40 Most Universal Medium-Length Haircuts with Bangs

Even though medium-length haircuts with bangs are the easiest to style, there is still a lot of room for experimentation. We’ll walk you through the best options for shoulder-length hair and bangs, highlighting styles that are on-trend, practical, and enhance your facial features. View the vivid illustrations in the pictures below to select your next favorite haircut.

Because they can be styled to fit any face shape and are adaptable, layered, shoulder-length hairstyles and sassy lobs are always in style. These hairstyles can be enhanced with well-cut bangs that balance your features and attract focus to your eyes.

Any asymmetry works well on round faces because it lengthens the face by creating lines. Make use of curls, a side parting, and asymmetric or jagged bangs. Stay away from harsh, thick bangs! If you are searching for a haircut for square faces, any asymmetry is also acceptable. It’s best to avoid getting a haircut that ends at the chin line, but middle-length haircuts might look good.

Because they add a great deal of volume and don’t weigh down your hair, middle-length haircuts are great for curly hair because they assist curls keep their perfect shape. If you have straight hair, think about adding a few layers because choppy ends can create a kind of artistic, adorable jumble on your head.

1. Stunning Blended Blonde Shag Cut with Bangs

Exuding effortless ’70s-inspired style, this middle-length layered haircut captivates with its tousled texture and curtain fringe. The seamlessly blended buttery blonde color perfectly complements the overall look, adding a touch of sophistication and allure.


2. Middle Length Layered Hair with Highlights and a Curtain Fringe

Combining sexiness with cuteness, this hairstyle embodies femininity and romance. The soft curls, feathered bangs, and warm honey blonde highlights create a captivating look that’s both timeless and chic.


3. Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Light and airy fringe elevates this bob haircut, giving it a modern twist and adding a touch of elegance. Perfect for a summer party, subtle beach waves created with a 28 mm wand complete the look with effortless charm.


4. Collarbone Length Lob with A-Shape Bangs

Offering a safe yet stylish option for those considering a short haircut, this middle-length hairstyle exudes sophistication. The lob, accompanied by a long, cheekbone-length fringe, adds a hint of allure to the overall look.


5. Middle Length Unicorn Hair with Bangs

Combining fantasy colors with a classic shoulder-length bob, this dreamy hairstyle makes a bold statement. The structured cut with a full fringe creates a striking contrast, while curled ends add a touch of current-season trendiness.


6. Spicy Ginger Shoulder-Length Shag with A-Line Bangs

Versatile and flattering, this shoulder-length haircut features face-framing layers that can be styled straight or curly. Effortlessly voluminous, this look is achieved by using volume spray and blow-drying the hair upside down for a full-bodied finish.


7. Silver Blonde Mullet with a Full Fringe

For those ready to fully embrace the latest hair trends, this killer female mullet cut is the ultimate choice. The bright blonde, middle-length shaggy mullet with face-framing bangs makes a bold and stylish statement.


8. Heavily Layered Hair with Bangs

Ideal for both serious hair shifts and subtle style changes, this modern middle-length layered haircut offers versatility and elegance. While mastering the blow-dryer and round brush may require practice, the results are undeniably worth it.


9. Shoulder-Length Curly Layered Crop with Bangs

Contrary to common belief, curly bangs are a trendy and flattering choice for those with naturally curly hair. Paired with shoulder-length round layers, this hairstyle exudes cuteness and sassiness effortlessly.


10. Modern Mid-Length Shag with Deep, Feathered Fringe

Adding a modern twist to a vintage-inspired look, this mid-length hairstyle is perfect for those seeking something beyond the ordinary. Emphasizing the hair’s texture with styling paste or cream enhances the overall allure of this chic cut.


11. Shoulder-Length Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs

Small changes can make a big difference, as demonstrated by the addition of curtain bangs to this shoulder-length hairstyle. Softening the overall look, these bangs draw attention to the eyes and add a touch of elegance.


12. Graduated Lob Haircut with a Textured Fringe

Incorporating layers into a shoulder-length haircut adds volume and body, particularly for finer hair types. Subtle highlights accentuate the texture of this classic yet elegant hairstyle, making it a timeless choice.


13. Curly Bangs and Middle Length Layered Crop

Swooning over spiral ringlet fringe, this relaxed and fresh middle-length hairstyle effortlessly attracts attention. Styling is minimal for those with naturally curly hair, requiring only the application of curl-enhancing serum for gorgeous results.


14. Short and Feathery Bangs with a Middle-Length Bob

Making a statement with color blocks of purple and black, this modern mullet chop features short, feathered baby bangs for an edgy look. Perfect for those seeking bold hair inspiration, this style is sure to turn heads.


15. Color Block Shoulder Length Hair with a Full Fringe

Combining major hair trends this year, including color blocks, a full fringe, and a modern shag haircut, this jaw-dropping look is both daring and stylish. For the brave at heart, this hairstyle offers a unique and eye-catching statement.


16. Modern Middle Length Haircut with Bangs

Exuding cuteness and girlish charm, this layered cut with soft, long bangs is versatile and cool. Whether worn down or pinned up, this low-maintenance hairstyle frames the face beautifully and complements any outfit effortlessly.


17. Blonde Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Elevating a simple blunt bob cut, long A-shape bangs add sophistication and allure. Offering a subtle yet effective change, this hairstyle is perfect for those seeking a safe yet stylish update to their look.


18. Fiery Shag with Choppy Baby Bangs

Expressing creativity and personality, this head-turning hairstyle features textured semi-circle bangs, a trendy mullet crop, and a vibrant red color. Bold and edgy, this look is perfect for those unafraid to make a statement.


19. Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

Embracing the trend of gray hair, this medium-length hairstyle features textured wavy layers and curtain bangs. Perfect for those transitioning to natural grays, this hairstyle exudes sophistication and elegance effortlessly.


20. Layered Middle Length Bob with an A-Line Fringe

Effortlessly tousled and easy to maintain, this shoulder-length bob is a perfect choice for those seeking a stylish yet practical haircut. With guaranteed good hair days, this style offers versatility and charm.


21. Casual and Curly Mid-Length Haircut

Ideal for transitioning from day to night, this saucy style features tousled waves and a flirty fringe. Adding caramel highlights warms up the look, enhancing its overall appeal and versatility.


22. Terrific and Tousled Medium Cut

Drawing attention to the eyes, a heavy side bang complements the layers within this medium haircut perfectly. Finished with a deep burgundy color, this hairstyle exudes modernity and allure.


23. Chic and Conservative Bob with Bangs

For those aiming to be stylish without blindly following trends, this polished hairstyle with bangs is a must-have. Its simplicity is elevated with chunky blonde highlights, adding dimension and interest.


24. Ruby Red Medium Hair

Upgrading a traditional shoulder-length haircut with a bright color creates a striking and eye-catching look. The deep crimson hue contrasts beautifully with fair skin tones, adding a bold touch to the overall style.


25. Jagged Ends and Blunt Bangs

Adding asymmetry to a layered cut, jagged ends create a unique and edgy look. This slanted style lengthens the face subtly, offering a refreshing alternative to traditional layered cuts.


26. Waves of Fire

Channeling casual coolness with bed head waves, this hairstyle takes it to the next level with an orange and blonde dye job. Perfect for those seeking a bold and adventurous look, this fiery style exudes confidence and charm.


27. Cute and Classy Shoulder-Length Haircut

Offering a sweet and subtle option, this natural brown hair hue with minimal layers works for various occasions. Whether formal or casual, this hairstyle exudes understated elegance effortlessly.


28. Messy and Modern Medium Bob

Effortlessly romantic with beach waves, this modern bob hairstyle is versatile and chic. Platinum blonde adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look, making it perfect for any occasion.


29. Hot Hipster Banged Haircut

Putting a spin on blunt bangs with raised ends, this style exudes hipster vibes effortlessly. Natural waves throughout the hair complement the interesting detail, adding a touch of edge to the overall look.


30. Charming Chin-Length Cut

Creating a flirty effect with flipped ends, this chin-length cut is perfect for a first date. Versatile and charming, this hairstyle pairs well with a tough color, adding contrast and interest.


31. Sweet Cinnamon Snip

Ideal for fine hair, long layers create a flattering shape and add volume. Perfect for those seeking a subtle yet stylish option, this haircut exudes sophistication and elegance.


32. Sassy Shoulder-Length Cut with Messy Bangs

Embodying edginess and versatility, this choppy layered haircut offers movement and style. Ideal for those seeking a bold and trendy look, this hairstyle is perfect for any age.


33. Blunt Marsala Cut

Versatile and flattering, blunt bangs complement oval faces effortlessly. By opting for slightly longer bangs, versatility is enhanced, allowing for various styling options to suit different occasions.


34. Rosy Medium Hair with Bangs

Soft and unique, dusty rose color pairs beautifully with medium brown hair. Offering a subtle yet stylish update, this color choice adds interest and dimension to the overall look.


35. Angled Mid-Length Cut with Flipped Ends

Creating volume with angles, this medium haircut offers a quick and stylish option for thick hair. Balancing extra height with an ombre dye job, this hairstyle exudes modernity and charm.


36. Wavy and Wispy Hairstyle

Perfect for a girls’ night out, tousled waves and a flirty fringe create a saucy and stylish look. Adding caramel highlights warms up the overall appearance, enhancing its appeal and versatility.


37. Medium Hair with Ombre and Bangs

Modernizing your look is easy with a dirty blonde or caramel ombre paired with bangs. Offering a fresh and stylish update, this hairstyle is perfect for busy women seeking a low-maintenance yet trendy option.


38. Technicolor Dream

Bold and sophisticated, watercolor hues add an artistic flair to this unique hairstyle. With sharp cuts and diluted hues, this look is perfect for those unafraid to stand out from the crowd.


39. Simple and Stylish Medium Cut

Ideal for maintaining a conservative look while adding flair, this hairstyle is perfect for various occasions. Paired with a dark vampy lipstick, this look exudes sophistication and style.


40. Posh and Parisian Curtain Bangs

Embodying casual sensuality with long layers and loose messy curls, this hairstyle exudes timeless elegance. Perfect for women of any age and style, this look offers a hint of vintage flair with modern charm.

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