40 Long Haircuts for Fine Hair for an Added Volume

Fine hair is not an issue if you know how to style it. Thin strands might be fine in density or slender in width for each hair. Both situations result in a loss of volume and a limp appearance. There are effective ways to increase the volume of your thin locks, however! The following long haircuts for fine hair will provide you all the necessary hints. You will undoubtedly find a few inspiring versions that will work for you.

For fine hair, a short haircut is typically advised. Shorter lengths make your hair appear thicker. Layering, texturizing, dimensional hair colors, wavy styling, and other techniques can all help increase volume in long fine strands. Read on to find out which long hairstyles for fine hair are perfect for you!

1. Long Haircut with Side Bangs

Choppy layers emphasized with very subtle highlights look fantastic on thinner hair. They add attractive texture and body to your hairdo even if you don’t undertake any specific styling. Anyway, blow-dry with a round brush and lift your hair at the roots is recommended.

Source: @lauradorpat

2. Simple Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

Straight hairstyles for thin hair are relatively uncommon, especially if you have a layered haircut with bangs. Add very faint highlights to elevate the trend and boldly wear your straight, free-flowing tresses.

Source: @greenhousehair

3. Soft Layers for Ash Blonde Hair

Thin long hair looks great when the haircut and coloring solution complement each other. Try this wonderful thin hairstyle with delicate long layers and balayage highlights in stunning blonde ash colors. It will give you the desired volume around the crown of your head and fullness in your hair. Loose curls look great on long, fine hair.

Source: @hairbymickk

4. Honey Blonde Long Straight Hair

This is one of the hairstyles for thin hair that uses both color and texture. Honey blonde with delicate natural-looking highlights complements a layered haircut to create a flattering style and add dimension to your long hair. Apply dry shampoo to the roots for even stronger hair. Even weeks after you’ve trimmed your long, thin hair, backcomb it to add volume and life.

Source: @anastasiiia_korzhova

5. Long Thin Hair with Face Framing Highlights

If you want volumizing haircuts for thin long hair but don’t want to give up length, try feathery layers on the ends, beginning from your chin down. Together with modest warm-toned highlights around your face, they will provide depth and dimension. You may enjoy your long hair while also looking fantastic!

Source: @dredrehair

6. Thin Long Hair with Wispy Bangs

Looking for ways to make your long, thin hair appear more voluminous? Why not give bangs a chance? Wispy bangs like this add a lot of volume to the base of the hairstyle. They also add movement and vibrancy to your sparse, long hair. Combine them with blunt-cut ends to create a striking contrast. Long thin hair has never looked more relaxed and effortless.

Source: @vikachekahair

7. Thin Long Hair with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs look great with long layers and provide varied styling options for long hair. Use a texture spray to add grit and volume to your hairstyle, or just arrange it in an exquisite updo with face-framing layers pinned in place. Voila! Your long, thin hair remains as stylish as ever.

Source: @caitlindoescolor

8. Face-Framing Layers for Thin Hair

Volumizing haircuts for thin, long hair can appear irresistibly sensuous. This stunning haircut for thin hair combines bouncy face-framing strands with gentle waves. Crisp blonde with shaded roots adds volume to thin or fine hair. Flipped ends make your thin hair appear light as a feather. This stunning haircut will undoubtedly turn heads wherever you go.

Source: @taylordidmyhair

9. Beach Waves Highlights for Long Thin Hair

Inspired by beach babes, this gorgeous coiffure adds volume and body to sparse hair. Sun-drenched loose curls appear effortless and stylish. Fortunately, they are also low maintenance, requiring only a curling iron and a few spritzes of salt spray. If you want your beach waves to look even bigger, ask your colorist to darken your hair roots, as if they were naturally sun-bleached.

Source: @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

10. Playful Loose Waves for Thin or Fine Hair

Finer hair, when grown long, may lose part of its volume on top. To enhance volume and balance your facial features, layer lightly from the top down. This layered cut overcomes the problem of thinning hair while also creating a dainty, feminine image. Your lengthy hair now looks healthy and vigorous.

Source: @mustafahairdesign

11. Deep Burgundy Haircut for Thin Hair

Get some edge with this beautiful deep burgundy color! Not only is it beautiful, but it also helps your hair appear fuller. If you prefer to wear your hair past your shoulders, have your stylist add lengthy layers. Furthermore, a new trim is an excellent technique to remove split ends, which are common in long, thin hair, as well as add texture in one session.

Source: @stanleyman001

12. Subtle Highlights for Long Thin Hair

These exquisite highlights will provide a gentle touch of color to your lengthy hair. They provide the desired volume and produce the appearance of fuller hair. Layering works effectively for both thin and long hairstyles. A layered cut will lift your long, thin hair and create an effortlessly appealing appearance.

Source: @singi.vo

13. Surface Layered Haircuts for Thin Long Hair

If you have a beautiful main and enjoy wearing your hair long, surface layers may be the appropriate choice for you. Ask your stylist for this type of layering so you may appreciate your long hair while also allowing it to grow healthy. Add abundant curls for a fashionable, disheveled look. When using your curling iron, try to leave off the ends for a more natural appearance.

Source: @hirohair

14. Volumizing Haircuts for Thin Long Hair

Haircuts for thin long hair can provide you a number of options. You can frame your face with bangs, try a new color with highlights, or add movement to your thin hair with loose waves. Alternatively, you can use them all at once to make your thin or fine hair appear its finest. Tease your roots to achieve thicker hair. It might make all the difference.

Source: @yukistylist

15. Highlights and Lowlights

Haircuts for thin long hair have historically included highlights to create color contrasts. What about adding lowlights as well? They will add depth to your hairstyle and make your fine hair look stunning. To complete the appearance, use hair volumizing gel to the roots before blow drying your hair. Don’t forget about heat protectants for your locks.

Source: @margostyles.mpls

16. Haircut for Thin Brunette Hair

If you have dark hair, this is the style for you. Loose waves are not only great for lifting your long fine hair, but they are also low-maintenance and simple to create. Feathered or blunt bangs can also provide volume and structure to thin-hair haircuts.

Source: @igoroliverbeauty

17. Fabulous Waves for Long Thin Hair

Owners of wavy hair should take pride in their hair texture, since thin or fine hair will benefit from increased volume. One of the issues you may encounter is dry hair. Moisturizing hair care products and sun protection are your best options.

Source: @yukistylist

18. Framing Hairstyle for Thin Hair

A sliced haircut is another alternative for people who choose to keep their hair long. Cutting modest layers will help you add volume to your thin, long hair. Central parting creates pleasing symmetry, defines your features, and refines your appearance. Adding a splash of color to thin or fine hair creates the desired texture and makes it appear thicker.

Source: @eunicekimhair

19. Straight Blowout

One advantage of straight and long fine hair is that it is inherently smooth. It also serves as an excellent foundation for displaying a vibrant color scheme. Whether you want to go platinum blonde or jet black, you can create a statement without using dramatic curls. However, if you want to add movement, layers are always a fantastic option.

Source: @hairby.ashleypac

20. Choppy Haircut for Thin Long Hair

Cut choppy bangs to give your thin, long hair a trendy look. Seek out haircuts for thin long hair that maintain length while adding volume. Update your color with this wonderful blonde balayage that will make long, fine hair appear more fluffed up.

Source: @tyler_the_hairstylist

21. Volumizing Hairstyle for Tousled Thin Hair

Maintaining volume in thin long hair may be more challenging than in a pixie cut or a mid-length hairdo. Adding layers will help to lighten your thinning hair and remove split ends. Free-flowing curtain bangs will complete the look and blend well with the layers.

Source: @cest_tiffany

22. Long Choppy Cut with Dimensional Highlights

Long thin hair may appear plain and limp. Adding color and shaggy layers is the ideal solution. Choose subtle, warm-toned highlights to emphasize a sun-kissed complexion. Allow the streaks to do the work and keep the rest basic, with soft waves and a central section for added volume.

Source: @mrdanielmartinez

23. Long Choppy Layers with Side Swept Bangs

If you want to make your long, thin hair look more fascinating, try bangs and a styling cream to produce a piecy impression on the ends. Side swept bangs open up your face, producing a flowy impression. Remember, when it comes to haircuts for thin hair, there can never be too many layers.

Source: @littlemissbalayage

24. Platinum Blonde Locks

This variant of the blunt cut is sure to turn heads! Blunt cut ends add a striking impact, and the stunning hue of platinum blonde creates a sleek style for your long straight hair. When dealing with long, thin hair, remember that less is more.

Source: @anna__ujina

25. Razor Cut with Bangs for Straight Hair

Adding bangs to long fine hair is a fun way to change things up if you’re tired with your existing style but don’t want to give up length. Jagged bangs are attractive, and making them long enough to skim the brows gives them an updated trendy look.

Source: @heymissmandy

26. Cute Shag Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long layers, highlights, and enormous bouncy waves will add at least 10 volume points to your long hair. Want more? It’s easy! Backcomb your locks around the crown. Aside from the needed volume, a backcombed effect will give your hairdo a fashionable messy touch.

Source: @modernsalon

27. Dynamic Cut with Swoopy Layers

Often, haircuts for thin long hair try to transform flat hair into a voluminous hairstyle. You’ll get a stunning look with layers that add body and charm. The swooping, angled layers, and flipped ends give the hair the appearance of movement, and blow drying the ends with a round brush keeps the bouncy form all day long.

Source: @ney.prado

28. Haircut with Wispy Layers

Dark roots with faded-to-platinum ends provide character to any hairstyle. However, ombre, in especially, highlights lovely colors in your mane. To enhance the voluminous effect, add wispy layers.

Source: @parrucchieridelcorso

29. Sleek Hairstyle with Long Feathered Layers

When creating a layered haircut, feathering the ends to make the layers feel sleek and separated is essential for bringing the look together and achieving a blended cut without adding extra lengths.

Source: @moniquemarie_hair

30. Two-Tier Wavy Cut

Hairstyles for long thin hair typically aim to change the contour without sacrificing length. A layered look will do the trick. To achieve a flowy, wavy look, have your hair stylist create layers around chin length and curl the ends with a 1 ½ inch curling wand.

Source: @studiovangogh

31. Crispy Blonde Shag for Long Fine Hair

If you want a textured look without having to shorten your hair, don’t worry! When curling your hair, always leave the last inch of strands out to create waves that do not make it appear shorter. The unfinished vibe is shaggy and cool, and adding salt spray to the ends will amp it up even more.

Source: @shanecraighair

32. Wispy Hairstyle with Bouncy Midshaft Layers

Layers for fine hair provide extra lift when put in hot rollers. Set midshaft length layers with huge rollers and allow to cool before removing them to expose the hairstyle’s voluminous top part. To finalize the appearance, curve in longer layers with a flat iron.

Source: @oliviakaelihair

33. Straight Hair with Multiple Layers

Teasing your roots is the simplest way to achieve maximum volume. It will keep your hairstyle from going flat, but don’t go too 80s with it. To add a little extra oomph, use a fine-tooth comb to amp up the area around the top of the head. Long layers for thin hair add a sophisticated finishing touch that balances the va-va-voom mane—and other voluminous hairstyles—with sleek style and gloss.

Source: @efoxxhair

34. Long Sliced Haircut

Curling huge pieces of hair into waves can add texture to long fine hair haircuts, preventing them from seeming flat or stringy. Ask your stylist for sliced layers to allow the strands to separate and create a sloppy, carefree look. Spritz with sea salt spray and you’re ready to go.

Source: @brittney_hairdrezzer

35. Cute Surface Layers for Long Hair

Surface layers create movement without compromising any length. This ensures that hair remains long enough to be worn in updos as desired. Consider a sweet, delicious color, such as this refined cinnamon brown with caramel highlights, and you will fall in love with your hair all over again.

Source: @hairbyginala

36. One-Length Cut with Long Side Bangs

If you maintain the majority of your hair one length, adding bangs and feathered layers can make a big impact and serve to frame your face. Long side bangs are easy to manage and can be styled in a variety of ways – let them stand out in the front or pin them back to make it look like you don’t have any bangs at all.

Source: @chelsealovera

37. Waist-Length Wavy Cut with Bangs

Long thin hairstyles may cause hair to get weighted down. If you want to grow your hair to waist length, daily style can be a nuisance, so embrace your natural texture and cut textured bangs to experiment with as you see fit.

Source: @staciecostellohair

38. Long Layers and Thin Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are applied to the hair to appear subtle and natural. This technique can greatly dress up ordinary straight hair with layers. If you have straight hair and want to wear it free-flowing, a cut with long thin layers may appeal to you.

Source: @sterlified

39. Layered Long Haircut

When thin strands are layered, they develop a beautiful bounce and wispy texture that appear especially lovely in free-flowing hairstyles with dimensional hair colors, such as this lovely creamy blonde.

Source: @modernsalon

40. Textured Waterfall Braid

Haircuts for long thin hair should feature long wispy layers. Braids are an easy way to add elegance and volume to your casual look. Waterfall braids are an excellent choice since their looseness eliminates strain on the scalp, which would highlight thin tresses. Combine the half-up look with simple waves for extra texture and Instagram-worthy appeal.

Source: @habitsalon
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