30 Best Layered Bob Haircuts for Women Over 50

Layered bob hairstyles are a lifesaver for women over 50 who deal with hair thinning and breakage. They are simple to wear and maintain; also, they add texture, volume, fullness, and movement to the strands.

Although a layered bob is a versatile haircut that suits any hair type, there are numerous variants on this style. Check out the top bob haircuts for older women to see which one suits you best!

1. Neat Gray Stacked Bob

Tired of dealing with lackluster fine hair? Transform your locks with a sleek, stacked bob. Opt for shorter layers at the back and add strategic layering at the crown to amp up the volume and dimension effortlessly.

Source: @kerijolene

2. Voluminous Bob with Choppy Layers

For older women seeking a modern yet feminine style, look no further than the voluminous bob with choppy layers. This versatile haircut adds flair to your look while retaining a touch of elegance, making it a must-try option.

Source: @laurynality

3. Straight Bob with Highlights

With myriad styles available for women over 50, versatility is key. Embrace the adaptability of the straight bob with its wispy layers, allowing for easy customization to suit your unique face shape and hair texture.

Source: @headnhair

4. Soft Blonde Bob with Layers

Seeking to add thickness to your fine hair? Opt for a classic bob with face-framing layers. This timeless haircut not only enhances volume but also complements any fashion ensemble effortlessly.

Source: @surgery_hairdressing

5. Side-Parted Curly Bob

Elevate thin hair with an inverted bob styled into soft curls and enhanced with blonde highlights. This chic hairstyle showcases texture and volume, proving that thin hair can be transformed into a statement look.

Source: @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

6. Dark Shoulder Length Bob

Bob hairstyles for women over 50 with waves exude confidence and style. Whether with or without bangs, this shoulder-length cut is suitable for various hair types, offering easy maintenance and timeless appeal.

Source: @giboazhair

7. Mid-Length Sleek Bob

Embrace the versatility of the gray lob, effortlessly transitioning between sleek straight strands and soft waves. Achieve added volume by styling with a deep side part, ensuring a polished and dynamic look for any occasion.

Source: @classycutz_sc

8. Sandy Blonde Stacked Bob

For a popular and low-maintenance option, consider the undercut stacked bob. Its inverted design offers both style and convenience, making it ideal for those seeking a fuss-free yet chic haircut.

Source: @weare_salon

9. Angled Lob with Highlights

Looking to refresh your style without going too short? Opt for a medium-length cut like the angled lob. Add dimension to fine hair with highlights or lighter hues for a youthful and vibrant appearance.

Source: @lauren_g.hair

10. Shaggy Bob for Older Women

Discover the secret to thicker-looking hair with the shaggy bob. This cutting technique combines blunt ends with feathered layers, creating the illusion of fuller locks without the need for excessive length.

Source: @hr.hairdressing

11. Bob with Blunt Bangs

Achieve balance and elegance with a layered bob featuring blunt bangs. This hairstyle effortlessly frames the face, highlighting your best features while adding a touch of sophistication.

Source: @inarihairstylist

12. Layered Bob with Blonde Highlights

Unlock a youthful and fresh look with a short layered bob. Versatile and flattering, this haircut pairs well with side-swept bangs and chunky layers, offering a playful and chic vibe.

Source: @surgery_hairdressing

13. Gray Bob for Thick Hair

Elevate your thick locks with a feathered bob, showcasing fullness and volume while maintaining a lightweight feel. Achieve effortless style with a blow dryer and styling products for a polished finish.

Source: @malanbyashley

14. Chin-Length Curly Bob

Channel elegance with a curly bob, adding volume and texture to thinner locks. Opt for warm blonde tones to enhance the richness of your hair color and create a vibrant and youthful appearance.

Source: @charocuts

15. Gray Bob with Multicolored Highlights

Challenge stereotypes with a classic bob featuring funky highlights. Embrace individuality with pops of color, showcasing personality and trendiness with every strand.

Source: @insideout.hairstudio

16. Classic Blonde Bob

Embrace timeless beauty with a classic blonde bob, suitable for all hair types and textures. Radiate confidence with a versatile hairstyle that complements any look or occasion effortlessly.

Source: @hr.hairdressing

17. Pink Highlights for Layered Bob

Express your unique style with vibrant pink highlights, adding flair and personality to your blonde locks. Embrace bold choices and make a statement with eye-catching hair color.

Source: @balancethesalon

18. Layered Bob Cut for Round Face

Accentuate your features with a layered bob tailored to your face shape. Create volume with stacked layers, elongating the face and adding dimension for a flattering and stylish look.

Source: @jke.studios.hair

19. Cold Blonde Rounded Bob

Achieve sophistication with a layered bob, ideal for fine hair. Smooth out sharp features with sleek locks, exuding femininity and grace with every movement.

Source: @audreylesalon

20. Messy Short Bob for Thin Locks

Simplify your styling routine with a low-maintenance bob cut, effortlessly enhancing thin locks. Embrace natural volume and texture for a chic and carefree look.

Source: @shelina.cosmetology.and.hair

21. Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Experience the versatility of the layered bob, even with thick hair. Strike a balance between fullness and airiness with a chin-length cut, adding bangs for a youthful touch.

Source: @hairby_joannebrunet

22. Strawberry Blonde French Bob

Revitalize your look with a trendy French bob complemented by a beautiful strawberry blonde hue. Embrace sophistication and femininity with a stylish yet timeless hairstyle.

Source: @katy3284hair

23. Stylish Bob Style with Side Part

Elevate thinning hair with a stylish bob featuring professional layering and highlights. Enhance texture and dimension for a youthful and dynamic appearance.

Source: @toya_lyn

24. Medium Length Bob with Bangs

Discover elegance with a medium bob accentuated by soft layers and bangs. Add texture with curled ends for a refined and polished look suitable for any occasion.

Source: @peace.love.hairr

25. Beautiful Silver Hairstyle

Embrace elegance with a voluminous silver hairstyle, perfect for mature women. Frame the face with soft bangs and wispy layers for a youthful and sophisticated appearance.

Source: @trinity_hairstyling

26. Sassy Bob Style with Shaggy Layers

Infuse personality into your look with subtle pink highlights, complementing dark hues and adding volume to shaggy layers. Make a statement with vibrant accents while maintaining a chic and edgy vibe.

Source: @colorist.kasi

27. Curly Bob for Black Women Over 50

Enhance natural curls with a chic bob haircut, perfect for women with curly hair textures. Opt for side styling to maximize volume and achieve a bold and confident look.

Source: @toya_lyn

28. Bob Cut with Side Bangs

Accentuate your features with a classic bob cut featuring side bangs. Elevate your style with a warm blonde hue, adding depth and dimension to your overall look.

Source: @christinamclane_beauty

29. Wedge Bob Cut

Promote body and thickness with a trendy wedge bob cut, perfect for thin hair. Tousle layers for a playful and dynamic look, showcasing volume and flair effortlessly.

Source: @jordanhairx

30. Tousled Bob with Beach Waves

Achieve effortless chic with stylish beach waves, perfect for medium-length bob hairstyles. Embrace texture and movement for a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance.

Source: @angelastylistc
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