming natural waves that exuded a perm-like elegance, featuring smoothed-out ends and voluminous waves framing her face with grace and sophistication.

6. A Halo Of Natural Curls

Naomi Campbell’s rare public appearance with her natural hair at the GLAAD Media Awards showcased a rounded hairstyle accentuating her facial features with finesse. The captivating shape of her curls complemented her facial structure, creating a flattering and memorable look.

7. Pillbox Hat Updo

Yaya Da Costa, a staunch advocate of natural hairstyles, elevates medium-length curls with elegant updos. Her sleek updo, resembling a chic pillbox hat, adds a touch of sophistication, harmonizing effortlessly with her attire’s print and texture.

8. A Pile Of Polished Black Curls

Shingai Shoniwa elevates the classic updo with a cascade of glossy curls adorning her crown, enhanced by a jeweled hairpiece resembling an exquisite brooch. The polished finish and intricate detailing impart a glamorous allure to her evening ensemble.

9. Natural Hairstyle For Medium Hair With Asymmetry

Teyonah Parris showcases a striking yet simple natural hairstyle, featuring a deep side part and a captivating blend of sleek textures and kinky coils. The resulting asymmetry creates a mesmerizing visual impact, perfect for special occasions.

10. Extravagant Roll Above The Forehead

Janelle Monae presents a chic updo that elegantly showcases the natural texture of black hair, akin to a French knot shifted towards the forehead. This sophisticated hairstyle exudes charm and sophistication, ideal for making a bold fashion statement.

11. Twist Braids Hairstyle

Jessica Williams opts for twist braids, serving as a versatile foundation for intricate hairstyles. Despite its intricate appearance, her hairstyle features a forehead-framing fishtail braid and a knot adorned with freely hanging braids, adding a touch of sophistication to her look.

12. Delicate Flower-Like Bun

Thandie Newton’s asymmetric curly bun exudes a delicate romanticism, perfectly complementing her ethereal lace dress. This soft and feminine hairstyle evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication, ideal for special occasions.

13. Bright Tree Braids For Natural Hair

Kim Cole embraces tree braids for both protection and versatility, adding vibrant red streaks for a pop of color that complements her warm complexion. These bright accents enhance her natural beauty, creating a captivating and personalized hairstyle.

14. Popular Shoulder-Length Natural Hairstyle

Kelly Rowland opts for a sleek center part and tucked coils, deviating from the traditional big hair look. This hairstyle, particularly flattering for elongated face shapes, exudes understated elegance and sophistication.

15. Two Face-Framing Twists As A Sweet Adornment

Kimberly Elise’s beautifully layered ringlets serve as the foundation for a chic hairstyle, enhanced by two face-framing twists that keep locks away from the face. This charming adornment adds a touch of sweetness to her already stunning look.

16. Adorable Kinks

Solange Knowles embraces the simplicity of her natural hair, showcasing her signature kinky texture with effortless charm. Her soft and fluffy kinks exude a radiant allure, emphasizing her natural beauty with understated elegance.

17. Classy Top Bun

Tracee Ellis Ross epitomizes sophistication with her stylish top bun, achieved through sleek styling around the base and textural variation within the bun itself. This timeless hairstyle complements oval face shapes, exuding grace and refinement.

18. Adorable Natural Hairstyle With A Headband

Oprah Winfrey effortlessly manages voluminous natural hair with a chic headband, offering a stylish solution for busy days. This accessory adds flair to her look while maintaining a polished appearance with minimal effort.

19. Awesome Layered Ringlets

Cicely Tyson occasionally showcases her natural curls, characterized by distinct spirals that enhance her flawless silhouette and texture. These layered ringlets exude elegance and charm, reflecting timeless beauty and grace.

20. Natural Voluminous Waves

Diana Ross, at 70, radiates with her iconic big black hair, a testament to her enduring style. Her voluminous waves effortlessly complement her attire, exuding carefree elegance and timeless allure.

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