30 Versatile Medium-Length Brown Hairstyles

The convenience of shorter hair and the adaptability of longer locks are perfectly balanced in medium brunette hairstyles, which makes them a great option for a variety of face shapes and hair types. There is a hairstyle to suit every taste and preference, ranging from sleek lobs and shaggy looks to layered cuts and textured waves.

Discover which of these thirty gorgeous, adaptable medium-length brown hairstyles best suits your personality and will improve your overall appearance.

1. Voluminous Blowout Style

This hairstyle offers an elongated and slender appearance, particularly flattering for round-shaped faces. Soft layers and subtle highlights complement the medium brown hair color, resulting in a stunning look that exudes elegance and sophistication.


2. Wavy Black Hair with Copper Contour

A timeless shoulder-length textured haircut, enhanced with copper or caramel highlights for a trendy twist. Tousled styling adds volume and texture to wavy locks, creating a gorgeous hairstyle that’s both classic and fashion-forward.


3. Medium Layered Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Effortlessly elegant, this medium-length piece-y cut evokes the glamor of Hollywood red carpet events. Simple yet chic, it complements various looks and enhances the wearer’s beauty, especially when paired with a cocktail dress.


4. Mid Length Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Versatile mid-length hairstyles receive a trendy update with lighter brown highlights. The partial balayage technique refreshes the haircut, adding a touch of sophistication and style to the overall look.


5. Mid-Length Curly Wolf Cut

Playful and moderately daring, the shaggy wolf haircut offers a fun twist to shoulder-length hairstyles. Embracing curls and layers, this hairstyle exudes confidence and charm, perfect for those seeking a stylish yet approachable look.


6. Shaggy Haircut for Wavy Strands

Timeless and textured, shag haircuts add dimension to medium-length locks. Suitable for various face shapes, this medium brown hairstyle enhances natural waves, offering a chic and effortless appearance.


7. Shoulder-Length Brown Cut with Side Bangs

Choosing the right bangs can elevate shoulder-length hairstyles. Long side bangs add flair and complement square and diamond face shapes, enhancing the overall allure of the medium brown hair.


8. Medium Curly Hairstyle with Choppy Bangs

Celebrate natural texture with this curly medium-length hairstyle. Textured bangs and wavy layers create beautifully messy waves, reminiscent of a beach-inspired style, perfect for embracing your curls with confidence.


9. Medium Golden Brown Locks

Effortless and chic, this style adds volume and bounce to medium-length locks. Styling the hair to the side enhances its voluminous appearance, creating a fuller and more vibrant look effortlessly.


10. Medium Mocha Brown Hair with Flipped-Up Layers

For movement and texture in medium hair, consider a feathered cut with flipped-up layers. This style keeps the hair lifted and dynamic, adding dimension and flair to the overall appearance.


11. Shoulder-Length Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

The combination of caramel balayage and a shaggy lob cut creates a stunning medium-length hairstyle. This trendy look mimics sun-kissed hair, offering a fresh and vibrant aesthetic.


12. Medium Brown Butterfly Cut

Simple yet elegant, the butterfly cut features front layers that accentuate facial features and add movement to straight hair. Its understated beauty makes it a timeless choice for medium-length brown hair.


13. Sassy Dark Brown Curly Hairstyle with Bangs

Medium-length haircuts showcase natural curls with curly bangs and airy layers. This rich brown hairstyle highlights natural texture and enhances facial features, making it a captivating choice for those with curly hair.


14. Medium Bottleneck Haircut for Square Face Shape

Mid-length hairstyles with bangs can transform your look, adding youthful energy and spirit. Choppy layers and curtain bangs offer a fresh and dynamic appearance, perfect for those seeking a stylish yet effortless style.


15. Charming Side-Parted Style with Copper Balayage

Side-parted shoulder-length hairstyles exude allure and femininity. Incorporating red brown ombre adds an exciting twist to the style, enhancing its appeal and creating a memorable look.


16. Mid-Length Shaggy Cut with Thick Bangs

To refresh your look without changing hair color, opt for the right haircut. This mid-length wolf cut offers a trendy update, adding texture and style to thin brown hair effortlessly.


17. Thick Brown Layered Hair with Bangs

Layered medium haircuts tame volume and add movement to thick hair. This shoulder-length layered style offers a beautiful and manageable hairstyle, perfect for those short on time in the morning.


18. Chocolate Brown 70s Shag Hairstyle

Infuse vibrancy and confidence into your look with this retro 70s shag hairstyle. Delicate framing bits frame the eyes and cheeks, adding a touch of retro glamor to medium-length wavy brown hair.


19. Rounded Medium Length Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Golden brown highlights enhance mid-length natural curls, providing warmth and dimension. This hairstyle showcases the beauty of natural curls, creating a vibrant and captivating look.


20. Trendy Octopus Haircut in Cinnamon Brown Tones

Versatile and stylish, the octopus haircut complements any occasion with its chic appeal. Incorporating highlights and lowlights adds depth and dimension, allowing you to play with different shades for a personalized look.


21. Delicate Amber Brown Hairstyle for Fair Skin

Perfect for those who enjoy attention, this mid-length amber brown hairstyle exudes chicness and uniqueness. Its versatility makes it suitable for any special occasion, instantly elevating your overall appearance.


22. Wash & Go Armpit-Length Shag

Transitioning to a shaggy haircut from one length offers relief and manageability, especially for thick hair. This shoulder-length shaggy cut exudes chicness and effortlessness, flattering the wearer’s features with its natural brown shade and texture.


23. Blended Toffee Brown Highlights and Bangs

Complement your medium-length dark hair with highlights in a complementary color for added beauty. Toffee highlights add spice to brunette locks, enhancing their appeal and creating a stylish and sophisticated look.


24. Curly Hair with Burgundy and Copper Highlights

Add flair to your curly hair with highlights in spicy ginger and burgundy hues. These colors create a fun and stylish look, perfect for those seeking a vibrant and eye-catching hairstyle.


25. Voluminous Blowout on Mid-Length Brown Hair

Achieve a memorable and eye-catching look with this voluminous blowout hairstyle. Side-parted with curled ends, this shoulder-length lob exudes elegance and sophistication effortlessly.


26. Shoulder-Length Cut with Shaggy Layers

Low-maintenance and chic, this shoulder-length shag haircut adds texture and movement to medium brown hair. Layers enhance the overall style, creating a flattering and effortless look.


27. Medium Brown Hairdo with Middle Parting

For a flattering and sassy appearance, opt for this shoulder-length ash brown hairstyle with a center part. Freshly snipped and beautifully styled, it frames the face and enhances your overall look.


28. Sleek Brown Style with Face-Framing Layers

Shiny and smooth, this mahogany hairstyle exudes fabulousness and sophistication. Low-maintenance yet glamorous, it requires minimal styling effort to maintain its healthy and polished appearance.


29. Medium-Length Auburn Hair

Simple yet sophisticated, this medium-length auburn hairstyle enhances charm and beauty effortlessly. Versatile and easy to style, it complements any outfit and occasion, making it a go-to choice for various events.


30. Brown Balayage on Messy Loose Waves

Add dimension and style to your hair with brown balayage highlights on messy loose waves. This low-maintenance yet stylish look enhances the natural beauty of your locks, offering a trendy and chic appearance.

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